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Christopher Diehl scrapbook

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:This collection consists of a bound scrapbook of clippings of American humor and on freemasonry, some including information on Salt Lake City. Diehl was a barber and freemason in San Francisco and Salt Lake City.
Collection Title:

Asael Carlyle Lambert papers

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:The Asael Carlyle Lambert papers (1929-1972) document the lifetime search of Asael Carlyle Lambert that began when, as a teacher of comparative religion at Brigham Young University, he sought answers to questions propounded by his students. Part of the collection covers the history and development of early Mormon scriptures. The documents also trace the economic, political, and sociological situations of the LDS Church, including Joseph Smith Jr., and his life and activities pursuant to the founding and development of Mormonism. There is material dealing with practices, rituals, and doctrines propounded by the Church's early leaders. The material includes a comparative study of Mormonism with Freemasonry, other secret societies, and quasi-religious organizations. Also present are Lambert's notebooks, as well as documents relating to the study of Utah's school system. Lambert (1893-1983) was a noted figure in education, administration, and planning in Utah, Idaho, and California.

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