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Godbe, Hampton C.
Hampton C. Godbe papers
1864-1990 (inclusive)
5 linear feet
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MS 0664
The Hampton C. Godbe papers (1864-1990) consist of materials collected by Godbe documenting the life of his grandfather, William S. Godbe, in preparation for a proposed biography. Included are correspondence, notes, articles, and memorabilia. Also included are additional research notes of Hampton Godbe on other topics, as well as personal papers, memorabilia, and news clippings. Hampton Godbe was a Utah newspaper reporter and, later, the manager of Salt Lake City's Metropolitan Water District. His grandfather, William S. Godbe, was the leader of a group of Salt Lake City Mormons opposed to the leadership of Brigham Young, later known as the Godbeites or the Church of Zion.
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Born 21 May 1906 in Salt Lake City, Hampton Clawson Godbe was the son of Anthony Hampton Godbe and Ruby Clawson Godbe. His genealogy is one that contains many influential and colorful early Utahns: William S. Godbe was his paternal grandfather, and Hiram B. Clawson was his maternal grandfather. The life of William S. Godbe, founder of the Godbeite Movement, intrigued Hampton Godbe and he intended to write a book about it. He made it his project in his retirement years to collect information about his grandfather, and trace his many relatives. The book was never published, but much information was compiled. Hampton Godbe attended East High School, where he served as editor of the student newspaper. He went on to work for the Salt Lake Telegram and the Salt Lake Tribune. He was in the Army Enlisted Reserve Corps from 1928 to 1930. In 1938, Godbe became the first management officer of the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City. After thirty years with the water district, he worked for the State Highway Department until his retirement in 1972, when he began working on his research project full-time. Godbe was a member of the Utah State Historical Society, Friends of the Marriott Library, Colorado River Water Users Association and the Provo River Distribution System. Hampton Godbe died 25 June 1991.

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The Hampton C. Godbe papers (1864-1990) consist of materials collected by Godbe documenting the life of his grandfather, William S. Godbe, in preparation for a proposed biography. Included are correspondence, notes, articles, and memorabilia. Principal subjects discussed in the collection are Hiram B. Clawson and his family, the Godbeite movement, Brigham Young, mining and business affairs in Utah Territory, polygamy, and early Utah newspapers. Also included are additional research notes of Hampton Godbe on other topics, as well as personal papers, memorabilia, and news clippings. Some materials relate to Hampton Godbe's dispute with Salt Lake City mayor J. Bracken Lee over the operation of the Metropolitan Water District (1961-1965).

