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Applegate, Jesse A., 1811-1888--Correspondence (2) Abernathy family (1) Abernethy & Herr (1) Abernethy, George, 1807-1877--Archives (1) Abernethy, George, 1807-1877--Correspondence (1) Abernethy, William--Archives (1) Alvord, Benjamin, 1813-1884--Correspondence (1) Atkinson, G. H. (George Henry), 1819-1889 --Correspondence (1) Blain, Wilson, 1813-1861--Correspondence (1) Blanchet, Francis Norbert, 1795-1883--Correspondence (1) Boise, Reuben Patrick, 1819-1907--Correspondence (1) Breckenridge, John C. (John Cabell), 1821-1875--Correspondence (1) Brodie, Edward E.--Correspondence (1) Bryant, William P., 1806-1860--Correspondence (1) Bush, Asahel, 1824-1913--Correspondence (1) Carpenter, R. A. (1) Cochran, John W.--Correspondence (1) Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889--Correspondence (1) Deady, Matthew P. (Matthew Paul), 1824-1893--Correspondence (1) Democratic Party (U.S.) (1) Douglas, James, 1803-1877--Correspondence (1) Gibbs, A. C. (Addison Crandall), 1825-1886--Correspondence (1) Grover, La Fayette, 1823-1911--Correspondence (1) Holbrook, Amory, 1820-1866--Correspondence (1) Hudson's Bay Company (1) Huntington, John Webster Perit, 1831-1869--Correspondence (1) Lane, Joseph, 1801-1881--Correspondence (1) Lee, Henry A. G., 1918-1850--Correspondence (1) Lee, Jason, 1803-1845--Correspondence (1) McBride, John Rogers, 1832-1904--Correspondence (1) McLoughlin, John, 1784-1857--Correspondence (1) Meek, Joseph Lafayette, 1810-1875--Correspondence (1) Methodist Episcopal Church--Missions--Oregon (1)

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George Abernethy Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers of a provisional governor of the Oregon Territory, churchman, and merchant. Includes letterpress copybook, 1847-1850; additional correspondence, including correspondence with Neil M. Howison, captain of the schooner Shark, wrecked on the bar of the Columbia River; papers of the Brig Henry Association, ca. 1850; papers of George's son William Abernethy; legal, military, and business papers; receipts, biographical data, clippings and ephemera.
Collection Title:

Joseph Lane papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers include correspondence (1848-1875) received during Lane's service as Oregon's delegate to Congress; territorial proclamations (1847-1849); copy letters written by Lane (1848-1861); photocopy of report (1849) to the U.S. secretary of war concerning the customs and locations of various Indian tribes in the Oregon Territory; mailing lists (1848-1859) of Lane's constituents when he held public office; survey of Lane's donation land claim; orders, reports, and requisitions created while Lane served in the Mexican War; documents (1849-1851) related to the Rogue River Indian wars and Whitman Massacre.
Collection Title:

James Withycombe papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers of an Oregon farmer, agronomist, and governor of the state during World War I. Includes political correspondence, farm and livestock records, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station records and accounts, and news clipping files.

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