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Fife Folklore Archives.
Utah State University graduate student fieldwork collection
1984-2012 (inclusive)
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Folklore fieldwork projects collected by Utah State University students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for coursework in graduate folklore classes, primarily Folklore Fieldwork (1984 to present).
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The Utah State University Graduate Student Fieldwork Collection consists of USU graduate student fieldwork projects from 1984 to the present. The collection continues to grow.

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The Utah State University Student Fieldwork Collection: GRAD consists of approximately 200 projects collected by USU graduate students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for the Folklore Fieldwork course. Most items include title page, essay, cassette-taped oral interview, tape transcription, collector and informant release form(s), and some contain photographs and/or slides. The projects examine a wide variety of topics ranging from specific genres (like jokes, legends, and belief) to area interests (such as local and regional history, occupational folklore and history, and family folklore). Items are numbered by the year the student submitted the project to their instructor and the individual number of the item. For example, FOLK COLL 8a: GRAD 97-02, means that the item was submitted in 1997 and it is item 2 in that year. The items are stored in archival boxes. The materials do NOT circulate. Click for information on folklore collecting assignments for folklore classes, including examples.

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Utah State University Graduate Student Fieldwork collection, 1984-2012. (FOLK COLL 8: GRAD, box, no.). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s) Description
1 84/85-01: Diggs, Teddy The Mendon, Utah, Cemetery: A Study in Method and Theory
(Material Culture: Gravestones in Mendon, Utah) No Release Forms
1 86-01: Andrus, Maryanne Stewart Deseret Folk Pottery: Vessels of Function and Beauty
27 Slides and 2 photos
(Material Culture: Emma Mortenson Interview on Pottery, 8 slides of Emma Mortenson's Collection, 7 slides of Logan, Utah Daughters of Utah Pioneers Collection, 12 Slides of Brigham City Museum-Gallery Collection) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
1 86-02: Chapman, George D. A Comparison of Gravestone Art in Southeastern Massachusetts with that of Cache Valley [Northern], Utah
79 Slides
(Material Culture: Gravestones) No Release Forms
1 86-03: Pitcher, Joanne Hudson The Pumpkin Walk: Ida Beutler's Love for Halloween Turned Into a Folk Festival
(Custom: Halloween, photo of Ida Beutler, newspaper article from Herald Journal) No Release Forms
1 86-04: Simmons, Michael Doyla Nelson: Slides and Interview
9 Slides
(Material Culture: Wood Carvings) Release Forms Included
1 86-05: Stebbins, Dan Folk Art Project: Wheelwrights
18 Slides
(Material Culture: Wheelwrights) Release Forms Included
1 86-06: Summers, Reese Stone Houses: Project Removed
29 Slides
1 86-07: Thomas, Jeannie B. Pickup Trucks as a Vehicle for Group Aesthetic Expression
37 Slides
(Material Culture: Slides of Pickup Trucks) No Release Forms
1 87-01: Andrus, Maryanne Stewart Alternative Medicine for the LDS Woman
2 tapes
(Beliefs: Interview with Phyllis Andrus, Alternative Medicine by Herbalist for Back Paralysis During Pregnancy) Release Forms Included
1 87-02: Brown, Roberta Trick or Treat? 1987 Pumpkin Walk Interview with Ida Andrus Beutler
(Material Culture: Halloween, Interview with Ida Beutler Transcription) No Release Forms
1 87-03: Calvert, Tony Reminiscences of Scouting in Northern Utah
1 tape
(Interview with Wallace A. Parrish: Life as a Boy Scout and Scoutmaster) Release Forms Included
2 87-04: Carney, Todd F. The Folklore of G.I. Bill Induced Migration Out of Utah
(Interview with Durland B. Carney: WWII Veteran who Moved to California) Release Forms Included
2 87-05: Chapman, George D. Documentation of Old Section of Cemetery at Fish Haven, Idaho
51 Slides
(Material Culture: Gravestones) Release Forms Included
2 87-06: Daley, Jo Women as Caretakers
(Interview with May Christensen: Farm Work) Release Forms Included
2 87-07: Easterling, Patrick Artice Bird and Her Garden
1 tape
(Horticulture/History: Interview with Artice Bird) Release Forms Included
2 87-08: Heighway, David Photography as Folk Expression in Northern Utah
2 tapes
(Material Culture: Interviews with Artice Bird and Glenn Compton: Photography) Release Forms Included
2 87-09: Kay, Lonnie R. Celestial Herbs: A Study of Mormon Herbalists in a Contemporary Setting
3 tapes
(Interviews with Kerry Parkinson, Judy Peterson and Wilda Michael: Political Materials Pertaining to Study of Herbs: Discussion of Herbal Use and Religious Implications) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
3 87-10: LaRocco, Craig Written and Oral Enhancement of Mark Spence Bailey's Stories
4 tapes
(Interview with Aaron Leishman: Stories of Growing Up) Release Forms Included
3 87-11: Li, Li Variations of Chinese Traditions and Customs Among Chinese Americans in the United States
1 tape
(Customs: Interview with Brenda King-wah Chung and James Chung: Chinese Traditions and Customs in the United States Among Chinese Americans) Release Forms Included
3 87-12: Maughan, Kim K. The History of the James May Stone House
1 tape, 22 Slides
(Material Culture: Interview with Grant Nicholas and Muriel Nicholas: History of Stone House) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
3 87-13: Siporin, Ona From Cripple Creek to Here: An Interview with the Son of a Jewish Peddler
2 tapes
(Interview with Dr. Myron Porges: Family History) Release Forms Included
3 88-01: Andrus, Maryanne Utah Traditions from Quilter to Quilter
2 tapes
(Interviews with Wilda Thurston and Shari Hawkes: Quilting Traditions and Family History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
4 88-02: Boyes, Kate Oral History - Mendon and Surrounding Areas
2 tapes
(Interview with Stuart Hardman: Local History, Indian Interactions with Whites, and Martin Harris' Life) Release Forms Included
4 88-03: Brown, Roberta Mormon Women on the Issue of Birth Control and Family Planning
4 tapes
(Beliefs: Interviews with Karen Cannon, Richard Cannon, and Veara Fife: Pregnancy Lore, Birth Control, Family Planning, Sex Education on Television, Movies, and Public Schools) Release Forms Included
4 88-04: Brown, Timothy A Grunt's Experience in Vietnam
2 tapes
(Interview with 2425605 USMC: Ex-Marine Infantry Marine Who Served in Vietnam, 1968-1969) Release Forms Included
4 88-05: Cash, John Life in the Past Lane: Interviews with Two Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism
(Interviews with Bill Fanning and Kay M. Robinson: Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism) Release Forms Included
