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12x16 Gallery (Portland, Or.)
12x16 Gallery records
1997-2018 (inclusive)
2006-2018 (bulk)
3 linear feet, (4 boxes)
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The 12x16 Gallery records (bulk 2006-2018) feature promotional postcards and brochures, Myron Filene's photographs of the gallery, administration files, folders on specific artists, a scrapbook, employee log books, the gallery visitors' books, and an archived version of the website.
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In 2005 seven artists opened an art gallery in Portland, Oregon named 12x16 Gallery after its first location on 1216 SE Division Street. Its inaugural show consisted of a smattering of collages, photography, mixed media, and paintings from the seven founding artists: Cary Doucette, Eunice Parsons, Luke Dolkas, Maureen Herndon, Israel Hughes, Lee Ann Slawson and Edward Story. These individuals were friends, fans of one anothers' work, collectors, and exhibition organizers whose goals included promoting their own and each others' work while avoiding the tediousness associated with the art and business worlds.

The 12x16 Gallery continued for twelve years, hosting a number of shows each month and eventually expanding to a larger space in the historic southeast Portland district of Sellwood. It featured the works of its gallery members as well as artwork from guest artists from across the Pacific Northwest area. Known for reasonable prices, the gallery became a launching pad for young collectors and a space for local artists to help one another. 12x16 Gallery's last show was in December 2017.

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The 12x16 Gallery records cover the years 1997 through 2018 and feature promotional postcards and brochures, Myron Filene's documentary photographs of the gallery, and an archived version of the website. The collection contains the 12x16 Gallery's administrative files such as insurance and lease information, business registration forms, meeting notes, price lists, and artist statements from exhibitions. Also included are folders on specific artists, such as Cary Doucette, Serena Barton, Israel Hughes, Ray Keller, Beate Scheller, and others. The rest of the collection consists of a scrapbook with newspaper clippings and 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards and brochures, employee log books from December 2005 to December 2017, and the gallery visitors' books from December 2005 to December 2017.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1 Other promotional postcards and brochures
Includes promotional postcards and brochures from a variety of museums and artists.
1 2 Other promotional postcards and brochures continued
Includes promotional postcards and brochures from a variety of museums and artists as well as blank postcards from several locations in Europe such as Scotland, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam, etc.
1 3 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards and brochure
Includes five promotional postcards and one brochure. The brochure details Myron Filene's "Times Square: Cathedral and Choir" collection, featured at 12x16 Gallery in 2015.
1 4 Myron Filene photographs
Contains 31 photographs taken by Myron Filene for the 12x16 Gallery.
circa 2010-2015
1 5 Miscellaneous items
Includes two business cards, an "open" sign, two price lists for the artwork of Lee Ann Slawson and Israel Hughes, and two envelopes. The envelopes contain receipts: one is labelled "Slush Fund" and the other is labelled "Window Washing Receipts."
circa 2016-2017
1 6 Miscellaneous items in unlabeled folder
Includes a letter from the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Divison requesting a payment for 12x16 Gallery's annual report. The file also contains a card from Sara Ferguson; a price list of artwork from various artists including Eunice Parson, Beate Scheller, Kelly Saxton, etc.; a typed price list for Eunice Parson's "Sweet, Sweet Black - Black Suite" series from July 2013; and a "No Alcohol" sign.
1 7 Gallery business files
This file contains four folders. A folder titled "Forms-Blank" includes blank "Guest Artist Agreement" forms; a price list of paintings submitted to 12x16 Gallery, dated Janurary 25, 2017; a price list of Liz McDonald's artwork; and a price list for Kurtiss Lofstrom's "Septych" art series. The "12x16 Gallery" folder contains a gallery closing checklist, name labels, the name and contact information of artists for 2017, and two 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards. The "Gallery Layout" folder has a printed outline of the gallery. The "Rejection Ltrs" folder includes unaddressed 12x16 Gallery rejection letters. Lastly, the folder "Submission Guidelines" includes a printed version of the submission instructions found on the gallery's website.
1 8 Sellwood neighborhood gallery space business files
The file includes two folders. The "Sellwood Space" folder contains stapled pieces of paper titled "Various Instructions to Things," and papers from 2014, including a receipt and sign registration to the City of Portland's Bureau of Development Services and an inspection report from the Portland Fire and Rescue. The second folder is untitled and includes a printout of Portland's Alcohol and City Code as well as "Guidelines for Nonprofit Organizations and Special Events with Alcohol."
1 9 "Lease and LLC" file
Includes five signed "Net Lease" agreements from 2008-2016 and a letter from Lee and Dave Husk to the "Old Sellwood Square tenants." It also contains a printed confirmation of payment and receipt for a business registry renewal.
1 10 "Insurance and Sign License" file
Contains three sign registrations from 2009-2013 with the City of Portland's Bureau of Development Services. These include the the project information and details as well as the receipt for the sign permit.
