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Casey Bush collection on Robert S. Dow

Repository:Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives
Summary:Dr. Robert S. Dow established the first EEG laboratory in the Pacific Northwest and the first neurology practice in Oregon. He served as the Head of the Department of Neurology at Good Samaritan Hospital where he developed a treatment for epilepsy through electrical stimulation to the cerebellum. This collection was assembled by Casey Bush during the course of his research into writing Dow's biography. Highlights include Dow's notes and writings on the history of medical education and neurological research, as well as his presentation on the rare neurodegenerative disorder, kuru, and his experimental research on the relationship between cobalt, epilepsy, and the cerebellum.
Collection Title:

Wilmot C. Foster anatomy lantern slides

Repository:Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives
Summary:Wilmot C. Foster, born June 21, 1893 in Sheridan, Oregon, was an alumni of University of Oregon and University of Oregon Medical School (UOMS). He obtained his license to practice medicine in Oregon in 1920 and later went on to become the head of the UOMS Anatomy department. This collection consists of lantern slides used for teaching during his tenure at UOMS.
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Oregon League for Nursing records

Repository:Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives
Summary:The Oregon League for Nursing began in 1922 with a mission focused on all aspects of nursing education, including defining and maintaining minimum standards for education, and promoting professional relationships and collaboration. The League was also pivotal in moving Portland's nurse training school from the County Hospital to the University of Oregon. This collection consists of records on topics such as becoming a member of the National League; advocating for nursing education and greater nurse employment; raising funds and advocating for better funding for both education and employment of nurses; producing educational programs; and day-to-day governance of the organization.
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Harold T. Osterud papers

Repository:Oregon Health & Science University, Historical Collections & Archives
Summary:Harold T. Osterud (1923-2004) served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during the Korean War and joined the UOMS Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in 1961, serving as Department Chairman from 1967 until his retirement in 1990. This collection contains correspondence, reports, memoranda, documentation, public relations ephemera, publications, and more.

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