5 88-06: Christensen, Sandra O. Portrait of a Vietnam Veteran
2 tapes
(Interview with David Linkey: War Memories, Pilot Training) Release Forms Included
5 88-07: Christian, Barbara Holidays in Somalia: Ali Issa
1 tape
(Customs: Interview with Ali Issa: Different Holiday Customs in Somalia) Release Forms Included
5 88-08: Harry, Robert Cache Valley Gardening
3 tapes
(Plant Lore: Interviews with Arlene Griffin, Howard Larsen, and Ellis Taft: Gardening) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
5 88-09: Brown, Roberta Poetry on the Range: Original Poems by Dave Tingey
2 tapes
(Cowboy Poetry: Interview with Dave Tingey: 32 Original Poems) Release Forms Included
6 88-10: James, Rhett S. The Study of Play: Two Mormon Interviews
2 tapes
(Customs, Games: Interviews with Thelma Gubler James and Brooke Thais James: Mormon Tradition of Self-Made Entertainment and Play) Release Forms Included
6 88-11: McCoy, Chante' T. Vietnamese Folktales
2 tapes
(Folktales, Beliefs, Customs: Interview with Tho Nyugen: Folktales and Insights Into Beliefs and Customs) Release Forms Included
6 88-12: Vitale, Tim The Roots of the Environmental Movement in Cache Valley
2 tapes
(Interviews with Allen Stokes and M. J. Roberts: Roots of Environmental Movement in Cache Valley) Release Forms Included
6 88-13: Yoneda, Makiko A Japanese Woman in Ogden, Utah, Mrs. Aoki: Her Family Ties and Hospitality
2 tapes, 5 photos, 34 Slides
(Interview with Tuko Aoki: Family Ties and Hospitality) Release Forms Included
7 89-01: Pitcher, Joanne Hudson Big Springs to New Zealand: Reminiscences of Irene Burnett
2 tapes
(Interview with Irene Burnett: Childhood, Dating, Marriage, Spring Canyon, Big Springs) Release Forms Included
7 89-02: Christensen, Scott R. Life Experiences of Lorenzo Funk Hansen
(Interview with Lorenzo Hansen: Life in Fielding, Tramontane, and Logan, Utah, in 1920s-40s, Livestock Runs, "Barnstorming" in Cache Valley) Release Forms Included
7 89-03: Clarke, Jerrie Orcharding in Cache Valley
2 tapes
(Interview with Alma Clarke: Orchard work as a Child and Adult) Release Forms Included
7 89-04: Krieger, Karen L. Railroad Men and Precision Time in Northern Utah
1 tape
(Interview with Norman Frost: Work on the Union Pacific Railroad Out of Ogden, Utah) Release Forms Included
8 89-05: Renard, Genevieve Liliane Emery: A French Woman in Logan
3 tapes
(Interview with Liliane d'Ormano Emery: Memories of France and Corsica, Perception of the United States, Habits, Activities) Release Forms Included
8 89-07: Surihu A Native American Intertribal Powwow As I Observed
(Interviews with Dave Tingey, Mike Mansfield, Cordella Morris, and Christina Matsan: Powwow at USU Field House) Release Forms Included
8 89-08: Theis, Nicole A Moment in Time: The Life of Geri Leishman
(Interview with Geri Leishman: Personal History) Release Forms Included
8 90-01: Allman, Sharon Mangum Family Memories of the Life of Guy R. Mangum
(Interviews with Albert Lee Allman, Sherry Ann Allman, Susan L. Allman Hintze, Freeda Idella Chaffin Jergenson, Craig Lords, Katherine Lords, Ruth Mangum Lords, Scott D. Lords, Dell Moore Mangum, Lee A. Mangum, Lynn R. Mangum, Dora Mangum Smith: Memories of Guy R. Mangum) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
8 90-02: Amick, Henry Making Life Worthwhile: Myron Brenchley, Builder of Meaning in Life
Photos and 1 tape
(Material Culture: Interview with Myron Brenchley: Objects He Makes, Experiences and Meanings Behind Them) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
8 90-03: Archibald, Dot The Life of Art and the Art of Life
(Food Lore: Interview with Ann Friedli: Canning and Canning Recipes) Release Forms Included
8 90-04: Baker, Mark The Guilt of a Chickery Veteran and the Wonderments of a Small Town
8 90-05: Lewelling, Bob William O. Baker: Man of Vision
(Interview with William O. Baker: Personal History: Military, POW, Fire Fighter, Fire Chief, Incarceration in the Idaho State Penitentiary) Release Forms Included
8 90-07: Breaden, Ian Craig Biography -- Millie Olmstead
1 tape, 16 slides avaiable
(Material Culture: Interview with Millie Olmst Personal History, Focus on Quilting) Release Forms Included
9 90-09: Ellermeier, Brad Pioneer Stories of the Blaisdell Family
(Sketches of Lives of Patience Palmer and Veril Blaisdell) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
9 90-10: Godfrey, Lisa Pitcher My Grandmother's Dolls
(Material Culture: Dolls) Release Forms Included
9 90-11: Hatch, Annie Chianing Cha and Pa Ndau: The Art of Change
1 tape, 7 slides
(Interview with Chianing M. Cha: Escape from Laos and Pa Ndau Work) Release Forms Included
9 90-12: Hatch, Anne F. An Interview with Alta Fife
2 tapes
(Interview with Alta Fife: Fife's Fieldwork from 1940-60, Mormon Trail and Cowboy Songs, Bill Bailey) Release Forms Included
9 90-13: Sealed: Not to be Opened Until December 1, 2015
9 90-14: Hoyt, JoLynn H. "And Rest My Mind": Biography of Orvil W. and Lula H. Robinson
1 tape
(Interviews with Orvid and Lula Robinson: Gardening, Vegetable Gardening, Yard Landscaping) Release Forms Included
10 90-15: Jensen, Alan D. Bonna Lue Pack: A Biography
1 tape and photos
(Material Culture: Interview with Bonna Lue Pack: Quilting) Release Forms Included
10 90-16: Jenson, Dixie Interview with Seth Sparks: Manager of Logan City Cemetery
12 photographs and 2 tapes
(Interview with Seth Sparks: Cemetery Tales) Release Forms Included
10 90-18: Larsen, Annette Marcia Sorenson, Gardner and Folk Artist
1 tape and 23 photos
(Material Culture: Interview with Marcia Sorenson: Yard Art) Release Forms Included
10 90-19: Larsen, Annette How They Ask to a High School Dance
(Custom: Dating) Release Forms Included
10 90-20: Leyrer, Helen Quilting in the Life of Wilda Thurston
1 tape
(Material Culture: Interview with Wilda Thurston: Quilting) Release Forms Included
11 90-21: Leyrer, Helen Customs/Traditions, Indian, Polygamy Stories, Superstitions and Tall Tales
(Customs: Christmas, Marriage; Foodways: Walnut/Carrot Pudding; Legends; Superstitions) Release Forms Included
11 90-22: Tsai, Lin Mormon Legends -- Three Nephite Stories
(Legends: Three Nephite Stories) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
11 90-23: Love, Madelaine Jene Ward
1 tape, 11 slides avaiable
(Material Culture: Interview with Jene Ward: Wood Carving) Release Forms Included
11 90-24: Marsh, William D. The Clyde Marsh Collection of Ballads and Songs
(Folksongs: Ballads and Songs of Clyde Marsh) No Release Forms
11 90-25: Marshall, Shauna Marshall Family Foodlore
(Foodways: Recipes) Release Forms Included
11 90-26: McClelland, Bill Learning the Unexpected: From Ice Cream to the Maori
4 tapes
(Interviews with Casper W. Merrill and Roland Mortensen: WWI Veterans, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
11 90-27: McOmber, Richard Ghost Legends
(Legends) Release Forms Included
11 90-28: Niehaus, Heidi Artice Bird: Mendon's Mother Figure
