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Anaconda Company (1) Anaconda Company--Employees--Interviews (1) Anaconda Company--Politicial activity--Montana (1) Bresler, Helen--interviewer (1) Butte Nurses Union (1) Calder, Donald A., 1917-1988--interviewee (1) Calkins, Raymond F., 1910-1981--interviewee (1) Christy, Elizabeth, 1903-198-- interviewee (1) Christy, Matt, 1895-1985--interviewee (1) Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) (1) Copenhaver, Blanche Averett, 1900-1995--interviewee (1) Cramer, Agnes Mattson, 1910-1995--interviewee (1) Cunningham, Margaret E. 1906-2002--interviewee (1) Curtin, James Andrew, 1910-2005-- interviewee (1) Duncan, Perdita, d. 1985--interviewee (1) Dunstan, Marjorie Knoyle, 1924- --interviewee (1) Goldberg family--Anecdotes (1) Goldberg, Aili Maki, 1916-2007-- interviewee (1) Goldberg, Clarence, 1900-1981-- interviewee (1) Grace, Richard P., 1911-1996-- interviewee (1) Greenhough House (Missoula, Mont.) (1) Greenough, Thomas L., 1851-1911--Homes and haunts--Montana--Missoula (1) Industrial Workers of the World (1) International Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers (1) Kimball, Albert B. (Albert Bates), b. 1868 (1) Kimball, Hilma Hanson, 1877-1942--Family (1) Kinsey, Chester, 1913-2006--interviewee (1) Lemm, Margaret R., 1906-1988--interviewee (1) Marinovich, Anna C., 1901-1994--interviewee (1) McGregor, Helen B., 1903-1989--interviewee (1) Melvin, Dorothy, 1918-1982--interviewee (1) Melvin, Robert E., 1914-1989--interviewee (1) Montana Farmers Union (1) Montana Nurses' Association (1) Montana. Legislature (1)
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Hilma Hanson Kimball manuscript

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:This collection is a single copy of a manuscript that the author, Hilma Hanson Kimball, describes as a "journal of remembrances." She describes her Butte, Montana, childhood; her education and teaching career; and life in Coloma, Montana.
Collection Title:

Mary Murphy's Butte oral history project

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:From 1980-1981, Mary Murphy, working with Helen Bresler, conducted a series of labor history oral history interviews with a variety of Butte, Montana, working-class residents. The interviewees ranged from miners, grocers, waitresses, boarding house keepers to a blacksmith, union agent and nurse.

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