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Fife Folklore Archives.
Utah State University Fife Folklore Conference student fieldwork collection
1977-1995 (inclusive)
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Folklore projects collected by Utah State University students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for coursework in the Fife Folklore Conference (1977-1995).
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The Utah State University Fife Folklore Conference Student Fieldwork Collection consists of student folklore projects created by Fife Folklore Conference participants from 1977-1995. The collection does not grow.

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The Utah State University Fife Folklore Conference Student Fieldwork Collection consists of approximately 440 projects collected by undergraduate and graduate students in fulfillment of graded credit requirements for the Fife Folklore Conference. Most items include informant, context, text (the folklore item), and collector data. Collector and informant release forms accompany most of the collections from 1986 forward. The projects examine a wide variety of topics ranging from specific genres (like jokes, legends, beliefs, and folksongs) to area interests (such as regional, occupational, and family folklore). The Collection inventory includes a subject index and a register. The register includes the item number, student name, title of the project, number of items, content description, and release form and restriction information. Items are numbered by the year the student attended the Fife Folklore Conference and the individual number of the item. For example, FOLK COLL 8a: FFC 87-02, means that the student attended the Conference in 1987 and it is item 2 in that year. The items are stored in archival boxes. The materials do NOT circulate. Click for information on folklore collecting assignments for folklore classes, including examples.

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USU Fife Folklore Conference Student Fieldwork collection, 1977-1995. (FOLK COLL 8: FFC, box, no.). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

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Container(s) Description
Box book
1 77-01 Rasmussen, Dearwyn S. Mr. Burrell Project for the Fife Conference on Western American Folk Culture
(Folksongs: Region: United States: Idaho: Mink Creek) No release forms
1 778-01 Anderson, Jeanine Acquiring Folk Art Skills
(Material Culture: Straw Braiding, Hand Built Furniture, Weaving: Navajo Rugs; Custom: Water Witch) No release forms
1 78-03: Bonebraker, Mary Teen Folklore
(Legend: Supernatural; Children's Folklore: Slumber Party) No release forms
1 78-04: Butler, Janet Jewish Funeral Customs in Utah
(Religious Folklore: Jewish: Funeral Customs, LDS: Death, Poetry: Regional: U.S.: Utah; Custom: Death) No release forms
1 78-05: Cornwell, David The Folklore of Memories: Rutherford College, N.C.
(Legend: Personal Narrative, Supernatural) No release forms
1 78-06: Dannelly, La Rue Born and Bread in Southwestern Utah
(Foodways: Recipes; Regional: U.S.; Utah: Southern) No release forms
1 78-07: Daughters, Maria A. Attitudes and Practices Regarding Modern Medicine, "Home Remedies," and Maintenance of Health
(Folk Belief: Remedies: Herbs and Cures; Narratives: Anecdotal Stories) No release forms
1 78-08: Dennis, Michelle L. American Folklore: A Collection of Traditional Folk Songs
(Folksongs: United States: Tom Dooley, On Top of Old Smokey; I'm Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad, All My Trials, Barbara Allen (four versions),Gospel Changes, I Can't Help But Wonder where I'm Bound, etc.) No release forms
1 78-09: Edgette, J. Joseph School-Related Superstitions Used by Junior High School Students
(Folk Beliefs: Region: US: Pennsylvania; Folk Group: Junior High School Students: Survey) No release forms
1 78-10: Hicken, Margaret C. Folksongs and Transcriptions of Songs by Willmuth Witt Crook
(Folksongs: Family: Willmuth Witt Crook; Regional: U.S.: Utah: Heber; Children's Folklore: Games) No release forms
1 78-11: Hicks, Marian D. Folklore Unit, Olympus High School
(Teaching Unit: Folklore: Culture) No release forms
1 78-12: Maughn, Gordon Experience with Water Witching
(Folk Belief: Water Witching [Dowsing]; Custom: Water Witching: Jim Foote) No release forms
2 78-13: McMurdie, Marilyn Song Collection
(Folksongs: Family: Frederick J. Wadsworth: Two Little Girls, Only Me, Poor Little Joe, Sweet Birds, Allegheny Mountains) No release forms
2 78-14: Munns, Terry Geraldine Summers: Local Poetess
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Poetry) No release forms
2 78-15: Parson, Robert Gospel Music and Blues
(Folksongs: Ethnic: African- American) No release forms
2 78-16: Peterson, Max P. Animals as Nicknames and Folk as Animals' Nicknames
(Folksay: Nicknames) No release form
2 78-18: Porter, Jean Basement Houses in Utah
(Architecture: Basement Houses, includes 1915 warranty deed and assessor's record) No release forms
2 78-19: Rogers, Thomas F. Huebener: A Venture in Mormon Hagiography
(Character Legend: Helmuth Huebener; Written lore: Play in two acts) No release forms: COPYRIGHTED
2 78-20: Ruby, Rhoda B. A General Collection: Beliefs, Superstitions, and Customs of the Uintah Basin
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore; Ethnic: Ute; Custom: Marriage, Weddings; Regional: U.S.: Utah: Uintah Basin, Bridal Veil Falls) No release forms
2 78-21: Smith, "B" Maurice Marbles
(Children's Folklore: Games, Toys, Marbles) No release forms
2 78-22: Hunsaker, Mary LaRae Family Folklore
(Medical Lore: Family Remedies: Sore Throat, Pneumonia, Croup, Boils, Asthma, Bee Stings, Whooping Cough) Handwritten No release forms
2 78-23: Taylor, Minnie & Catherine BelkStories Remembered
(Memorate: Regional Folklore: U.S.: South Carolina) Handwritten No release forms
2 78-24: Tippetts, Eda Fife Conference on Western American Folk Culture
(Legend: Personal Narrative: Pioneer Life: Thomas Waters Cropper, Hannah Rogers Cropper) No release forms
2 78-25: Washburn, E. Lucille Nicknames in Malad, Idaho
(Folksay: Nicknames; Regional Folklore: U.S.: Idaho: Malad) No release form
3 78-26: Wiater, Pat Jump-Roping in Logan, Utah
(Children's Folklore: Games, Rhymes; Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Logan) No release forms
3 78-27: Wolfe, Claudia Townsend Folksongs From My Own Experience
(Folksongs: Religious: Methodist) No Release forms
3 79-01: Bunn, Connie Jean Phillips Family Traditions
(Children's Folklore: Games, Rhymes, Sayings; Verbal Folklore: Memorate, Poetry) No release forms
3 79-02: Dastrup, Lanis Home Economics: Domestic Folklore
(Teaching Unit: Customs: Foodways: Recipes: Danish Pickles, Jerky, Butter, Soft Sugar Cookies, Candle Making, Soap Making, Bubble Bath, Hand Creme) No release forms
3 79-03: Geames, Lynda Richardson Collection of American Folk Songs
(Folksongs: Ethnic: Native American; Occupational, Region: England) No release forms
3 79-04: Hazen, Renee Folklife Festival, Zion National Park 1979
(Customs: Foodways: Recipes: Molasses, Prickly Pear Jelly, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Apple Juice, Dixie Salad, Dried Corn and Wheat, Dried Meat or Jerky, Butter Making, Herbs, Plants and Beverages, Dutch Oven Potatoes; Cotton, Soap Making, Quilting, Tatting, Weaving) No release forms
3 79-05: Hicks, Marian Johnson & Loren T. Johnson Heber Valley
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Heber Valley: Architecture: Outhouses; Customs: Medical Lore: Herbs and Cures, Collected by Mrs. LaVina Johnson) No release forms