1 tape
(Plant Lore: Interview with Artice Bird: Flowers, Trees, Garden Produce) Release Forms Included
12 90-29: Oksanen, Kaija "We Had a Really Good Time, and a Lot of Fun with the Language There": Mormon Missionary Experiences in Finland
3 tapes
(Interviews with Rebecca Spigarelli and Kristine Lusk: Experiences as Mormon Missionaries in Finland) Release Forms Included
12 90-30: Oksanen, Kaija "We Had a Lot of Fun with the Language There": Mormon Missionary Stories About Finland, Finns, and the Finnish Language
(Legends: Finnish) Release Forms Included
12 90-31: Pisano, Linda Kindred Biography: Zina Marriott
1 tape and CD duplicate
(Interview with Zina Marriott: Art Work, Quilting, Personal History) Release Forms Included
12 90-32: Reilly, Jane Temple Quilts of Cache Valley
Photos and Negatives
(Material Culture: Quilting) Release Forms Included
12 90-33: Repic, Steve Preston Brenchley: The Art of the Anvil
8 photos and 3 tapes
(Folk Art: Interview with Preston Brenchley: Personal History, 1908-1960: Blacksmithing) Release Forms Included
12 90-34: Rhees, Alan Nola Stauffer: Fabric Artisan
1 tape and photos
(Folk Art: Interview with Nola Stauffer: Life as a Fabric Artisan) Release Forms Included
13 90-35: Schmidt, Mary Kay Kristine Camp and "Marlene's Quilts": Family Ties That Bind
1 tape
(Interview with Kristine Camp: Personal Information: Technical Aspects of Making Quilts: Quilting as a Mormon Tradition) Release Forms Included
13 90-36: Thursby, Jacqueline Basque Women and Foodways in Southern Idaho
3 tapes
(Foodways: Interviews with Alicia A. Dredge and Cecilia Jouglard: Basque Cooking, Personal Experiences in Spain) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
13 90-37: Thursby, Jacqueline Tree Carvings by Basque Sheepherders in Caribou County, Idaho
16 photos, 21 slides, 1 tape
(Material Culture: Interviews with Cecilia Jouglard, Alicia Dredge, Jean Pierre Etcheverry, Henry Etcheverry, Louise Etcheverry: Tree Carving) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
13 90-38: Underwood, Lynn Ann Interview with Vivian Brindley: Cake Decorating as a Folk Art
1 tape
(Foodways: Interview with Vivian Brindley: Cake Decorating) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
13 90-39: Vileisis, Ann Viola Larsen: Biography of a Mendon Folk Artist
1 tape
(Material Culture: Interview with Viola Larsen: Quilting) Release Forms Included
14 90-40: Mao, Wu Two Mormon Women's Life Stories
(Interviews with Marilyn Bambrough and Geniel A. Pond: Personal Histories: Mormon) Release Forms Included
14 90-41: Mao, Wu Returned Missionary Lore
(Legends: Mormon) Release Forms Included
14 90-42: Thursby, Jacqueline Basque Recipes from Southern Idaho
(Foodways: Basque Recipes) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
14 90-43: Hatch, Anne A Family of Funerals
(Customs: Funerals) Release Forms Included
14 91-01: Dixen, Deon R. A Middle Class Urban Young Lady in Depression and Pre- Depression America
3 tapes
(Interview with Ruth Huber: Personal History) Release Forms Included
14 91-02: Dixon, Karen Clotilda and Henry: An Immigrants' Tale of Devastation of War and Prosperity That Followed
2 tapes
(Interview with Henry and Clotilda Smits: Personal History of WWI and WWII: Belgian Immigrants) Release Forms Included
15 91-03: Farah, Qali Skeikh Alik The Easter Celebration
3 tapes
(Custom: Interview with Susan Carkin: Easter) Release Forms Included
15 91-04: Lewelling, Bob William O. Baker: Man of Vision
(Interview with William O. Baker: Combat Soldier During WWII, POW in Germany, Incarceration in Idaho State Penitentiary) Release Forms Included
15 91-05: Love, Madelaine Mrs. Knori of Jackson Hole
2 tapes and photos
(Interview with Dail Knori: Homesteading of Price, Utah: Personal History) Release Forms Included
15 91-06: Niehaus, Heidi Remembrance of Yard Contents
2 tapes
(Plant Lore, Material Culture: Interviews with Artice C. Bird and Norma Linder: Trees, Flowers, Porch, Yard Work, Sidewalks) Release Forms Included
15 91-07: Rackley, Dorothy Practice Makes Perfect? The Art of Oral Interviews: A Case Study of Jewish Festivals and Tradition
2 tapes
(Customs: Interviews with Ben Zlotnick and Ona Siporin: Personal History, Growing Up in Jewish Household, Jewish Calendar of Festivals) Release Forms Included
16 91-08: Rasmussen, Cortney W. Grandma Bessie: An Interview with a Woman I Now Call Grandma
2 tapes
(Interview with Bessie T. Griffin: Childhood Experience in Clarkston, Utah) Release Forms Included
16 91-09: Reilly, Jane A. Cache County Women During the 1930's
(Interviews with Ivy Mary Hansen, Dora Hodges, Beth Nelson, Mildred Olmstead, Ileen Olsen, Joan Richardson, Ida Schaub, Sadie Sorenson, Kate Waterson, Celia Cronquist, Lucy Riggs and Mildred Younker: Personal Histories of Growing Up in Cache County, Utah) Release Forms Included
16 91-10: Repic, Steve The Farm Shop
3 tapes
(Interviews with Conrad Peterson, Doyle Waldron and Wallace Beutler: Farm Shops During WWII Era) Release Forms Included
16 91-11: Smith, Regan Recollections of a Cemetery-Keeping Mortician and His Wife
2 tapes and pamphlet
(Legends: Interviews with Richard Hal Passey, Gaye Holt Passey and Annette Passey: Cemetery Sexton, Supernatural Occurrences) Release Forms Included
17 91-12: Underwood, Lynn Clientele at "Dick's Barber Shop," and "Katie's Hair Corner," in Cache Valley
3 tapes
(Interviews with Dick Swainston and Kathy Turner) Release Forms Included
17 91-13: Wasielewski, Fran Buffalo Woman's Quest
2 tapes
(Interview with Katy Taylor: 3 Original Songs, Lakota Legends) Release Forms Included
17 91-14: Gray, Cathy A. A Sense of Place and a Sense of History - T. Dee Brown, Memorialist
2 tapes
(Interview with T. Dee Brown: Personal History, Stone- Cutting in Logan, Utah, Polygamy Story) Release Forms Included
17 92-01: Izak, Hail An Interview with the Coleman Family
2 tapes
(Interview with Merritt Coleman: Family History) Release Forms Included
18 92-02: Lewis, Paige From Germany with Love: Interviews on the Providence, Utah, Turkey-Sauerkraut Tradition
3 tapes
(Customs: Interviews with Kenneth Braegger, Jacob Fuhriman and Kathrina Leichti: Turkey-Sauerkraut Dinner in Providence, Utah) Release Forms Included
18 92-03: Rigby, Mike Stories Told by Glen Roylance and Basil Crane
2 tapes
(Interviews with Glen Roylance and Basil Crane: Legends) Release Forms Included
18 92-04: Twombly, Wells Early Baseball in Cache Valley, Utah
2 tapes and 5 photos
(Interviews with George Reese and Jane Bingham: Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
18 93-01: Bedingfield, John Stories Told by Seventh Graders in Cache Valley, Utah
2 tapes
(Interviews with Numerous Seventh Graders: Legends) Release Forms Included
18 93-02: Christensen, Connie Jacob Zollinger Family History
(Interview with Family Member of Jacob Zollinger Telling Stories of Him) Release Forms Included
19 93-03: Creager, Kathleen Grandpa Lund's Stories: Stories Told by Doyle S. Lund to His Children and Grandchildren