1 11 Serena Barton
Includes a receipt for items purchased from Woodstock Hardware in 2017 and 2016 12x16 Gallery membership information with Serena Barton's contact information on the back page.
1 12 Carol Basch
Contains items related to the work of Carol Basch, including personal promotional postcards of Bash's artwork and 12x16 Gallery postcards featuring Basch and Raymond Keller. The folder also includes price lists of Bash's artwork, dating from 2011 to 2016; her artist statement for her show "New-Found Scapes and Shapes" in 2014; Bash's cover letter and resume to 12x16 Gallery; a submitted DVD; and her 2011 12x16 Gallery membership.
1 13 Cary Doucette
Includes a price list and artist statement from Cary Doucette's 2013 and 2015 showings at the 12x16 Gallery. The folder also contains personal cards, price lists, and 12x16 Gallery membership agreements with various artists; two copies of a newspaper clipping about the 2009 12x16 Gallery showing to honor Jerry Walker's artwork; portrait photographs of Eunice Parsons; 2015 meeting notes; and a copy of a description of and newspaper articles on Leonard Ruder's "Evidence of a Life's Work" at the Art Gym at Marylhurst University.
1 14 Israel Hughes
Includes promotional postcards of Israel Hughes, dating from 2009 to 2014; the price list of Hughes' artwork; and Hughes' artist statement. The file also contains two tourist maps; a DVD labelled "Collage Feb 08;" a list of artists' names and contact information; a dinner menu and confirmation for the 2009 12x16 Gallery open house and anniversary party; and a printout of writings on human divinity from robertcarron.com - "For Israel" is handwritten on the paper.
1 15 Ray Keller
Includes 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards featuring Ray Keller; postcards from other institutions promoting his artwork; a DVD; multiple copies of Keller's price lists from 2011, 2014, and 2015; and copies of his artist statement.
1 16 Beate Scheller files
Includes two folders. The first contains copies of the price list for "Beates Friends in Printmaking from around the Globe" and a November 2017 price list for works from guest artisits. The second folder contains the 2016 membership information form for Scheller, multiple copies of Scheller's artist statement, and the price list for Scheller's work from 2016.
1 17 Lee Ann Slawson
Includes 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards; price lists for Lee Ann Slawson's work from 2010 to 2015; her artist statement; a print copy of Slawson and John Schupp's show description from the 12x16 Gallery November 2012 exhibition; an Oregon mileage chart; and a crossword puzzle and pen.
1 18 Judy Wise
Includes Judy Wise' application DVD.
1 19 "Current and Previous Show Information" folder
An empty folder titled "Current and Previous Show Information: Pricelists, Artist Agreements, Sales Records."
circa 2006-2017
1 20 Cutting board and patterned paper
Contains a cutting board, cardboard, and patterned paper.
circa 2006-2017
1 21 "Previous Shows: Pricelists and Artist Statements" file
Includes the price lists of 12x16 Gallery exhibitions from 2007 to 2017, including some artist statements and printed copies of the artists' work.
1 22 "Completed/Previous Artist Agreements" files
Contains the price lists for artwork by guest artists from 2007 to 2017. It also includes a 12x16 Gallery guest artist consignment form that provides a list of the works of the artist and a folder labeled "Guest Artist Agreements" that includes copies of blank forms.
1 23 "Artist Statements" file
The folder is titled "Artist Statements" on the front and on the back, "Artist Agreement Forms." Contains promotional postcards; guest artist agreements; artist statements; printed copies of artists' works and their resume and/or cover letter; and comment sheets for members of 12x16 Gallery to assess the artists' work.
1 24 Artist reviews
Includes a folder titled "Old (Archive) Submission Forms" with dividers labeled "To Review" and "Comment Sheets." The folder contains price lists and lined paper dated 2015-2016 in which 12x16 Gallery members commented on the work of the artist, indicating "yes" or "no." The file also contains additional comment sheets, artists' resumes and cover letters, printed copies of their artwork, and price lists.
1 25 Information and notes on artists
Includes price lists, information, and personal notes concerning artists Rex Amos, John Stahl, and Maryann Fielder.
1 26 Meeting notes
Contains 12x16 Gallery members' meeting notes. Some are extensive, providing information on who attended and what was said during the meeting, while others are agendas for quarterly meetings. A few of the quarterly meeting agendas have notes and doodles. The agendas consist of financial reports, artist submissions, 12x16 Gallery lineup and schedule, etc.
1 27 Artist folders
Contains folders on artists Liz Cohn, Alan Rose, Maryann Fielder, and Sharon Wyda. The "Cohn, L." folder includes a payslip and multiple copies of a 12x16 Gallery exhibition description. The "Ross, A." folder includes multiple price lists; his artist statement; and a signed guest artist consignment agreement form with the name of the artwork, dimensions, and thumbnail attached. The "Fielder, M." folder contains promotional postcards, a "Selected Biography" of Fielder, and her artist statment. The "Sharon Wyda" folder includes a signed 2007 12x16 Gallery membership information form, a blank 2014 form, and her artist statement.
