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Burney, Cox, and Simpson families photographs collection
circa 1860-1925 (inclusive)
0.54 cubic feet , (164 photographs in 2 boxes)
Collection Number
Org. Lot 184
This collection includes portraits of the Burney, Cox, and Simpson families of Portland, Or. Family photographs range over four generations, circa 1860-1925, from early settlers and their families to their relatives in the eastern United States.
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William Thomas Burney (b. 1852) was the son of Morrison W. Burney and Nancy Brown Burney and brother of Sally Burney Cramer. He was educated at the common schools of Palmetto, Ga. and later studied law at the University of Virginia. He came to Oregon in November of 1878, where he practiced law and later was appointed Registrar of the United States Land Office at Oregon City, Or. in 1886, after which he operated a land office in Portland. On 1880 February 21, he married Alice Blandina Simpson (1861-1891), daughter of Gen. Benjamin Simpson and Nancy Cooper Simpson. They had five children: Lounora (died as a baby); Ben Simpson; Dora; Alladine, who married Arthur Wayland Wright and had one daughter, Nancy Burney Wright; and Nancy Katherine, who married Walter Glen Cox and had a son, Glen Cox, Jr. After Alice's death, William married her sister, Elanora "Nora" Simpson in August of 1895. They had one son, Tom.

General Benjamin Simpson (1816-1910) was the third out of the eleven children of William Simpson (1793-1858) and Mary "Polly" Kinsey Simpson (1797-1858). He and his second wife, Nancy Cooper Simpson (b. 1819) had ten children: Sylvester (b. 1844); Samuel L. (1845-1898), who married Fanny McFarlane; Louisa, who later married Roy Stowall; Dora (b. 1855), who married William Milton Killingsworth; Elanora (b. 1856), William Thomas Burney's second wife; Frank; William, who married Mary Dickenson and had two sons, Harold and Ben; Grover B. (b. 1858), who later married Alma Beasley and had two sons, Dudley (b. 1890) and Burney (b. 1892); Alice (1861-1891), William Thomas Burney's first wife; and Clarence (b. 1865).

Dora Simpson (b. 1855) married in 1875 William Milton Killingsworth (b. 1850), a Portland, Or. real estate developer who laid out the Walnut Park addition, established the city's first streetcar line, and was elected in 1905 to the Oregon state legislature. The couple had six children: Nancy (b. 1877); Fay (b. 1879); William Milton, Jr.(b. 1880); Alice, who later married C. L. Shorno; Louisa "Lou", who later married Harry Swart and had a daughter, Betty Lou Swart; and Flawnice, who later married Dell O'Holon.

Norris Remy Cox (1855-1925) was the son of William H. Cox and Adeline F. Sauvier Cox and brother of Alfred Cox. He married Lillie B. O'Neal, daughter of Thomas O'Neal, in 1879 and practiced as a dentist in the offices of Glenn & Cox, with Dr. John G. Glenn, in Portland, Or. Norris and Lillie had two children, Norris Roy Cox and Walter Glenn Cox. Walter later married Nancy Katherine Burney, daughter of William Thomas and Alice Blandina Simpson Burney, and had a son, Glen Cox Jr.

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This collection contains 164 portrait photographs in two boxes of various members of the related Burney, Cox, and Simpson families of Portland, Or., dating from circa 1860-1925. Included are studio portraits and informal snapshots from three to four generations of each family, as well as many friends of family members. Subjects include William Thomas Burney and his wives, Alice Blandina Simpson Burney and Elanora Simpson Burney, and their families; General Benjamin Simpson; Norris Remy Cox and his family; various members of the related Dolph, Killingsworth, and Wright families; U.S. senators Harry Lane and John Hipple Mitchell; and prominent Portland real estate developer William Milton Killingsworth, as well as many others. Also included are views of scenic locations in and around the Portland area, as well as views of family homes and the office of dentists John G. Glenn and Norris Remy Cox. The collection also contains family trees for each of the Burney, Simpson, and Cox families, as well as the Killingsworth family, that were created during the course of processing this collection.

Photographs in this collection were taken by Frank G. Abell, Joseph B. Buchtel, Corry A. Bushnell, and Joseph Thwaites, all of Portland, Or., as well as by many others. Includes cabinet cards, cartes de visite, cyanotypes, and one ambrotype.