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William S. Godbe: Biographical and Family InformationReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Biographical Articles
1 2
Report on William Godbe by David Godbe Andersen
1 3
Address on Polygamy by William Godbe
1 4
"The Situation in Utah," Address by Godbe
1 5
Acrostic by William Godbe
1 6
"Thoughts in Verse," by William Godbe
1 7
Genealogy of Godbe Family
Includes family group record of W.S. Godbe and Mary Hampton; family trees for W.S. Godbe, Mary Hampton, Annie Thompson, Rosina Colborn; pages from family Bible; graph of grave plots; notes by Hampton Godbe.
1 8
Genealogy of Godbe Family
Includes records of Hampton C. Godbe and Nancy Louise Garnett Godbe, Anthony Hampton Godbe and Ruby Clawson, Robert Godbe Warnock and Joan Lingenfelter, Alva Eldredge Walker and Betty Louise Godbe Walker, Gordon Blair Harding and Jaime Warnock Harding.
1 9
Genealogy of Godbe Wives
1 10
Information on the Godbe Name
1 11
Godbe Family Tree by Hampton Godbe
Includes families of the Godbe wives, with notes by Hampton Godbe regarding Lawrence James Godbe, Frank Godbe, Alice Sheehan Beck,Benjamin Hampton, Ernest Godbe, Alfred Godbe, children of W. S. Godbe, and cemetery records.
1 12
Records of Annie Godbe, Wife of W. S. Godbe
1 13
Records of Anthony H. Godbe
Includes "Anthony H. Godbe"; "Mrs. Anthony Godbe in a Quaint Dress;" A. H. Godbe obituary; letter to A. H. Godbe from National PressBureau regarding W. S. Godbe biography; document stating A. H. Godbe's election to the Commercial Club; notes regarding A. H. Godbe's association with Cecil Rhodes.
1 14
Records of Anthony H. and Ernest Godbe
Includes receipt to Sallie W. Godbe and D. L. Wertheimer from the estate of E. L. Godbe; receipt and documents regarding will of E. L. Godbe; receipt for stock from A. H. Godbe; Pioche stock document.
1 15
Records of Anthony H. Godbe House
1 16
Records of John Godbe, Son of Hampton Godbe
Includes certificate of Veteran status, will, correspondence between H. C. Godbe and Wiley Deavers regarding John Godbe.
1 17
Records of Mary Hampton Godbe, Wife of W. S. Godbe, and Grandmother of Hampton Godbe
Includes "Hampton Family of Utah," notes on Ernest Lacey Godbe and others, genealogical charts of Murray Charles Godbe and Alta Young.
1 18
Poem by Mary Hampton Godbe
1 19
Records of Millicent Ann Godbe Brooks, Letter
1 20
Records of Rosina Colborn Godbe, Wife of W. S. Godbe
1 21
Records of Augusta Adams Cobb, Wife of Brigham Young, and Charlotte Cobb, Wiife of W. S. Godbe
Includes notes by Hampton Godbe on Augusta, Charlotte, Gordon Ivins Kirby, and types of marriage in Mormonism.
1 22-26
Records of Augusta Adams Cobb and Charlotte Cobb
Includes definition of "Divorce a Vinculo Matrimonii," information regarding divorce, Cobb vs. Cobb copy of libel order, notes on Brigham Young's wives, affidavits in divorce case, polygamy, article by Mary Cable Page from "The Mormon Prophet and his Harem," and Brigham Young's will.
1 27
Records of a House at 2518 Highland Drive
1 28
Miles Family

