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Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Whitman College Archives Walla Walla Vertical Files Collection
approximately 1900-2005 (inclusive)
22.75 linear feet, (14 filing cabinet drawers)
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The Whitman College Archives Walla Walla Vertical Files Collection contains subject files pertaining to the history of Walla Walla.
Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Penrose Library, Room 130
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA
Telephone: 509-527-5922
Fax: 509-526-4785
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The Whitman College and Northwest Archives has maintained a vertical file since at least the 1960s. From the beginning, the purpose of the vertical file was to arrange and store small files on a topic, often including memorabilia and ephemeral material, pertaining to Walla Walla. For the most part, the vertical file contains only printed items. Manuscript material and other unique items were, generally, not placed in the vertical file. Some of the materials in the vertical file include: newspaper clippings, press releases, programs, speeches, reprints, and obituaries. Since the early 2000s, material has not been regularly added to the collection, but staff do occassionaly add small additions.

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The Whitman College Archives Walla Walla Vertical Files collection contains subject files organized alphabetically by topic. Materials within include fliers, brochures, posters, publications, newspaper clippings, informational packets, reports, and biographical information on events, buildings and topics related to Walla Walla.

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Agriculture: Agricultural Conservation Program, WW County, 1950, 1960, 26 page booklet
Agriculture: Agricultural Conservation Program, WW County, 1951. 20 page document addressing county conservation program.
Agriculture: Developments, technological advances
Agriculture: herbs
Agriculture: Machinery and equipment
Agriculture: trees
Agriculture: issues
Agriculture: Chamber of Commerce Agricultural committee
Agriculture: education
Agriculture: publications
Agriculture: maps, facts, and figures
Agriculture: Dairy
Agriculture: Agriculture Walla Walla County
Agriculture: Seed Catalog collection for U.S., WW, and Milton-Freewater.
Agriculture: Planting guides: gardening, 1883, 1943
Agriculture: Walla Walla County agriculture conservation program
Agriculture: Walla Walla County Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS)
Agriculture: Walla Walla Grain Growers, Inc. Restated By-Laws and Amended Articles of Incorporation, Pamphlet published January 1984
Agriculture: Walla Walla Farmers Co-Op, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, May 9, 1955
Agriculture: misc/general
Agriculture: crops: alfalfa, hay and seed 1980
Agriculture: crop: apple
Agriculture: asparagus
Agriculture: Asparagus
Agriculture: crop reports
Agriculture: farmer's market
Agriculture: farmers strike
Agriculture: foods
Agriculture: fruit orchards, vineyards
Agriculture: fruit and vegetables
Agriculture: Gran (2 files)
Agriculture: Wheat (2 files)
Agriculture: walla walla "horse era"
Agriculture: Horses, Horse clubs, '59ers, Posses (2 files)
Agriculture: livestock
Agriculture: Marygolds
Agriculture: onions
Agriculture: peas, beans, minor crops
Agriculture: people: farmers, inspectors, awards given to
Agriculture: Pesticides, pest control: DDT controversy
Agriculture: poultry
Agriculture: subsidies to farmers
Agriculture: Walla Walla Gardener's Association
Agriculture: winery
Agriculture: labor camps
Airport: aviation
Airport: "flying news" publication 1929
Airport: Program: World's Champion Air Show 1932 (Check the dates! This is most likely the one donated by Jerry Cundiff, Jr., 1991. )
Airport: Sky Chief Airline Schedules. October 1, 1949 (Shows departure/arrival times for Walla Walla, fares, one way or round trip and destination)
Airport: walla walla airport
Airport: air base at the airport
Antiques: General
Archaeology: General
Archaeology: Archaeology Society
Architecture: Builders of Washington
Architecture: Walla Walla architecture
Architecture: sister city New South Wales
Arts: Museums
Arts: Porter Garnett, "A Pageant of May" script, performed in WW May 22, 23 1914, sponsored by Woman's Park Club
Arts: Programs: WW Artists' Bureau
Arts: Players Club of Walla Walla Program. Three One-Act plays WW High School Auditorium , December 3, 1926
Arts: Program: Ted Shawn and His Male Dancers programs, clippings, info
Arts: Woman's Park Club May Festival programs, librettos: music, organization. 1915, 1916, 1917
Arts: Player's Club scrapbook 1920s, Walla Walla Theater
Arts: Walla Walla Baroque. Flyers
Arts: General (2 files)
Arts: artists
Arts: artists, art exhibits, art galleries
Arts: arts
Arts: art exhibits, etc.
Arts: carpentry, woodworking, marquetry
Arts: dance, ballet
Arts: literature, peotry, storytelling
Arts: misc/general
Arts: music, concerts, musicians 1979
Arts: Hampson, Thomas
Arts: Walla Walla Foundry
Arts: music in Walla Walla
Arts: the Shepherd's Staff
Arts: Walla Walla Valley Youth Chorous
Arts: painting, etching, engravings, prints, photography
Arts: Summer Dance Lab
Arts: sculpture, pottery
Arts: theatres - misc/general
Arts: Columbine players - summer theatre
Arts: Theatres - Walla Walla Little Theatre
Arts: Little Theatre
Arts: Walla Walla Jazz Society
Arts: Theatre (2 files)
Arts: Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival
Arts: Drama materials
Arts: Blanchet, F. N.