3 79-06: Jensen, Barbara B. Pioneer Folklore in Cache Valley: Teaching Unit
(Regional Folklore: US: Utah: Cache Valley) No release forms
3 79-07: Jensen, Paula O-bakke Stories
(Legend: Supernatural: Ghost: Japan) No release forms
3 79-08: Kepper, Anna Dean Callao, Utah
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Callao; Religions Folklore: LDS; Interview with Cyrene N. Bagley; Maps) No release forms
3 79-09: Martin, Neil North American Indian Stories
(Legend: Native American) No release forms
4 79-10: Pasachke, Rita Tales of the Sun: Selected Stories of the North American Indian
(Legend: Native American, from published sources) No release forms
4 79-11: Pringle, Dave A Look at Traditional Folk Holidays (Catholic vs. Mormon)
(Custom: Calendrical Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving) No release form
4 79-12: Thomas, Nancy My Heritage: Tales From Her Grandfather
(Personal Narrative: Oliver Hyer Budge; Religious Folklore: LDS: Polygamy) No release forms
4 79-13: Stutman, Randall Weather Signs
(Folk Belief: Weather Predictions; Proverbs: Weather) No release forms
4 79-14: Ringel, Eileen P. Children's Games
(Children's Folklore: Games: Drop the Handkerchief, Charlie over the Water, Cat and Mouse, Follow the Leader, Farmer and the Dell, The Mulberry Bush, London Bridge, Tag, Hide and Go Seek, Run, Sheep, Run, Fox and Geese, Tug of War, Blind Man's Bluff, Crack the Whip, Prisoners Base, Simple Dodge Ball, Hot or Cold, Musical Chairs, 7-Up) No release forms
4 80-01: Adams, Barbara Children's Rhyming Games
(Children's Folklore: Rhymes, Songs) No release forms
4 80-02: Butler, Sharyle U. Family Folkstory
(Family: Legends, History, Genealogy; Custom: Foodways; Cures: Prevention: Wart charmer: Louise Steed Udy, Ray V. Udy ) No release forms
4 80-03: Cheney, Donna R. Kentucky Recipes and Ghost Story
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes: Elizabeth Parton Mason: Vicar's Cabbage, Scubboard Beans (for wash day), Sunday Supper Apples, Queen's Cake (for birthdays), Spring Tonic Greens, Family Legend) No release forms
4 80-04: Croshaw, Denise Water Witching
(Folk Belief: Water witching; Custom: Water Witching) No release forms
4 80-05: Duroe, Stephen Proverbs From Mothers
(Proverbs) No release forms
4 80-06: Hansen, Carolyn Christmas Traditions
(Custom: Holiday: Christmas) No release forms
4 80-07: Johnson, Doreen Folklore of the Grizzly
(Legend: Bear; Regional: U.S.: Montana: Libby) No release forms
4 80-08: Medina, Gay G. When the World Was Young and Animals Could Speak
(Legend: Native American; Folk Belief: Native American; Custom: Native American: Foodways; Medical Lore: Recipes; Jokes: Native American) No release forms
5 80-09: McNicholl, Colette The Cemeteries of Wellsville and Millville
(Material Culture: Cemetery: Gravemarkers; Region: U.S.: Utah: Wellsville, Millville) No release forms
5 80-10: Palmer, Rosemary Nicknames
(Folksay: Nicknames) No release forms
5 80-11: Payne, Nan Brandenberger Pregnancy and Birth
(Folk Belief: Pregnancy, Birth) No release forms
5 80-12: Pearce, Dixie Pearce Family Folklore
(Legends: Family; Region: U.S.: Arizona.: Eager) No release forms
5 80-13: Ukpe, Uduak B. Nigerian Folklore
(Regional: Nigeria; Customs: Eastern Nigerian Settlement, Marriage Tradition; Folk Belief: Ghost, Boasting) No release forms
5 80-14: Smith, Kristine H. Grandpa's Stories as Folklore
(Character Legend: Earl Halls) No release forms
5 80-15: Twitchell, Donna D. Tanning Process for Making Buckskin
(Material Culture: Shoshone Buckskin Tanning) No release forms
5 80-16: Wilde, Anne Children's Rhymes
(Children's Folklore [on 5"x7" card]: Rhymes, Sayings: Chants, Name Calling) No release forms
5 81-01: Ahlstrom, Anne Leland Erastus Anderson: The Art of Storytelling
(Character Legend: Leland Erastus Anderson; Region: U.S.: Utah: Sanpete County: Ephraim) No release forms: RESTRICTIONS
6 81-02: Andreasen, Karen K. A Collection from the Life of Thelma Blanchard Jenson
(Character Legend and Anecdotes: Thelma Ida Blanchard Jenson; Folk Belief; Family Traditions) No release forms
6 81-03: Badgett, Rick The Andersens and the Badgetts: Legends and Folklore of a Utah-Mormon Family and a Non-Mormon Wyoming Family
(Custom: Family Traditions; Region: U.S.: Wyoming, Utah) No release forms
6 81-04: Beach, John L. Children's Clapping Games
(Children's Folklore: Games, Rhymes, Songs, Hand Claps) No release forms
6 81-05: Cairns, Bill Our Family Folklore
(Custom: Family: Songs: Games) No release forms
6 81-06: Egbert, La Dean Grandma's Cures
(Medical Lore: Family Remedies: Herbs, Cures) No release forms
6 81-07: Fortsch, Jan Speak of the Devil in British Literature
(Legend: Supernatural; Written Lore: British Literature) No release forms
6 81-08: Headley, Linda The Joke is On the Newcomer
(Jokes: Initiation: Jack-a-lope, Black Leg Disease, How to Catch a Rattlesnake, Bathing Alone, Cattle Loader, Snipe Hunt, Meadow Muffins) No release forms
6 81-09: Kinney, Kris Shirley Hoverson about Charles O. Olsen
(Family History: Norwegian Immigrant: Charles O. Olsen; Letters from C.O. Olsen to daughter Shirley Hoverson) No release forms
6 81-10: Lott, Loie A Collection of Beliefs of Navajo High School Students
(Folk Belief; Customs: Kinaaldá [Navajo girl's maturation ceremony]; Ethnic: Navajo; Region: U.S. Utah: Montezuma Creek) No release forms
6 81-11: McArthur, LoyAnn Folklore of the Gadianton Robbers
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Gadianton Robbers; Region: U.S: Utah: Southern) No release forms
7 81-12: Maw, Elizabeth The Style of the Basques
(Custom: Ethnic: Basque; Region: U.S.: Nevada: Elko; Newspaper clippings from Elko County Basque Festival) No release forms
7 81-13: Miller, Jeannette History of Tri-Miller Packing Co.
(Occupational Lore: Meat Packers; Region: U.S.: Utah: Hyrum; Interview: Ivan Miller; Local History) No release forms
7 81-14: Parker, Virginia C. Festival with Folk Narration: The Carlson Family Reunion 1975--The Fritiof Saga
(Customs: Family Reunion; Foodways; Ethnic: Swedish, Swedish American; Written lore: Poetry) No release forms
7 81-15: Reed, Sherry Stories from the Life of Irene Hatch Reed
(Character Legend: Memorate: Irene Hatch Reed) No release forms
7 81-16: Thurgood, Mary Ann Folklore Traditions and Beliefs: Alda Crawford Call
(Region: U.S.: Idaho: Rockland; Religious Folklore: LDS: Priesthood Blessings; Folk Beliefs: Snakes; Memorate: Indian Legend) No release forms
7 81-17: Vorchheimer, Susan Folklore in a Mormon Community
(Pedagogy: Fieldwork Procedures Explained) No release forms
7 81-18: Watts, Lisa The Ghost in the Lyric Theater: or Playhouse Poltergeist
(Legend: Supernatural; Interview: Vosco Call, Sr.; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan) No release forms
7 81-19: Watts, Ray The Watts Family Songbook
(Folk Songs: Family) No release forms
8 82-01: Beesley, Judy Folklore Characters: My Daddy, Bryce Turner
(Anecdotes: Family: Bryce Turner) No release forms
8 82-02: Beesley, Gail Family Folklore: Shirley Nelson Beesley
(Oral History: Interview Transcript: Shirley Nelson Beesley) No release forms
8 82-03: Boman, Boyd W. Family Anecdotes
(Family: Legends, Stories, Anecdotes [Lewis R. Boman and Vaudice P. Boman]; Region: U.S.: Utah: Lewiston) No release forms
8 82-05: Earl, Gloria T. Family Tradition and Stories
(Customs: Family; Narratives: Family) No release forms
8 82-06: Eastmond, Alberta Van Wagoner Orah Miles Van Wagoner Interview
(Oral History Interview: Orah Miles Van Wagoner) No release forms
8 82-07: Esmiol, Morris A. III Tales from Mojados
(Memorate: Ethnic: Mexican, Mexican-American) No release forms
8 82-08: Gregerson, Corinne You Art a Part of Iron County Too!
