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David J. Buerger papers

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:The David J. Buerger papers (1820-1986) contain correspondence, personal diary entries, research notes, copies of papers (both published and unpublished), newspaper clippings, class notes and projects, copies of diary and letter transcripts where the originals are stored in other archival repositories, pamphlets, and excerpts from published works. The largest body of documents on any one subject pertains to temple ceremonies and ordinances. Buerger compiled a file of one hundred and one published articles written between 1842 and 1985 which describe temple ceremonies. His other interests included the Adam-God doctrine, polygamy, fundamentalism, anti-Mormon writings, and all issues which have involved conflict between church officials and Mormon scholars. Among the latter are evolution, blacks and the priesthood, prophetic infallibility, and education at Brigham Young University.
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Joseph W. Musser papers

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:The Joseph W. Musser papers (circa 1930s) are notes from a book of remembrance by Musser, but also include a great deal of notes, usually about dreams and visions, by Lorin C. Wooley. Both Musser and Wooley broke from the LDS Church over the issues of the cessation of polygamy and priesthood in the early 20th century.

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