Businesses/Buildings: Booklet: "Book of Toasts," compiled by R.H. Keene, compliments of The Fountain Saloon, A. Schwarz, proprietor, Walla Walla (1 booklet, with ads from WW businesses)
Businesses/Buildings: Stine House itemized 1890 inventory (copy)
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Canning Inst.
Businesses/Buildings: Photograph: Walla Walla Telephone Bldg.
Businesses/Buildings: Ritz Nursery 30th Annual Catalogue
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Creamery and Cheese Factory monthly statement, June 1903
Businesses/Buildings: Arbini Farms
Businesses/Buildings: Army Corps of Engineers
Businesses/Buildings: misc/general
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Production Credit Association. 20th Anniversary Report 1953 (20th Anniversary Report)
Businesses/Buildings: businesses - general (3 folders)
Businesses/Buildings: Businesses - Billheads 1930's
Businesses/Buildings: businesses 1978
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla businesses
Businesses/Buildings: AAA
Businesses/Buildings: Abajian
Businesses/Buildings: Audubon Society
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla businesses 1979
Businesses/Buildings: Backstage Bistro
Businesses/Buildings: Bee Hive
Businesses/Buildings: Beehive salon
Businesses/Buildings: Building Permits
Businesses/Buildings: Blue Mt. Mall
Businesses/Buildings: Bon Ton Restaurant
Businesses/Buildings: Bon Marche
Businesses/Buildings: Book Nook Drugs
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Brewing Co. Certificate
Businesses/Buildings: Britt's Store
Businesses/Buildings: Ben Greco and Sons Tailors
Businesses/Buildings: Ben Hunt manufacturing co.
Businesses/Buildings: Barrett Building
Businesses/Buildings: Best Western Suites Inn
Businesses/Buildings: Bennington Apartment (Mulkey)
Businesses/Buildings: Big 5 Sporting Goods
Businesses/Buildings: Blue Mt. Industry
Businesses/Buildings: Boise Cascade
Businesses/Buildings: Bookery
Businesses/Buildings: book store
Businesses/Buildings: Bowers' Gourmets
Businesses/Buildings: Breier Building
Businesses/Buildings: Burnett, Malen School of Music
Businesses/Buildings: Capitol Theatre
Businesses/Buildings: Canneries
Businesses/Buildings: Cinderella Shoe Shine Stand
Businesses/Buildings: Closing of Businesses
Businesses/Buildings: Coffey Communications
Businesses/Buildings: Copelaud
Businesses/Buildings: Country Club
Businesses/Buildings: Croft's Flowers
Businesses/Buildings: Davis Kaser
Businesses/Buildings: Vanderahe, William (creamery and cold storage)
Businesses/Buildings: Dements Best Flour
Businesses/Buildings: DeMoss store
Businesses/Buildings: Denny building
Businesses/Buildings: department stores
Businesses/Buildings: the deopt
Businesses/Buildings: destruction of buildings
Businesses/Buildings: DeWitt Ambulance Service
Businesses/Buildings: Drumheller Co.
Businesses/Buildings: Duff's Dairy Store
Businesses/Buildings: Eastwind Martial Arts Association
Businesses/Buildings: Economy Drug Store
Businesses/Buildings: Edgewater Pavilion
Businesses/Buildings: Elks
Businesses/Buildings: Ernst Home Center
Businesses/Buildings: Exchange Building
Businesses/Buildings: Falkenbergs
Businesses/Buildings: Farmer's general Trading co
Businesses/Buildings: Fire Station
Businesses/Buildings: Flower Mill
Businesses/Buildings: Frontier Machinery
Businesses/Buildings: full circle
Businesses/Buildings: foundation for the preservation of the Governor's Mansion
Businesses/Buildings: Georgia Pacific corp
Businesses/Buildings: goodwill industries
Businesses/Buildings: Grand central market
Businesses/Buildings: grand hotel
Businesses/Buildings: grocery stores
Businesses/Buildings: Green and Jackson (formerly Stewart Holmes Drug Store)
Businesses/Buildings: Harold Electric
Businesses/Buildings: Harris
Businesses/Buildings: Herman's sporting goods
Businesses/Buildings: Gus Lindberg Shoe Repair
Businesses/Buildings: Historic Preservation of Buildings
Businesses/Buildings: historic buildings
Businesses/Buildings: Holt
Businesses/Buildings: Homestead
Businesses/Buildings: Business invoices and letter head
Businesses/Buildings: Holly's Flowers
Businesses/Buildings: Jacobi's Jefferis Agency inc
Businesses/Buildings: Jensen Building (the bonmarche)
Businesses/Buildings: G. W. Jones' grocery store
Businesses/Buildings: jones scott co
Businesses/Buildings: k-mart
Businesses/Buildings: key technology
Businesses/Buildings: keylor grand theatre (2 folders)
Businesses/Buildings: Kirkman House
Businesses/Buildings: Lee Gee's Brick
Businesses/Buildings: Kirkwood Historic Ranch