(Legend: Regional: U.S.: Utah: Iron County; Lesson Plans) No release forms
8 82-09: Griffiths, Alison Campfire Songs
(Children's Folklore: Camp Songs; Religious Folklore: LDS: Girl's Camp) No release forms
8 82-10: Hancey, Debbie Potato Salad Lore
(Custom: Foodways: Potato Salad) No release forms
8 82-11: Hansen, Wendy Family Folklore: Life History of Mary Adell Anderson Schenk
(Oral History: Schenk, Mary Adell Anderson) No release forms
8 82-12: Hilding, Sonja Greek Folklore: Greek Immigrants in Carbon County
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Carbon County; Ethnic: Greek American: Agnes Peirce, George Gianoulis) No release forms
9 82-13: Israelsen, Bert Folk Hero: Everyone's Grandma
(Family Anecdotes and Reminiscences: Eva Israelsen) No release forms
9 82-14: Jacobs, Lori Some Legends and Songs Traditional to Camp Lomondi
(Children's Folklore: Camp Lore, Camp Songs; Religious Folklore: LDS: Girl's Camp) No release forms
9 82-15: Jacobson, Linda Family Folklore
(Family: History; Religious Folklore: LDS Conversion Narrative, Migration to Utah Narrative; Region: Sweden; U.S.: Utah: Newton, Peterson) No release forms
9 82-16: Johnson, Ruth B. A Past Literary Legacy
(Folk Literature: Bannock- Shoshoni) No release forms
9 82-17: Kinzer, Carol A. A Collection of Stories About Misunderstandings Between LDS and Non-LDS
(Religious Folklore: LDS, Non-LDS) No release forms
9 82-18: Mason, Marian J. East Canyon Winds
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Farmington) Handwritten No release forms.
9 82-19: Moyer, Donna S. A Collection of Family Stories
(Oral History: Genealogy: Terry J. Moyer; Religious Folklore: LDS: Conversion Narrative, Migration; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Idaho Falls) No release forms
9 82-20: O'Brien, Avrile Collection of Songs and Orff Chants from Anaheim Therapeutic Parks and Recreation
(Children's Folklore: Camp Songs) No release forms
9 82-21: Orchard, Susan Allen Folklore Lesson Plans
(5 Lesson Plans: Cemeteries and Headstones; Customs: Weddings, Family Traditions, Holidays; Folksay; Legends) No release forms
9 82-22: Parker, Virginia C. Hawaiian and American Patchwork Quilts
(Material Culture: Quilting; Kapa) No release forms
9 82-23: Petersen, Susan Cures for Colic
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Cures: Colic: Herbs) No release forms
9 82-24: Rasmussen, Norma Tasso Family Customs and Traditions
(Custom: Family: Traditions; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Rock Springs, Idaho: Clifton; Ethnic: Italian- American; Foodways: Rendering Lard, Rinds, Furse (liver patties), Thanksgiving Turkey, Canning Corn, Bread Making; Work: Threshing) No release forms
10 82-25: Roskelley, Linda Family Folklore Stories
(Family: History: Samuel and Sidney Roskelley; Religious: LDS: Legends: Temple, Polygamy; Region: U.S.: Utah: Hyde Park; Logan; Smithfield) No release forms
10 82-26: Thompson, Jennifer Christmas Traditions
(Custom: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve) No release forms
10 82-27: Walters, Jan Amish People
(Religious Folklore: Amish) No release forms
10 82-28: Willie, Nancy Family Folklore: Thomas A. Taylor
(Family: Narratives, Legends: Thomas A. Taylor; Occupational: U.S. Forest Service; Region: U.S.: West) No release forms
10 82-29: White, Tamra T. Family Folklore: Personal Experiences
(Family: Narratives, Legends; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Grays Lake, Thatcher; Occupational: Ranching, Farming) No release forms
10 83-01: Albiston, Craig L. Folklore of F. Ross Peterson: Bishop, Democrat and Professor
(Character Legend, Anecdotes: Ross F. Peterson) No release forms
10 83-02: Anderson, Cindy Folk Stories
(Family: History, Legends: Abraham Hunsaker) No release forms: RESTRICTIONS
10 83-03: Benedict, K.C. Vocabulary Building Through Folksay
(Teaching Unit: Folksay) No release forms
10 83-04: Bennion, John Folksongs
(Folksongs: Rock-a-bye, Three Little Pigs, Old Pompey, The West, the Nest, and You, Springtime in the Rockies, Shoe the Old Horsie, There's a Long, Long Trail a Winding, Hi-Lilly Hi-Low, Catch a Falling Star, Rose, Take a Boy and a Girl, Five Little Ducks; Informants: Juanita Marie Chamberlain Esplin, Mary Ann Benson Bennion Whetstone ) No release forms
11 83-05: Black, E. Lee James Acel Black Family on the Utah Frontier
(Family: History, Genealogy: Interviews by Grandson E. Lee Black with children of James Acel Black; Legends; Anecdotes; Region: U.S.: Blanding, Utah; Customs: Foodways; Folk Belief: Cures; Religious: LDS) No release forms
11 83-06: Brown, Sylvia Arlene Gardner A Collection of Family Holidays in My Life
(Customs: Holidays) No release forms
11 83-07: Brubaker, R. M. You've Got to Bet Big to Win Big: Gambling Secrets of Nevada
(Folk Belief: Gambling; Custom: Gambling Traditions; Region: U.S.: Nevada) No release forms
11 83-08: Brugger, Donald Teaching Unit on Folklore
(Teaching Unit: 10 Day Introduction to Folklore Curriculum for High School English Class: Handout; Supplementary Reading) No release forms
11 83-09: Brunson, Kathryn Folklore Unit: Third Grade
(Teaching Unit: 10 Day Folklore Curriculum for Third Grade: Handouts; and Supplementary material) No release forms
11 83-11: Call, Wynlee Sue The Fiftieth Anniversary Quilt for Anson B. & Verna Passey Call
(Material Culture: Quilting; Custom: 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration; Family History) No release forms
11 83-13: Cook, Becky Hoffman Randolph, Rich County, Utah
(Regional Folklore: U.S: Utah: Rich County: Randolph; Folk Belief: Medicine; Custom: Dancing, Drama, Drinking; Folk Narratives: Sawmill Explosion, Robbery, A Bear Story, Wolf Stories, "Pilfered Strawberries Triggered Manhunt and Execution by Firing Squad") No release forms
11 83-15: Darrell, William E. United States Air Force Disaster Preparedness Folklore
(Occupational Lore: U.S. Air Force) No release forms
11 83-16: Dattage, Tamra Pickett Folklore in Providence
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Providence) No release forms
11 83-17: Douglas, Iris No title
(Region: U.S.: Utah: Northern; Local Narratives) No release forms
12 83-18: Earl, Gloria T. Grandma's Recipes
(Customs: Foodways: Recipes: Cinnamon Rolls; Cherry Nut Cake; Maple Nut Ice Cream; Plum Pudding; Home-made Noodles; Huckleberry Pie; Chili Sauce; Raisen- filled cookies; Fig Cake) No release forms
12 83-19: Eastmond, Daniel V. Towards a Working Definition of American Folk Music
No release form
12 83-22: Fitzpatrick, Renee B. The Folklore of Herbs
(Folk Belief: Remedies, Cures; Custom: Foodways: Herb Recipes: Pesto, Leek and Chervil Soup, 4 dried herbs in protected plastic) No release forms
12 83-23: Foltz, Richard J. Naval Initiation Ceremonies
(Customs: Initiation: Occupational: Navy) No release forms
12 83-24: Fowler, Ronald E. Wise Old Grandpa Rabbit
(Legend: Ute; Reginald Oran Curry) No release forms
12 83-25: Gavin, Carolyn The Inclusion of Folklore in the Study of Utah
(Teaching Unit: History of Mound Fort School; Region: U.S.: Utah: Ogden) No release forms
12 83-26: Goodrich, Sheryl Wishinglore
(Folk Belief: Wish Lore) No release forms
12 83-27: Gaudet, Marcia Cajun and Creole Foodways: Food Traditions and Recipes of a South Louisiana Family
(Custom: Foodways: Ethnic Cooking: Cajun/Creole: Chicken-Andouille Gumbo, Crawfish Jambalaya, Shrimp Creole, Fried Catfish Filets, Grillades, Eggplant Fritters, King's Cake [Twelfth Night Cake], Beignets [doughnuts], Pralines, ‘Ti Gateaux) No release forms
12 83-28: Hawkins, Kathleen J. Wyoming Folklore
(Oral History Interview: George Nichols; Regional Folklore: U.S.: Wyoming: Big Piney) No release forms
12 83-29: Hendricks, Susan Zwick The Zwick Family Folk Group Recipe Collection
