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Personal Papers/Corporate Records (University of Washington) (102) University Archives/Faculty Papers (University of Washington) (29) Jews--Washington (State)--Seattle (13) Civic leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (5) Civil rights--Washington (State) (5) Civil rights--Washington (State)--Seattle (5) College teachers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (5) Environmental protection--Washington (State) (5) Jewish women--Washington (State)--Seattle (5) African Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle (4) Conservation of natural resources--Washington (State) (4) Jews--Washington (State) (4) Labor unions--Washington (State)--Seattle (4) Lawyers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (4) Political parties--Washington (State) (4) Antinuclear movement--Washington (State) (3) Artists--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Conservation of natural resources--Political aspects--Washington (State) (3) Conservation of natural resources--Washington (State)--Societies, etc (3) Conservationists--Washington (State) (3) Discrimination in employment--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Elections--Washington (State) (3) Environmental policy--Washington (State) (3) Fisheries--Alaska (3) Forest reserves--Washington (State) (3) Gay rights--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Immigrants--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Labor movement--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Labor--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Legislators--United States--Archives (3) National parks and reserves--Washington (State) (3) Nature conservation--Washington (State) (3) Nonprofit organizations--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Peace--Societies, etc (3) Political campaigns--Washington (State) (3) Political parties--United States (3) Progressivism (United States politics) (3) Sephardim--Washington (State)--Seattle (3) Teachers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (3) Women--Washington (State)--Seattle--Societies and clubs (3) Art galleries, Commercial--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Art, American--Washington (State) (2) Artists--Washington (State) (2) Birds--Conservation--Washington (State) (2) Church work with gays--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) City council members--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) City planning--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Civic improvement--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Civil rights workers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) Civil rights--Washington (State)--Societies, etc (2) Collective bargaining--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Communism (2) Communist trials--Washington (State) (2) Dams--Washington (State) (2) Departmental chairmen (Universities)--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) Discrimination in housing--Washington (State) (2) Discrimination--Washington (State) (2) Education--Washington (State) (2) Environmental health--Study and teaching--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Fisheries--Washington (State) (2) Forest conservation--Washington (State) (2) Forests and forestry--Washington (State) (2) Gay clubs--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Greek letter societies--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 (2) Japanese Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Jewish families--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Jews--Societies, etc (2) Jews--Washington (State)--Interviews (2) Jews--Washington (State)--Mercer Island (2) Jews--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) Jews--Washington (State)--Seattle--Interviews (2) Jews--Washington (State)--Societies, etc (2) Labor movement--Washington (State)--Tacoma (2) Legislation--United States (2) Legislation--Washington (State) (2) Lesbians--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Lumber trade--Washington (State) (2) Medical colleges--Washington (State) (2) Merchant mariners--Labor unions--Pacific Coast (U.S.) (2) Mexican Americans--Education--Washington (State) (2) Mexican Americans--Washington (State) (2) Mexican Americans--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Mountaineering--Washington (State)--Societies, etc (2) Nature conservation--Washington (State)--Societies, etc (2) Nonprofit organizations--Washington (State) (2) Orthodox Judaism--Washington (State) (2) Peace movements--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Socialist parties--United States (2) Stevedores--Labor unions--Pacific Coast (U.S.) (2) Synagogues--Washington (State) (2) Teachers' unions--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Urban beautification--Washington (State)--Seattle (2) Water-power--Washington (State) (2) Women--Political activity--Washington (State) (2) Women's rights--United States (2) World War, 1939-1945--Japanese Americans (2)

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Collection Title:

Young Women's Christian Association (University of Washington) records

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Records of the Young Women's Christian Association, University of Washington Branch, a women's religious and service organization that grew to sponsor feminist and political activities.
Collection Title:

Philip H. Zalesky papers

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Papers of an Everett, Washington, conservationist.
Collection Title:

Zelikovsky family papers

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Correspondence, legal documents, photographs, newsletters and clippings, and ephemera related to the Zelikovsky family, a Jewish emigre family with branches in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area and Montreal, Quebec
Collection Title:

Marion A. Zioncheck papers

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Papers of a Democratic representative to the United States Congress from Seattle, Washington.

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