Businesses/Buildings: legal, governmental
Businesses/Buildings: Leonetti's Resaurant
Businesses/Buildings: La Casita
Businesses/Buildings: Liberty Theatre
Businesses/Buildings: Little Ceasar's Pizza
Businesses/Buildings: logging industry
Businesses/Buildings: logos of Walla Walla
Businesses/Buildings: Loney's Harvest food
Businesses/Buildings: Louvre saloon
Businesses/Buildings: Ludwigs jewelry
Businesses/Buildings: Marcus Whitman Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Whitman Motor Inn
Businesses/Buildings: McBride building
Businesses/Buildings: Main Street Cycles
Businesses/Buildings: Martin Archery
Businesses/Buildings: Martin's Jewelers
Businesses/Buildings: McFeely Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Melody Muffler
Businesses/Buildings: The Midway
Businesses/Buildings: Model grocery
Businesses/Buildings: Montgomery Word co
Businesses/Buildings: Niemi, Hollaud and scott
Businesses/Buildings: Monroe Auto sales
Businesses/Buildings: Northwest Library Bindery
Businesses/Buildings: Odd Fellows
Businesses/Buildings: Oasis
Businesses/Buildings: Onion World
Businesses/Buildings: P. P. L. co
Businesses/Buildings: Paine Building
Businesses/Buildings: Park Plaza
Businesses/Buildings: Pantorium Cleaners
Businesses/Buildings: Pataha's Flour mill
Businesses/Buildings: Pay n' Pack
Businesses/Buildings: Pastime café
Businesses/Buildings: Paula Ray Gallery
Businesses/Buildings: Piggly Wiggly food store
Businesses/Buildings: Pioneer Brewing co
Businesses/Buildings: Pioneer Title co
Businesses/Buildings: Plaza Cinemas
Businesses/Buildings: Pony Soldier
Businesses/Buildings: Prescott Home
Businesses/Buildings: Private Utilities
Businesses/Buildings: Recycling (3 files)
Businesses/Buildings: Red Apple
Businesses/Buildings: Red Horse Ranch
Businesses/Buildings: Remodeled milling co
Businesses/Buildings: Rees Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Rees Winans building
Businesses/Buildings: Revenue office
Businesses/Buildings: Restaurants, eating establishments
Businesses/Buildings: Reynold's Day
Businesses/Buildings: Roxy Theatre
Businesses/Buildings: Stahl Opera House
Businesses/Buildings: Safeway
Businesses/Buildings: St. Paul Apartments
Businesses/Buildings: Sea Gallery
Businesses/Buildings: 72 messenger service
Businesses/Buildings: Salvation Army
Businesses/Buildings: Schwabacher Bros.
Businesses/Buildings: Schwartz Building
Businesses/Buildings: Sears
Businesses/Buildings: Sporleders
Businesses/Buildings: State Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Stencil Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Stine House Hotel
Businesses/Buildings: Straight Building
Businesses/Buildings: Star Laundry
Businesses/Buildings: Shady Lawn
Businesses/Buildings: St. Vincent dePaul Society
Businesses/Buildings: Strauser Manufacturing inc
Businesses/Buildings: Sunshine Chevrolet-Cadillac
Businesses/Buildings: Super 1 foods
Businesses/Buildings: Super 8 motel
Businesses/Buildings: Telephone Co building site
Businesses/Buildings: tino's café
Businesses/Buildings: Tomlinson
Businesses/Buildings: Treasure shop
Businesses/Buildings: Troy School
Businesses/Buildings: The Turf
Businesses/Buildings: Twin Peaks Error Coin Museum
Businesses/Buildings: U.S. West
Businesses/Buildings: U - Haul
Businesses/Buildings: Van Pelleu Lumber Co
Businesses/Buildings: Uptown music
Businesses/Buildings: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Businesses/Buildings: Waitsburg Mill
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Brewing Co
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Country Club
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Foundry
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Iron Works
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Motor Supply inc
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Produce Co
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Steam Laundry
Businesses/Buildings: Walmart
Businesses/Buildings: Watermill foods
Businesses/Buildings: Whitehouse Crawford
Businesses/Buildings: Canneries
Businesses/Buildings: Wine
Businesses/Buildings: Woolworth, F.W. Company flyer for annual Mid-Summer clearance sale, 1913
Businesses/Buildings: Yocum-Peterson Inc.bills, etc. 1929-1930
Businesses/Buildings: Dahlen Brothers Auto Dealership, letter about
Businesses/Buildings: Empire Business College copy of large business card, WT
Businesses/Buildings: Ringhoffer Brothers letterhead
Businesses/Buildings: Philip Ritz business card, Washington Territory
Businesses/Buildings: Sherwood and Roberts Records. 1979 pamphlet
