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Sheridan County Oral History Project

Repository:Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives
Summary:Sheridan County Oral History Project consists of 16 audio recordings and 19 transcripts of interviews conducted with 19 former and current residents of Sheridan County in Northeastern Montana conducted primarily in June of 2010. Includes oral history interviews with former and current residents of Sheridan County in northeastern Montana. The interviewees discuss the impact differing political stances, particularly the rise of the Farmer Labor Movement and Communism, had on the community during the 1920s and Great Depression era, how it impacted the relationship between Communist and non-Communist in the area at the time, the political beliefs of their parents during and after the movement, and how that impacted the political beliefs of the interviewees over the years. Interviews conducted by Professor Larry Knopp, University of Washington, Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington, and Professor Gerald Zahavi, University at Albany, SUNY, Albany, New York.

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