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Ritchie, Peter R
Peter R. Ritchie photograph collection
1870-1927 (inclusive)
circa 1898 (bulk)
1 scrapbook including 29 photographs plus ephemera (1 box)
161 slides (4 boxes) : lantern
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Photographs of Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, mostly circa 1898
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
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Seattle, WA
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In 1898, Peter R. Ritchie took trip via Dyea across the Chilkoot Pass, Lindeman Lake, and down the Yukon River to Dawson. Ritchie resided in Dawson for the next eight years engaged in various mining activities. He subsequently moved to Portland, Oregon, Europe and Southern California, taking an extensive trip to the Orient at the end of his life.

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The collection consists of a scrapbook containing photographs and ephemera related to Ritchie's trip across the Chilkoot Pass, Lindeman Lake, and down the Yukon River to Dawson, and lantern slides of Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, 1870-1927.

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BOX 1: Scrapbook
BOX 2-5: Lantern Slides

BOX 1: Scrapbook containing 7 photographic postcards, 22 photographs, newspaper clippings, menus, letters and other ephemera. Describes the trip taken by P.R. Ritchie in 1898 via Dyea across the Chilkoot Pass, Lindeman Lake, and down the Yukon River to Dawson.

BOXES 2-5: Lantern Slides
1: Map of Alaska
2: Johnstone Straits
3: Totem poles at Skidgate, British Columbia
4: Totem poles, Alert Bay, British Columbia
5: Unidentified coastal Native village; dwellings, totem poles.
6: Islands near Ketchikan
7: In Wrangell Narrows
8: Totem poles Sitka?
9: Skagway from the summit of Mt. Dewey showing 40 miles of Lynn Canal.
10: Klondikers ascending Chilkoot Pass, 1898
11: Klondikers ascending Chilkoot Pass, 1898
12: Klondikers ascending Chilkoot Pass and tramway, 1898
13: Summit of Chilkoot Pass, 1898
14: Dogsled team
15: Klondikers with horse drawn sleds cracked
16: Hunter with snowshoes and (dead?) animals
17: Cutting grade on tunnel, White Pass & Yukon Railroad.
18: Klondikers with horses drawn sleds, probably White Pass, Alaska.
19: White Pass & Yukon Railroad tracks above canyon.
20: Interior of rail car, White Pass & Yukon Railroad
21: White Pass & Yukon Railroad tracks.
22: Bridge spanning Dead Horse Gulch near the summit of White Pass on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad, Alaska.
23: Klondikers sailing on Lake Marsh, Yukon Territory.
24: Boat in Miles Canyon, Yukon River
25: Steamboat White horse in Five Finger Rapids, Yukon River.
26: Boat navigating Whitehorse Rapids, Yukon River
27: Boat navigating Whitehorse Rapids, Yukon River
28: Boat navigating Whitehorse Rapids, Yukon River (Case and Draper 697)
29: White Horse, Yukon Territory
30: Steamboat on Thirty Mile River (Yukon River)
31: Steamboat White horse in Five Finger Rapids, Yukon River.
32: Street scene, Dawson, Yukon Territory
33: Bird's-eye view of Dawson, Yukon Territory (cracked)
34: Bird's-eye view of Dawson, Yukon Territory (cracked)
35: 2nd Ave., Dawson, Yukon Territory (cracked)
36: Robert Service's cabin
37: Robert Service and cabin
38: G.B. Edward's sweet pea garden, Dawson
39: Mining dredge near Dawson
40: Over half a million, pyramid of gold bars, Bank of B N A, Dawson, Y.T. Adams and Larkin Photo
41: Potato field near Dawson
42: Caribou swimming the Yukon
43: Sunset near midnight
44: Caribou swimming the Yukon