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes: Chocolate Soup; Heaven and Earth (Himmel Und Erde); Marble Cake; Noodle Soup; Potato Pancakes; Rotkohl (Red Cabbage); Rouladen; Spareribs and Sauerkraut; Split Pea Soup; Streusel Kuchen) No release forms
12 83-30: Hutchings, Judith M. Introduction to Folklore
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore Lesson Plans for 4th Grade with worksheets) No release form
13 83-31: Myler-Jensen, Marva Food Defines a Family
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes: English-American: Current Biscuits, English Plum Pudding, English Hard Sauce for Pudding, Savory Ducks, New Peas and New Potatoes, Head Cheese, Scones, Kidney Stew, Hot Cakes, Boston Brown Candy, Butterscotch Pie Filling, Raisin Filling, Yorkshire Pudding; Family History: Rebecca Browne Pitcher, John William Pitcher, Mary Clarissa [Molly] Thornley Pitcher, Margaret Rebecca [Maggie] Pitcher Petersen) No release forms
13 83-32: Alexander, AnnaBeth Proposal for a Folklore Festival at Rock Springs East Junior High for the Spring of 1983
No release forms
13 83-33: Kidneigh, Jane Epitaphs: The Logan Cemetery
(Custom: Written Lore: Epitaphs; Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Logan) No release forms
13 83-35: Lamborn, Dick Laketown, Utah Folklore
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Laketown) No release forms
13 83-36: Larson, Arlene Quilts Currently Being Made in Northern Cache Valley
(Material Culture: Quilting; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley, Northern Utah) No release forms
13 83-37: Lee, Radine Lifestyles of Ancestors
(Family History: Journal Entries; Religious: LDS: Legend: Three Nephite; Customs: Christmas, Pioneer Life) No release forms
13 83-38: Merritt, Helen Schwab Cottonwood Lake
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Wyoming: Cottonwood Lake, Smoot) No release forms
13 83-39: Morrill, Tanya Fun Through Folklore
(Teaching Unit: Kindergarten) No release form
13 83-40: Riensche, Benjamin R. Reflections on Jubilee
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Iowa: Jubilee; Occupational Lore: Farming) No release forms
13 83-41: Rigby, Ada R. Family Folklore and How it Has Affected My Life
(Narratives: Family; Region: U.S.: Utah: Blanding [originally called Grayson]) No release forms
14 83-42: Sampson, Debra Mormon Miracles
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Miracles, from published sources) No release forms
14 83-43: Place Naming
(Teaching Unit) No release forms
14 83-44: Shaw, Gayle Folklore From Appalachia to the Mississippi
(Teaching Unit: Folklore of Place) No release forms
14 83-45: Short, Laramie Conference Paper
(Narratives: Family: Irish; Folk Belief: Good and Bad luck) No release forms
14 83-46: Smith, Annette M. Conference Paper
(Children's Folklore: Songs: Old Sheep, Babes in the Woods, An Autumn Song, Good Morning Merry Sunshine, Oh, I Had Such a Pretty Dream, Mama, Lullaby[e], I Had a Little Pony, The Birdies' Ball, My Grandmother's Old Fashioned Garden, Goodbye, My Lover, Goodbye) No release forms
14 83-47: Smith, Tracy W. Folklore Unit Grades 4-6
(Teaching Unit: Legends, Proverbs, Jokes, Weatherlore) No release forms
14 83-48: Taylor, Matthew T. Baseball Folklore
(Avocation: Baseball; Narrative: Home Run favorites) No release forms
14 83-49: Walker, Lloyd Folklore in Secondary Schools
(Teaching Unit: Introduction of Folklore, Legend, Folk Hero, Material Culture) No release form
14 83-50: Weeks, Julie B. Fife Folklore Conference Paper
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes) No release forms
14 83-51: Weiler, Adele Military Entrance into the Great Salt Lake Valley
(Utah Heritage Foundation School Program; Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Salt Lake City) No release forms
14 83-52: Wilcox, Janet Keeler John Reed, the Likeable Trickster and Other San Juan Anecdotes
(Character Legend: John Reed; Region: U.S.: Utah: Blanding) No release forms
14 83-53: Williams, Sharon Regional Folklore: A Study Unit For Elementary Grades
(Teaching Unit: Verbal Folklore: Names, Proverbs, Riddles, Rhymes, Legends, Folktales, Songs: Ballads; Folk Beliefs; Customs; Games, Food; Material Cultures: Crafts, Architecture) No release forms
15 84-01: Barrus, Janice B. Fife Folklore Workshop Paper
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes: Cinnamon Buns, Green Tomato, Mince Meat Pie, Applesauce Fruit Cake, Grandmother's Doughnuts, Ranch Cookies, Sage Dressing, Corn Bread, Aebelskivers) No release forms
15 84-02: Bird, Janet Folklore and Folk Art
(Material Culture: Doily; Folk Games: Cowboys and Indians, Ante I Over; Legend: The Goblet, The Vanishing Assailant, Home on the Range, Mysterious Cat, The First Sewing Machine, Everlasting Prayer; Customs; Folksong: Old Dan Tucker, Southern Lullaby, Dandling Rhyme: Trotting Horse; Folk Belief: Shaving Heads) No release forms
15 84-03: Blaine, Connie Family Folklore Teaching Unit Lesson Plan
(Teaching Unit) No release forms
15 84-04: Bodily, Allison H. Folklore of England
(Regional Folklore: England; Customs: Love Spoon, First Foot; Folk Beliefs; Legend; Sayings; Ballads) No release forms
15 84-05: Burman, Mary M. Occupational Folklore Unit: Seventh Grade English
(Teaching Unit) No release forms
15 84-06: Christensen, Laureli "Tradition, Tradition": Stories and Folklore
(Folk Beliefs: Legend: The Tall Texan in the Nice White Suit, Little Pete; Character Legends: R.W. Christensen; Custom: Christmas Eve Shepherd's Supper, A Birthday Present for Jesus) No release forms
15 84-07: Cowlishaw, Laurie Lamoreaux A Utah Family's Folklore
(Family: Customs: Christmas, 4th of July, Wedding; Game: "Here comes the Buzzard; Folk Beliefs: Good luck; Rhyme: Wash the Lady's Dishes; Legends: Pioneer Story, The Horse that Got Shot, Rabbit Revenge, Riding Carp; Foodways: Cottage Cheese Salad) No release forms
15 84-08: Hansen, Suzanne J. Collecting Project
(Family: Narratives, Anecdotes; Memorate: A Jilted Bride?; Customs: Christmas) No release forms
15 84-10: Herron, Marsha Folklore Collections
(Family: Customs; Tales; Religious Legends: LDS: Three Nephite, Temple; Region: U.S.: Utah) No release forms
15 84-11: Hilding, Karin Lyle Hall--Folksinger
(Folksongs: "Jack of all Trades," "The Old Mine with the Iron Door," "Old Ephraim," "Jim Bridger," "Old Montana"; Personal Experience; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Malad: Utah: Northern Utah) Handwritten No release forms
15 84-12: Johnson, Kathryn E. R. Folklore as Topics for Writing Assignments
(Teaching Unit: Teaching writing through folklore; Folklore Film list) No release forms
16 84-13: Johnson, Norma Unit Plan
(Teaching Unit: Folk Narrative) No release forms
16 84-14: Karren, Wendy Family Folklore Project
(Narrative: Family: Reva and Carl Wallis; Custom: Foodways; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley; Supernatural Religious Legends) No release forms
16 84-15: Kielsmeier, Vicki Wedding Traditions
(Custom: Marriages, Weddings) No release forms
16 84-16: Kowal, Joani Folklore Project
(Family Folklore: Customs; Folk Belief; Folksay; Memorate; Supernatural Religious Legend) No release forms
16 84-17: Larsen, Lisa Ann Fife Folklore Collection
(Family: Legends: Character Legend: Orrin Porter Rockwell; Supernatural Legends: "The Ghost of Providence," "The Mink Creek Haunted House"; Folksong: "Come Where the Lilies Bloom"; Joke; Customs: Old Folks Day; Folk Say: "Big Rock Candy Mountain") No release forms
16 84-18: Larsen, Mary Ellen Folklore Project
(Custom: Plant Giving, Graduation Dinner, Family Camp Out, Christmas, Labor Day weekend, Persian New Year; Proverb) No release forms
16 84-19: Lindley, Jan Teaching Unit: Pioneer Folklore
