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Roylance, Ward Jay, 1920-
Ward Jay Roylance papers
1873-1993 (inclusive)
9 linear feet
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The Ward Jay Roylance papers (1873-1993) are centered around Roylance (1920-1993), his family, and environmental issues. Included are publications, correspondence, writings, family histories, programs, tour maps and guide books, certificates, scrapbooks, notes, journals, biographies, news articles, medical and U.S. Army records, pamphlets, and postcards. Correspondence, family history typescripts, and poems collected by Roylance, as well as writings and publications by Roylance on environmental issues, are located in box 1 and date from the 1950s to 1992. Roylance spent most of his life advocating the preservation of scenic Utah. He was a founding member of the Utah Travel Council and a member of the Utah Tourism Hall of Fame.
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The Ward Jay Roylance papers (1873-1993) are centered around Roylance (1920-1993), his family, and environmental issues. Included are publications, correspondence, writings, family histories, programs, tour maps and guide books, certificates, scrapbooks, notes, journals, biographies, news articles, medical and U.S. Army records, pamphlets, and postcards. Correspondence, family history typescripts, and poems collected by Roylance, as well as writings and publications by Roylance on environmental issues, are located in box 1 and date from the 1950s to 1992. Roylance spent most of his life advocating the preservation of scenic Utah. He was a founding member of the Utah Travel Council and a member of the Utah Tourism Hall of Fame. Some of his publications include Utah! A Guide to the State (1982), The Enchanted Wilderness: A Red Rock Odyssey (1986), and Utah: The Incredible Land (1965). He also authored many pamphlets, school texts, slide shows, guide books, magazine articles, and videos. A list of Roylance's written and audio-visual works is located in box 1, folder 4. At the request of Ward Roylance, documents relating to his wife, Gloria (box 1, folder 2), were restricted until 21 January 2002. In addition to the publications in box 1, boxes 7-12 and 16 also contain publications and documents resulting from Roylance's interest in wilderness areas. Tour maps, guide books, and postcards Roylance collected during his travels around Europe and the United States are located in boxes 2-4 and date from the 1970s.

Roylance's personal and family materials are found throughout boxes 5-6. Correspondence between family members and others is located in boxes 5-10 and dates from 1905 to 1993. Roylance attended LDS Business College in the late 1930s, served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946, and then attended the University of Utah from 1946-1953, receiving a B.S. in elementary education. Documents resulting from these activities, such as his U.S. Army records and scrapbook, journals, and high school and college records, are located in boxes 11-13 and date from 1933 to 1993. Materials pertaining to Roylance's family (dating from 1946 to 1987), including histories, funeral documents, biographies, notes, and correspondence, are located in boxes 14-15. In addition to the environmental materials already mentioned, box 16 also contains news clippings, notes, and Wayne County (Utah) resident information, among other documents.

Box seventeen contains materials that Roylance made use of in his production of filmstrips for classrooms. The box also contains The Enchanted Wilderness Magazine, a project of Roylance and his wife Gloria. In box eighteen are the list of films that Roylance made for the classroom as well as the narrations for those films. The last folder of box eighteen is a work of fiction concerning an incident that took place in Vietnam in 1954. The setting is Hanoi, during the French occupation of the country. Because the author was himself in Vietnam after World War II and had met Ho Chi Minh, the story has the flavor of someone who was well acquainted with this subject.

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Personal Information, Writings, and Publications, 1959-1992Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
1 2
Gloria Roylance
This folder includes remarks by Ward Roylance at Gloria's funeral and a typescript of messages written by Ward and Gloria to each other.
1 3
Poems collected by Ward Roylance, Typescript
1 4
List of Written and Audio-Visual Works by Ward Roylance
1 5
"Letters of Elizabeth Sarah (Jackson) Remington," Typescript by Ward Roylance
1 6
"Henry C. and Ann O. Jackson of England and Utah: Family Letters," Typescript by Ward Roylance
1 7
"Biographical Sketch of Henry Clark Jackson (1819-1905)," Typescript by Ward Roylance
1 8-10
Publications by Ward Roylance
This folder includes publications for the Enchanted Wilderness Association, Natural History Inc., and the Utah Tourist and Publicity Council.
1 11
Ward J. Roylance's Tour of Capitol Reef National Park
Focuses on "The Valley of Cathedrals" and "The Waterpocket Fold."
1 12-13
Utah Trials
Roylance was the editor of this magazine.
1 14
News Clippings By and About Roylance