William S. Godbe: CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Notes by Hampton Godbe Regarding Correspondence and Business Papers
2 2
Sarah LaRiviere Godbe to Sons William and Anthony
She writes that she misses them, also expresses concern over money issues.
2 3
Annie Godbe to William Godbe
June 28, 1864: She writes of her aunt's funeral, the theatre being open, the wedding of Mary Ann, the death of Mrs. Cox, and the prevalence of measles; October 11, 1868: Writes that Anne is sick with the flu; December 4, 1873: Chides him for not writing, says Willie got home safe, describes Willie and Alfred meeting, her headaches, tells him to tell Samuel she misses him, and she hopes he prospers; January 29, 1874: Tells him of the death of Mrs. Teasdale, and that Anthony is a father; January 31, 1874: Tells him not to worry about money; February 29, 1874: Tells him about her headaches, and her plan to go to San Francisco for a month.
2 4
Rosina Godbe to William Godbe
August 12, 1868: Thanks him for letter but angry there is no return address, tells him she wishes she could make him happy like Bro. Harrison, tells him Frank and Sammy had gone to Bear River, says she has one item of news she will save until she sees him; March 26, 1869: Hopes he doesn't feel "unkindly" toward her, apologizes for something she said; May 24, 1869: Says she has not heard from him, hopes he is safely lodged. Went to the theatre with Annie and her children, spent a day with Mary's brother and children; June 2, 1869: Thanks him for letter, tells him to cast off his anxieties, wishes she could make him perfectly happy, says Ben is in the city; November 4, 1871: Received his letter from New York. She is sad about her "future prospects." She says the news she hears about him is not good. She talks about her new house, and her worry that people are talking about fighting; December 29, 1873: Received his letter from England, says words "coming home" mean nothing to her now. She mentions money matters, renting out her house, and says to give her best to his mother.
2 5
Clara Godbe to William Godbe
October 10, 1868: Clara says Anne is sick with dysentery, and Clara is lonesome. Samuel adds a note telling his father he wants to go to Bear River; June 22, 1871: Clara asks him to take her out in a buggy on the fourth of July. She also writes to her mother: "I have no father and no one to cheer me but you."
2 6
Letter to William Godbe Regarding Apostasy Charge
The President of the Council informs him George Cannon has filed a charge against him with the High Council. Godbe is charged with "harboring apostasy."
2 7
Handwritten Copy of Letter to Brigham Young from William Godbe
Godbe tells Young he is still his servant, despite their differences.
2 8
Letter to Joseph F. Smith from William Godbe
Godbe accuses Smith of acting in ignorance, bigotry and conceit.
2 9
Business Letters: William Godbe
January 17, 1871: Stenhouse writes about business precautions and putting jealousies behind them; February 12, 1871: Stenhouse tells Godbe that Elias and he must never expose themselves, not even to family. He says Godbe can trust him; February 13, 1871: Stenhouse writes about money for the printing office, and about Annie's wish to leave Godbe; September 17, 1877: Godbe writes to Campbell, Cullen and Co. regarding bullion and smelting facilities; March 24, 1881: to Mary Hampton Godbe from E. J. Sprague, regarding title for lot. One letter of unknown origin.
2 10
Correspondence: Anthony H. Godbe
January 9, 1882: To his mother, asking for clothes from home to be sent to him at Antimony; January 15, 1882: Tells his mother that his father's health is improved, but life is lonely and cold; February 12, 1882: He has just returned from a trip to Beaver. Says his father shouldn't work so hard; February 13, 1882: Says stocks are up again so he can buy supplies for the grocery store; February 27, 1882: Says they have finished the work on the concentrator, tells her a little girl has died of pneumonia; August 9, 1882: He describes the camp and the concentrator, and overseeing the boarding house; October 19, 1882: He is sorry to hear of Murray's Typhoid Fever. Writes of assaying and his chemical lab; October 25, 1882: Says word was sent to shut down the mines. A new fellow (Stevens) was sent to do bookkeeping, expenses are bad, he is afraid Eastern investors will be mad at William Godbe. Says his father is too generous and doesn't write to tell him what to do; November 21, 1882: He writes that he has just returned from Beaver, and is concerned about his brother Murray; November 27, 1882: He writes that Uncle Ben has gone, and asks how Murray is; December 19, 1882: Says his father shouldn't work so hard and he'd be healthier. He just had his twentieth birthday. Says he remembers a dream his mother once had about him being drunk, which he never has been. He tells her he went deer hunting, and that he wishes he made more money; January 21, 1883: Reports on his salary, says when he saw her she didn't look well; April 10, 1883: Tells of a robbery in which he was the witness; April 17, 1883: Says Will has gone to Juab to meet William Godbe, business is good in the store, he makes $150 per month; November 30, 1910: Writes to his wife about business in Kentucky; February 6, 1914: From the elder Anthony Godbe to William Godbe's son Anthony, telling about the LaRiviere family; February 20, 1914: From the elder Anthony, giving more information about Samuel Godbe and family; June 11, 1917: To Anthony Godbe from Ross Moore, regarding the health of Ernest Godbe, who committed suicide soon after this letter was written; Four other letters are included in this series, their content not noted here.
2 11
Miscellaneous Envelopes
2 12
Miscellaneous Items
Recipe for cough syrup, tickets and business cards, note regarding a cigar case, a shirt stud and pennies. Tickets are from the Queen's benefit concert for the widow and orphans of Samuel Godbe.

