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Center for Columbia River History collection

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Research files relating to aspects of the Columbia River Basin, including environmental, social, political, and cultural issues. Files were created by Donna Sinclair and Katrine Barber.
Collection Title:

Charles Wellington Furlong papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Charles Wellington Furlong (1874-1967) was an explorer, writer, lecturer, an artist, a college professor, a scientist, a cowboy, a collector, and a foreign correspondent to name but a few of his 'trades.' The collection contains biographical and military records, manuscripts, articles and lectures by Furlong, notebooks and journals, Philippine Island material, photographs and daguerreotypes, correspondence, audio recordings and books.
Collection Title:

Alanson Hinman papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:The Alanson Hinman papers comprise thirty-two letters and an account book. The correspondence dates from 1872 to 1900 and concerns Indian training schools, proposed changes in the charter of Pacific University, and personal issues. The account book contains miscellaneous accounts receivable as well as a record of apples shipped.
Collection Title:

Indian Community Action Program records

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, University Archives and Records Management
Summary:The Indian Community Action Program was established in 1965 to coordinate government assistance programs to tribal organizations. Although the regional headquarters was located on the campus of the University of Utah, the program operated independently of the University. This collection includes grant applications and reports concerning educational and self-help programs. Also included are conference and activity reports and correspondence (1965-1971). Records of many non-governmental organizations are included, particularly tribal organizations, universities, and private groups. Most of these materials concern tribes in Washinton State and Oregon.
Collection Title:

Melville Jacobs papers

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Papers, audio recordings, speeches and writings of an author, anthropologist, folklorist and former UW professor of anthropology and linguistics
Collection Title:

Oregonian Diaries

Repository:Confederated Tribes of the Siletz, Tribal Cultural Collections
Summary:The collection contains diary entries written by traveling Oregonians during the 1870's.
Collection Title:

Silas Russell diary

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Silas Russell (1837 - ?) was an Oregon pioneer who farmed near Pleasant Hill, Lane County and who also served in Company H, First Oregon Volunteer Infantry, during the period of "Indian Wars" in Oregon. The collection (1865-1866) contains a diary that describes Russell's experience in the infantry.
Collection Title:

J.M. Sutton account of the Rogue River Indian War of 1855

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:J.M. Sutton enquired, gathered information, and wrote an account of Rogue River Indian War of 1855; it is only known that he wrote the account, not that he participated in the war. The collection (1863) contains Sutton's account of the war, and a letter from Sutton, addressed to "Sir," explaining that he had "gleaned" his account from "enquires made."
Collection Title:

U.S. Treasury Department, Third Auditor's Office records

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:The collection contains two letters written on stationery from the Third Auditor's Office of the U.S. Treasury Department regarding supplies allegedly furnished by Messrs. Field and Blakely during the "Oregon and Washington Indian War of 1955-1956." The letters are dated March 30, 1881, and March 22, 1876.

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