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Sercombe, Laurel; University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Ragamala Festival 1983
12 items  :  OT-12 reels (7 1/2 ips, 1/2 tr. stereo, 7"); 12 WAV files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 6:48:35
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Recorded at the University of Washington, Kane Hall, 5/20/83, 5/21/83, 5/22/83.
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Ragamala is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that has brought the best in South Asian performing arts to the Puget Sound region since 1981. We seek to foster understanding and appreciation of these art forms through our activities. Ragamala is a community based volunteer group, whose members contribute annually to sustain the activities of the organization. Contributions come in the form of money, and equally significantly, in form of volunteer services which make Ragamala's activities feasible. Examples of such services rendered in the past have been: hosting and transporting visiting artists, their instruments and other equipment, providing instrumental or vocal accompaniment at concerts, providing professional services such as graphic design, publicity layout, audio-visual and recording assistance etc. Over the years, Ragamala has developed many links with partner organizations throughout our community, and throughout the US and Canada. Locally, our collaborations have included joint productions and presentations with the Ethnomusicology Program at the University of Washington, Town Hall Seattle, the Seattle Center, Seattle Art Museum, Pratidhwani, and Earshot Jazz. Ragamala has featured the work of visiting artists from abroad, as well as some performers who are resident in North America. Over the last quarter century, Ragamala has presented over 250 performances of high artistic quality, and has been the driving force behind several festivals, including its signature annual Utsav festival in the fall. We have been generously supported in the past by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Seattle Arts Commission, and the King County Arts Commission, as well as by gift-matching programs sponsored by the Boeing Company, Microsoft and various other corporations in our area. Sustaining memberships, however, continue to make up the bulk of our financial support. Ragamala's life blood continues to be its volunteer and member base. Today Ragamala maintains a membership base of about 150, and continues to draw sizeable audiences to its programs. Most importantly Ragamala continues to offer world class artistic experiences to its audiences at very low cost. We welcome you to join our family as we chart our artistic course into the 21st century!

-- https://ragamalaseattle.wordpress.com/

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Recorded by Kay Norton & Maddie Terada (5/20); Laurel Sercombe (5/21); Kalena Silva & Maddie Terada (5/22) with Nagra IVS, Neumann KM-83 mics.

Collection description: 83-25.1-4 (5/20 concert) - T.N. Seshagopalan/voice; S.D. Sridhar/violin; S. Raja Rao/mridangam; 83-25.5-9 (5/21 concert) - Ustad Imrat Khan/sitar, surbahar; Swapan Chaudhuri/tabla; 83-25.10-12 (5/22 concert) - Lakshmi Shankar/voice; Swapan Chaudhuri/tabla; Sharad Gadre/harmonium.


T.N. Seshagopalan (5/20) Tape 1 - Artist's introduction; Varnam: Kanada; Artist's introduction; Kriti: Hamsadvani; Tape 2 - Artist's introduction; Kriti: Bhairavi; Artist's introduction; Tape 3 - Artist's introduction; Ragam-Tanam (Pallavi) - Sankarabaranam; Artist's introduction; Pallavi; Tape 4 - Pallavi (cont.); Artist's introduction; Mangalam.

Imrat Khan (5/21) Tape 5 - Bageshree: alap, gat; Tape 6 - Bageshree: gat (cont.); Artist's introduction; Rageshree: alap, gat; announcement by Ramesh Gangolli; Tape 7 - Tuning; Artist's introduction; Tuning; Miyan Ki Malhar; Tape 8 - Tuning; Artist's introduction; Kalawati: alap, gat; Chandri Kedar: alap, gat; Artist's introduction; Chandri Kedar: gat; Tuning; Hansdhwani: alap, gat; Tape 9 - Hansdhwani: gat (cont.)

Lakshmi Shankar (5/22) Tape 10 - Artist's introduction; Madhuvanti: Khayal, (tabla enters), vilambit, drut; Tape 11 - Artist's introduction; Mishra Pilu: thumri, (tabla enters); Artist's introduction; Bhimpalasri: bhajan; Artist's introduction; Mishra Shivaranjani: bhajan; Tape 12 - Tuning; Darbari Kanada: bhajan, (tabla enters); Artist's introduction; Mishra Pahari: thumri, (tabla enters); Artist's introduction; Vaishnava: bhajan.

Related collection: see entry for video recording of 5/20 concert (including Khatak dance performance by Chitresh Das): AW1 India/83-42.1-2.

Tapes digitized 4/2016 (WAV, 48 kHz, 24-bit) - 83-25.1.wav (32:51), 83-25.2.wav (28:50), 83-25.3.wav (48:11), 83-25.4.wav (11:11), 83-25.5.wav (46:54), 83-25.6.wav (36:07), 83-25.7.wav (47:06), 83-25.8.wav (46:01), 83-25.9.wav (14:49), 83-25.10.wav (38:28), 83-25.11.wav (31:43), 83-25.12.wav (26:24) (Total = 6:48:35)

Documentation: Typed contents notes.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Classical Music, Hindustani
  • Classical Music--Carnatic
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Video recordings in ethnomusicology
  • Geographical Names :
  • India--Asia--South Asia
  • North India
  • Seattle (Wash.)
  • South India
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  • Video recordings
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Chaudhuri, Swapan (performer)
    • Gadre, Sharad (performer)
    • Khan, Imrat (performer)
    • Raja Rao, C. S., 1923- (performer)
    • Seshagopalan, T. N. (performer)
    • Shankar, Lakshmi, 1926-2013 (performer)
    • Sridhar, S. D. (performer)