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Alfred Atkinson Correspondence Files

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Alfred Atkinson Correspondence Files consist of Montana State College (MSU) President Alfred Atkinson's correspondence for the period 1919 to July 1937. Files may contain enclosures including reports, legal and legislative documents, brochures, newspaper clippings, pamphlets and announcements, etc. related to that correspondence. Major subjects include faculty and faculty issues including tenure, appointments, financial and occupational problems, and organizations; students lives and conditions on campus, their finances, problems created, and their organizations; the alumni including Alumni Association, Collegian and occupations pursued; the University System, Montana Legislature, citizenship statements required of all employees of MSC by House Bill #474 of the Montana State Legislature in 1935; the Federal Government including: appropriations; Depression programs including the National Youth Administration, Works Progress Administration, Civil Works Administration, Federal Emergency Relief Administration and other work relief programs; agricultural and land use agencies including the U.S.D.A.; State, regional and national agricultural organizations and their programs including the Montana Association (Montanans Incorporated), Farm Bureau, Farm Foundation and Farmers Union; schools of Montana and associated programs including High School Week, Future Farmers of America and basketball tournaments; other educational institutions and higher education programs. There are extensive files on instructional programs and problems, planning during the Depression, and financing the University System and its institutions.
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Roy E. Huffman Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Roy E. Huffman Papers consist of materials are mostly typewritten with some handwritten notes and letters, and include photocopies or reprints of previously published materials, reports, speeches and presentations; plans, programs, schedules, studies, and numerous papers related to his professional positions at MSU ; numerous research notes and unfinished manuscript pages with bibliographical materials and citations; personal and professional correspondence; and clippings from newspapers and journals. Subjects are wide ranging but can be characterized into several categories: a) files on topics of general interest or research interest; b) files related to specific organizations, conferences, symposia or programs both professional and governmental (these may have correspondence and attachments included); c) files related to the research and publication of Roy Huffman's writings; d) files related to Montana State University (Montana State College before 1962) which may be by subject; by department; by specific positions Huffman held during his career; by committee, program, institutional or branch names; by faculty, students or individuals; or as miscellaneous items. e) correspondence: alphabetical files of a professional or personal nature maintained by Huffman plus individually named correspondence files of colleagues intimately involved with his research and writing as well as politicians and selected projects or organizations.
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Records of the Agricultural Engineering Department, Montana State University

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Records of the Agricultural Engineering Department are an extensive set of files from multiple accessions donated over the course of several years. Arrangement of the materials in this collection has been organized by genre, then alphabetically, and finally chronologically. Topics and activities represented are standard operational records, special project documentation, faculty teaching and research, and photographs of both personnel and working projects.

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