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Robert I. Nesmith photographs

Repository:Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives
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Summary:The Victory Labor Management Committees of Anaconda, Butte, and Great Falls published a biweekly newspaper during World War II entitled Copper Commando. The photographs in this collection were taken by Robert I. Nesmith and used in the publication from its first issue in 1942 through 1944. The images document the operations of mills, plants, smelters, and refineries owned by the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and illustrate the daily work of individuals.
Collection Title:

Robert Morrison photographic collection

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:8 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:24 black and white and 2 tin-type photographs, circa 1858-1902, of stage coaches in Oregon, the blockhouse at Fort Umpqua, and portraits of: Winema, Mrs. E. M. Lockhart, Capt. L. L. Williams, Dr. Henry Hermann, Samuel R. Thurston, Capt. O. C. Applegate, Jesse Applegate, E. D. Baker, Binger Hermann, Sam and Louisa Dement, Lafayette Grover, James W. Nesmith, Grandma Yoakum and some unidentified.
Collection Title:

James Willis Nesmith papers.

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:32 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:Papers of an Oregon lawyer, political figure, and Superintendent of Indian Affairs who served in the U.S. Senate from 1861-1867. Collection includes letters to and from Nesmith, including many related to the pre-Civil War political crisis; diary of overland journey, 1843; and diary and notebook from the Yakima Indian War, 1855. Also includes business records from Nesmith's ranch in Polk County, family and genealogical materials.
Collection Title:

Yale University Library Research Papers

Repository:Confederated Tribes of the Siletz, Tribal Cultural Collections
Search terms:4 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:The collection contains annual reports, correspondence, and publication excerpts concerning the Rogue River War, Native American and settler relations, and depredation claims.
Collection Title:

Benjamin Stark Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:11 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:Papers of a merchant, land proprietor, and U.S. Senator from Oregon who also lived in New London, Connecticut. Includes extensive correspondence relating to business, politics, and family matters. Correspondents include: John Adair, Asahel Bush, E.S. Kearney, Ladd & Tilton, David Logan, David McLoughlin, Simeon G. Reed, Sherman & Stark, William Strong, Clement L. Vallandingham, and members of the Stark family of New London, Ct. Also includes accounts, land claim papers, Masonic documents, speeches, and ephemera.
Collection Title:

Matthew Paul Deady Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:21 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:Papers of Matthew Deady, U.S. District Judge for Oregon and prominent figure in territorial and early state affairs. The collection consists of letters written to Deady from friends and political correspondents, including many of Oregon's leading state and national politicians in the late nineteenth century. Influential forces in the state such as Jesse Applegate and Asahel Bush are voluminously represented, as are U.S. senators Joseph Lane, James W. Nesmith, Henry W. Corbett, George Williams, Lafayette Grover and Cyrus Dolph. Complementing these is a small collection of letters written by Deady to several of the same persons. Also included are Deady's personal journals and family materials.
Collection Title:

Joseph Lane papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:19 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:Papers include correspondence (1848-1875) received during Lane's service as Oregon's delegate to Congress; territorial proclamations (1847-1849); copy letters written by Lane (1848-1861); photocopy of report (1849) to the U.S. secretary of war concerning the customs and locations of various Indian tribes in the Oregon Territory; mailing lists (1848-1859) of Lane's constituents when he held public office; survey of Lane's donation land claim; orders, reports, and requisitions created while Lane served in the Mexican War; documents (1849-1851) related to the Rogue River Indian wars and Whitman Massacre.
Collection Title:

Missoula Typographical Union records

Repository:University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Search terms:2 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:The Missoula Typographical Union, No. 277, was granted a charter in 1891 and represented local printers and associated personnel in Missoula, Montana, for over 100 years. This collection primarily contains: meeting minutes; organizational material including contracts and bylaws; a scrapbook and unidentified photographs; membership records; and other material related directly to the organization of the Union.
Collection Title:

Thurston Family Papers

Repository:Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Search terms:3 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:Papers concerning Samuel Thurston, his wife Elizabeth, and the early settlement of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Materials include correspondence, business papers, diary extracts, speeches, publications, and writings.
Collection Title:

The Oregon Ephemera Collection

Repository:Lewis & Clark College, Special Collections and Archives
Search terms:7 (occurrences of term(s) in document)
Summary:This collection of ephemera documents the nineteenth century business community in Portland, Oregon, particularly businesses with connections to Henry Corbett and Henry Failing.

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