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Miscellaneous Folklore
1971 (inclusive)
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Linda Layton was a student of folklore at the University of Oregon. This collection includes an essay and fieldwork documentation relating to this student's folklore fieldwork project.
University of Oregon, Archives of Northwest Folklore
1287 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Telephone: 541-346-3925
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Collection includes project release form signed by the collector.

Restrictions on Use

Collection is open for use in accordance with Archives of Northwest Folklore policy.

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Folk songs
Two Ballads: "Bigfoot" and "When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels"
MOUNTAIN DEW: "There's a big hollow tree down the road here from me... "
LAMP LIGHTING TIME: "There's a lamp shining bright in the cabin... "
WABASH CANNON BALL: "From out the wide Pacific to the great Atlantic shore... "
Children's song: TWENTY FROGGIES: "Twenty froggies went to school. .. "
Pre-school age song: "What does little birdie say... "
CRIPPLE CREEK (only a small part of it)
"You get a line and I'll get a pole, Honey... "
Swedish children's square dance song: "Gustav Skald... "
A ROUND, "Uncle Jacob, Uncle Jacob.... "
Two examples of people meeting "Bigfoot"
"Ghost" follows man home
Account of grandfather walking 100 miles to get buffalo bones for buffalo meal in N. Dakota
Five riddles and answers
Superstitions and Popular Beliefs
Bigfoot beliefs
6 examples of bad luck; 2 examples of good luck
5 examples of bad luck; 1 example of good luck
2 examples of bad luck; meaning of an itching nose; one death superstition
Prevent disease and harm with asafetida bag; rabbit's foot for good luck; meaning of an itchy nose
Meaning of ear ringing
Fireflies are witches and spirits
What to say if you catch a "grand-daddy longleg"
6 weather superstitions
2 weather superstitions; where to find a lot of fish; why fishing boats have to go out early
5 death superstitions
One superstition about dreaming of death or birth and its meaning
3 dream superstitions
One superstition connected with food (salmon and milk); causes of warts
2 meanings when hands itch
Re-appearing blood stains on murder spot
Swedish superstition about tumte gubma ("dwarf men"); ghosts and fairies
4 superstitions about dropping an object; giving sharp objects as gifts
Giving sharp objects as gift
One practical joke (pouring water down a sleeve)
Good luck on sail ships
One rhymed proverb
One proverbial saying about a green Christmas
Five one-liners
"Tick Tacks", Halloween custom of children (ca. 1916)
Youth entertainment before modern mass culture: "ice-cream supper," "wInter party," "watermelon slicing," "hay or straw ride"
Examples of farm and community life
Annual Old Settler's Picnic (North Dakota, 1914-15)
Meal practices on a sardine fishing boat
Fishing customs
One Norwegian Christmas custom; One N. Dakota Christmas and New Year custom
One Halloween joke (Iowa)
Christmas in a Swedish and Finnish community in Minnesota
"Torch-fishing" at night
"Charivari" - wedding custom
Three Suns Set in Minnesota
Folk Poetry and Rhymes
One grade school poem: "What the Minutes say... "
"A Child's Hymn"
"Speak Gently"
"Lend a Hand"
"Persevere" (grade school)
"Hanky Panky"
"Round and round the vinegar jug"
"Christmas is coming... "
"Beans, beans the musical fruit... "
Rhymes: "This little piggy went to market"; "Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe"; "Doodle up, doodle up"
Folk speech
Nineteen logger terms, and six examples of signals or yells
Two Swedish sayings; one Jewish term; one Danish term; and one Danish saying
Folk medicine
One cure when something gets in eye
Arthritis prevention
One sore throat cure
One toothache cure
Four cures for warts
Games - Children's Games
"Round Cat" (ball game)
"Straight Cat" (ball game)
"Shoot at the Moon" (stick game); "Guessing Game"
"Run, sheep, run"; "Two and Two meet at the door"
Folk tales
One jocular death-bed account
Recipes and Food (Norwegian)
Fatigman ("Poor Man")
Flat tread
Material Culture
Description of children's "Smoke Balloons" (Swedish?)
Two Halloween pranks and description of "Tick-Tack Toe" construction
Pine Wooden Tops

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T06_1971_347: "Man Kind" and "Bigfoot." Don Jones. Panorama Records Incorporated.
1.0 artist record

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Bigfoot enthusiasts
  • Children
  • children's games
  • children's poetry
  • Danish
  • fishers
  • folk beliefs
  • folk medicine
  • folksongs
  • Jewish
  • jokes
  • narratives
  • Norwegians
  • recipes
  • Retired Loggers
  • superstitions
  • Swedish
  • White Americans
  • Personal Names :
  • Bangs, Richard
  • Boreen, Bessie
  • Boreen, William J.
  • Fjetland, Andrew
  • Fjetland, Marie
  • Hamrick, Ruth
  • Layton, Harry
  • Mack, Edna
  • Rice, Augusta (Gussie)
  • Schoonover, Ernie
  • Wallace, Ray L.
  • Geographical Names :
  • California
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • Norway
  • South Carolina
  • Sweden
  • Washington (State)
  • West Virginia
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Fieldwork project