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley) No release forms
16 84-20: Mair, Linda J. Teaching Unit: Folklore for Elementary Media Centers
No release forms
16 84-21: Nelson, Sandy W. Teaching Unit for Folklore
(Family: Narratives: Customs: Foodways: Recipes; Folksongs) No release forms
16 84-22: Pitt, Shayne Folklore Project
(Occupational Lore: Logger Terms; Game: "Stretch"; Tall Tale: "Falling Rock"; Legend: "Bigfoot," "The Choking Dog," "How Peoa was Named"; Regional: U.S.: Utah: Peoa) No release forms
16 84-23: Price, Laurence O. Mountain Men Annotated Bibliography
No release forms
16 84-24: Smart, Karl Collection Project
(Joke: LDS: "High Priest Joke"; Game: Cat and Mouse; Custom: Family: Christmas Morning, Measuring for a Coffin; Folksong: "On Top of Old Smokey," "Beans, Beans"; Supernatural Non-Religious Legend: Ouija Board; Etiological Legend: Naming; Folk Belief: Mosquito Repellant; Material Culture: Foodway: Raspberry Cake) No release forms
17 84-25: Stewart, Stephanie Y. Family Folklore
(Family: History: Maxine Stephens Adams, George Henry Wood; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cedar City) No release forms
17 84-26: Tobler, Geneil C. Family Folklore
(Family: History: Geneil C. and Leon Tobler, Grace & Christian Christensen; Itha and Archie Tobler; Region: Utah: Levan, Washington; Custom: Decoration Day, "Laying out the Dead;" Religious: LDS) No release forms
17 84-27: Wiser, Kristine Family Folklore
(Family: History; Customs: Games; Foodways: Bread; Folksay: Proverbs: Character Legend: Lorin Frost Wiser, Marriner Wood Merrill) No release forms
17 85-01: Abernathy, Karma L. The Johnson Family Folklore
(Family: History: Lorraine Johnson Matthews, McCoy Johnson, Alice Johnson; Region: U.S.: Utah: Grantsville) No release forms
17 85-02: Alley, Shannon Family Phrases
(Family: Folk Sayings: Clarence Swartz) Collector release form
17 85-03: Andrews, Joe Excerpts from the Life of Lydia May Argyle
(Family: History: Lydia May Argyle) No release forms
17 85-04: Beck, Brenda The Settlement of Utah
(Lesson Plan: Cache Valley Explorers, Trappers, Traders; Utah Pioneers) No release forms
17 85-05: Brunson, Debbie F. Customs and Traditions of the Second Generation of the Alvin C. Fluckinger Family
(Family: History: Alvin Christian Fluckinger; Custom: Birthdays, Holidays: Christmas Day/Eve) Collector and informant release forms
17 85-06: Burke, Marianne Epitaphs From Utah Cemeteries
(Written Lore: Epitaphs; Region: U.S.: Utah) No release forms
17 85-07: Bushman, Marilyn H. Faith Promoting Testimonies of Wanda Ellen Dickerson Bushman
(Family: History: Wanda Ellen Dickerson: Religious Folklore: LDS: Testimonies) No release forms
17 85-08: Carlisle, Colleen Grandmother's Teas
(Family: History: Ida Caroline Kunz Boss; Folk Belief: Medicinal: Herbal Teas; Foodways: Teas) No release forms
18 85-09: Carney, Kathleen Grandmother's Tales
(Report of two day workshop on methods of transmission of Western women's experiences; Grant proposal) No release forms
18 85-10: Clark, Ladean Aunt Cynthia Miller: Victim of Brigham's Curse on Maroni Hunt
(Family: History: Cynthia Ann Miller, Isaac Hill [journal extracts]; LDS History: Religious Folklore: LDS: Brigham Young; Legends: LDS: Curse) No release forms
18 85-11: Corbett, Jerry Corbett Family Stories
(Family: History; Folksong: Parody: Battle Hymn of the Republic; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Salmon; Cowboy Poetry) Collector and informant release forms
18 85-12: Davidson, Ruth Paskett Family Folklore
(Family: History: Ray Paskett, John Curtis Paskett; Legend: Religious: Three Nephite; Folksay) No release forms
18 85-13: Davis, Michelle M. In Search of Lore
(Family: Narratives; Legend: "Maniac in the Backseat", "Ritz Crackers"; Custom: St. Joseph Statue, Chain letter; Jokes: "Mormon Beach," "The Lightbulb") No release forms
18 85-15: Ekpe, Beatrice Folk Beliefs
(Children's Folklore: Folk Say: Rhymes, Chants, Tongue Twister; Games; Jokes; Riddles; Songs) No release forms
18 85-17: Gordin, Colleen F. Herman Freeman Family Folklore
(Family: Narratives, History: Herman Hans Freeman and Doris Fernelius Freeman; Occupation: Rodeo Clown; Folksongs; Folk Poetry; Folk Sayings; Region: U.S.: Utah) No release forms
18 85-18: Johnson, Kathryn E.R. Mabel Laura Banta Johnson
(Family: Narratives: Mabel Laura Banta Johnson; Foodways: Recipes: White Bread, Brown Bread, Molasses Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Creamy Fudge Frosting, Pumpkin Pie, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Rocks, Easy Fudge Frosting for Chocolate Rocks, Watermelon Pickles, Kurv [Scandinavian sausage], Norwegian Rulle, Batter for Smelt, Scalloped Potatoes, Scrules [Scandinavian Christmas Cookie], Berliner Kranser [Scandinavian Christmas Cookie], Norsk Bakelse [Scandinavian Sweet Rusks: Christmas Cookie]; Region: U.S.: Minnesota: Milan) No release forms
19 85-19: Mair, Launa Freeman Dye
(Family: History: William Freeman Dye; Customs: Outhouse Tipping; Region: U.S.: Utah: Neola) No release forms
19 85-20: Martin, Bryon Some Times in the Lives of Veldon J. and Jean T. Martin
(Family: History: Veldon J. and Jean T. Martin; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Dayton) Collector and informant release forms
19 85-21: Mecham, Mitzi A. "That Cursed Scottish Play": A Collection of Theatrical Lore
(Folk Beliefs: Occupational: Actors; Region: U.S.: Logan; Essay) No release forms
19 85-22: Meldrum, Wanda Teaching Unit: Study of American Folklore
(Children's Folklore: Folksay: Limericks, Proverbs, Jump Rope Rhymes; Material Culture: Recipe: Homemade Soap, Johnny Cakes, Sourdough Starter, Pancakes, Biscuits, Cooked Fruit Cake; Folk Beliefs; Folksongs) No release forms
19 85-23: Melrose, Russ The Folklore of Obituaries
(Customs: Death Ways: Obituaries) No release forms
19 85-24: Miller, Konnie W. Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Children's Folklore: Folksay: Jump Rope Rhymes; Folksongs; Narratives) No release forms
19 85-25: Nelson, Michelle Arnoldus A Bit of My Family's Folklore: Only the Beginning
(Family: Narratives; Folksay) No release forms
19 85-26: Ninalga, Bert D. Dovetails
(Material Culture: Furniture: Dovetails, including illustrations of furniture-making tools) No release forms
19 85-27: Olson, Kristal F. Holiday Food Traditions of the Bess and Clarence Olson Family
(Customs: Holiday Foodways: Recipes: Maraschino Cherry Cake, Sugar Cookies, Potato Salad, Lemon Meringue Pie, Hot Potato Dish, Raised Dinner Rolls, Freezer Raspberry Jam, Stuffed Baked Potatoes, Fruit Salad Dressing, Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Sauce, Baked Beans, Fruit Ice Cream, Glazed Donuts, Egg Yolk Frosting, Cranberry Salad, Baked Yams and Apples, Cream Puffs, Pateetsa, Fudge, Icebox Cookies, Suet Pudding [Plum Pudding], Divinity, Penoche [Danish Fudge], Spiced Nuts, Pecan Brittle, Modhouse Punch, Tingle Bell Punch, Suckers, Refrigerator Rolls, Rice Pudding, English Toffee, Jell-O Popcorn) No release forms
19 85-28: Ormund, Daniel Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore, Family Folklore) No release forms
19 85-29: Peterson, Joe Mormon Evil Spirit Narratives
(Narratives: Religious Folklore: LDS: Spirit, Supernatural) No release forms
20 85-30: Pugmire, Antoinette Taggart Memories of Myrtle Agnes Arnell Pugmire as Recollected to Jaren Swan Pugmire
(Oral History: Myrtle Agnes Arnell Pugmire; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Bear Lake County: St. Charles; 1899-1971) No release forms
20 85-32: Romney, Cindy Utah Mining Folklore
(Legend: Mining Lore: "Uncle Jessie," "Tommyknockers," "The Lost Mercer Mine," "The Lost Rhoades Mine") No release forms
20 85-33: Sanders, Lana Christmas Customs: Teaching Unit Project