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Burney, Cox, and Simpson Families Photographs Collection, Org Lot 184, Oregon Historical Society Research Library

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Series A:  Portraits, circa 1860-1925Return to Top

This series is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the subject.
Container(s) Description Dates
Alice Simpson Burney
Photographer unknown.
Copy photograph; original not in collection.
circa 1879-1880
Ben Simpson Burney
Taken by Joseph Thwaites and others.
Includes photograph of Ben with Nancy Katherine Burney Cox and William Thomas Burney.
circa 1885-1910
Elanora "Nora" Simpson Burney
Taken by Buchtel and Stolte (Portland, Or.), Francis A. Smith (Salem, Or.), D. B. Taylor & Co. (San Francisco, Ca.), and others.
Includes cartes de visite ands photo-postcards of Nora with Dora Simpson Killingsworth, Lou Simpson Stowal, Tom Morrison Burney, and William Thomas Burney.
circa 1865-1910
Lounora Burney
Taken by Denny H. Hendee (Portland, Or.).
circa 1882-1887
Nancy Brown Burney
Taken by C.W. Motes (Atlanta, Ga.).
Includes cabinet card of Nancy with Sally Burney Cramer and William Thomas Burney.
circa 1870-1881
Tom Morrison Burney with unidentified others
Photographer unknown.
Two photo-postcards.
circa 1910-1920
William Thomas Burney
Taken by Frank G. Abell (Portland, Or.) and others.
circa 1879-1910
Frederic B. Chandler
Photographer unknown.
circa 1898
Glen Jr. Cox
Taken by Davies Studio (Portland, Or.) and others.
circa 1905-1920
Lillie B. O'Neal Cox
Taken by Buchtel and Cardwells (Portland, Or.), Davidson Photo (Portland, Or.), and others.
Includes photograph of Lillie on the steps of her home in Seaview, Wash.
circa 1865-1925
Nancy Katherine Burney Cox
Taken by Joseph Thwaites (Portland, Or.) and H. S. Shuster (Astoria, Or.).
circa 1885-1891
Norris Remy Cox
Taken by Davies Studio (Portland, Or.) and Davidson Bros. (Portland, Or.).
circa 1884-1890
Norris Roy Cox
Taken by Davies Studio (Portland, Or.)
circa 1886-1887
Walter Glenn Cox
Taken by Isaac Davidson, Towne, Davies Studio (Portland, Or.) and others.
Includes snapshot photograph of Walter with a group of boys at the Boys Department of the YMCA in New York, N.Y. and also with Nancy Katherine Burney Cox.
circa 1884-1910
Billy and Katherine Dolph
Taken by E. Martin Webb.
Photograph includes their children, Jane and Cyrus Dolph.
circa 1920s
Cyrus A. Dolph and wife
Taken by Davies (Portland, Or.), Corry A. Bushnell (Portland, Or.), C. Elmore Grove (Portland, Or.), and others.
circa 1893-1925
Hazel Dolph
Taken by Aune Studio (Portland, Or.).
circa 1900-1920
Dr. John Dorning
Taken by Dana Portraits (New York City, N.Y.).
circa 1892
Dr. John G. Glenn
Taken by Davidson and Bros. (Portland, Or.).
circa 1880-1884
Julius A. Goerdeler
Taken by Vetter Studio (New York City, N.Y.) and others.
circa 1900-1920
Backus and Lavina Henry and family
Taken by Vetter Studio (New York City, N.Y.) and others.
Copy photographs of daguerreotypes or ambrotypes. Parents of Mary Lavinia Henry Glenn, wife of Dr. John G. Glenn.
circa 1860s
Else Hubert
Photographer unknown.
Taken in Kirkland, Wash. with a friend identified as "B. T."
Dora Simpson Killingsworth
Taken by Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.) and Trover Cronise Studio (Salem, Or.).
circa 1900-1923
Fay Killingsworth
Taken by Owen Spencer Burns (Portland, Or.) and Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.)
circa 1896-1910
Flawnice Killingsworth
Taken by Owen Spencer Burns (Portland, Or.) and Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.).
Includes photograph of Flawnice with sister, Louisa Killingsworth Swart.
circa 1896-1910
Nancy Killingsworth
Taken by Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.) and unidentified photographer.
circa 1892-1910
William Milton Killingsworth
Taken by Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.).
circa 1900-1910
William Milton Killingsworth, Jr.
Taken by Isaac Grundy Davidson (Portland, Or.) and unidentified photographer.
Includes cabinet card of William with his sister, Alice Killingsworth Shorna.
circa 1881-1910
Jack Knight
Taken by White (New York City, N.Y.).
circa 1885-1900
Harry Lane
Taken by Abell and Son Inc. (Portland, Or.). Mayor of Portland, 1905-1909.
Served as United States Senator from Oregon (Democratic), 1918-1917.
circa 1884-1891
Hollister D. McGuire
Taken by Hayes and Hendee, Jr. (Portland, Or.).
circa 1889-1891
Kate McGuire
Taken by Hayes and Hendee, Jr. (Portland, Or.) and unidentified photographer.
circa 1889-1930
Dr. Stewart McGuire
Taken by Joseph Buchtel (Portland, Or.).
circa 1888
John Hipple Mitchell and wife
Taken by W. R .Hansen (Chicago, Ill.) and Jassett (Washington, D.C.).
John Hipple Mitchell served as United State Senator from Oregon (Republican), 1873-79, 1885-1897, and 1901-1905.
circa 1866-1900
Belle Louise Ogilbe
Taken by Frank G. Abell (Portland, Or.).
Thomas O'Neal
Photographer unknown.
circa 1880s
Aladine Scroggins
Photographer unknown.
circa 1890-1900
Alice Killingsworth Shorno in wedding dress
Photographer unknown.
circa 1900
Gen. Benjamin Simpson
Taken by C.W. Motes (Atlanta, Ga.) and unidentified photographer.
circa 1881-1910
Ben Simpson
Taken by E. E. Bertrand's Studio (Spokane Falls, Wa.).
circa 1889-1893
Clarence Simpson
Photographer unknown.
circa 1900-1910
Dudley and Burney Simpson
Taken by Finely (Chicago, Ill. And Godfrey, Ill.).
1900, ; 1903
Grover B. Simpson
Taken by Matzene (Chicago, Il.) and unidentified photographers.
circa 1890-1927
Harold Simpson
Taken by Joseph Thwaites (Portland, Or.).
circa 1886-1891
Nancy Cooper Simpson
Taken by Stratford.
circa 1870-1875
Samuel L. Simpson
Taken by Cutberth (Portland, Or.) and unidentified photographer.
circa 1875-1890
Sylvester Simpson
Taken by Abell and Son (Portland, Or.), F. M. Harkness (Portland, Or.), and an unidentified photographer.
Includes photograph of Sylvester with his wife, Fanny McFarlane Simpson.
circa 1884-1910
William Simpson
Taken by E. E. Bertrand's Studio (Spokane Falls, Wash.).
Cabinet card photograph of William with his wife, Mary Dickenson Simpson, and children, Ben and Harold Simpson.
circa 1889-1893
Arvilla McGuire Stolte
Taken by Benjamin A. Gifford and unidentified photographer.
circa 1883-1900
Louisa Simpson Stowall
Taken by Towne (Portland, Or.).
circa 1887
Roy Stowall
Taken by Davies (Portland, Or.).
circa 1893-1899
Betty Lou Swart
Taken by Corry A. Bushnell (Portland, Or.).
circa 1915-1925
Louisa Killingsworth Swart
Taken by Bushby and Co. (Portland, Or.) and Christopher Aerne Jr. (Portland, Or.).
circa 1890-1910
Alladine Burney Wright
Taken by Hemenway Photos (Los Angeles, Ca.), F. A. Webster (Oakland, Ca.), and unidentified photographers.
Includes damaged photographs.
circa 1900-1915
Nancy Burney Wright
Taken by Hemenway Photos (Los Angeles, Ca.), F. A. Webster (Oakland, Ca.), and unidentified photographers.
Photographs include Nancy as a child with William Thomas Burney, and Alladine Burney Wright.
circa 1912-1925
Unidentified individuals
2/10 contains an eighth-plate ambrotype in brass preserver of an unidentified child.
circa 1870-1920