1 tape
(Legends: Interview with Doyle S. Lund) Release Forms Included
19 93-04: Forster, Romy Restaurant Folklore: Bill Oblock and the Grapevine Restaurant, Logan, UT 84321
1 tape
(Interview with Bill Oblock: Stories from the Restaurant Business) Release Forms Included
19 93-05: Gilbert, Virginia E. Home Remedies and Health Practices from Wellsville, Utah
3 tapes
(Beliefs: Interviews with Alta C. Brenchley, Alta M. Brenchley, Margaret and Ray Darley, and Frank B. Leishman) Release Forms Included
19 93-06: Hanson, Rebekka Dating Practices of Theater Majors at Utah State University
1 tape
(Customs: Dating) Release Forms Included
19 93-07: Hart, John M. Residents of Cache Valley Go Hunting
2 tapes
(Interviews with Max Thatcher and Ian Chase-Dunn: Stories of Hunting) Release Forms Included
20 93-08: Jeffery, Doni Lynne LDS Faith Promoting Stories from Provo, Utah
(Interviews with Duane E. Jeffery and Kaye W. Jeffery: Support and Revelation of Group and Individual Beliefs) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
20 93-09: Panter, Lori Island Park Ranchers' Grizzly Bear Encounters
1 tape
(Interviews with Bill Enget, Louise Enget and Kaye Orme: Grizzly Bear Stories) Release Forms Included
20 93-10: Rasmussen, Cort Gravemarkers, a Steppingstone of Culture: An Examination of Mormon Tombstones
(Material Culture: Gravestones) No Release Forms
20 93-11: Rigby, Mike Stones of Sanpete: An Analysis of Tombstones in Sanpete County, Utah
(Material Culture: Gravestones) No Release Forms
20 93-12: Round, Shaun Bradley World Regional Ghostlore
(Legends: Ghosts) Release Forms Included
20 93-13: Roybal, Linda C. Eleshuk Hispanic Voices
1 tape
(Folksongs: Hispanic) Release Forms Included
20 93-14: Ward, Betsy Wedding Showers: A Female Family Tradition
(Customs: Wedding Showers) Release Forms Included
20 93-15: Camp, Kristine 1917 Cache Valley Children's Clothing
(Material Culture: Interviews with Harriet and Aaron Leishman: Clothing) Release Forms Included
21 94-01: Baxter, Brandon Having Babies and Telling Stories
3 tapes
(Interviews with Dixie Baxter, Mae Cornwall, and Carolyn Carr: Experiences Giving Birth) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
21 94-02: Casavant, Michele Marie The LDS Church and an American Indian Woman
2 tapes
(Interview with LaRue Willie: Personal History) Release Forms Included
21 94-03: Donahue, Kelly A Cambodian History: Sopheap Leng's Journey to the United States
3 tapes
(Interview with Sopheap Leng: Experiences as a Refugee from Cambodia) Release Forms Included
21 94-04: Hearne, Joanna Looking Forward/Looking Back: Chianing Cha and Utah's Hmong Refugee Community
3 tapes
(Interview with Chianing Cha: Hmong Refugees in Ogden, Utah) Release Forms Included
21 94-05: Hughes, Jennifer L. Abandoning the Pastoral: How I Overcame Romantic Notions of Farming Folklore Through Interviews with Two Cache Valley Farmers
2 tapes
(Interviews with Grant and Jennie Larsen, and Alma and Lucille Zbinden: Personal History) Release Forms Included
22 94-06: Desmond, Nancy Veneta Leatham Nielsen: Poet and Teacher
2 tapes
(Interview with Veneta Leatham Nielsen: About Her Work) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
22 94-07: Russell, James The Sax Man: An Evening with Joe McQueen
2 tapes
(Interview with Joe McQueen: Personal History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
22 94-08: King, Rob Going Against the Grain: Three Men Talk About Their Experiences with Political Correctness
(Interviews with Bryan Sandoval and Kim Jaynes) Release Forms Included
22 94-09: Martinez, Tamara Diane Stories from the Life of Juanita Adelia Pando Martinez
3 tapes
(Interview with Adelia Pando Martinez: Personal History: Customs: Wedding, Holiday) Release Forms Included
22 94-10: Lower, Emily "A Sense of Community": Multicultural Dimensions in New Mexico and Utah
(Interview with Julia Bolden: Personal Stories) Release Forms Included
22 94-11: Karras, Marilyn L. "The Mystery of Kays Cross"
(Regional Folklore and Belief: Kaysville, UT; Questionnaires by local High School students Copies of newspaper clippings) Release Forms Included
22 94-12: Fleming, Vicki "A Study of Yard Art"
21 photographs
(Material culture; Regional Folklore: Cache Valley, UT and Ballard neighborhood, Seattle, WA) No Release Forms
22 95-01: Adams, Sarah E. Bernice Pope, Life in the Darlington Area
2 tapes
(Interview with Bernice Pope: Personal Early History: Darlington, Idaho: Customs: Chores, Schooling, Family, Church, Courtship) Release Forms Included
23 95-02: Bair, Allison Kinsey Interview with Babette Kass Miller Himler
(Interview with Babette Himler: Personal History) Release Forms Included
23 95-03: Barlow, Laurel A Sleeping Giant Awakens: An Oral History Examination of American Involvement During World War II
2 tapes
(Interviews with Viola Layton, Belle Clawson, Velma Barlow and Haven Barlow: Conditions During WWII) Release Forms Included
23 95-04: Butcher, Darold M. Memories of a Jewish Lady
1 tape
(Regional: Interviews with Lee and Howard Penberg: Personal Histories: Jewish) Release Forms Included
23 95-05: Cannon, Brenda The Surviving Spirit in One Jewish Immigrant
(Regional: Interview with Lillian Medress: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
23 95-06: Cheney, Brock Pete Pasqualli: A Study in Cultural Identity
3 tapes
(Regional: Interview with Pete Pasqualli, Jr.: Personal History and Stories: Italian Immigrant) Release Forms Included
23 95-07: Christensen, James An Interview with Marjorie Gordon: A Modern Jewish Woman
1 tape
(Regional: Interview with Marjorie Gordon: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-08: Coulbrooke, Ilena Starsun Living the Life: Memoirs of a Jewish Man
1 tape
(Regional: Interview with Philip Pomerantz: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-09: Dickman, Amylyn Questions in a Kosher Kitchen: An Interview with Shirley Fishman
(Regional: Interview with Shirley Fishman: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-10: Fulcher, Janette Interview with Etta Weiss: Jewish Optimism and Free Will
(Regional: Interview with Etta Weiss: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-11: Hamilton, Gabrielle M. A Conversation with Frances Sacks
(Regional: Interview with Frances Sacks: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-12: Hamilton, Suzanne A Jewish Woman: An Interview with Henrietta Miller
2 tapes
(Regional: Interview with Henrietta Miller: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-13: Harvey, Alison Mina Weiner: Comments of Jewish Life
(Regional: Interview with Mina Weiner: Jewish) Release Forms Included
24 95-14: Hirschi, Charlene LeRoy Hirschi: Idaho Blade Man
2 tapes
(Interview with LeRoy Hirschi: Personal Experience: Shepherding, Sheepshearing) Release Forms Included
24 95-15: Jacobs, Nicholas From a Village of Martyrs to a City of Saints: An Oral Account of the Maronite Church in Salt Lake City, Utah
