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Applegate, Jesse A., 1811-1888--Correspondence (3) Lane, Joseph, 1801-1881--Correspondence (2) Abernathy family (1) Abernethy & Herr (1) Abernethy, George, 1807-1877--Archives (1) Abernethy, George, 1807-1877--Correspondence (1) Abernethy, William--Archives (1) Alvord, Benjamin, 1813-1884--Correspondence (1) Atkinson, G. H. (George Henry), 1819-1889 --Correspondence (1) Blain, Wilson, 1813-1861--Correspondence (1) Blanchet, Francis Norbert, 1795-1883--Correspondence (1) Boise, Reuben Patrick, 1819-1907--Correspondence (1) Bonneville, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de, 1796-1878--Correspondence. (1) Bonney, W. B.--Correspondence (1) Breckenridge, John C. (John Cabell), 1821-1875--Correspondence (1) Bryant, William P., 1806-1860--Correspondence (1) Bush, Asahel, 1824-1913--Correspondence (1) Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889--Correspondence (1) Deady, Matthew P. (Matthew Paul), 1824-1893--Correspondence (1) Democratic Party (U.S.) (1) Douglas, James, 1803-1877--Correspondence (1) Gibbs, A. C. (Addison Crandall), 1825-1886--Correspondence (1) Grover, La Fayette, 1823-1911--Correspondence (1) Holbrook, Amory, 1820-1866--Correspondence (1) Hudson's Bay Company (1) Huntington, John Webster Perit, 1831-1869--Correspondence (1) Lee, Henry A. G., 1918-1850--Correspondence (1) Lee, Jason, 1803-1845--Correspondence (1) Maypenny, George Washington, 1809-1893--Correspondence (1) McBride, John Rogers, 1832-1904--Correspondence (1) McLoughlin, John, 1784-1857--Correspondence (1) Meek, Joseph Lafayette, 1810-1875--Correspondence (1) Methodist Episcopal Church--Missions--Oregon (1) Mitchell, John H. (John Hipple), 1835-1905--Correspondence (1)

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George Abernethy Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers of a provisional governor of the Oregon Territory, churchman, and merchant. Includes letterpress copybook, 1847-1850; additional correspondence, including correspondence with Neil M. Howison, captain of the schooner Shark, wrecked on the bar of the Columbia River; papers of the Brig Henry Association, ca. 1850; papers of George's son William Abernethy; legal, military, and business papers; receipts, biographical data, clippings and ephemera.
Collection Title:

Joseph Lane papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers include correspondence (1848-1875) received during Lane's service as Oregon's delegate to Congress; territorial proclamations (1847-1849); copy letters written by Lane (1848-1861); photocopy of report (1849) to the U.S. secretary of war concerning the customs and locations of various Indian tribes in the Oregon Territory; mailing lists (1848-1859) of Lane's constituents when he held public office; survey of Lane's donation land claim; orders, reports, and requisitions created while Lane served in the Mexican War; documents (1849-1851) related to the Rogue River Indian wars and Whitman Massacre.
Collection Title:

Joel Palmer papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society, Davies Family Research Library
Summary:Papers of a migrant to Oregon who served as Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Oregon Territory and Oregon State Legislator. Papers include: correspondence; typescript copies of diaries, including travel diaries for trips throughout the northwestern United States; original government documents; letters sent to Palmer's wife, Sarah Ann Derbyshire Palmer; and letters from Palmer's descendants.

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