Series B:  Views, 1867-circa 1892Return to Top

Series is arranged alphabetically by geographic name.
Container(s) Description Dates
Oregon City
Taken by Eaton (Portland, Or.) and others.
1867-circa 1890
Portland, Or.--General views
Photographers unknown.
Includes copy photograph of view of Front Street, originally taken in 1852.
Portland, Or.--Office of Glenn & Cox, Dental Surgeons
Taken by Davies (Portland, Or.).
circa 1892
Unidentified locations--Homes and landscapes
Photographers unknown.

Series C:  Family treesReturn to Top

Container(s): Box-folder 2/16

Series contains family trees for the Burney, Cox, Killingsworth and Simpson families that were created and collected while this collection was being processed.

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

  • Subject Terms :
  • Dentists--Oregon--Portland--Photographs
  • Legislators--United States--Photographs
  • Mayors--Oregon--Portland--Photographs
  • Real estate developers--Oregon--Portland--Photographs
  • Personal Names :
  • Burney, Alice Blandina Simpson, 1861-1891--Photographs
  • Burney, Elanora Simpson, b. 1856--Photographs
  • Burney, William Thomas, b. 1852--Photographs
  • Cox, Norris Remy, 1855-1925--Photographs
  • Killingsworth, William Milton, b. 1850--Photographs
  • Lane, Harry, 1855-1917--Photographs
  • Mitchell, John H. (John Hipple), 1825-1905--Photographs
  • Simpson, Benjamin, 1816-1910--Photographs
  • Family Names :
  • Burney family--Photographs
  • Cox family--Photographs
  • Dolph family--Photographs
  • Killingsworth family--Photographs
  • Simpson family--Photographs
  • Wright family--Photographs
  • Geographical Names :
  • Portland (Or.)--Photographs
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Ambrotypes
  • Cabinet photographs
  • Cartes de visite
  • Cyanotypes
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • Abell, Frank G., d. 1910 (photographer)
    • Buchtel, Joseph B., 1830-1916 (photographer)
    • Bushnell, Corry A., d. 1941 (photographer)
    • Thwaites, Joseph (photographer)