2 tapes
(Interview with Edward Allam: History of Maronite Church) Release Forms Included
25 95-16: Kellogg, Heather M. An Interview with Cornel Wohlberg, My Grandfather
(Regional: Interview with Cornel Wohlberg: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
25 95-17: Kelly, Agnes An Interview with Miriam Cohn
(Interview with Miriam Cohn: Personal History) Release Forms Included
25 95-18: Larson, Rick The Kruchkoff Interview
1 tape
(Regional: Interviews with Dorothy and Boris Kruchkoff: Personal Histories: Jewish) Release Forms Included
25 95-19: Needham, John L. Dr. Irving Wassermann: A Man for All Peoples
1 tape
(Interview with Irving Wassermann: Personal History) Release Forms Included
25 95-20: Reeves, Troy Searching for Gold: Thoughts About the Eastern Idaho State Fair
5 tapes
(Custom: Interviews with Wynn and Sandi Beebe, Mona Hamilton, Ruth Hartkopf, Claude Johnson and Stephen Larsen: Eastern Idaho State Fair, Blackfoot, Idaho) Release Forms Included
25 95-21: Regan, Erin Kit Carson - A Living Legend
2 tapes
(Interview with Kit Carson: Personal History) Release Forms Included
26 95-22: Roybal, Linda C. Eleshuk Modern Woman, Ancient Faith or Kellogg's Low Fat Pop Tarts Aren't Kosher
2 tapes
(Interviews with Eleanor Adelman and Jeremy Adelman: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
26 95-23: Roybal, Linda C. Eleshuk Ogden's 25th Street: Gentility and Notoriety Remembered
3 tapes
(Interviews with Vince Tassone and Cliff Thompson: History of 25th Street in Ogden, Utah) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
26 95-24: Tardoni, Joanna M. A Jewish Psychologist: Hyman Israel
(Interview with Hyman Israel: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
26 95-25: Walker, Rosanna West The Life of Kayla Pomerantz: Analysis of an Oral Interview
2 tapes
(Interview with Kayla Pomerantz: Personal History: Jewish) Release Forms Included
26 95-26: Wellisch, Andrew Jewish Cultural Apparatus of Los Angeles (1945-1965)
(Interview with Mark and Barbara Wellisch: Personal Histories: Jewish) Release Forms Included
26 95-27: Young, Valerie The Demise of Dudley Fisher
1 tape
(Interview with David Fishman: Personal History) Release Forms Included
27 95-28: Poulsen, Kristel Edward Rose: Jewish Folklore
(Interview with Edward Rose: Personal History) Release Forms Included
27 95-29: Thielen, Daniel P. Ellis Varvilla Taft
2 tapes
(Interview with Ellis Taft: History of Father, Ellis Varvilla Taft) Release Forms Included
27 95-30: Christensen, Michael P. The Latter-Day Saloon: A Study of Bar Culture in a Mormon- Dominated Community
3 tapes
(Interviews with Scott Croft, Reid Meacham and Vernal Ferguson: Logan, Utah's Bar Culture) Release Forms Included
27 96-01: Adams, Sarah E. Rhonda Homer Hill: Childhood in Southeastern Idaho
1 tape
(Interview with Rhonda Homer Hill: Personal History) Release Forms Included
27 96-02: Adams, Sarah E. Cleone Smith Kinney: Childhood in Southeastern Idaho
1 tape
(Interview with Cleone Smith Kinney: Personal History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
27 96-03: Adams, Sarah E. Irene Larsen Smith
1 tape
(Interview with Irene Larsen Smith: Personal History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
28 96-04: Black, Michelle Women and the Community
3 tapes
(Interviews with Alyne Jessop, Karen Barlow, Tammy Jessop and Molly Barlow: Women's Role Influenced and Defined Through Community Relations) Release Forms Included
28 96-05: Brooks, Kristin Marie The Lives of Sisters Celine Downies and Catherine Kamphaus, Two Holy Cross Sisters
3 tapes
(Interviews with Sister Celine Downies and Sister Catherine Kamphaus: Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
28 96-06: Foust, Julia R. Homesteading in Montana: A Woman's Perspective
(Interview with Betty Ryder: Personal History) Release Forms Included
28 96-07: Gardner, Daniel Festivals of Bengal and Gujarat in India
(Custom: Interview with Davparna Roy: Hindu Festivals in the Indian States of Bengal and Gujarat) Release Forms Included
28 96-08: LaRocco, Craig B. The Dramatic Readings and Oral Stories of Levaun Zollinger
(Interview with Levaun Zollinger: Dramatic Readings, Most Humorous) Release Forms Included
28 96-09: Ridge, Sara The Land of the Midnight Sun: A Season of War - A Discussion of World War II in Norway
2 tapes
(Interview with Britt Wilde: World War II in Norway) Release Forms Included
29 96-10: Rushing, Rebecca Perspectives on Entertainment
2 tapes
(Interviews with Mae Wennergren and Jane Smith: Entertainment in North Logan, Utah, During Childhood) Release Forms Included
29 96-11: Smart, Elizabeth Growing Up in Grouse Creek: "It Wasn't Hard Work but It Kept Everyone Busy"
(Interviews with Alpha Ness Betteridge, Flora Eileen Ness Betteridge and Olive Betteridge Smart: Grouse Creek, Utah) Release Forms Included
29 96-12: Watts, Janette The Personalization of Death
2 tapes
(Interviews with Leonard Matthews and Cassie Madsen: Death Lore) Release Forms Included
29 96-13: Black, Michelle For Time and Eternity: Family Relations Entered Into Through Marriage in Colorado City
(Interviews with Eda Barlow, Karen Barlow, Esther Holm and Alyne Jessop: Text and Play) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
29 96-14: Black, Michelle The Influence of Gender and Hispanic Legends in Religion
(Interviews with Rudolfo Anaya, VerLayne Atkinson, Pilo and Rose Franco, and Ramon and Porfiria Guadiana: Legends) Release Forms Included
29 96-15: Fisher, Emily Progressivism, Patriarchy and Elitism: The Utah State Faculty Women's League, 1910-1990
3 tapes
(Interviews with Dr. Alison Comish-Thorne and Mrs. Shirley Cazier: Faculty Women's League at USU) Release Forms Included
30 96-16: Fleming, Victoria J. When I Was Born Stories: A Look at Birth Stories
(Interviews and Surveys with Different Informants: Stories Surrounding Births of Children) Release Forms Included
30 96-17: Hezel, Jennifer One Aspect of Occupational Folklore Discovered at the Cache Valley Hospice
2 tapes
(Interviews with Kaye Behm, Joyce Larson and Annabelle Phillips: Occupational Folklife Within the Cache Valley Hospice) Release Forms Included
30 96-18: Humpherys, Bryce The Virgin of Guadalupe
2 tapes
(Interviews with Several Informants on The Virgin of Guadalupe: Spanish and English Translations) Release Forms Included
30 96-19: Walker, Rosanna West "I'm Proud of Myself": A Chronicle of the Birth of a Child
(Interview with Anonymous Informant: Birth of a Child in Hospital After Previous Home Birth) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
30 97-01: Coulbrooke, Star Women's Mid-Life Baby Stories
2 tapes
(Interviews with Mary Ann Clark, Janet Rouse, Gail Hanson, Carol Jensen, Debbie Routwell, Dessa Beck: Experiences with Mid-Life Baby Stories) Release Forms Included
31 97-02: Godfrey, Matthew Generosity, Farming, and Family: The Life of Charlie Godfrey
4 tapes