William S. Godbe: Business PapersReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
3 1
Mining Agreements
Included are papers concerning the sale of a lot on the Jordan River to W. S. Godbe, loan agreements, carbonate assays, purchase of interest in Little Cottonwood Mine, agreement between Frisco Smelting Co. and Horn Silver Mine.
3 2
Mining Agreements
Included are papers concerning the option for Godbe to buy Carbonate Lode, sale of Frisco Mining and Smelting Co. stock, sale of Cave mine; shares and stockholder information for Frisco and Bullionville.
3 3
Letters Regarding Mining
Letterregarding Chicago stockholders to Godbe from William Tebb, letter regarding sale of lot for smelter to Godbe from Mr. Browne.
3 4
Letter to Bristol Syndicate from Anthony H. Godbe
Regarding examination of Mayflower Mine.
3 5
Statement on Mining by William Godbe
Addresses the history of mining in Utah and Brigham Young, polygamy, and excommunication.
3 6
Map and Estimate of Distance--Bullionville to Ely, Nevada
3 7
Mining: William Godbe and Benjamin Hampton
3 8
Mortgages and Real Estate
Included are an authorization of Notary Public for Theodore McNamee, mortgages for Main Street Lot 4 and Block 57 Lot 8 Plat B, the drugstore, Exchange Building, lots 2& 3 on block 46 plat B. Also the record of the purchase of a lot in St. George by W. S. Godbe from Orson and Sarah Pratt.
3 9
Mortgages and Agreements
Included are mortgages for the Tribune building, lot 7 plat B for children of William and Annie Godbe. Agreement for lease of room in the Exchange Building to George Higgins, agreement between Daniel Bertosh, Mary Godbe and Anna Mowery.
3 10
Miscellaneous Mortgage Information
Letter regarding mortgage, notes on the Commerce Building, Exchange Building, and Godbe, Pitts and Co.
3 11
William Godbe and Politics
3 12
Notes on the Jeter Clinton Case
3 13
Notes Regarding William Godbe's Involvement with the Salt Lake Tribune
3 14
Receipts and Promissory Notes
3 15
Balance Sheets and Accounts
Promissory note from Joseph Howard and receipts.
3 16
3 17
Estate of Robert Sharkey
Settlement to Henry Lawrence and W. S. Godbe.
3 18
Mary Godbe and Ben Hampton, W. S. Godbe and Charlotte Godbe.
3 19
Business Correspondence
3 20
Business Letters
Included are letters from Mr. Shearman, Mr. Boyce, A. Rant, and J. M. Spears to Godbe; letter from W. Snyder to James Hackett, and unknown letter from Copenhagen.
3 21
Miscellaneous Business Papers
Thirteenth Ward assembly room shares, sale of mule teams, land certificates, agreements with Eldredge and Brown, and Leach and Co., agreement to arbitrate dispute over flour.
3 22
Miscellaneous Printed Material
3 23
Newsclippings: Godbe Drugstore Advertisements
3 24
Newsclippings: Buildings
Northwest part of Salt Lake City, Endowment House, Godbe-Pitts Drug Co., Tribune Building, ZCMI, Home of Maude Adams, Octagon House, Salt Lake Theatre, William S. Godbe home, Lion House, Mill, Beehive House, Brigham Young School, Deseret Bank Building, Godbe Building, explosion of 1876.
3 25
Newsclippings: Salt Lake Tribune History

The Godbeite MovementReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
4 1-4
"The Godbeite Protest in the Making of Modern Utah," by Ronald Walker
4 5-6
"The Godbeite Movement: A Dissent Against Temporal Control," by Grant Palmer
4 7
Information about John Latey
Correspondence between Fawn Latey and Hampton Godbe regarding John Latey, who was married to Annie Thompson's sister.
4 8
Information about Henry Lawrence
News article, "Lawrence Testifies;" "Henry William Lawrence" from Men of Affairs in the State of Utah; and notes by Hampton Godbe.
4 9-11
Information about Amasa Lyman
4 12
Fred Perris: Letters and Police Minutes
1865; 1877
4 13
Edward Tullidge Articles
4 14
The Medium
4 15
Notes on Threats Against Godbeites
4 16
"The Commencement of the Godbeite Protest: Another View," by Ronald Walker
4 17
The Godbeite Movement and Utah Magazine
Notes and bibliography by Hampton Godbe; articles from magazine: "Spiritualism and Priesthood," "Music in the Settlements," "Things Unaccountable," "Woman and Plural Marriage," "Value of Church Organization," "Our Family Difficulty," "Sophistry and Special Pleading," "The Limits of the Priesthood," "A Card to the Public," "A Card by W. S. Godbe," "An Appeal to the People," "Manifesto from W. S. Godbe and E. L. T. Harrison." Also included: "WilliamH. Shearman."
4 18
"The Utah Magazine," by Craig Glover

