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Anaconda Company (1) Anaconda Company--Employees--Interviews (1) Anaconda Company--Politicial activity--Montana (1) Anaconda Copper Mining Company. (1) Bresler, Helen--interviewer (1) Butte Nurses Union (1) Calder, Donald A., 1917-1988--interviewee (1) Calkins, Raymond F., 1910-1981--interviewee (1) Christy, Elizabeth, 1903-198-- interviewee (1) Christy, Matt, 1895-1985--interviewee (1) Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) (1) Copenhaver, Blanche Averett, 1900-1995--interviewee (1) Cramer, Agnes Mattson, 1910-1995--interviewee (1) Cunningham, Margaret E. 1906-2002--interviewee (1) Curtin, James Andrew, 1910-2005-- interviewee (1) Duncan, Perdita, d. 1985--interviewee (1) Dunstan, Marjorie Knoyle, 1924- --interviewee (1) Goldberg family--Anecdotes (1) Goldberg, Aili Maki, 1916-2007-- interviewee (1) Goldberg, Clarence, 1900-1981-- interviewee (1) Grace, Richard P., 1911-1996-- interviewee (1) Greenhough House (Missoula, Mont.) (1) Greenough, Thomas L., 1851-1911--Homes and haunts--Montana--Missoula (1) Industrial Workers of the World (1) International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (1) Kinsey, Chester, 1913-2006--interviewee (1) Lemm, Margaret R., 1906-1988--interviewee (1) Marinovich, Anna C., 1901-1994--interviewee (1) McGregor, Helen B., 1903-1989--interviewee (1) Melvin, Dorothy, 1918-1982--interviewee (1) Melvin, Robert E., 1914-1989--interviewee (1) Montana Farmers Union (1) Montana Nurses' Association (1) Montana. Legislature (1) Murphy, Mary, 1953- --interviewer (1)
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Mary Murphy's Butte oral history project

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:From 1980-1981, Mary Murphy, working with Helen Bresler, conducted a series of labor history oral history interviews with a variety of Butte, Montana, working-class residents. The interviewees ranged from miners, grocers, waitresses, boarding house keepers to a blacksmith, union agent and nurse.
Collection Title:

Metal Mine Workers' Union strike bulletins

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:The Metal Mine Workers' Union developed shortly after a mine fire in Butte, Montana that killed 168 miners in June 1917. The destruction of Butte's once powerful mining union in 1914 left miners unable to negotiate with the operating companies for better pay and safer working conditions and the organization of the new union intended to recitfy the situation. This collection includes several of the Metal Mine Workers' Union's "Strike Bulletins" that helped to inform union members on developments and gain support for their cause.

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