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C.P. Connolly Correspondence with William E. Borah and Albert E. Horsley (Harry Orchard)

Repository:Boise State University Library, Special Collections and Archives
Summary:36 letters (1907-1930) to Connolly from U.S. Senator William E. Borah of Idaho and 4 letters (1908-1920) to Connolly from Albert E. Horsley (Harry Orchard), convicted assassin of Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg.
Collection Title:

Reed Smoot papers

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:The Reed Smoot papers (1909-1986) consist of copies of Smoot's journal as well as articles concerning his life and politics. Reed Smoot (1862-1941) was an Apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a United States Senator from Utah. He filled both positions simulatneously. Boxes 1-8 cannot be photocopied.

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