Businesses/Buildings: The Song Shop listing of music-Century's Edition
Businesses/Buildings: Stewart's French Dry Cleaners
Businesses/Buildings: Tracy and Company Express bill, 1861
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Electro Plating Works
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Gum Company correspondence with Knoxville, TN
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Meat and Cold Storage Company Records. pamphlet
Businesses/Buildings: Walla Walla Realty Association Association Records, 1909-1917. articles of incorporation, minutes
Businesses/Buildings: Weber's, Frank Sons Tannery copy of photo: business, image
Businesses/Buildings: W.C. Whitney, business card WW Home Nurseries: business
Businesses/Buildings: Malcolm McLean Grocery Company Records. 1908-1942 minute book; 1913 grocery price list; 2 folders
Businesses/Buildings: Grayson Maxwell closing out Jensen Art Department 1927
Businesses/Buildings: Pacific Power and Light gas meter rate 1911
Businesses/Buildings: Inland Empire Produce Company 1902 contract to erect "packing house and stables"
Businesses/Buildings: Hockett Drug Co
Businesses/Buildings: Grand Hotel banquet program, Business and Professional Women's clubs 1931
Businesses/Buildings: Copeland Building open house announcement
Businesses/Buildings: The Delta tobacco shop records, F.E. Stanfield proprietor
Businesses/Buildings: Book Nook 1915 article of agreement
Businesses/Buildings: Hotel Dacres Records. misc. papers
Celebrations and Events: St. Louis Hotel
Celebrations and Events: Foster Orchard Sprinkles Letterhead
Celebrations and Events: Fourth of July program 1895 (2 folders)
Celebrations and Events: Freedom Train programs, information 1948
Celebrations and Events: Carneigie Arts Center (4 folders)
Celebrations and Events: misc/general
Celebrations and Events: Bicentennial clippings and Fourth of July celebration map of Pioneer Park
Celebrations and Events: celebrations 1936
Celebrations and Events: Centennial observance of Stevens Treaty Council 1955
Census: Walla Walla Centennial 1959
Census: Centennial 1989
Census: Walla Walla census
Census: Census Bureau
Chamber of Commerce: Community Chest suggested articles of association
City Council: Parker Barrett report, president of WW Chamber of Commerce 1940
City Council: Softball Tournament Program of August 23-26, 1951 contains facts ( 1928-1951) about WW softball: Kitten Ball, Twilight League, and Rover Boys.
City Council: City Government 1862-1892
City Council: city-misc.
City Council: Education
City Council: misc/general
City Council: city 1979
City Council: city 1978
City Council: city of Walla Walla
City Council: Walla Walla
City Council: City Attorney
City Council: Area report
City Council: City of Walla Walla at your service
City Council: Bicentennial committee (3 folders)
City Council: City Board of Adjustment (7 folders)
City Council: Board of Commissioners
City Council: Budget cuts
City Council: Civil Service Commission (2 folders)
City Council: Community Congress
City Council: City Council 1980
City Council: City Council (7 folders)
City Council: City Council 1981
City Council: City - County Consolidation
City Council: Department of Communittee Development
City Council: Court district
City Council: Downtown Development
City Council: City Engineers
City Council: City Employees
City Council: City Expenses and Funds (2 folders)
City Council: Finance Director (2 folders)
City Council: Finances 1978-1979
City Council: Finances 1980-1981
City Council: City Government
City Council: City Hall
City Council: Department of Human Resources
City Council: Juvenile Department
City Council: City Manager
City Council: City Planning
City Council: Planning Commission (2 folders)
City Council: Property Tax
City Council: City Public Works Department
City Council: City Recreation Program
City Council: Sanitation Department
City Council: City Sign Code
City Council: Utilities (3 folders)
City Council: Utilities 1978-1979
City Council: Utilities 1980
City Council: Utilities 1981
City Council: Utilities 1983
City Council: Water Supply
City Jail: Hydro power hydroelectric projects
City Jail: Walla Walla, Illinois
Climate: Climate
Climate: Autumn
Climate: Fog, wind, dust storms, smog
Climate: rain, tornadoes, floods
Climate: Summer
Climate: Winter
Climate: Weather 1977
Climate: Weather 1978
Climate: Weather (4 folders)
Climate: Weather 1979
Climate: Weather 1996
Climate: Climate 1996
Climate: Climate 1997
Clubs: Blue Mountain Riders of Walla Walla. Purpose and By-Laws. Walla Walla women's riding club.