(Interviews with Wendel Godfrey, Kenneth Godfrey and Don Godfrey: Life of Charlie Godfrey, Including Important Information About Farming and Recreation in Clarkston, Utah) Release Forms Included
31 97-03: Poff, Daniel Kevin Memories of Toponce, Idaho: A Collection of Interviews with Some of the Jensen Children
3 tapes and photos
(Interviews with Esther Jensen Wolfley, Denmark Jensen, and Joseph Winston Jensen: Growing Up in Toponce, Idaho) Release Forms Included
31 97-04: Staples, Joe Into the Woods: Personal Wilderness Experience Narrative
2 tapes
(Interview with Kerry Brinkeroff: Personal Wilderness Narratives) Release Forms Included
31 97-05: Vrooman, Patrick Camp Staff Culture: Boy Scout and Girl Scout Camps in Utah
4 tapes
(Interviews with Stephen Flammer, Leonard Hawkes and Greta Pettit: Camp Culture) Release Forms Included
32 97-06: Zambreno, Nora A Perspective on Life in Grouse Creek, Utah
Photos and 4 tapes
(Interview with Julie Tanner: Life in Rural, Isolated Community, Grouse Creek, Utah) Release Forms Included
32 98-01: Ashurst-McGee, Angela Drawing the Lines: Two Working Mormon Mothers
2 tapes
(Interviews with Sue and Lisa: Working Mormon Mothers: Structure and Balance Their Work and Family Roles) Release Forms Included: (in Archives)
32 98-02: Bennett, Sarah L. Speaking Bear: Hope for the Wild in Bear Tales from Western Wyoming
(Interview with Mike Wardell: Bear Experience) Release Forms Included
32 98-03: Cole, Rosemary Washburn Sugar Beet Farming in Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho
3 tapes
(Interviews with Stephen M. Bodily, Mildred P. Cole and Evan B. Hall: Sugar Beet Farmers with Emphasis on Migrant Laborers Brought Into Area) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
32 98-04: Hatcher, Steven Kemmerer Moon: Memories of Prohibition
2 tapes
(Interviews with Art Piz and Bruno Bonicelli: Experiences in Kemmerer and Diamondville, Wyoming During Prohibition) Release Forms Included
33 98-05: Morgan, Karen Briggs "Silver on the Sage": Thelma Monson Performs the Music of Her Life
3 tapes
(Interview with Thelma Thompson Jeppson Monson: Musical Background: Mandolin Songs) Release Forms Included
33 98-06: Young, Valerie Can I Still Go to Heaven If I Don't Quilt?: Quilting and a Sense of Place in the Bear River Valley in Northern Utah
2 tapes
(Interviews with LaRue Hansen and Melanie Capener: Quilting) Release Forms Included
33 98-07: Butcher, Corey Allen Bull Haulers: The Logical Successors to Cattle Drovers
3 tapes
(Interviews with Orlando Chacon, Boyd Lemon, Richard Thalmon and John Gibbs: Truck Driving Language) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
33 98-08: Parent, Robin A. Dancing with Creativity and Tradition at Logan High School
2 tapes
(Interviews with Several Informants: Dance Stories) Release Forms Included
33 98-09: Summers, Wynne Ranch Family Folklore at Antelope Island
2 tapes
(Interviews with Max Harwood, Ida Haskell and Gene Phipps: Oral Histories from Garr Ranch) Release Forms Included
34 98-10: Tamayama, Tomoyo A Sacred Moment of Births -- An Interview with a Midwife, Rosanna Walker
2 tapes
(Interview with Rosanna Walker: Experiences Being a Midwife) Release Forms Included
34 99-01: Arnljots, Anna-Maria S. Contemporary Narratives of Icelandic Fishermen
2 tapes
(Interviews with Skuli Einarsson and Birgir Bjorguinsson: Fishermen in Iceland) Release Forms Included
34 99-02: Hanna, Kathleen J. American Family, American Home: Stories of an Evolving Wellsville Home
4 tapes
(Interviews with Connie Leishman, Dora Burrell, Diane Wheeler, Charles Brown Smurthwaite: History of Log House in Wellsville, Utah) Release Forms Included
34 99-03: Hirschi, Charlene LeRoy Hirschi: Memories of Growing-Up in Geneva, Idaho (circa 1918-1935)
2 tapes
(Interview with LeRoy Hirschi: Personal History) Release Forms Included
35 99-04: Roubo, Kelly S. Chinese New Year Celebrations: A Taiwanese Woman Remembers Her Family's Traditions
2 tapes
(Interview with Ju-Liang Cheng: Traditions at the Lunar or Chinese New Year) Release Forms Included
35 99-06: Sellick, Rose M. Woolford -- A Home No More!
1 VHS tape
(Interview with Arlin L. Gines: Personal History) Release Forms Included
35 99-07: Voggesser, Garrit Fly-fishing Oral History Project
3 tapes
(Interviews with Addison Berry Manning III, James Robert Voggesser and Corwin Jeffrey Voggesser: Stories and Views on Fly-fishing) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
35 99-08: Dungan, Mark Interview with Junior Pugmire
4 tapes
(Interview with Junior Pugmire: Personal History) Release Forms Included
36 2000-01: Jeppesen, Dianna Perspectives on Polygamy from Mantua, Utah
1 tape
(Interviews with Lynn and Faye Halling, Eva Jeppsen, Dorothy Jeppsen and Ruth Nelson: Stories and Viewpoints Regarding Mormon Polygamy) Release Forms Included
36 2000-02: Lee, Jon Drinking Games: Something's Brewing at the Pub
2 tapes
(Interviews with Michael Donovan and Eric Nankervis: Drinking Games) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
36 2000-03: McNeill, Lynne S. The Cat Lady: Looking from the Inside Out and the Outside In at a Traditional Community Figure
2 tapes
(Interviews with Kelly Thompson, Jeannie Thomas and Kitty White: Cats in Folklore, Cat Lady in Community) Release Forms Included
36 2000-04: Miller, Sylva J. "Like Moses with a Five Inch Burning Staff": Slutting on the Utah State University Student Center Patio
1 tape
(Interviews with Darren Bertagnolli, Shanan Ballam and Kristin Leigh Clement: "Slutting on the Patio" Group) Release Forms Included
36 2000-05: Roubo, Kelly S. UFO Sighting Experiences: The Undiscovered Narrative
1 tape
(Interviews with Charles Cuthbertson and Barre Toelken: Unidentified Flying Object Sightings) Release Forms Included
36 2000-06: Rudd, Sarah M. Mexican Traditions and Customs in Logan, Utah: Breaking Piñatas at the Birthday Party of Eric Martinez
1 tape and photos
(Interview with Heriberto A. Martinez: Mexican Customs) Release Forms Included
37 2001-01: Buck, Holly Survival Strategies of Rural Women
2 tapes
(Interviews with Melba Leitenberger and Lena Swenson Anderson: Survival Strategies) Release Forms Included
37 2001-02: Duskin-Goede, Lisa Being Themselves in Old Age: Narratives in Collective Meaning
2 tapes
(Interviews with Pauling and Wells McBride: Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
37 2001-03: Irwin, Matthew K. First Person Vietnam: One American Veteran's Account of His Vietnam History
1 tape
(Interview with Robert Welsh: Personal History of Vietnam War) Release Forms Included
37 2001-04: Martin, Randy Folklore of Hispanic and Anglo Copper Miners in Bisbee, Arizona: 1930-1975
3 tapes
(Interviews with E. R. Martin, Baker Olmstead and John Palomino: Superstitions, Practical Jokes, Nicknames of Underground Miners) Release Forms Included
38 2001-05: Nielson, Patricia School Bus Songs
5 tapes
(Interviews with Several Informants: Singing on the School Bus) Release Forms Included
39 2002-01: Astle, Edward What is it Like to be Jewish in Today's World?
