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Oregon National Historic Trail--Description and travel (9) Oregon--Description and travel (7) Eugene (Or.)--Photographs (6) Oregon--Politics and government--1859-1950 (6) Seattle (Wash.)--Politics and government (6) United States--Oregon--Lane County (Or.)--Eugene (Or.) (6) Portland (Or.)--History (5) United States-History-Civil War, 1861-1865-Personal narratives (5) Yellowstone National Park (5) Oregon--History--To 1859 (4) Oregon--Photographs (4) Portland (Or.) (4) Portland (Or.)--Social life and customs (4) United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Personal narratives (4) Washington (State)--Politics and government (4) West (U.S.)--Description and travel (4) Alaska--Description and travel (3) Europe--Description and travel (3) Japan--Description and travel (3) Oregon (3) Oregon, Southern (3) Oregon--Social life and customs (3) Oregon--Social life and customs--20th century (3) Philippines--Photographs (3) Portland (Or.)--History. (3) Portland (Or.)--Photographs (3) Salem (Or.) (3) San Francisco (Calif.)--Photographs (3) Seattle (Wash.)--Intellectual life--20th century (3) United States--California--San Francisco (Calif.) (3) United States--Oregon (3) United States--Oregon--Lane County (Or.)--Eugene (Or.)--University of Oregon (3) United States--Oregon--Multnomah/Clackamas/Washington County--Portland (Or.) (3) West (U.S.)-Description and travel (3) Albany (Or.)--Photographs (2) Ashland (Or.)--Photographs (2) Bozeman (Mont.) (2) California--Description and travel (2) California--Photographs (2) China--Description and travel (2) Crater Lake National Park (Or.)--Photographs (2) Dawson (Yukon)--Photographs (2) Europe-Description and travel (2) Glacier National Park (Mont.) (2) Grays Harbor County (Wash.)--Social life and customs (2) Hillsboro (Or.) (2) Illinois--Photographs (2) Jacksonville (Or.)--Photographs (2) Jacksonville (Or.)--Social life and customs (2) Japan (2) Japan--Photographs (2) Klondike River Valley (Yukon)--Gold discoveries (2) Korea--Photographs (2) Massachusetts--Photographs (2) Mount Rainier National Park (Wash.) (2) New York (State)--Photographs (2) North Cascades National Park (Wash.) (2) Northwest, Pacific--Surveys (2) Olympic National Park (Wash.) (2) Oregon City (Or.)--Photographs (2) Oregon National Historic Trail (2) Oregon Territory--Politics and government (2) Pacific Crest Trail (2) Philippines--History--1898-1946 (2) Philippines--History--Philippine American War, 1899-1902--Personal narratives, American (2) Portland (Or.)--Politics and government (2) Rainier, Mount (Wash.) (2) Salem (Or.)--History (2) Salt Lake City (Utah) (2) Seattle (Wash.) (2) Springfield (Or.)--Photographs (2) The Dalles (Or.)--Photographs (2) United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal narratives (2) United States--Illinois (2) United States--Massachusetts (2) United States--Oregon--Clackamas County (Or.)--Oregon City (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Jackson County (Or.)--Ashland (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Jackson County (Or.)--Jacksonville (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Klamath County (Or.)--Crater Lake National Park (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Lane County (Or.)--Springfield (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Salem (Or.) (2) United States--Oregon--Wasco County (Or.)--The Dalles (Or.) (2) United States--Politics and government--20th century (2) University of Oregon--Photographs (2) Vancouver (Wash.) (2) Washington (State)--Politics and government--To 1889 (2) West (U.S.) -- Description and travel (2) West (U.S.)--History--1848-1860 (2) Wisconsin-History-Civil War, 1861-1865 (2) Yellowstone National Park-Description and travel (2)
Personal Papers/Corporate Records (University of Washington) (57) Overland journeys to the Pacific (23) Pioneers--Oregon (11) University Archives/Faculty Papers (University of Washington) (11) Authors, American--20th century (8) Frontier and pioneer life--Oregon (8) Pioneers--Oregon--Diaries (7) Voyages to the Pacific coast (6) Women (6) Architecture and engineering (5) Education (5) Arts--Northwest, Pacific (4) Commerce and business (4) Education, Higher--Oregon--Eugene (4) Forests and forestry--Northwest, Pacific (4) Forests and forestry--Oregon (4) Frontier and pioneer life (4) Frontier and pioneer life--Washington (State) (4) Government (4) Journalists--United States (4) Law, crime & justice (4) Lawyers--Oregon (4) Military (4) Oregon (4) Oregon National Historic Trail (4) Police--Philippines (4) Soldiers-United States-Diaries (4) Women pioneers--Oregon--Diaries (4) Art--Study and teaching (3) Authors, American--Oregon (3) College teachers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (3) Families and children (3) Forest Grove, Or. (3) Forest management--Northwest, Pacific (3) Frontier and pioneer life--West (U.S.) (3) Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945 (3) Literature (3) Local history (3) Missionaries--China (3) Missions, American--China (3) Oregon--History--To 1859 (3) Photographs (3) Pioneers--Oregon--Correspondence (3) Pioneers--West (U.S.)--Diaries (3) Religion (3) Soldiers--United States--Diaries (3) Women authors, American--20th century (3) Americans-Europe-Diaries (2) Architecture—Commercial (2) Architecture—Religious (2) Architecture—Residential (2) Art (2) Businessmen--Washington (State)--Archives (2) Celebrations and events (2) Christianity--20th century (2) Churches--Oregon--History (2) Civil engineers--Oregon (2) Communications (2) Diaries (2) Fashion and clothing (2) Fisheries--Alaska (2) Fisheries--Washington (State) (2) Food processing and preparation (2) Foresters--Northwest, Pacific (2) Frontier and pioneer life-Montana (2) Frontier and pioneer life--Northwest, Pacific (2) Glaciers, ice and snow (2) Gold miners -- Montana -- Diaries (2) Governors--Oregon (2) Governors--Washington (State)--Archives (2) Groups and organizations (2) History, Local (2) Indians of North America--Missions--Northwest, Pacific (2) Indians of North America--Northwest, Pacific (2) Indians of North America--Oregon--Wars (2) Indians of North America--Washington (State) (2) Journalists--United States--Correspondence (2) Labor (2) Legislators--Oregon (2) Medicine (2) Mines and Mineral Resources (2) Missionaries--Oregon (2) Mountaineering (2) National parks and reserves--Washington (State) (2) Overland journeys to Montana-Personal narratives (2) Overland Trails--Description and travel (2) Pacific Coast Indians, Wars with, 1847-1865 (2) Park rangers--United States (2) Photographers—Oregon (2) Photographers—Women (2) Pioneers--California--Diaries (2) Pioneers--Washington (State)--Archives (2) Political Campaigns (2) Politicians--Oregon (2) Presbyterian Church--Missions--China (2) Progressivism (United States politics) (2) Public safety—Fire, police, Coast Guard (2) Railroad travel-United States (2) Ranchers--Oregon (2) Recreation (2) Recreation—Swimming (2) Reporters and reporting--United States (2) Roads--Design and construction (2) Social activism and unrest (2) Soldiers-United States (2) Spanish-American War, 1898--Journalists (2) Steamboats--Columbia River (2) Surveyors--Northwest, Pacific (2) Teachers--Oregon (2) Teachers--United States (2) Tribal Peoples (2) Universities and colleges--Oregon--Eugene (2) Voyages and travels (2) Voyages around the world (2) Wagon trains--West (U.S.) (2) Waterfalls (2) Women artists (2) Women civic leaders--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) Women college teachers--Washington (State)--Seattle--Archives (2) Women missionaries--China (2) Women-Montana-Diaries (2) Women--Suffrage--Oregon (2) World War, 1939-1945--Japanese Americans (2)

