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Intermountain Research Station (Ogden, Utah)
Intermountain Research Station photographs
1865-1981 (inclusive)
49 photographs
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Mss 770
This collection consists of photographs taken by various photographers of landscapes, vegetation and manmade structures and activities throughout Montana and northern Idaho.
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The United States Forest Service Intermountain Research Station is now known as the Rocky Mountain Research Station and is part of a network of 14 research locations throughout the Great Basin, Southwest, Rocky Mountains and parts of the Great Plains. The Rocky Mountain Research Station is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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The photographs in this collection are of various areas throughout Montana and northern Idaho and are dated 1865-1981. Most images show landscapes but also included are towns, mining camps, Fort Missoula, Fort Logan, and activities such as mining, agriculture and freighting. These images were probably to be used as part of the Unites States Forest Service General Technical Report INT-158 titled: "Fire and Vegetative Trends in the Northern Rockies: Interpretations from 1871-1982 Photographs," published in 1983 by George E. Gruell of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station in Ogden, Utah. These photographs are likely the images not used in the final report.

The majority of the photographs are identified and dated. Each initial description duplicates the caption on the back of the photograph; additional information about the image has been provided by the processor.

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Folder photo_number
1 770.001 Anaconda locality, Montana.
Valley floor and mountains near Anaconda, Montana. Photograph by W. C. Alden.
1 770.002 Kirkendall Freight outfits in Prickly Pear Canyon. Diamond R Outfit.
Area located between Wolf Creek and Helena, Montana, shows several covered wagons and horse teams. Photographer is unknown.
1 770.003 Ruby River, Montana
A wide, flat river valley and several canvas wall tents in Madison County in southwest Montana. Photograph titled "Camp on the Stinking Water" by W. H. Jackson.
1 770.004 Anaconda locality, Montana.
A large mountain valley with many dead or burned trees and large rocky mountains in the distance. Photograph by F. C. Calkins.
1 770.005 Fort Logan, Montana.
Fort Logan buildings and surrounding landscape with several people on horseback and standing in the foreground. Photographer is unknown.
1 770.006 Located possibly by Canyon Ferry Big Belt country or Helmville, Mineral Hill, Avon country, Montana.
Low-built log home with several people outside and hills and cliffs in the background. Note on back also says "C. K. Dalton Collections." Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1880
1 770.007 Black Canyon
Distinctive landscape of high cliffs and numerous dead or burned trees possibly located on the Crow Reservation, Montana. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1880 - 1890
1 770.008 Black Canyon
Similar landscape to 770.007 and 770.009 but looking along the bottom of the canyon with numerous burned trees towards high cliffs in the distance, possibly on the Crow Reservation, Montana. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1880 - 1890
1 770.009 Black Canyon
Similar landscape to 770.007 and 770.008 but looking from the bottom of the canyon towards trees and a small side canyon, possibly on the Crow Reservation, Montana.. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1880 - 1890
1 770.010 Fort Missoula, Montana
Photograph of Fort Missoula taken from the old settler's store. Photograph shows buildings and open valley leading to hills in the distance looking southeast towards Pattee Canyon. Photographer is unknown.
1 770.011 Anaconda locality, Montana
A valley with trees, a bare, rocky hillside in the distance and a bridge. Photograph by F. C. Calkins.
1 770.012 Old hotel at what is now Medicine Hot Springs, Bitterroot National Forest, Montana.
Large wooden building and smaller outbuildings. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1890
1 770.013 Anaconda locality, Montana
Valley full of stumps and dead or burned trees and mountains in the distance. A small log cabin and pond are visible in the lower right part of the photograph. Photograph by F. C. Calkins.
1 770.014 Anaconda locality, Montana
A mostly bare and rocky hillside. Photograph by F. C. Calkins.
1 770.015 Sula Basin (Ross's Hole)
A valley floor with haystacks and cows. Note on back of photograph reads: "Original CP on top of rock outcrop near Sula store. Tree obscures part of view." Photographer is unknown.
1 770.016 The first crop of hay oats on Rattlesnake Flat.
Jim Lord sharpening a large scythe. Location is noted as being across from the Moosehead Museum, Sula, Montana. Photograph by Bertie Lord.
1 770.017 Hassel Mining Camp at Indian Creek, Broadwater County, Montana
A small settlement in a valley with few trees surrounded by rolling hills. Photographer is unknown.
2 770.018 Limestone cliff, north side of mouth of canyon on the North Fork of the Sun River, Teton County, Montana.
From note on photograph: "Quality of print makes this picture hard to identify for certain. I believe it to be west side of Big George Gulch named for early day homesteader Big George Mathews, homesteader and trapper. Section 17, T22N, R9W." Photograph by C. D. Walcott.
2 770.019 Haystack Butte from the north. Lewis and Clark County, Montana.
Photograph by C. D. Walcott.
2 770.020 Little Badger Creek, Lewis and Clark National Forest, Montana..
Wooded creek drainage and large mountains in the distance. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1900.
2 770.021 Bertie Lord Homestead.
"Finetta Lord on the porch." Moosehead Museum, Sula, Montana. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1900