Clubs: Walla Walla 10 step club
Clubs: Commercial Club
Clubs: Walla Walla Commercial Club
Clubs: Walla Walla Yacht Club Inc. Records (3 folders)
Clubs: Exchange Club Sam Snead golfing exhibition program, 1980
Clubs: Walla Walla Wings Airshow club
Clubs: WW Dancing Club letter, 1922
Clubs: Evergreen Dancing Club reply card undated, Walla Walla
Clubs: Walla Walla Knife and Fork Club lRecords. list of members, Charter night program 1952-1953; program 1963-1964 (2 folders)
Clubs: City Club (photographs) c.1959
Conventions: Telephone
Conventions: TV and Radio
Conventions: Conventions at Walla Walla
Councils: misc/general
Councils: Citizens' Advisory Committee
Councils: Citizen's Committee
Councils: Community Congress
Councils: Communittee Service Council
Councils: Literacy Council
Councils: Valley Cultural Awareness Committee
County of Columbia: Blue Wood
County of Columbia: Columbia Basin Irrigation Project
County of Columbia: Christos Press Dayton
County of Columbia: Columbia County (8 folders)
County of Columbia: American Cancer Society
County of Columbia: Churches and religion
County of Columbia: Columbia County Commissioners (8 folders)
County of Columbia: Crime: Assault, Kidnapping, missing persons
County of Columbia: Expenses and funds
County of Columbia: Columbia County Fair (3 folders)
County of Columbia: Finances
County of Columbia: Mosquito Control District
County of Columbia: Columbia River
County of Columbia: Columbia School District (4 folders)
County of Columbia: Streets and Roads (2 folders)
County of Columbia: Superior Court 1980
County of Columbia: crops: grain, vegetables
County of Columbia: Dayton (15 folders)
County of Columbia: Robinson / Stahl Saddle Shop
County of Columbia: Dayton businesses
County of Columbia: Dayton Chamber of Commerce
County of Columbia: Dayton City Council (5 folders)
County of Columbia: Dayton Days
County of Columbia: Dayton Depot Corp
County of Columbia: Dayton Schools (5 folders)
County of Columbia: Fort Taylor
County of Columbia: Lyons Ferry
County of Columbia: Ports of Columbia, Umatilla
County of Columbia: Rivers
County of Columbia: Dayton Police Dept.
County of Columbia: Water, waterways
County of Columbia: Starbuck (8 folders)
County of Garfield: Tucannon
County of Garfield: Waitsburg
County of Garfield:
County of Garfield: Houser Flour Mill
County of Garfield: Garfield County
County of Garfield: Garfield Country Commissioners
County of Garfield: Telegraph
County of Garfield: Pataha
County of Garfield: Pomeroy Town (5 folders)
County of Garfield: Meteorite
County of Garfield: Garfield County
County of Garfield: History of Garfield County book
County of Umatilla: Adams (2 folders)
County of Umatilla: Agriculture
County of Umatilla: Town of Athena (13 folders): school district, city council,
County of Umatilla: churches
County of Umatilla: Pendleton Academy
County of Umatilla: Franzien Farmstead
County of Umatilla: Ferndale (6 folders): state line and aster show
County of Umatilla: State Line from Econimics Club Ferndale
County of Umatilla: Fruitvale
County of Umatilla: Heppner
County of Umatilla: Hot Lake Oregon
County of Umatilla: Meoeham
County of Umatilla: Milton - Freewater (24 folders): schools, planning commission, agriculture
County of Umatilla: American Red Cross and Cancer Society
County of Umatilla: Crime: Assault, Kidnapping, missing persons
County of Umatilla: watershed
County of Umatilla: Valley Herald
County of Umatilla: Pendleton (6 folders)
County of Umatilla: Stanfield
County of Umatilla: Tomastslikt Cultural Institute
County of Umatilla: Tum-A-Lum Community Education Program (4 folders)
County of Umatilla: Tollgate Oregon
County of Umatilla: Umapine Oregon (5 folders)
County of Umatilla: Umatilla County (20 folders): courts, commissioners, extension agents, sheriff's department, fire protection district
County of Umatilla: Umatilla Canning Co
County of Umatilla: Thomas Ruckel Road
County of Umatilla: Umatilla Gas Deopt
County of Umatilla: Umatilla Indian Reservation
County of Umatilla: Umatilla Indians
County of Umatilla: Umatilla River
County of Umatilla: Umatilla National Forest
County of Umatilla: Tollgate Area 1981
County of Umatilla: Weston (5 folders)
County of Walla Walla: Wild Horse Co
County of Walla Walla: Walla Walla River
Crime: crime misc.
Crime: crimes- general
Crime: assault, kidnapping 1980
Crime: assaults including rape
Crime: break-ins, disturbances, prowlers
Crime: break-ins
Crime: break-ins, burglaries, thefts
Crime: Crime check Committee
Crime: Forgery, fraud, gambling, counterterfeiting 1980
Crime: DWI
Crime: Murder
Crime: Murder, suicide, shooting, stabbing (2 folders)
Crime: Murder Trials
Crime: Murder Trial Crudup case
Crime: Murder Trial Messinger case
Crime: narcotics
Crime: Narcotics, drug, theft 1981
Crime: robberies
Crime: stabbings
Crime: theft
Crime: Juvenile Justice
Culture: Cultural activities
Culture: culture
Culture: Latino Culture
Day Care: Day Care centers
Day Care: Day care / preschool
Eastern Lillies: Earthquakes (2 folders)
Eastern Lillies: Emergency Services 911 Magazine
Eastern Lillies: Employment / Unemployment
Fairs: McFaden and Gorman 1903 WW County Fair Association 2 stock shares certificate
Fairs: S. E. W. articles
Fairs: Southeastern Washington Fairgrounds
Fairs: Fruit Fair
Fairs: Frontier Days
Fires: Walla Walla fires
Fires: fire districts
Fires: City Fire department (4 folders)
Fires: fires (2 folders)
Fires: Fires 1978-1979
Fires: Fires 1980
Fires: Fires 1990s
Fires: Floods Walla Walla area
Fires: Fire - Walla Walla country club
Fires: Fire Department
Fires: Parker Barrett 1901-1921 receipts and bills
Fires: Tax receipts of Walla Walla Co.
