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Anti-Discrimination and Racial Equality collection

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:This is a compiled collection of pamphlets, booklets, leaflets, and book-length literature published in the United States during the mid-twentieth century regarding civil rights and race discrimination.
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Collins Library Zine collection

Repository:University of Puget Sound, Archives & Special Collections
Summary:The Collins Library Zine collection contains approximately 250 zines dating from 1996 to the present that cover a wide breadth of topics, including local and national issues, politics, personal narratives, popular culture, activism and social justice, environmental justice, queer identities, feminism, race, and more.
Collection Title:

Sally Miller Gearhart papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Sally Miller Gearhart (April 15, 1931- ) is a scholar of speech, communication, and drama; a civil rights activist; and a writer of novels, short stories, and essays that deal with lesbianism, feminist rhetoric, homosexuality and religion, and gay rights. The collection includes correspondence, academic works, literary works, reviews of literary work, biographical information, photographs, audio/visual material, work by Jane Gurko, and artifacts.
Collection Title:

E. Richard Hart papers

Repository:University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Summary:The E. Richard Hart papers (1664-2041) contain correspondence, research files, manuscripts, news clippings, maps, posters, publications, court exhibits, and financial documents. Hart is an author, researcher, and past director of the Institute of the American West at Sun Valley, Idaho (1979-1984). He is the co-founder of the Institute of the North American West (1984). He has also served as an expect witness in several federal court cases involving land claims by the Zuni Indians.
Collection Title:

George and Frank C. Hirahara Photograph Collection of Heart Mountain, Wyoming

Repository:Washington State University Libraries, Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Summary:The main focus of this collection is the Heart Mountain Relocation Center, Wyoming, where the Hirahara family was interned during World War II.
Collection Title:

Paul Gordon Lauren papers

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:Paul Gordon Lauren is a nationally and internationally recognized writer, teacher, and lecturer on human rights, diplomacy, and international relations. He is a Regents Professor at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. This collection includes drafts and research from many of his books and articles, transcripts from his public addresses, class lecture notes, teaching materials, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center materials, and correspondence with Mike and Maureen Mansfield.
Collection Title:

Montana Attorney General's Office Records

Repository:Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives
Summary:These records of the Montana Attorney General's Office consist of interoffice correspondence (1969-1978); general correspondence (1963-1966) arranged by correspondent and subject, including dockets and informal opinions; annual reports (1973-1977) of tax-exempt private foundations; speeches; and miscellany. (Reel-to-reel tapes transferred to Oral History)
Collection Title:

Nick Licata Records

Repository:Seattle Municipal Archives
Summary:Records of Seattle City Council Member Nick Licata.
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Oregon Commonwealth Federation records

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:The Oregon Commonwealth Federation was a progressive political group that campaigned to support New Deal policies and politicians in Oregon, between 1936 - 1942. Monroe Sweetland was elected executive secretary/director of the group at its first convention in 1937, and served until 1942. The collection (1936-1942) contains articles of incorporation, by-laws, meeting minutes, press releases, financial records, and correspondence.
Collection Title:

Guide to the Scandinavians in Washington's Politics Research Paper

Repository:Pacific Lutheran University, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:An historical account of the influence of Scandinavian Americans on Pacific Northwest politics and political movements, beginning with Scandinavian settlement of Washington State in the late 19th Century until the mid 1970s.

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