2 770.022 Logging on McCoy Gulch, Davis Ranch.
"Ole Berge and Jake Frazier with team." Horse teams and people, likely in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1900
2 770.023 Big Belt Mountains, Montana.
View of the northern part of the Big Belt Mountains, at the head of Beaver Creek, about 10 miles from the Missouri River. Cascade County, Montana. Photograph by C. D. Walcott.
2 770.024 Shale cliffs near Wolf Creek, Montana.
Cliffs of banded arenaceous shales of Spokane formation, Belt Terrace, Wolf Creek, two miles below Mitchell. Lewis and Clark County, Montana. Photograph by C. D. Walcott.
2 770.025 City Creek Canyon lumbering operation.
Loggers, horseteams and a small lumbering operation in a small draw with conifer, willow, sagebrush and other shrubs. Probably located in Clearwater County, Idaho. Photographer is unknown.
2 770.026 Mike Gosh Mill, Maiden, Montana.
Lumber yard and small mill located in Fergus County. Photograph by George Carolus.
2 770.027 Bertha Hill lookout cabin, Clearwater County, Idaho. 1906
2 770.028 Log Jam
Log jam at what is now called Elbow Gorge, Teton County, Montana. Fort Gibson Reservoir, Lewis and Clark National Forest. Photographer is unknown.
August 1908
2 770.029 Hansen Valley, near Great Falls, Montana. Circa 1910
2 770.030 Perkins Lake, Idaho. Circa 1911
2 770.031 Elkhorn, Montana.
View of Elkhorn, Montana, showing the valley, settlement and mining operation. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1915
2 770.032 New Jersey Consolidated near Kellog and Couer d'alene, Idaho.
King of Pine Creek Mine. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1915 -1920
2 770.033 Big Hole Battlefield, Montana.
Location where Logan and Bostwick were killed during the Battle of the Big Hole. Photograph by Will Cave.
2 770.034 Ruby River Canyon, Montana.
Looking north across the Ruby River Canyon along upturned Paleozoic beds. T.95, R.3W. Madison County, Montana. Photograph by D.D. Conditt.
3 770.035 Man with a net likely in Montana.
A man with a large butterfly net standing in a meadow. Beyond him in the distance is a rocky canyon. The location is possibly somewhere in the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. Photographer is unknown.
Circa 1921 - 1923
3 770.036 A.B. Cook Range Near White Sulphur Springs, Montana.
A large mountain meadow surrounded by wooded hills and mountains. Photograph by K. D. Swan.
September 1927
3 770.037 Unidentified landscape, likely in Montana.
View of rocky mostly bare mountain with surroundings showing signs of fire and new growth. Photograph by W. R. Calvert.
3 770.038 Beaverhead National Forest, Montana.
Beaverhead National Forest, Madison Ranger District. A view along the West Fork Madison River looking east along the National Forest boundary from a point just south of Landon Camp, SW 1/4 section 32, T123, R1W, Principal Meridian Montana. Shows rolling hills and a fence line. Photograph by K. D. Swan.
August, 1930
3 770.039 Beaverhead National Forest, Montana.
Divide at the head of the Ruby River. Shows rolling hills and fence line. Photograph by K. D. Swan.
August, 1930
3 770.040 Unidentified location, likely in Montana.
A wooded valley floor and mostly bare, rocky hill in the background. What appears to be a mining structure is visible in the trees. Photograph by F. C. Calkins.
3 770.041 Headwaters of Camp Creek, Montana.
Headwaters of Camp Creek, south of Deerlodge National Forest. S.E. Sec. 6, T.25, R.8W. Bureau of Land Management Land, located southeast of Melrose, Montana. Photograph by Lincoln Ellison.
June 17, 1939
3 770.042 Henley Creek, Montana.
Jerry Creek Division Point. Sec. 6, T.1N, R.12W, one mile up Henley Creek from Johnson Creek in the Wise River Ranger District, Montana. Photograph shows flat grassy area surrounded by pine trees and aspens. Photograph by K. D. Swan.
September 13, 1945
3 770.043 Unidentified location, likely in Montana.
Looking from a hilltop across a small drainage and out to a vast plain beyond. Photograph by W. R. Calvert.
3 770.044 Lake Sewell, Montana.
View from Cemetery Hill looking south over Lake Sewell where Canyon Ferry Reservoir now is. Photograph by George Grant.
April 15, 1948
3 770.045 Unidentified location, likely in Montana.
A large open plain with mountains in the distance. Possibly in the Deerlodge area looking toward the Pintlar Mountain Range. Photograph by Jackson.
3 770.046 Fort Logan, Montana.
Ground level view of the Fort Logan area showing two buildings, fences and surrounding terrain. Photographer is unknown.
June 29, 1981
4 770.047 Bozeman area, Montana.
Freight train moving through a narrow valley. Photograph by Warren McGee.
4 770.048 Cattle Ranch along the Salmon River, Idaho.
The Towbridge Ranch (Kenny Towbridge) surrounded by tall trees and mostly bare hills. Photograph by Warren McGee.
4 770.049 Madison County, Montana.
Southwest from S 1/4 corner Sec. 15, T.4S, R.SW. Looking through a gap in Cretaceous and Permian sediments toward Table Mountain (andesitic flows) with the Ruby Range in the distance. Photograph by R. W. Richards.

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Agriculture--Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Cities and towns--Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Fire ecology--Rocky Mountains
  • Freight and freightage--Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Mines and mineral resources--Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Mining camps--Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Plants--Effect of fires on--Rocky Mountains
  • Vegetation dynamics--Rocky Mountains
  • Personal Names :
  • Gruell, George E.--Fire and vegetative trends in the northern Rockies
  • Geographical Names :
  • Fort Logan (Mont.)--Photographs
  • Fort Missoula (Mont.)--Photographs
  • Idaho--Photographs
  • Montana--Photographs
  • Rocky Mountains--Photographs
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Photographs