1 tape
(Interview with Samuel Kowal; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-02: Bartelson, Marnia Religion as a Culture
(Interview with Shirley Fishman; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-03: Braithwaite, William Jewish Folklore: Interview of Muriel Gold
1 tape
(Interview with Muriel Gold; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-04: Bundiman, Irwan Hadi Perspectives in Jewish Folklore
(Interview with Lester Quitney; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-05: Cho, Byeng-hee A Mini Story About Jews
(Interviews with Betty and Stanley Scott; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
39 2002-06: Clark, Katie Charity Never Faileth: Interview with Milton and Muriel Gross
1 tape
(Interview with Milton Gross; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-07: Costanza, Dominick Jewish Folklore Collecting Project
(Interviews with Virginia and Emory Green; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
39 2002-08: Dahle, Betsy Dodie Rose: A Non-Traditional Jew
(Interview with Dodie Rose; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
39 2002-09: Davis, Amanda "Only in America!"
(Interviews with Muriel and Milton Gross; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
39 2002-10: Dyreng, Charisse An Interview with Jewish Informants Robert and Alice Gurne
1 tape
(Interviews with Robert and Alice Gurne; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
40 2002-11: Earl, Rebecca Life in America
(Interview with Michael T. Field; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
40 2002-12: Ericson, Heather Norm Palmer Interview
(Interview with Norman Palmer; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
40 2002-13: Eubanks, Logan Glenda and Gerald Paige Interview
1 tape
(Interviews with Glenda and Gerald Paige; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
40 2002-14: Greenwood, Mary Ellen The Good, the Bad, and the Changing: The Utah Deer Hunt and Family Lore
2 tapes
(Interviews with Steven Greenwood and Sherman Douglas Greenwood; Personal Narratives: Hunting Lore) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
40 2002-15: Harvey, Elizabeth Demolition Derbies and White Trash BBQs: Popular Perception and the Construction of Ethnic Identity
3 tapes
(Interviews with Darin Young, Rob Chatterton, Damian Dayton, and Travis Babcock; Personal Narrative: Folk Behaviors) Release Forms Included
40 2002-16: Hasselbach, Lindsay Interview with Ruth Ann Sidford
3 tapes, 4 photos
(Interview with Ruth Ann Sidford: Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-17: Hayes, Toby G. Estelle Goldberg Interview
(Interview with Estelle Goldberg; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-18: Hoyt, Jared Perspectives in Jewish Folklore: Interview Project
(Interview with Norman Palmer; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-19: Hodgkinson, Jerry Jewish Folklore Interview
(Interview with Frank Fogelson; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-20: Hostman, Katie Jewish Folklore: Summer 2002
(Interview with Shirley and Samuel Blum; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-21: Iida, Yuiko Fieldwork Project
(Interview with Rose L. Parker; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
41 2002-22: Jaggi, Margaret Garr Searching for Susie
2 tapes
(Interviews with Mae T. Parry, Helen P. Timbimboo and Bruce Parry; Personal Narratives) No Release Forms Included
41 2002-23: James, Becky L. Jewish Folklore: The Life of Jerry and Glenda Paige
1 tape
(Interviews with Jerry and Glenda Paige; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
41 2002-24: Jolley, Shannon The Slumber Party: Rite of Passage
3 tapes
(Interviews with Laura Murphy and Kathryn Edwards; Personal Narratives: Customs: Slumber Parties) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
42 2002-25: Kelley, Rebecca Interview with Shirley and Ira Jaffe
1 tape
(Interviews with Shirley and Ira Jaffe; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
42 2002-26: King, Spencer The Life of Arthur Hertzfeld
(Interview with Arthur Hertzfeld; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
42 2002-27: Kinsel, Melissa Modern Jewish Life: Interview with Howard and Lee Penburg
1 tape
(Interview with Howard and Lee Penburg; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) Release Forms Included
42 2002-28: LeValley, Sarah Jewish Life Experiences
(Interview with Andrew Spett; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
42 2002-29: Liechty, Cammie Jewish Religion and Memoirs in the Life of Rudolph Gold
(Interview with Rudolph Gold; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
42 2002-30: Morris, Chad S. The History of Harvey Sherman
1 tape
(Interview with Harvey Sherman; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
42 2002-31: Napier, Jason Aurther Goldberg Interview
(Interview with Aurther Goldberg; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
43 2002-32: Newman, Tamera Folklore from the Children of Bothwell's First Settlers
5 tapes
(Interviews with Cleon Anderson, Delbert Firth, Farrell Summers; Personal Narratives; Regional Folklore: Bothwell, Utah) Release Forms Included
43 2002-33: Olsen, Todd Interview with Myra Singer
(Interview with Myra Singer; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
43 2002-34: Pedersen, Tammy Wisdom in Years
1 tape
(Interview with Jack Elias; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
43 2002-35: Peterson, Katie Keeping Traditions Through Generations
(Interviews with Revenn and Mel Edelstein; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal Histories) No Release Forms
43 2002-36: Sigg, Christian Interview with Marcia Fogelson
(Interview with Marcia Fogelson; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
43 2002-37: Smith, Brandon From Princess to Queen: The Story and Stories of Sevilan Kowal
(Interview with Sevilan Kowal; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
43 2002-38: Stiffler, Matthew Barbershopping in Utah: An Interview with Preston D. Evans
1 tape
(Interview with Preston D. Evans; Personal Narrative) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
44 2002-39: Stocking, Mark Interview of Berta Weiner
(Interview with Berta Weiner; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
44 2002-40: Tuttle, Sherrie Life History of Ed Rose
1 tape
(Interview with Ed Rose; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
44 2002-41: Webb, Katie Jewish Folklore Collecting Project
(Interview with Alice Burne; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
44 2002-42: White, Emily Ann Interview with Howard and Lee Penberg
(Interviews with Howard and Lee Penberg; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
44 2002-43: Young, Jordon Interview with Harvey Sherman
1 tape
(Interview with Harvey Sherman; Ethnic Folklore: Jewish, Personal History) Release Forms Included
45 2004-01: Bowen, Morgan Folklore of John H. Koyle's Dream Mine
2 tapes
(interview with Sherman Scott Bowen: Dream Mine Mountain; Regional Folklore: Salem, Utah) Release Forms Included
45 2004-02: Durrant, Jill Well, It Has Been Fun
3 tapes, 2 copies each
(interview with Elizabeth (Libbie) Stoddard Gittins: Regional Folklore: Cache Valley) Release Forms Included
45 2004-03: Gorrell, Ashley Folklore in LDS Girls' Camps
2 tapes
(interview with Aubee Gleed, Cassie Hooper, Kirsten Green, Emily Hjorth, Amanda Farish, Arielle Wing: Girls' Camp: songs, pranks) Release Forms Included
45 2004-04: Holland, Jennifer MBAs and Missus Butterworth
2 tapes
(interview with Karen Shepherd and Irene Fisher: Equal Rights Amendment: Racism; Economics of Feminist movement) Release Forms Included
45 2004-05: McDowell, David An Interview of Carol Edison Utah Folk Arts Coordinator
(interview with Carol Edison: Public Folklore Origins; Material Culture: Crafts)