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Collection Title:

Alvin Thompson Smith Diaries Transcript

Repository:Pacific University, Archives
Summary:A.T. (Alvin Thompson) Smith was an early Oregon pioneer who participated in the formation of the government of the Oregon Territory, and who also helped to found Pacific University. This collection contains transcripts of his diary, written from 1840 to 1853.
Collection Title:

Henry Larcom Abbot Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Summary:The collection consists of survey field notes, journals and letters.
Collection Title:

Agen family papers

Repository:University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Summary:Papers and other various materials of a wealthy entrepreneur in Seattle during the early 20th Century along with those of his daughter
Collection Title:

Steffen Heinrich Aggens diary

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Summary:The goldfield diary of Steffen Heinrich Aggens begins with his departure from Germany in 1852 and charts his travels to New York and San Francisco and then through the goldfields of California, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana through 1868. Aggens and his brother, Adam, try to make their fortune as independent miners using simple equipment.
Collection Title:

John C. Ainsworth papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:John Commingers Ainsworth (1822-1893) was the major founder of the Oregon Steam Navigation (OSN) Company, the most powerful transportation monopoly in the Pacific Northwest. Ainsworth was also involved in a number of other ventures, including the Northern Pacific Railroad (NPRR) and various gold, silver and coal mining operations. The John Commingers Ainsworth Papers contain Ainsworth's diaries, autobiography, personal correspondence, photographs, and the business records of the Oregon Central Railroad, Oregon Steam Navigation Company, Northern Pacific Railroad Company, and various mining, building and shipping enterprises.
Collection Title:

Clyde Bruce Aitchison papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Clyde Bruce Aitchison (1875-1962) was an attorney, Commissioner of the Oregon Railroad Commission/Public Service Commission, solicitor for the National Association of Railroad Commissioners, and Interstate Commerce Commissioner. Papers include personal Clyde Bruce Aitchison (1875-1962) was an attorney, Commissioner of the Oregon Railroad Commission/Public Service Commission, solicitor for the National Association of Railroad Commissioners, and Interstate Commerce Commissioner. Papers include personal correspodence, family records, business records of organizations, professional correspondence memos, project files, case files, diaries, and publications., family records, business records of organizations, professional correspondence, memos, project files, case files, diaries, and publications.
Collection Title:

James Akin papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:The James Akin collection contains a diary recording events during the 1852 journey of the Richey, Ingram and Akin families to Oregon. The origins of this diary are unclear, since another James Akin diary is known to exist in the collections of the Wyoming state archives. Also included in the collection are secondary sources relating to the Akin diary and family history.
Collection Title:

Alaska Mining and Prospecting Company records

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:The Alaska Mining and Prospecting Company records contain the correspondence between Andrew Sherwood and the Alaska Mining and Prospecting Company. The letters concern an expedition to Alaska in search of gold. The collection also contains printed matter and maps concerning the expedition. Finally, it contains two journals by Andrew Sherwood spanning the time of the expedition.
Collection Title:

Maurice P. Alger papers

Repository:University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives
Summary:Maurice P. Alger (1866-1961) was commissioned third lieutenant in the Philippine Constabulary in 1908, rose to grade of captain, retired in 1918, and later went into business in the Philippine Islands.
Collection Title:

Amish Diaries Collection

Repository:Lewis & Clark College, Special Collections and Archives
Summary:5 diaries from Amish residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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