(Teaching Unit: Custom: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve) No release forms
20 85-34: Schoemaker, George H. Marriage Confirmation Lore Among the Mormons
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Marriage; Custom: Marriage; Narrative: Marriage Confirmation Lore) No release forms
20 85-35: Shelton, Mary Ann My Family Folklore
(Family: History: Claude Afton and Vera Maughan Sorenson; Narratives; Jokes; Customs: Foodways: Root Beer, Taffy, Rhubarb Pie, Scones, Angel Food Cake; Region: U.S.: Utah: Mendon.) No release forms
20 85-36: Spencer, Mary F. Folklore Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore; Verbal Folklore: Folk Say, Ballads, Narrative Poetry, Legends: Bear Lake Monster; Family Folklore; Customs: Holidays: Calendrical Customs: Halloween, Valentine's Day, All Soul's Day; Regional: China, Japan, Mexico) No release forms
20 85-37: Stringham, Margene Family Christmas Traditions in Millville, Utah
(Customs: Family: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve; Region: U.S.: Utah: Millville) No release forms
20 85-38: Thorpe, Margene Family Stories
(Family: History: Waldon Isom; Narratives: Ranching; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cedar City) Collector release form, no informant release forms
20 85-39: Viator, Barbara Once You've Tasted Bayou Water
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Louisiana: Cajun/Creole) No release forms
20 85-40: Wolfley, Lynnette Porter Family Possessions: Their Stories
(Oral History: Lynette Gibbons Wolfley; Material Culture: Blessing Chair, China Hutch) No release forms
21 86-01: Allen, Kristine Hill Stories That My Father Tells
(Oral: History: Jack F. Van Fleet; Region: U.S.: Ohio and Michigan) Release forms
21 86-02: Anderson, Joyce Isaac Powell Hallman (Biography)
(Family History: Hallman, Issac Powell) Release forms
21 86-03: Barker, Lynette A. Mormon Folklore Missionary Memorates
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Legends: Missionary: Priesthood, Supernatural) Release forms
21 86-04: Barton, Donna The Oral History of Rosabell Ames: A Living Pioneer of the Uintah Basin
(Oral History Rosabelle Wall Ames, Pioneer Life; Region: U.S.: Utah: Uintah Basin) Release forms
21 86-05: Barton, Joseph R. The Blue Mountain Song
(Folksong: "Blue Mountain": Region: U.S.: Utah: Monticello) Collector release form
21 86-06: Beck, Stephen Clark Family Christmas Traditions
(Custom: Family: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve) Some items handwritten and photocopied Release forms
21 86-08: Butterfield, Donna P. Family Folk Remedies
(Folk Belief: Family Remedies: Herbs: Cures) Release forms
21 86-09: Chytraus, Margaret Folklore for 5th Grade Students
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore; Family Folklore) Collector release form
21 86-11: Cooper, Sue Gimmick Diets
(Folk Belief: Diets; Foodways) Release forms
21 86-12: Cordon, Sandra Memories of My Swedish Mother: A Conversation with Hannah Lindbloom Rosine
(Oral History: Hannah Lindbloom Rosine, Christina Forslund Lindbloom; Region: U.S.: Illinois: Galesburg) Release forms
21 86-13: Clark, LaDean Freedom's First Pioneers by Laura Hanson Stock McMorrow
(Oral History: Laura Hanson Stock McMorrow; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Freedom) No release forms (See also FOLK COLL 8 FFC 85-10)
21 86-14: Dabb, Neil Wedding Traditions and Folklore
(Custom: Marriage, Weddings) Release forms
22 86-15: Danielson, Kerstin The Sunday Dinner: An Endangered Species?
(Customs: Sunday Dinners) Release forms
22 86-16: Davis, Michelle M. Magic and Dreams
(Folk Belief: Dreams, Premonitions: "Old Hag") Release forms
22 86-17: Dayton, Clara M. Ethnic Family Traditions and Recipes
(Customs: Holiday: Christmas; Foodways: Recipes: German and Italian; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Rock Springs; Italy: Tyrolean Region) Release forms
22 86-18: Eckhardt, Carol From Germany to Russia to America: One Family's History
(Oral History: Herbert Louis Eckhardt; Migration.) Release forms
22 86-19: Fuller, Carol-Ann J. Southern Idaho Farm Auctions
(Custom: Farm Auctions; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Southern) Release forms
22 86-20: Gygi-Osborne, Kellie Family Food Customs
(Customs: Foodways: Recipes: Apple Pie, Beef Pot Roast, Bread, Brownies, Pork and Beans, Cheese Souffle, Cheesy Macaroni, Christmas Cake, Mackerel in Mushroom Sauce, Meatballs) Release forms
22 86-21: Heinrich, Douglas Collecting Project
(Folk Say: Climbing Terms; Sports Lore: Rock Climbing: Region: U.S.: California: Yosemite; Utah: Wasatch Front) No release forms
22 86-22: Jenkinson, Richard Navajo Beliefs From the Kayenta Area
(Folk Belief: Navajo; Region: U.S.: Arizona: Kayenta) No release form
22 86-23: Keating, Sydna Jensen The Dominance of Dairy Products in My Family's Diet
(Family History: Vesta Anderson Jensen; Customs: Occupation: Farming, Foodways: Dairy Recipes; Narratives: Farm Life; Ethnic: Danish American) Release forms
22 86-24: Knowlton, Jean A Collection of Items from a Farm in Western New York
(Material Culture: Furniture; Farming Tools; Region: U.S.: New York: Springville) Release forms
22 86-25: Lewis, Glenna Fife Folklore Lesson Unit
(Lesson Plan: Introduction to Folklore, Family Folklore). No release form
23 86-27: Manning, Carol Eleventh Grade Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore) No release forms
23 86-28: Martin, Mariann B. Folklore Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore and 9th Grade English) Collector release form
23 86-29: Maughan, Kaye L. Will You Marry Me?
(Custom: Marriages: Engagement Personal Narratives) Release forms
23 86-30: Miles, Nancy Rue Miles-History
(Oral History: Rue Miles; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Mountain Home; Customs: Ranching) Release forms
23 86-31: Miller, Nancy E. Stories of the Miller Family
(Family History: Clifford Miller) Collector release form, no informant release form
23 86-32: Norcross, Frances E. Birthday Custom With Some Special Foods
(Custom: Birthday, Foodways) Release forms
23 86-33: Olson, Eleanor Camp Legends
(Legend: Camp Legends: Camp Red Cliff, Camp Lomondi, Lomondi Initiation, Camp Atoka, Ben Lomond, Colby Henry and the Cougar, The Man and the Wolf, Old Ephraim, etc.; Religious Folklore: LDS: Camp) Release forms
23 86-34: Palmer, Yvonne P. Jewish Customs of Sabbath Observance
(Custom: Religious Folklore: Jewish: Sabbath Worship) Release forms
23 86-35: Parrish, Emily Hospital Legends
(Legend: Occupational: Health Care Workers) Release forms
23 86-36: Penberthy, Jean G. Early Childhood Recreation Games and Pastimes in Centerville, Utah
(Children's Folklore: Customs: Games: Marbles, Ring Toss, Leaf House; Material Culture: Toys: Handkerchief Doll, Lilac Leaf Whistle) Collector release form, no informant release forms
24 86-37: Peterson, Karen Tales of Animal Burials (Real and Fake)
(Cemetery Lore: Pets) Release forms
24 86-38: Sheffield, Terry Teaching Unit: Folklore in the Writing Class
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore, Literature, Writing) No release form
24 86-39: Sorge, Glenda Recipes and Remedies
(Folk Belief: Remedies: Mustard Plaster, Canker Cure, Wart Removal; Custom: Soap Making; Foodways: Recipes: Jerky, Dandelion Wine, Fried Rattlesnake, "Poor Man's Pie") Release forms
24 86-40: Street, Bradley Fables
(Folktales: Fables [mostly from books]) Release forms
24 86-41: Stringham, Margene Millville Houses from Different Time Periods
(Material Culture: Architecture: Houses; Region: U.S.: Utah: Millville; 1878- 1984, two per decade) Release forms
24 86-42: Tueller, Robinette C. Crocheted Afghans
(Material Culture: Crocheting: Afghans) Release forms