Clawson Family RecordsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
5 1
Hiram B. Clawson
Copy of a drawing of H. B. Clawson, "A Thumbnail Biography" by Hampton Godbe, Certificate of Ordination into the Seventy Elders in the LDS Church, "History of Drama in the West."
5 2
Autobiographical Sketches by Ruby Clawson Godbe and Tessie Clawson Groesbeck
5 3
Clawson Family Documents
Sale of lot to Brigham Young from Lorenzo Snow, sale of lot to Hiram Clawson from Brigham Young, poem "How Changed Thou Art," program of piano recital featuring Ruby and Ivie Clawson, report card for RubyClawson, Salt Lake Theatre program.
5 4
Salt Lake Theatre Deeds of Property
5 5
Family Records--Curtis; Sealings for the Dead-- Ellerbeck
5 6
Biographical Sketches of Ellen Curtis Spencer Clawson by Ruby Clawson Godbe
5 7
Poem by Ellen Spencer Clawson
5 8
Ellen Spencer Clawson Correspondence
5 9
Hiram B. Clawson Jr. Family Record
5 10
Orson Spencer Family Genealogy Sheets
5 11
Elizabeth Spencer Family Record
5 12
"Life Sketches," by Aurelia S. Rogers
5 13
Correspondence Regarding Clawson Family Genealogy
5 14
Printed Materials Collected for Clawson Research
1922; 1947
5 15-16
Clawson Family
Family Reunion, notes from census sheets, Territory of Utah, business code of P. W. Madsen Furniture Co., notes on Stanley Harting, Teresa Phebe, Margaret Gay Judd, Rudger, Sidney Beattie, Phebe May, Thomas Alfred, Mary and Tessie; notes of meeting with Hiram Clawson, notes on Ellen Clawson letters, correspondence regarding Nebraska, miscellaneous notes, pedigree chart, bibliography, information from Ellen Tibbitts Chipps.

Correspondence of Hampton Godbe Regarding Godbe and Clawson ResearchReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
6 1
Correspondence with Marjorie Ruess Bland
Alice Woodward Godbe, Samuel Thompson Godbe, Inez Didama Earl, Isabel Godbe, and Annie Thompson.
6 2
Correspondence with Marjorie Bowers
Helen Godbe Tuft, Alfred Godbe, and Ida J. Godbe.
6 3
Correspondence with Gordon Browne
Rosina Godbe, Benjamin Hampton, and the Hampton House of Hospitality.
6 4
Correspondence with Percy Browne
The house on 4th East.
6 5
Correspondence with Joan Clark
Miriam Brooks Jenkins, Clara Brooks Pitts, Allie Godbe Ruess, SarahLaRiviere.
6 6
Correspondence with Ruth Godbe
6 7
Correspondence with Mildred and Janice Greene
6 8
Correspondence with Kevin Herring
Samuel and Warren Godbe, and paintings of the Godbe family.
6 9
Correspondence with Virginia Godbe McCleery
Florence Godbe, Rosina Godbe, Miriam Brooks, Harry Pitts, Annie Thompson, Samuel Godbe, Lillian Godbe, Hampton family, the Depression, E.S.P., Ernest's suicide, polygamy, Charlotte Ives Cobb, Ellen Clawson, and Aunt Elva.
6 10
Correspondence with Douglas Norman
Douglas Godbe, Annie Godbe Murdoch, Sarah LaRiviere, Theresa Godbe Carey, Queen's benefit concert for Samuel Godbe's widows and orphans, Mary Hampton.
6 11
Correspondence to Hampton Godbe from Family
From his mother and his son John.
6 12
Correspondence: Hampton Godbe at Insto
6 13
Correspondence Regarding Godbe and Clawson Research
H. B. Clawson, Elias Lacy Thomas Harrison, Edward William Tullidge, William Henry Shearman, Henry William Lawrence, Benjamin Hampton, Deseret Drugstore, Jasper Godbe.
6 14
Correspondence with Libraries and Colleges
6 15
Correspondence with Historical Department of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
6 16-18
Correspondence with Utah State Historical Society

