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Instructional Services Office (Rasmussen, Belcher, Ellison, Warford) Records

Repository:Lane Community College Archives
Summary:Administrative and departmental records for the Office of Instruction from 1974 to 1997. Four vice presidents are represented in this collection: Gerald Rasmussen (1974-1986), Jacquelyn Belcher (1986-1990), Jim Ellison (1990-1995), and Laurance Warford (1994-1997). This collection includes accreditation files, administrative records, business and workforce training records, committee records, correspondence, curriculum development records, financial and accounting records, external organizations records, internal department records, international education files, League for Innovation records, publications and reports, and vocational education records.
Collection Title:

President's Office (Dale Parnell) Records

Repository:Lane Community College Archives
Summary:Dale P. Parnell was the first president of Lane Community College, 1965-1968. This collection includes correspondence and subject files.
Collection Title:

Student Services Office (Hakanson, Carter) Records

Repository:Lane Community College Archives
Summary:This collection includes administrative records of the Student Services Office during the tenure of Dean of Students I.S. (Bud) Hakanson, 1965-1969 and Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Services John (Jack) Carter, 1969-1988. This collection contains correspondence, subject files, college committee records, and records for outside associations and organizations.

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