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John Ray Bruckart papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:John Ray Bruckart (1887-1979) worked for the United States Forest Service, serving as supervisor of the Willamette National Forest in Oregon from 1938 to 1954. Bruckart was an expert on Douglas fir silviculture and management. Collection includes personal correspondence and general correspondence, including several letters from Oregon Senator Wayne Morse. Also included in the collection are Bruckart's writings on such topics as Douglas fir silviculture, "The Rise of Bureaucracy," and "The Taming of a Forest," in addition to his memoirs. Collection also includes materials on the Willamette National Forest and the Three Sisters Wilderness Area; and several editions of Forest Service alumni newsletters.
Collection Title:

Alice Henson Ernst papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Alice Henson Ernst was an American author, playwright, and teacher, at University of Washington, 1920-1923, and University of Oregon, 1924-1950, who had special interests in the history of the early theater of the Pacific Northwest and masked ritual dances of Northwest Coast tribes. Collection comprises correspondence, including letters from Franz Boas; manuscripts of books, plays, essays, and poems; diaries and notebooks, 1909-1964; playbills; broadsides; and photographs, most relating to Native American masks.

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