Hampton Godbe: Alphabetical Collection of NotesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
7 1
Church of Zion, Cobb Gravesites, Dr. J. Clinton, Covent Garden
7 2
Elections, England, Golden Spike, "The Willard Richards and Brigham Young 5 September 1840 Letter from England to Nauvoo," Godbeites, Godbe Story Outline, Godbe House
7 3
E. L. T. Harrison, Journal History, Kingdom of God, Henry Lawrence
7 4
"Medium and Daybreak," Merchandising, Middlesex, Mining, Octagon House, Polygamy
7 5
Grant H. Palmer, Fred Perris, Pioche, Politics
7 6
J. King Robinson, Secrecy in Records, the Stenhouses, John Taylor, Tullidge, Utah Magazine, Wealth, Whitney
7 7
Brigham Young, ZCMI
7 8
7 9-14
Indexed W. S. Godbe References

Hampton Godbe: Research Notes on Various TopicsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
8 1
Bear River Bridge and Hotel
8 2
Education in Utah
8 3
Geography of Utah
8 4
Military in Utah
8 5
Mining in Utah
8 6
Real Estate
8 7-8
8 9-10
Utah Historical Quarterly articles
"The Evolution of Presiding Quorums of the LDS Church," "Creating A New Alphabet for Zion," "The Taylor-Cowley Affair," "Gentile Polygamist," "Cigarette Prohibition in Utah," Book Review on the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
8 11
Deseret News History
8 12
Hampton Godbe
8 13
8 14
Godbe Relatives
8 15
8 16
Miscellaneous Newsclippings
8 17
"Self Portrait of an Artist," By Miriam Brooks Jenkins
8 18
Typed Document Signed by John Robert Roger
8 19
Notes from Utah Historical Quarterly
8 20
Hampton Godbe's Daily Reminders
8 21
Notes from Index to Journal History of Church
8 22
Notes on Chronology
8 23-24
Miscellaneous Research Notes
8 25
Notes on Footnotes
8 26
Receipts for Volumes Purchased by Hampton Godbe from Zion's Bookstore

Hampton Godbe: Records of the Dispute Between Metropolitan Water District and Mayor J. Bracken Lee; and Other Business FilesReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
9 1
Miscellaneous Business Papers
9 2
Letter to Chairman Buchanan from Hampton Godbe
Regarding Committee for Constitutional Government. Also included are letters of response to Hampton Godbe.
9 3
Miscellaneous Correspondence of Hampton Godbe
9 4
Correspondence and "Morals and the Mayor"
9 5-7
9 8
Correspondence; Booklet, "Water in the Modern Way"; Resolution Regarding Hampton Godbe's Resignation as Assistant Manager of the Metropolitan Water District
9 9-16
Court Papers Regarding Water District Conflict and Conflict Between Godbe and J. Bracken Lee
9 17
Newsclippings: J. Bracken Lee
9 18
Various Materials
9 19
Obituary of Hampton Godbe
Scrapbook of Newsclippings
Originals of those found in box 9.

Business Dealings and PhotographsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 1
11 2
"Construction Methods for 40,000,000 Gallon Water Supply Reservoir," Hampton C. Godbe
11 3
Depositions: Hampton C. Godbe and Fisher Harris
For Hampton C. Godbe v. Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake City in regards to the unfair dismissal of Godbe.
11 4
Universal Process Company Records
Family Photographs-Photocopies

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Mines and mineral resources--Utah
  • Mormon Church--History--19th century
  • Mormons--Polygamy
  • Newspapers, American--Utah
  • Polygamy--Utah
  • Retail trade--Utah
  • Personal Names :
  • Clawson, H. B. (Hiram B.)
  • Godbe, William S.
  • Lee, J. Bracken (Joseph Bracken), 1899-
  • Corporate Names :
  • Church of Zion (Godbeites)
  • Family Names :
  • Godbe family
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Articles
  • Clippings
  • Correspondence
  • Memorabilia
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