24 86-43: Wakefield, Bessie Family Christmas Traditions
(Custom: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve) Release forms
24 86-44: Warner, Nancy Utah State University Range Department Tales, Pt. II
(Occupational Lore: College: USU: Range Department; Ranchers) Release forms
24 86-45: Wendel, Catherine German Christmas Traditions: Lesson Plans
(Custom: Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve; Foodways: Recipes; Ethnic: German; Lesson Plans: Christmas Traditions) Release forms
24 86-46: Wright, Patricia Teaching Unit: Me and My Family
(Teaching Unit: Family Folklore: Elementary) No release forms
25 86-47: Riley, Jennifer My Family Heritage Photos
(Family History: Genealogy: Pedigree charts; Water C. Riley and Marvelle Morgan Riley Family; Oral History: Marvel Morgan Riley) Collector release form
26 87-01: Andreasen, Karen K. The Life and Ancestry of Thelma Ida Blanchard Jenson
(Life History and Ancestry: Thelma Ida Blanchard Jenson; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan; Customs: Recipes: Hand Lotion, Home-made Soap; Foodways: Danish Pickles) Release forms
26 87-02: Alder, Aleene Ethnics in Utah
(Ethnic Folklore: Region: U.S.: Utah; Living Traditions; Slide show dialog, no slides) No release form
26 87-03: Barrett, Julia Ellsworth Frugal Folkways: Way of Reunion
(Folk Belief: Being Frugal; Misc.: Letters, Poem, Copied Photos) Release forms
26 87-05: Bell, Jennifer S. Home Remedies
(Folk Belief: Remedies: Congested Lungs, Sleeplessness, Cough Syrup, Chills, Cramps, Upset Stomach, Croup, Cankers, Bronchitis, Toothache, Boils, Earache, Bee Sting, Measles, Burns, Wart removal, Chest Cold, Mumps, etc.) Release forms
26 87-06: Bringhurst, Kerry Hi-Land Dairy Folklore
(Legend: Occupational: Dairy Farmers) Release forms
26 87-07: Carper, Donald J. Family Proverbs of Depression Era Youth
(Proverbs) Release forms
26 87-08: Christensen, Sandra O. Family Folksong: An Automobile Tradition
(Folksongs: Family: Car Travel) Release forms
26 87-09: Easterling, Patrick Karate Stories
(Sports Lore: Karate) Collector release form, no informant release forms
26 87-10: Geary, Theresa W. Folklore in Cache Valley: Teaching Unit
(Teaching Unit: Introduction to Folklore: Regional: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley) Collector release form
27 87-11: Gephart, Rhonda T. Over, Under, and Around the Quilt
(Narratives: Quilting, Folk Poetry; Material Culture: Quilting) Release forms
27 87-12: Hagloch, Michelle Stories from the Past
(Narratives: Family; Family: History: Wayne and Enid Grasser; Region: U.S.: Utah: Ephraim and Willard) No release forms
27 87-13: Hamblin, Ruth Women in History
(Teaching Unit: Women's Folklore) No release forms
27 87-14: Hatton, Caroline Foodways of the Homesteaders
(Custom: Foodways: Pioneer, Homesteader Recipes: Region: U.S.: Nebraska, South Dakota) Release forms
27 87-15: Hazleton, Dru The Weaver Family Stories
(Narratives: Personal Experience Stories: Udell and Nina Weaver Family; Memorate; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Georgetown; Genealogy: Pedigree Chart) Release forms
27 87-16: Samson-Hernandez, Amelia Narrative Filipino Folklore and Collection of Filipino Customs and Traditions
(Legends; Folktales; Folksongs; Regional Folklore: Philippines) Release forms
27 87-17: Hunsaker, Barbara Lynne Blaine Frank and Hattie Hunsaker 1987 Family Reunion Story Collection
(Family: History: Personal Experience Narratives: Hyrum B. Hunsaker, Quinn Hunsaker, Brian Sparks, Les Sparks, Max Molgard, Bill Hunsaker; Region: U.S.: Utah: Bear Lake) Release forms
27 87-18: James, Rhett Stephens The Study of Play, Life Review, and Occupational Folklore: Bill Hill, a Biographical Approach
(Oral History: William "Bill" Lee Hill; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Star Valley) Release forms (See also FOLK COLL 8 FFC 88-14)
27 87-19: Johnson, Wilford Grandpa's Folksong Collection
(Folksongs: Family: Benjamin Porter) Release forms (See also FOLK COLL 8 FFC 87-42)
28 87-20: Jones, Paul Sports Beliefs
(Folk Beliefs: Sports: Football) Release forms
28 87-21: Kartchner, Shirard Japanese Proverbs
(Proverbs: Japanese) Handwritten Release form
28 87-22: Kunz, Ruth Barnes Quilting Folklore Unit
(Teaching Unit: Quilting, Interviewing) Release form
28 87-23: LaRocco, Craig On Selecting Watermelons and Cantaloupes
(Custom: Selecting Fruit: Watermelon and Cantaloupe) No release forms
28 87-24: Laughlin, George S. Stories of Life from New York to Arkansas
(Family: History; Narratives; Anecdotes) Release forms
28 87-25: Lewis, Mike Legend or Myth
(Legends: Family; Memorate) Collector release forms
28 87-28: Meeks, Jesse L. Home Grown Entertainment
(Legends: Family: John Glenn Meeks, Florine Sherrell Meeks: "The Legend of the Falling Rocks," "The Story of Lavender" [Vanishing Hitchhiker]; Folk Beliefs; Remedies) Release forms
28 87-29: Miller, Barry Study of "Inside-Out" Granaries in Utah
(Material Culture: Architecture: Granaries; Region: U.S.: Utah: Northern; Idaho: Southern) No release forms
28 87-30: Nelson, Chas K. Rugby Folklore
(Customs: Sports: Rugby; Narratives: Rugby; Folk Say: Rugby) Release forms
28 87-31: Oscarson, Cali Prison Folklore Collection
(Folk Belief: Utah State Penitentiary; Folk Say: Prison Jargon) Collector release form, no informant release forms
28 87-32: Peterson, Karl R. Wellsville Nicknames
(Folk Say: Nicknames; Region: U.S.: Utah: Wellsville) Release forms
29 87-33: Patrick, Stacey Food for Thought: A Collection of Family Recipes
(Foodways: Recipes: Sugar Cookies, Christmas Tree Bread, White Fruit Cake, Chewy Carmels, Hungry Man's Breakfast, Teedie's Grape Icebox Cake, Carmel Corn, Lemon Ice Cream, Raisin Bar Cookies, Chocolate Eggs, Molasses Taffy) Release forms
29 87-34: Reitbauer, Larry Parodies and Variations of the "Happy Birthday" Song
(Folksong: Birthday Songs: Parodies) Collector Release form
29 87-35: Sakos, Joan C. Christmas Customs Among Selected Practicing Episcopalians Living or Working in Utah
(Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve Traditions; Religious: Episcopalians; Region: U.S.: Utah) Release forms
29 87-36: Stanger, April Riddles and Songs Gathered from Within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
(Riddles; Songs: The Sunflower, Taillefer's Song) No release forms
29 87-37: Stewart, Nancy Kay Williams Remembered Christmas Traditions: A Collection of Family Memories
(Holiday: Christmas Day/Eve; Customs: Foodways: Christmas) Release forms
29 87-38: Wadsen, Winifred Sawaya Importance of Ethnic Food at Syrian-American Family Reunions
(Customs: Foodways: Syrian; Family History; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Kemmerer) Release forms
29 87-39: West, Darlene Alexa The Bridge Between Summer and Winter
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Herbs and Cures; Customs: Traditional Healers: Currandera/o; Ethnic: Mexican-Americans; Interviewees: Aparicio Lopez, Maria Cruz Lopez, Antonia Sanchez; Translator: Mary Parker; Interviewer: Donna Olsen Arbab) Release forms
29 87-40: Young, Cynthia The Folklore of "Crash Dieting"
(Human Condition: Dieting) No release forms
29 87-41: Nelson, Donna A. Folk Medicine and Health Care
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Herbs and Cures; Questionnaire) Release forms
29 87-42: Johnson, Wilford Grandpa's Folksong Collection--Part Two
(Folksongs: Family: Benjamin Porter) No release forms (See also: FOLK COLL 8 FFC 19)
30 88-01: Arbon, Tori Sandall Gambling Techniques of the Sandall Family
(Folk Belief: Gambling; Custom: Sports: Gambling) Missing one release form
30 88-02: Barton, Noel Alexander A Spot in the Wilderness