1 28 Gallery sales ledgers 2007-2017
1 29 Letter from Dave S. Husk
Includes a letter from Dave S. Husk to Cary Doucette. A photocopied check was removed. The correspondence indicates that the check was a return of Doucette's deposit and security fee. The letter goes on to apologize that the plan for space #7 didn't work out.
1 30 12x16 Gallery members meeting agenda
Includes 12x16 Gallery Members Meeting agenda for 11 March 2017 in multiple copies with handwritten notes and doodles. The file also contains registration forms, an amendment form for a new Assumed Business Name, an Ammendment to Annual Report form, and a copy of the Net Lease.
1 31 Calendars
Includes three calendars from 2006, 2011, and 2017. Inside the calendars are handwritten notes.
2006, 2011, 2017
1 32 "12x16 Inception" file
Includes planning notes on the start of 12x16 Gallery. It contains notes on the structure and timeline, a copy of the business license application form, price list and lineup of the 12x16 Gallery's inaugural show, and several handwritten notes and layout designs.
circa 2005-2006
1 33 "Old Gallery" file
Includes several handwritten notes on gallery meetings and a members meeting agenda from 25 May 2006. It also contains a list of artists, their work, price lists, and a 12x16 Gallery LLC artist agreement. There are handwritten and typed artist agreements and consignment forms for 12x16 Gallery exhibitions in 2006. Also included is a copy of Sheryl Funkhouser's resume.
1 34 Art books
Includes two art books. One is the Spring 2015 issue of Picture Sentence that features a poem by Frank O'Hara, an exhibition work by Diane Jacobs, artwork by Reuben Kadish, an essay by Sam Lohmann, poem by Anne Boyer, two poems by Laura LeHew, artwork by Ellen Ziegler, and reviews by Robert Tomlinson. The other book titled, "Objects Immobiles," is authored by Kerry Davis and features his still life photography.
2011, 2015
1 35 Items found in log notebooks
Includes a business card, a handwritten letter, a map of Portland's eastside arts district, and personal contact information for the 2017 12x16 Gallery exhibition artists.
2 1 12x16 scrapbook
Includes several newspaper clippings dating from the opening of 12x16 Gallery in 2006 to its closure in 2017. It also contains promotional postcards highlighting the works of local artists featured in the 12x16 Gallery.
2 2 Visitors' book
Contains visitors' contact information and comments regarding the gallery and featured artists.
2005 December 29 - 2007 February 3
2 3 Visitors' book
Contains visitors' contact information and comments regarding the gallery and featured artists.
2007 May - 2011 October 9
2 4 Visitors' book
Contains visitors' contact information and comments regarding the gallery and featured artists.
2011 October - 2017 December 15
3 1 12x16 Gallery promotional materials and Myron Filene photographs
Includes material found in a manila envelope for the Willamette University Pacific Northwest Archives collection. It contains 12x16 Gallery promotional postcards and brochures, a gallery copy of Richard Thompson's "New Landscapes - Horizons and Prairies" art book, It also includes an envelope with nine photos labeled "Myron Filene photos for 12x16."
circa 2010-2015
3 2 "J. Cline Pricelist" envelope
Contains an empty manila envelope labeled "J. Cline Pricelist." John Cline's artwork was featured in the August 2017 12x16 Gallery exhibition.
circa 2017
3 3 Gallery name labels
Includes large name labels and a bag of small name labels of 12x16 Gallery artists.
circa 2014-2017
4 1 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2005 December 29 - 2016 August 20
4 2 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2006 August 25 - 2007 September 16
4 3 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2007 September 21 - 2009 March 27
4 4 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2009 March 28 - 2009 October 9
4 5 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2009 October 9 - 2012 July 12
4 6 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2012 July 12 - 2015 January 8
4 7 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2015 January 22 - 2016 November 26
4 8 Log book
Inside there are handwritten notes and doodles.
2016 December 3 - 2017 December 17
 www.12x16gallery.com 2005-2017

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Artist-run galleries
  • Arts--Northwest, Pacific
  • Fine Arts
  • Personal Names :
  • Amos, Rex
  • Barton, Serena
  • Basch, Carol
  • Cohn, Liz
  • Colburn, Jon
  • Dodson, Betty
  • Dolkas, Luke
  • Doucette, Cary
  • Herndon, Maureen
  • Hughes, Israel
  • Hull, Bonnie
  • Parsons, Eunice
  • Slawson, Lee Ann
  • Stahl, John
  • Story, Edward (artist)
  • Thompson, Richard, 1945-
  • Widman, Harry, 1929-2014
  • Geographical Names :
  • Portland (Or.)
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Photographs
  • Postcards
  • printed ephemera