Writings and Tourist Maps and Guide Books, 1947-1992Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
2 1
Ouida Nuhn Blanthorn, "In Old Paradise"
2 2
"Letters to Hereward Carrington From Famous Psychical Researchers, Scientists, Mediums and Magicians," Collected by Carrington
2 3
Melford Pearson, "The Price of Truth"
2 4
Barry Scholl, "Ward Roylance: A Profile"
Published in Catalyst, vol. ll, no. 8.
2 5-10
Tourist Maps and Guide Books
Information on Notre-Dame, the Val de Loire, and France in general, as well as on the Tower of London, Newnes, the Oxford University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, and Great Britain.
Tourist Maps and Guide Books
This box contains information on Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lucerne, the Middle East, Nepal, Chicago, Montana Glacier National Park, Washington, New Jersey, Montreal, and Mexico. Two large postcards are also included.
Postcards, Approx. 265
Landscapes, architectural structures, street scenes, and works of art are featured in these postcards from Europe and the Western United States.

CorrespondenceReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Roylance Family Correspondence

Personal MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
11 1
Awards and Certificates
11 2
Boating Expedition in Mexico
11 3
Philosophic Expressions from Macbeth
This folder contains a notebook kept for a school project.
11 4
Utah Scrapbook
This scrapbook was compiled by Roylance in the 6th grade. It contains brochure clippings featuring aerial views of Salt Lake City, the University of Utah, and various Utah canyons.
11 5
Childhook Medical records
11 6-7
Diplomatic Service papers
These folders contain correspondence, lists, notes, expense vouchers, schedules, and personnel records.
11 8
Foreign Identification papers
11 9
Genealogical Society of America Membership Certificates
11 10
Trip on R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth," Programs and Menus
11 11-12
11 13
Memorial Service
This folder contains a program, journal excerpts, and an article.
11 14
Patriarchal Blessing
11 15
Passport and Vaccination Documents
11 16-18
High School and College records
These folders contain schedules, report cards, transcripts, application documents, and graduation certificates and correspondence.
12 1
Shopping Lists and Bill Schedules
12 2-4
Biographical Materials
These folders include news articles, U.S. Army certificates and correspondence, autobiographies, notes, a list of books on Utah history and wilderness, certificates, licenses, and real-estate contracts.
12 5
Day Planner
12 6
Memorial Estates
Memorial guide for Ward Jay and Gloria Roylance.
12 7
"Dark Clouds and Silver Linings: The Early Years, 1936-1940"
Excerpts from the diaries of Ward Jay Roylance.
12 8
Jerome J. Remington and Ward J. Roylance U.S. Tour, Journal
12 9
Youthful Memories, Notes
12 10
Social Security Card
12 11
12 12-14
"Automatic" Writing
12 15
Memorial Service Program
U.S. Army Scrapbook
This scrapbook includes insignia patches, news clippings, detachment lists, certificates, correspondence, lists of award recipients, telephone directories, library cards, a handbook for Halloran General Hospital (New York), and event programs.

Roylance Family MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
14 1
Stories and Biographies
14 2
Notes on The Great Depression
Notes by Ward J. Roylance on his family's experiences from 1929-1941.
14 3-8
"Biographical Materials for the Family of Darwin and Alta Roylance (Excluding Ward Jay)"
These folders have maintained their original grouping and include wedding invitations, biographical questionnaires and summaries, patriarchal blessing, certificates, awards, correspondence, and deeds.
14 9
"Photos of a Family: The Roylance Clan, 1895-1971," Photocopy
14 10
Darwin Roylance
This folder includes notes, memo books, a birthday card, and medical records.
14 11
Alta R. Roylance Funeral
This folder includes agreements, deeds, correspondence, and a tribute entitled, "The Reasons Why," by Ward J. Roylance.
14 12
Roylance Family Organization
This folder includes a history, minutes, correspondence, notes, and newsletters.
Jerome N. Remington Family Biography and Genealogy
This manuscript documents Alta Roylance's family line. Pages containing photographs were photocopied and then transferred to the Multimedia Division of Special Collections.

DocumentsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
16 1
Torrey Planning Commission, Notice
16 2-3
Wayne County
This folder contains resident information and Steering Committee memorandum.
16 4
Prescott College Library, Correspondence
16 5-6
National Parks and Conservation Association
These folders contain news articles, wildlife postcards, and day planner.
16 7
"The Spirit of Utah Wilderness"
Program for art exhibit and sale.
16 8
Utah Tourist and Publicity Council
This folder contains speeches, schedules, correspondence, notes, and lists.
16 9
Roylance, "The Splendid Land: A Red Rock Scenery Sampler," Videoscript
16 10
Ward J. Roylance, "Materials for the Study of Utah"
16 11
Utah Workmen's Compensation and Occupational Disease Disability Acts and Insurance Provisions
16 12
"Orthographic Projection Plans"
This folder contains drawings by Ward J. Roylance.
16 13
Sleeping Rainbow Ranch 50th Anniversary Program
16 14
California Trip Travel Itinerary
16 15
Office File, Notes and News Clippings
16 16
News Articles

Research MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
17 1
17 2
Index of Published Writings
17 3
Advertising Pamphlets
17 4
Postal Rates and Zip Codes
17 5
Video Boxes and Covers
17 6
"From then until Now, 75 years in the Central Uintah Basin, 1905-1980"
17 7
"A History of the Avon Ward, 1891-1948"
17 8
Ron Redfern, "Mobile Belt"
17 9
"William Kittson's journal covering Peter Skene Ogden's 1824-1825 Snake Country Expedition"
17 10
"The Geology of Wyoming"
17 11
Steven Lagerfeld, "Name That Dune"
17 12
David Rich Lewis, "La Plata 1891-1893: Boom, Bust, and Controversy"
17 13
Enchanted Wilderness Magazine
17 14
Roylance's personal inventory to box files
17 15
Utah School Directory
17 16
Home issues
17 17
17 18

Filmstrip NarrationsReturn to Top

Unless otherwise noted, the folders in box 18 contain only narrations.

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
18 1
List of Filmstrips by Roylance
18 2
Agriculture in Utah
18 3
Builders of Early Utah
18 4
Climate of Utah and Nearby
18 5
Geology of Utah
18 6
Government in Utah
18 7
Living in Utah
18 8
Manufacturing in Utah
18 9
Mining in Utah
18 10
Natural Face of Utah
18 11
Pioneer Trails of the West
18 12
Settlement of Utah
18 13
The Colorado Plateau, Study Guide and Narration
18 14
The Mormon Pioneers: Illinois to Utah 1846-1847
18 15
Trail Breakers and Explorers of Utah
18 16
Transportation and Communication: Utah and the Nation
18 17
Utah's Fish and Wildlife
18 18
Utah's Indians, Pioneer Days and Before
18 19
Utah's Native Plant Life
18 20
Utah's People and Their Work
18 21
Utah's Trade, Service, and Miscellaneous Industries
18 22
Water and Mineral Resources of Utah
18 23
"Three Days in Indochina"

Utah Guide Project Rough Drafts and Personal WritingsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
19 1-3
Tour 4A- Great Salt Lake
19 4-5
Tour 4B
19 6
Tour 5C- Park City
19 7-10
Tour 6- Dinosaurland
19 11
Tour 7- Panoramaland
19 12
Tour 7B
19 13
Tour 8A
19 14-15
Tour 8- Color Country West
19 16
Tour 8
19 17
Tour 9- Color Country East "Three Days in Indochina"
20 1
Tour 9- Color Country East
20 2-3
Tour 10 Castle Country
20 4
Tour 11
20 5
Tour 11E
20 6
Arches National Park
20 7
Canyonlands National Park
20 8
Cedar Breaks National Monument
20 9
Golden Spike National Historic Site
20 10
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
20 11
Timpanogas Cave National Monument
20 12
20 13-14
Animal Life
20 15
20 16-17
20 18
History: Statehood to the Present
21 1
Land, Air, and Water
21 2
Mining Notes
21 3
Natural Setting
21 4
Recreation and Tourism
21 5
21 6
Special Tour Edition Part 2
21 7
Various Rough Drafts
21 8
"The Reasons Why" A Tribute to Alta Remington Roylance
21 9
Colorado Plateau
21 10
Indians and Archaeology Correspondence
21 11
21 12
Personal Letters
22 1-7
Utah: A Guide to the State
22 8
"National Park Areas"
22 9
"Some Important Facts About Utah"
22 10
Utah's Counties by Roylance
22 11
Utah's Geography by Roylance

Miscellaneous MaterialsReturn to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
23 1
23 2
General Materials
23 3
Geology of Utah written by Roylance
23 4
Roylance's International Travels
23 5
Roylance's National Travels
23 6
Torrey Visitor Inventory

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