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Allinson, Elsie Nave,-1895-1987-Interviews (1) American Sheep Producers Council (1) American Society of Range Management (1) Brewington, George,-1888-1979-Interviews (1) Brooks, Elizabeth,-1898-1979-Interviews (1) Chattin, Lavina,-1877-1974-Interviews (1) Davis, Susan,-1886-1967-Interviews (1) Davis, Wiley S.,-1886-1980-Interviews (1) Foster, John,-1890-1974-Interviews (1) French, Florence Conway,-1885-1971-Interviews (1) Fulton, Mary Ann (1) Gilkerson, Winifred Hall,-1885-1981-Interviews (1) Harper, Jewell,-1909-1996-Interviews (1) Heidel, Albert W.,-1889-1974-Interviews (1) Jackson, Dorman,-1883-1973-Interviews (1) Jones, Marlyn J.,-1901-1980-Interviews (1) Lawton, William H.,-1892-1973-Interviews (1) Martin, Wayne,-b. 1895-Interviews (1) Merrilies, Louise N.,-1879-1966-Interiews (1) Moen, Oscar A.,-1883-1973-Interviews (1) Montana Federation of Women's Clubs (1) Montana State University--Bozeman (1) Montana Stockgrowers Association (1) Montana Wool Growers Association (1) Mueller, Josephine Cook,-1883-1976-Interviews (1) Renne Library (1) Republican Party (Mont.) (1) Ross, Marie Server,-1885-1968-Interviews (1) Salisbury, Grace,-b. 1885-Interviews (1) Saxton, Ruth,-b. 1885-Interviews (1) Society of Montana Pioneers (1) Stanford, Harry P., 1867-1944-Correspondence (1) Stewart family (1) Stewart, Albert H. (1) Stocking family (1) Stocking, Lucy Bigelow (1) Stuart family (1) SunChild, John,-1930-2004-Interviews (1) Talbot, Robert William,-1924-2004-Interviews (1) Todd, James,-1889-1977-Interviews (1) United States-Forest Service (1) Wampler, David Cloyd,-1879-1968-Interviews (1) Woman's Relief Corps (U.S.) (1) Yellowstone Expedition-(1869) (1) Zupan, Mary,-1884-1974-Interviews (1)
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Dan Fulton Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Dan Fulton Papers consist of correspondence of both a personal and professional nature, financial records both personal and ranch related; various records and papers dealing with the Fulton Ranch and its livestock production; research materials including correspondence, articles, newsclips, books, papers, and maps; personal memorabilia, scrap books, and photographs. The collection also includes papers pertaining to Dan's political interests, and a large volume of written work in the form of speeches and articles. Subjects covered in the collection include farming, ranching, various aspects of cattle and sheep production, conservation, land tenure, public land use, property valuation for tax purposes, predators (coyotes, wolves, and grizzly bear, homesteading, and early history of the Ismay, Montana area.
Collection Title:

Minnie Paugh Oral History Collection

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The interviews represented in this collection are an eclectic mix of Montana citizens sought out by Paugh in her attempts to document the state's history. Never a trained interviewer, and a recording technician of limited competence at best, Paugh's interviews are uneven and represented by complete transcriptions, partial transcriptions, summary notes, and sometimes only by the tape itself. Montana places mentioned include: Fergus County, Gallatin County, Madison County, Powder River County, Bercail, Bozeman, Broadus, Browning, Butte, Fort Custer, Judith Gap, Lewistown, Two Dot, and Wisdom. Subjects include sheep and cattle ranching, homesteading, electric power generation, education, Battle of the Big Hole, the Yellowstone Expedition of 1869, Sisika Indians, Chippewa Cree Indians, and commerce.
Collection Title:

Lou Stocking Stewart Papers

Repository:Montana State University Library, Merrill G. Burlingame Special Collections
Summary:The Lou Stocking Stewart Papers consist of diaries, scrapbooks, correspondence, printed materials, photographs and memorabilia. Materials in this collection were created or collected by Lucy Bigelow Stocking and Lou Stocking Stewart. Subjects include: travels, Fort Benton, daily life, women's clubs, ranching, the "Whoop-up Trail", and Montana history. Photographs are primarily images of the Stocking and Stewart families and friends, Fort Benton (town and ruins), Belt and Great Falls, Montana. The memorabilia includes conventions name tag ribbons Lou Stocking Stewart collected by attending the annual meetings of the Montana Pioneers Society and the GAR Women's Relief Corps.

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