Fires: Tax receipt 1862
Fraternal Organizations: Records, receipts, other papers, 1869-1934.
Fraternal Organizations: Men and Religion Forward Movement Conference program Feb. 23, 1912 at Odd Fellows Temple.
Forestry Service: Forestry and related industry (2 folders)
Forestry Service: forestry service
Forestry Service: U.S. Forest Service
Fort Walla Walla: V. A. Hospital
Fort Walla Walla: Fort WW amphitheatre other than Trails West
Health Services: Alcohol
Health Services: Alcohol council and other groups (4 files)
Health Services: Alcoholism
Health Services: County Alcoholism administrative board
Health Services: City-county ambulance and paramedic (5 files)
Health Services: Blood donation
Health Services: American Cancer Society
Health Services: Clinics
Health Services: City-county health department
Health Services: misc/general
Health Services: Catholic Children and Family Service
Health Services: Child abuse and neglect
Health Services: food banks
Health Services: grief busters
Health Services: Heart Fund
Health Services: Health, Education, Welfare (HEW)
Health Services: Hospice
Health Services: Hospital
Health Services: Lillie Rice Center
Health Services: March of Dimes
Health Services: Meals on Wheels
Health Services: Mental Health Center
Health Services: Nursing homes
Health Services: Oddfellows
Health Services: Red Cross
Health Services: Salvation Army
Health Services: United Way
Health Services: Walla Walla Clinic
History: City of Walla Walla History
History: Walla Walla History- News Clippings and Publications
History: Walla Walla History (notes taken by Reynolds on reminiscenses of Clark)
History: Lawrence L. Dodd research
History: Blue Mountain Ramblings Vance Orchard
History: Blue Mountains (2 files)
History: misc/general
History: books, articles
History: businesses
History: Columbia High School at Two Rivers
History: Council Grove
History: Documents
History: Downtown Walla Walla and Main Street
History: History fairs
History: "Firsts in Walla Walla"
History: Fort Bennett
History: Gardena Community Club
History: Historical Sites of Walla Walla
History: Immigration/Immigrant Labor
History: Indians
History: Italian Heritage
History: Klicker Stories (written by Don Klicker)
History: Legends
History: Mining and the development of Walla Walla
History: Museums
History: Music
History: Naming / Name of Walla Walla
History: "On This Date"
History: People, personalities, personal narratives
History: Prostitution
History: "Remember When…"
History: "Remember" Vance Orchard
History: roads, trails
History: Russell Creek area
History: citizens committee
History: Sasauma Japan
History: Sister city (2 files)
History: sports
History: "Today's Little Journey"
History: Transportation
History: "Twice Told in Walla Walla"
History: Winters in Walla Walla
Homes: misc/general
Homes: Abbott House
Homes: Allen House
Homes: Anderson
Homes: Bleakney House
Homes: Board
Homes: Brown House
Homes: Bruce Mansion
Homes: Buttler House
Homes: Cabins
Homes: Cornwell
Homes: Coyle Homestead
Homes: Destruction of Homes
Homes: Doty's dream house
Homes: Drake House
Homes: Drumheller Home
Homes: Elliott House
Homes: George Evans House
Homes: Green Gables Inn
Homes: Hood Home
Homes: Hungate home
Homes: Isaac's Place
Homes: Kibler Home
Homes: Moore House
Homes: McCaw Housing Project
Homes: Nelms House
Homes: Odd Fellows Home
Homes: Ranson Clark Cabin
Homes: Real Estate Showcase
Homes: Rees
Homes: Rees Mansion Inn
Homes: J. H. Stahl House
Homes: P. H. Linkton Cabin
Homes: Retirement homes
Homes: Ritz House
Homes: Ed F. Seil House
Homes: Snyder HouseStahl Home
Homes: Stubblefield Home
Homes: Suttner Home
Homes: Waldheim Baumeister House
Homes: Ward House
Housing: Blue Mountain Boys' Ranch
Housing: Homeless Solutions (Walla Walla)
Housing: Housing in Walla Walla
Housing: House Serves for Handicaps
Housing: housing authorities
Housing: HUD
Housing: HUD and NHIP 1980\
Housing: Low - Income Housing
Housing: Housing Authority
Housing: labor camp
Human Interest: General
Human Interest: Leadership Walla Walla
Libraries: Walla Walla City Libraries
Malls: Blue Mt. Mall
Malls: Eastgate Mall
Malls: Mini Mall
Maps: Walla Walla 1961
Maps: Maps of city
Maps: McCool Catholic Cemetery
Mill Creek: watershed
Mill Creek: Mill Creek and Koos Koos Kie
National Guard
Newspapers: General
Newspapers: Union Bulletin
Newspapers: U.B. Athlete of the week
Newspapers: Walla Walla Statesman
Newspapers: Walla Walla Union
Northwest Miscellaneous: General
Northwest Miscellaneous: Walla Walla City Transportation
Northwest Miscellaneous: Indians
Northwest Miscellaneous: Fort Simcoe
Northwest Miscellaneous: Palouse Falls
Northwest Miscellaneous: Snake River
Northwest Miscellaneous: Walla Walla River
Northwest Miscellaneous: Wallula
Organizations: Walla Walla County Bar Association minute book 1902-1913
Organizations: Walla Walla Dental Society annual meeting photograph 1983
Organizations: Dentists Walla Walla group photo 1983
Organizations: Dentist Fee Schedule 1983
Organizations: Walla Walla County Bar Association Records. schedule of minimum fees
Organizations: Walla Walla Dentists' correspondence
Organizations: Downtown Walla Walla Foundation
Organizations: Civilian Conservation Corps Camp in WW Records. Photogrpahs, negatives, and articles
Organizations: Walla Walla Association for the Advancement of Science Records, 1878 booklet: articles of incorporation (Donated by Henrietta Baker Kennedy)
Organizations: Astronomical Station 1878 report (copy)
Organizations: Center for Sharing
Organizations: Organizations misc.