45: Caribou swimming the Yukon
46: Tagish Lake, Yukon Territory (cracked)
47: Atlin Inn, Atlin, British Columbia
48: West Bay, Atlin Lake, British Columbia
49: Atlin Mts. From Atlin Inn, Atlin, British Columbia
50: Lake Atlin, British Columbia
51: Fish catch, Lake Atlin, British Columbia
52: Cathedral Mts., Lake Atlin, British Columbia
53: Fox farm, Atlin, British Columbia
54: Baby black foxes, Atlin, British Columbia (cracked)
55: Griswell. Cabin in snow
56: Blanchard's flowers, Skagway
57: Blanchard's nasturtiums Skagway
58: Wildflowers, Denver Glacier Alaska
59: Llewellyn Glacier Climbing party above lake
60: Crevasse, Llewellyn Glacier Climbers peering into crevasse
61: Husky catching salmon
62: Ptarmigan on mountainside
63: Mountaineers on glacier
64: Horse drawn sled outside of log cabin
65: Caribou swimming river
66: Unidentified waterfall
67: Unidentified glacier (cracked)
68: Unidentified glacier (cracked)
69: Unidentified mountain
70: Unidentified mountain
71: Unidentified mountain
72: Map of Alaska
73: Map of U.S. comparative to size of Alaska
74: Map of Alaska to accompany Annual report of Governor, 1927.
75: Alaska and her People (text)
76: Best bargain America ever made (text)
77: Beaver Alaska
78: Reindeer Alaska
79: Ketchikan, Alaska. Salmon leaping up falls going back to their old home.
80: Salmon on boat. Alaska
81: Salmon drying. Alaska
82: Cabin and food cache. Alaska
83: Food cache Alaska (cracked)
84: Sitka, Alaska
85: Unidentified town, Alaska
86: Kennicott Copper Mine Alaska
87: Curry Hotel, Alaska railroad
88: Mt. Katmai showing top blown off. Alaska
89: Mt. Katmai ?
90: Sunset (cracked)
91: Sunset in Glacier Bay Alaska
92: Dawn on Mt. Rainier. From Seattle distance 60 miles.
93: Tacoma & E. Railway above Elbe. A.H. Barnes.
94: Mt. Baker. Huntoon.
95: Mt. Shuksan from top of Table Mt. B.W. Huntoon photo, Bellingham, Washington
96: Mt. Baker Lodge, 60 miles from Bellingham. Huntoon.
97: Map of Canada
98: Canadian Pacific Railway Unidentified dam and spillway
99: Canadian Pacific Railway Native Americans in ceremonial dress in parade
100: Canadian Pacific Railway Dignitary delivering speech to crowd at park
101: Canadian Pacific Railway Crowd gathered for fair
102: Canadian Pacific Railway Man playing bagpipe
103: Buffalo herd
104: Antelope in Buffalo Park
105: Elk, Buffalo Park
106: Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Rockies
107: Canadian Pacific Railway Bighorn sheep
108: Canadian Pacific Railway View from Lake Louise Hotel
109: Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Pacific Hotel
110: Canadian Pacific Railway Harbor, Vancouver, B.C.? (cracked)
111: From Victoria, B.C. Swans, Beacon Hill Park
112: Ranch scene
113: Granville St., Vancouver, B.C. 1913.
114: Stanley Park, Vancouver
115: Dominion Square, Montreal
116: Mount Robson, Yellowhead Pass, Canadian Rockies
117: Canada's Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific Railways and Connections. map
118: G.N. elevator, Port Arthur
119: Legislative Buildings, Victoria
120: Experimental farm, Agassiz
121: Victoria
122: Forest trees, B.C.
123: Seven miles of stooks and stacks. Farm land
124: Horse ranching
125: Local grain elevators and flour mill
126: Winnipeg in 1870
127: Ploughing on homestead
128: Winnipeg, Main St., 1905.
129: Quebec from Point Levis, Panorama
130-149: Scotland. Glasgow and environs.
150-154: International Correspondence Schools text
155: Metropolitan Life Bldg, new York
156-158: Misc.
159: Biplane
160: Commander Lowell Smith's plane no. 2 at Clover Field, California. Taken just prior to the flight around the world.
161: Backpacker

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