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Weeks, Carl
Carl Weeks photograph collection
1890-1955 (inclusive)
210 photographs
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The Carl Weeks photograph collection contains photographs and slides documenting Carl Weeks' travels in the southwest United States, including early photographs of Zion Canyon. Also included are family photographs and images of Indians, mountain scenery, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, and a trip to Europe.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
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University of Utah
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The photographs in this collection deal primarily with Weeks' travels to the Southwest United States. Originally from Iowa, he visited Zion Canyon for health reasons in 1901. He took some of the earliest photographs of the region and returned often to southern Utah in the subsequent years. He became an advocate of a national park system for Utah and took an active role in fighting the building of Echo Park Dam. Collection includes family pictures, geological/environmental interest, and also deals with the natives who lived in the southwest. Also includes images of mountain scenery, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, and a trip to Europe. Almost all of the images in this collection have matching negatives; some are the original glass plate negatives and some are later copies.

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Photograph number 1-9: Informal images of members of the Weeks family.
Photograph number 1-4: Informal family portraits in the southwest United States, with accompanying glass negatives.
Southwest Trips
Photograph number 1-6: Family and Ford "Model A" automobile in the Southwest.Photograph number 7-10: Traveling with pack mules in Navajo territory.
Southwest Locations
Photograph number 1: "The Sod Hotel."Photograph number 2: Mining camp.Photograph number 3: Unidentified ranch house.Photograph number 4: Rockville, Utah, circa 1920.Photograph number 5: Man standing by large round boulder.Photograph number 6: Man standing by small metal smelter pouring molten metal.Photograph number 7-9: Unidentified ranch and area.Small photo book Number 1: Unidentified landscapes in Southwest.(13)Small photo book Number 2: Unidentified towns; possibly Moab, St. George, and Kanab.(41)Small photo book Number 3: Possibly Colorado. Unidentified home.(27)
Southwest Locations
Photograph number 1: Old man standing beside Utah highway sign of circa 1945. "No Japs Allowed to Reside in Kane County."Photograph number 2-7: Views of areas and residences in Southwest.Photograph number 8: "Lee's Ferry", across the Colorado river.Photograph number 9-11: Stereo views of St. George, Utah.Photograph number 12-15: Stereo views of unidentified town.Photograph number 16-19: Unidentified views of open country in southwest.
Southwest Locations
Photograph number 1: St. George TabernaclePhotograph number 2: ? Barn on a farm.Photograph number 3: Man aiming a gun.Photograph number 4: Woman doing laundry by hand at possibly the Canaan ranch, circa 1910.Photograph number 5: Building at the Canaan ranch, circa 1910.Photograph number 6: Two men seated in front of a house.Photograph number 7: The home of Jacob Hamblin.Photograph number 8: ?Farm house.Photograph number 9: Image of St. George from above on hillside, circa 1920.Photograph number 10: St. George temple, circa 1910.Photograph number 11: Rockville, Utah, circa 1910.
Southwestern Scenery
Photograph number 1-36: Various unidentified locales in the United States southwest. Almost all of the images are stereo views with accompanying negatives, circa 1920.
Southwestern Scenery
Photograph number 1-10: Various unidentified locales in the United States southwest. Almost all of the images are stereo views with accompanying negatives, circa 1920.Photograph number 11-13: Color images of southern Utah.Photograph number 14: Aerial image of Rainbow Bridge arch in Southern Utah.
Southwestern Scenery
Photograph number 1: Virgin River ValleyPhotograph number 2: Unknown scenery.Photograph number 3: "Atomic Rock" named for unusual shape, in Southern Utah, 1946.Photograph number 4: Unknown scenery.Photograph number 5: Monument ValleyPhotograph number 6-7: Unknown sceneryPhotograph number 8: Navajo TwinsPhotograph number 9-10: Rainbow bridge. arch.Photograph number 11: Broken Bow arch near Escalante.Photograph number 12: Zion National ParkPhotograph number 13-14: Miscellaneous scenery.
Zion National Park
Photograph number 1-3: Traveling through the Zion Narrows canyon.Photograph number 4: "Great White Throne".Photograph number 5-6: MiscellaneousPhotograph number 7: Aesthetically powerful stereograph of the Zion Narrows.Photograph number 8: Famous tunnel and switch-backs on the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway through Zion national park. Photograph was taken when it was just completed.
Zion National Park
Photograph number 1-5: Images of the high canyon walls on the southern end of the national park.
Grand Canyon
Photograph number 1-5: From the Canyon's rim looking in.
Photograph number 1-7: Images of Indians of Southern Utah and some of their art.
Photograph number 1-17: Images of dwellings and people. Two cyanotypes.
Mesa Verde
Photograph number 1-8: Traditional stereo images of the abandoned cliff village found in the 19th century in Colorado, circa 1930.
Photograph number 1-8: Stereo views of the Weeks family visiting various geological interests at Yellowstone national park, circa 1930.
Mountain Scenery
Photograph number 1-13: Unidentified landscape images of mountain areas. Some stereo views, circa 1930
Mountain Scenery
Photograph number 1-13: Unidentified landscape stereo images of mountain areas, circa 1930.
European Trip
Photograph number 1-10: Unidentified images of places in Europe, mostly gardens.

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  • Indians of North America--Photographs
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  • Yellowstone National Park--Photographs
  • Zion Canyon (Utah)--Photographs
  • Zion National Park (Utah)--Photographs
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  • Glass negatives
  • Lantern slides
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