Organizations: Walla Walla Gardner's Association
Organizations: Municipal League of WW constitution, articles of incorporation 1894 (3 folders)
Organizations: misc/general
Organizations: Altrusa
Organizations: American Red Cross
Organizations: Audobon Society
Organizations: Blue Mountain Action Council (4 folders)
Organizations: Blue Mountain Area Foundation
Organizations: Blue Mountain Art Alliance
Organizations: Blue Moutain Boys Ranch
Organizations: Blue Mt. Comprehensive Health Planning Council
Organizations: Blue Mt. Riders
Organizations: Country Club
Organizations: Business Mens Services Bureau
Organizations: Camera Club
Organizations: Camp Farthest Out
Organizations: Camp Fire
Organizations: Center for sharing
Organizations: Children's Home Society (2 folders)
Organizations: Civil Air Patrol
Organizations: clubs: misc
Organizations: Christian Aid Center
Organizations: Lodges / clubs
Organizations: Communitee Connection
Organizations: Cyclamates
Organizations: Camp Wooten
Organizations: Coalition for Peace
Organizations: Eagles
Organizations: Esperanto Society
Organizations: Exchange Club
Organizations: 59'ers
Organizations: 4 - H (3 folders)
Organizations: Garden Club
Organizations: GOTR Campground
Organizations: Historical Architecture
Organizations: Horse Club
Organizations: Human Relations League
Organizations: Jaycees of Walla Walla
Organizations: Jesus People
Organizations: Kiwanis Club
Organizations: Knights of Columbus
Organizations: Main Street Foundation
Organizations: Masons
Organizations: Gay Ninety Revue
Organizations: Pythian Sisiters
Organizations: Rose Society
Organizations: Rotary Club
Organizations: Senior Citizens Center
Organizations: History Society
Organizations: Scouts
Organizations: Sierra Club
Organizations: Society of Emissaries
Organizations: Sweet Adelines
Organizations: United Way
Organizations: Teenagers
Organizations: Three Knights Chess Club
Organizations: Toastmasters
Organizations: Vancycle Ridge Wind Energy Project
Organizations: Veterans Org
Organizations: Country Club
Organizations: Camp of Gideons International
Organizations: Golf Club
Organizations: Washington Citizens for Fairness
Organizations: Women and Family Center
Organizations: Women's Gold Assoc
Organizations: Wheat Growers Assoc
Organizations: Bicentennial Celebration
Pageants: Miss Walla Walla Pageant
Pageants: Pioneer Pageant
Parks: misc / general (2 folders)
Parks: Walla Walla Parks (13 folders): Green park, Jefferson park, Rooks Park, Trailhead park, Umatilla National Forest, Wildwood Park, Pioneer park, Heriscape park ("Parks, misc. general") file contains Olmsted documents)
Parks: regional planning commission
Parks: Youth Enterprise Center
Parks: county park board (2 folders)
Parks: parks and recreation dept. (4 folders)
Parks: Walla Walla Trees Video
Parks: Fort Walla Walla
Parks: City parks and recreations dept.
People: Graham, Melvina
People: McKay, Mabelle Eastman
People: Estes Family
People: Meyer-Lucinger family
People: Arnold, James
People: Beeman, Rufus and Caroline
People: Babcock, Jonothan
People: Teel Family
People: Paine, Francis Warren
People: Burnap Family
People: Singleton Genealogy
People: Philip Adam Ruppert
People: Horace and Olive Hart
People: Caple Family Genealogy
People: Henry B. Day Family
People: Rosencrances by Ted Van Arsdol
People: Jason Coward Chastain and family
People: Walla Walla people (6 folders): appointments, honors bestowed upon, illegal aliens, medical personel, obituaries, working women
People: Russian Immigrants
People: Vietnam Refugee in Walla Walla
Police: city police (6 folders)
Politics: misc/general
Politics: 1941
Politics: 1972
Politics: 1977
Politics: 1978
Politics: 1979
Politics: 1981
Politics: 1982
Politics: 1984
Politics: 1985
Politics: 1986
Politics: 1987
Politics: 1994
Politics: 1995
Politics: Democrats (2 files)
Politics: Organizations and candidates before 1973
Politics: 1922 special election poll book
Politics: Protests
Politics: Republicans
Politics: Walla Walla County
Politics: Politics: misc/general
Politics: Politics election (10 folders)1941-1986
Politics: Protests
Politics: recycling
Politics: Special Election Poll Book. College Precinct. Walla Walla
Postal Service: Postal: misc/general
Postal Service: Postal: postmen postmasters
Postal Service: post offices
Rivers: General
Religion: 1981--Churches and Religion
Religion: Baha'I faith
Religion: Churches (2 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: Assumption Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Baker Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Berney Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Blue Ridge Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla School Board (5 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: Braden School
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla Business School
Schools, primary and secondary: College Place Schools 1980
Schools, primary and secondary: Scollege Place Schools (2 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: College Place School Board (2 fiels)
Schools, primary and secondary: Community School, inc.