46 2005-01: Branagan, Dirk The Work Experience of a Carbon County Coal Miner
2 tapes
(Interview with Ron Branagan: Job experiences of a coal miner 1980-2005) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS: DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL JAN. 2010
46 2005-02: Crawford, Aaron Crawford Family Folklore: Memories From My Father, Richard Crawford
3 CDs
(Interviews with Richard Crawford and Dale Crawford: Personal history of Father growing up in Ogden Canyon and Springdale, Utah) Release Forms Included
46 2005-03: Dustin, Danene A Path to Self Transformation: Narratives of Female Marathon Runners
3 tapes
(Interviews with Julia Barrett, Jenifer Jones, Shanna Lee: Preparing and completing a marathon) Release Forms Included
46 2005-04: Hammerschmied, Eva Historical and Current Irrigation Practices and Problems: With a Special Focus on Cache Valley
2 tapes
(Interviews with Michael Köhler and Dr. Wynn Walker: Historical and current irrigation practices in Cache Valley) Release Forms Included
47 2005-05: Luke, Adam Dick Carter and the Utah Wilderness Association: An Oral History
2 tapes (2 tapes
(Interview with Dick Carter: Creation of the Utah Wilderness Association and his personal beliefs toward wilderness) Release Forms Included
47 2005-06: Sagmeister, Martina LDS Culture and Family Life
2 tapes 3 tapes
(Interview with Rachel Mitchell: Personal history of LDS standards) Release Forms Included
47 2005-07: Sahney, Puja Deportation Stories of International Students at Utah State University
2 tapes
(Interviews with Veerender Garg, Prabhaudh Ghosh, Gajendra Ingle, Subashree Iyer, Zeniff Jasso, Mathew Kurian, Deepak Lal, Bhavendra Matta, Astrid Melchart, Nikhil Mongha, Ricando Neito, Deepti Reddy Patlolla: Deportation Stories) Release Forms Included: RESTRICTIONS
47 2005-08: Welch, Michele A. Rose Ann Gunther Interview for the Utah Women's Walk
1 tape
(Interview with Rose Ann Gunther: Personal History) Release Forms Included
48 2009-01: Bogdan, Michelle The Fight for Our Daily Bread: A Portrait of Annie Drakovich Bogdan
(Interview with Mary Ellen Bate. Narrative of miners and their families during the 1900s in Tintic, Utah mining district; an the Yugoslav experience.) Release Forms Included
48 2009-02: Cowsert, David Way Finding is Harder When You Cannot See
1 audio CD ; 1 photograph CD
(Interviews with Kasondra Payne and Elizabeth Cooks: Internet Users Who are Blind. Documentation of the lifestyles of the blind.) Release Forms Available
48 2009-03: Ellis, R. FoxDicey Behavior: A Look at Conduct and Dice Lore in Warhammer 40,000
2 audio CDs
(Interviews with Dan Nyikos and Russ Winn: Different angles of folklore that rolling dice for a game can fall under. Superstitions and beliefs) Release Forms Available
48 2009-04: Floyd, Adam Levels Of Cultural Understanding Regarding the Concept of Two Spirit People
1 audio CD
(Interviews with Emily Shor, Barre Toelken, Craig Reeder, Maure Smith. Defining Two Spirit people, understanding where they fit with the LGBT movement.) Release Forms Available
48 2009-05: Huenemann, Jeannine The Ties That Bind: Hungarian Oral Narratives
1 CD, includes audio, photos, and release
(Interviews with Tom Beretvas, Natalie Beretvas, Susan Nyikos. This is a colleciton of three interviews with people born in Eastern Europe, with a conneciton to Huntary, currently living in Utah.) Release Forms Available
48 2009-06: Lamb, Joe Úthixide: Looking Around for Something: Mark Awakuni-Swetland's Life Among the Omaha
1 audio CD
(Interview with Mark Awakuni-Swetland. Professor Awakuni-Swetland teaches Omaha language at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is an adpoted member of the Omaha Nation; cross-cultural experience.) Release Form Available
48 2009-07: Lambert, Karen The Burmese Refugees in Cache County [Utah]: Stories of Civil War, Refugee Camps and Your New Neighbors (Part 1)
1 audio CD
(Interviews with Hser Doh 'Chapter', Alex Mortensen, Kyaw Eh 'Joe', and the Ma Htwe Hla and Ba Hlaing Family. Narrative of Burmese refugees and their history and traditions.) Release Forms Available
48 2009-08: Toone, Carolyn What Are We Fighting For? A Marine's Experience in Vietnam
2 audio CDs
(Interview with Walter Toone and Linda Toone: Narrative of Vietnam experience) Release Forms Available
49 2010-01: Bonner, Johnathan Coming into Contact with the USU Basketball Community:Is There a Roadmap for This
5 audio CDs
(Interviews with USU Basketball players: Matt Formisano, Brady Jardine, Jaxon Myaer, Modou Niang: Culture of USU Basketball Athelets, community, traditions and beliefs) Release Forms Included
49 2010-02: Copeland, Preston Legend Information and the Paranormal
2 mini cassettes
(Interviews with Meagan E. Gill and Hailey Bowen about Supernatural Beliefs) Release Forms Available
49 2010-03: Pooley, Will Analysis of J.E.G. Braithwaite Narratives
3 cassette tapes
(Interview with Dr. Jane Braithwaite about her narratives) Release Form Available
49 2011-01: Allen, Mallory Death in the Family
1 audio CD
( Interview with Brady Allen, Faye Allen and Jeff Allen: Mortury and Mortician folklore) Release Forms Available
49 2011-02: Nelson, Tara Smithfield Library Project
1 audio CD; 1 cassette tape
(Interviews with Mellanee Kilpack, Adam Nelson, Karen Bowling: Smithville, Utah, Library history, hidden treasures in attic, improvements, activities) Release Forms Available
49 2011-03: Shegrud, Kristal Understanding Farm Life in the 1930s and 40s as a Way to Understand the Hunt for Buried Treasure in Duchesne County
1 audio CD
(Interview with Leonard Jay Wall about farm life in Altamont, Utah: burried treasure legends) Release Forms Available
50 2011-04: Vane, Jake The Folkloric Methods of Teaching Children in the Latter-day Saint Family
1 audio CD
(Interviews with Amberli Cranford, David Vane, Sara Vane, and Sheila Vane: religious stories and traditions of Latter-day Saint families) Release Forms Available
50 2011-05: Perrin, Anne Gray Interview with Trevor Eschler about St. Anne's Retreat
1 audio CD
(Interview with Trevor Eschler: St. Anne's Retreat legend tripping)( St. Anne, St. Ann, St. Ann's) Release Forms Available
50 2012-01: Edwards, Tori The STP's [Same Ten People] of Rockville: Volunteerism, Preservation and Sense of Place in Small-Town Southern Utah
6 audio CDs; photocopy photographs
(Interviews with Mike Shannon, VeNeta Shannon and Jim Harlan about work in Zion National Park and the current conditions of Rockville) Release Forms Available
50 2012-02: Gibbons, Brad Ouija Boards and South Valley Legend Tripping
1 audio CD
(Interviews with High School Students: Karli Denice Berry, Alexis Roberts, Brandon Tobey, Thomas Ditton, Maryn Wood, Shaena Forbush, Cameron Jennings, Kayzleanne Everhart, Jordan Colledge, Hollie Hunter, Brady Wallis, Kennedy Martin, Sydney Outsen and Kimberly Laura Monaco: Ouija Board stories, spernatural orparanormal experiences, legend tripping) Release Form Available
50 2012-03: Maxwell, Amy Elements of Epiphany In Personal Narrative
3 audio CDs
(Interviews with Kolson Ashton, NElda Ault, Kendra Blacker, Abigail Farr, Danika Foley, Preston Francis, Bethany Jacobs, Karli Jellinich, Sammy Pugsley, Dallin Robinson, Katrina Rodriguez, Charly Shahan, Shayna Shaw, and Pierce Tews: personal narratives: "ah-ha" moments: life lessons learned and sudden realizations) Relase Forms Available
50 2012-04: Szilagyi, Katie An Oral History of Beaver Mountain
1 audio CD; 1 photo CD
(Interviews with Ted Seeholzer and Marge Seeholzer about the origin of Beaver Mountain Ski Resort, Logan Canyon) Release Forms Available

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  • Folklore archives--Utah.
  • Folklore--Utah.
  • Folklore--West (U.S.)
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  • Utah--Folklore.
  • West (U.S.)--Folklore.