Schools, primary and secondary: Desales High School
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla School District 1977
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla School District 1979
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla School District 1980
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla School District 1981
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Wall School District (4 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: Eastside School
Schools, primary and secondary: Edison Elementary School
Schools, primary and secondary: Ferndale School
Schools, primary and secondary: "Focus" newsletter
Schools, primary and secondary: Freewater School
Schools, primary and secondary: Fruitvale School
Schools, primary and secondary: Garrison Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Green Park Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: Grove School
Schools, primary and secondary: Intermediate district
Schools, primary and secondary: Jeffer School
Schools, primary and secondary: The Learning Place
Schools, primary and secondary: Levies
Schools, primary and secondary: Lewis and Clark High School
Schools, primary and secondary: Liberty Christian School
Schools, primary and secondary: Milton School
Schools, primary and secondary: Pain School (Lincoln)
Schools, primary and secondary: Pearson's Academy
Schools, primary and secondary: People
Schools, primary and secondary: Pettyjohn School
Schools, primary and secondary: Sharpstein Elementary
Schools, primary and secondary: St. Patrick's School
Schools, primary and secondary: St. Paul's School
Schools, primary and secondary: Superintendents
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla High School (5 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla High School Memorabilia
Schools, primary and secondary: Walla Walla Schools (2 files)
Schools, primary and secondary: Washington State Historical Schools
Schools, primary and secondary: Touchet School
Schools, primary and secondary: Umapine School
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College prior to 1973
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College 1978
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College 1979
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College 1980
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College 1981
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College--general
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla College--people
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College prior to 1973
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1975
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1976
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1977
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1978
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1979
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1980
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College 1981
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College general
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College budget
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College Classes
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College regional bicentennial confrence
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College theatre
Schools, post-secondary: Walla Walla Community College trustees
Senior Citizens: Oddfellows home
Senior Citizens: Senior Citizens: misc/general, programs, plans (6 folders)
Southeast Washignton Fair: General (4 folders)
Southeast Washignton Fair: Daughters of the American Revolution
Sports: Sports: misc/general, baseball, softball, bicycling, borleske stadium, fishing, hunting, football, fun runs, golf, skiing, soccer, Veterans Memorial Athletic Complex (11 folders)
Streets: names of
Streets: City streets, roads, and bridges (3 folders)
Streets: Team Walla Walla
Streets: Road project
Transportation: General
Transportation: Civil Air Patrol of Walla Walla
Transportation: Airlines 1978 and 1979
Transportation: Airlines 1980
Transportation: Airlines (3 files)
Transportation: Airlines: Cascade, Hughes, Air West
Transportation: Airlines: West Coast
Transportation: Airport 1965-1970's
Transportation: Airports, Airplanes (2 files)
Transportation: City-County Airport (2 files)
Transportation: City-County Airport Board (2 files)
Transportation: Cars
Transportation: County Roads/Bridges, Engineers
Transportation: County Streets and Roads (2 files)
Transportation: Greyhound
Transportation: Highways (4 files)
Transportation: Mullan Road
Transportation: Public Transportation (2 files)
Transportation: Railways (2 files)
Transportation: Railway, OW and RandN
Transportation: Railway, Walla Walla Valley
Transportation: Roads, Bridges, Traffic Control
Transportation: Rods, Highways
Transportation: "Stagecoach Lines Through Walla Walla" by Joye Mott Lucas
Transportation: Stagecoach
Transportation: Valley Transit
Visitors: misc/general
Visitors: presidential visitors
Visitors: Tourism
Visitors: Vigilantes in WW, story is about the winter of 1864; Hangman's Tree. Singleton Homestead. Destroyed by fire. Vigilante. WW Union Bulletin, Aug. 30, 1921 (2 folders)
Wars: Walla Walla City European War 1914-18 narratives of Walla Walla citizens
Wars: Pearl Harbor Anniversary Rally program, Dec. 7, 1942, in Walla Walla: war, military
Wars: Information: 1855 Battle of WW (Frenchtown) article
Wars: WW1
Wars: Vietnam
Wars: Year in review
Water: Water system Walla Walla
Water: Environmental Impact Statement for Riovista Burbank Washington: Draft for the Phoenix Irrigation Project, Aug. 1974, Walla Walla Regional Planning Agency. for Walla Walla County area
Water: Walla Walla Water Department delinquent payment notice, 1920
Water: Walla Walla Water Works Records. bill, with company rules, 1886
Water: Walla Walla Water co.

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