(Family: History: Albert and Irene Overfors; Region: U.S.: Minnesota: Duluth; Finland; Sweden; Folklife: Homesteading, 1913, Migration) Release forms
30 88-03: Blair, Dell S. Dilworth Young
(Character Legend: Young, S. Dilworth) No release forms
30 88-04: Cannon, Steven B. Medical Cures Around the Time of the 1918 Flu Epidemic
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Family Remedies, Herbs and Cures; photocopy of The Modern Cook Book and Medical Guide, 1889) Release forms
30 88-05: Ellington, Margaret Ann Folklore of Headquarters and the Ten Miles that Surround It
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Commissary Meadows: "Headquarters"; Architecture: Log Cabins) Release forms
30 88-06: Fjeldsted, Barbara C. Family Naming
(Custom: Naming Traditions; Folk Say: Nicknames) Release forms
30 88-07: Giles, Diane Miles Uintah Basin Folklore Since 1915
(Regional Folklore: U.S.: Utah: Uintah Basin; Legends: Family: Clarence "Bish" Ivie, Lucille Muir: "Decomposed Baby"; "Monster in Moon Lake"; Customs: Family Reunion; Rodeo; Folk Beliefs; Folk Say ) Collector release forms
30 88-08: Gamble, Darrel G. Stories of Faith: Supernatural Religious Experiences Collected from Mormon Seminary and Institute Students and People Close to Them
(Legends: Religious Folklore: LDS: Supernatural; Collection includes glossary of LDS definitions) Collector release form, all but one informant is anonymous, no informant release forms
30 88-09: Glasgow, Brunhilde Hometown Memories
(Regional Folklore: Germany: Idar-Oberstein; Customs: Foodways: Leckschmeir [Plum Jam], Spiessbraten [Barbecue]; Games: Itzig Drilles-Spiel [Twirling Top Game]; School: Die Schultute [Goodie Bag]; Folk Belief; Proverbs: Weather Prediction; Folksongs; Legend: Church of Rocks) Collector release form
30 88-10: Goold, Julie Folklore Collection
(Folk Say: Written Lore: Yearbook [High School] Autographs and Autograph Rhymes) No release forms
31 88-11: Hill, Genene C. Life of an Oregon Logger and His Wife: Connecting the Past with the Present by Storytelling
(Occupational Lore: Loggers; Oral History: Delmar [Speed] and Carol Birkenfeld; Region: U.S.: Oregon; Legends: Occupational: Logger, Initiation, Death; Folk Say: Logger Terminology) Release forms
31 88-13: Holt, Karen Crookston Party Games of the George Robert Coombs Family
(Customs: Games: Party, Children, Family, Christmas) Release forms
31 88-14: James, Rhett Stephens Life Review and Occupational Folklore: Folklife of the Aging
(Oral History: Bill L. Hill and Transcript of Interview: Thelma Gubler James; Occupational Folklore) Release forms (See also FOLK COLL FFC 87-18)
31 88-16: Lindhart, Alice Oral History of Bessie Pearl Crowther Baird
(Family Folklore: Bessie Pearl Crowther Baird; Customs: Foodways: Recipes; Religious Folklore: LDS: Legends: LDS: Supernatural: Folk Say: Rhymes, Folk Speech; Folk Belief) Release forms
31 88-17: McCoy, Chante Pakistani Stories, Histories, and Personal Recollections of Siraj Ahmed
(Transcript of Interview: Regional Folklore: Pakistan; Legends: Pakistani; Religious: Muslim) Release forms
31 88-18: Powell, Karen N. Icelandic Influences
(Family Folklore: Carolinea Ingeburg Olson; Regional Folklore: Iceland, U.S.: Utah: Spanish Fork; Religious Folklore: LDS) Collector release form, no informant release forms
31 88-19: Richardson, Allen Hart A Potpourri of Accounts of Supernatural Happenings
(Legends: Religious: LDS: Supernatural: Missionary; UFO, Revenant [Ghost], Ouija Board, Skin Walker: Memorate) Release forms, missing three informant release forms
31 88-20: Robbins, Richard An Account of My Family's Folklore
(Oral History: John and Mary Eliza Rowley; Region: Colonia Diaz, Mexico, U.S.: Blanding [Grayson]: Utah.) No release forms
31 88-21: Seamons, Janice Family Stories
(Family Narratives: Ronald Devar and BettyAnn Seamons) Release forms
32 88-22: Shaha, Nancy War Stories
(Occupational Lore: Military: World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War; Oral History: Fred N. Sharp; James H. Shaha; Robert E. Williams) Release forms
32 88-23: Smith, Jean Historicity of Pioneer Epitaphs: A Glimpse of What Once Was
(Written Lore: Epitaphs; Material Culture: Gravemarkers; Region: U.S.: Utah; Idaho) No release forms
32 88-24: Warburton, Carole Thayne Thayne Family Stories
(Family Narratives: Stan Thayne, Michael Warburton; Religious: LDS: Anecdotes) No release forms
32 88-25: Thurston, Margene M. Herbs and Remedies
(Customs: Medical Lore: Family Remedies: Herbs and Cures: Canker, Ring Worm, Skin Cancer, Pneumonia) No release forms
32 88-26: Wynn, Loila Oral History of Lettie Condie
(Material Culture: Architecture: Bedrooms; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Preston) Release forms
32 88-27: Boyes, Kate The Power of Bear's Presence: Personal Narratives from the Wilderness
(Personal Narratives; Legend: Animal: Bear: Old Ephraim; Occupation: Forest Service: Women; Transcript of two taped interviews: Diane Browning, Margaret Pettis) Release forms
32 88-28: Godfrey, Lisa P. Folklore Project
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Healings, Miracles, Priesthood Blessings; Folk Beliefs: Near Death Experiences; Angels; Personal Narratives: Memorates) No release forms
32 88-29: Jenson, Dixie Lee Return of the Great Pumpkin
(Custom: Holiday: Halloween "Pumpkin Walk"; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley: North Logan) Release forms
33 89-01: Greg E. Bagley The Life of a Modern-day Shepard
(Occupational Lore: Sheep Herding: Lambing, Branding, Doctoring, Shearing, Herding; Region: U.S.: Utah: Sevier County: Koosharem) No release forms
33 89-03: Barrus, Nikole Christmas Traditions
(Custom: Christmas; Foodways) No release forms
33 89-04: Bown, Louise The Devey Family Reunion
(Family: History: Reunion: John Devey Family; Traditions: Family Reunion; Region: U.S.: Utah: American Fork; Material Culture: Miniature First Car built in Utah by John Devey) No release forms
33 89-05: Fazzio, Steffany Family Naming Traditions
(Custom: Family Naming Traditions; Family History: Elizabeth Ann Parry, Sarah Bell Peacock; Religious: LDS: Migration; Region: Europe: Wales) No release forms
33 89-06: Galloway, Donna P. Foodways
(Customs: Foodways: Pioneer, Homesteader, Family) No release form
33 89-07: Goold, Julie Piecing of Quilts
(Material Culture: Quilting: Wasatch Mountain Quilters: Piecing Quilts, with 2 pieced quilt block examples; Region: U.S.: Utah: Salt Lake County) No release forms
33 89-08: Howard, Linda Descriptive One-Liners
(Folksay: Proverbs, Similes) No release forms
33 89-09: Jenson, Dixie Interview with Sexton of Logan City Cemetery
(Oral History Interview: Seth Sparks; Occupation: Sexton; Custom: Cemetery Lore; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan; Also includes histories of Logan City and Logan Cemetery by other authors) Release forms
33 89-10: Kennington, Elizabeth L. Family Christmas Party
(Family: Custom: Christmas Traditions: Foodways: Santa Claus Party) No release form
34 89-11: Nielsen, Kristin Folklore Paper
(Material Culture: Knitting) No release forms
34 89-12: Terry, Barbara Is Life Safe?: God's Insurance Policy and Mormon Mysticism
(Religious Folklore: LDS; Supernatural: Healings, Miracles; Personal Narratives: Memorates) No release forms
34 89-13: Ward, Betsy Camp Songs: Capturing the Traditions of Girl's Camp
(Children's Folklore: Camp; Folksong: "Gee, Mom I want to Go to Camp," "Indian Song," "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Flea Fly Flow," "Peanut, Peanut Butter," "The Princess Pat," "Jaws," "Hanky Panky," "Weenie Man Song," "City Girls," "Tarzan of the Apes," "Skunk Song," "Wake-up Song," "The J-Jell-O Song," "Fish and Chips and Vinegar," "Anne-Marie and Jean-Pierre," "Super Suffocation," "Comet," "Grandma Song," "My Old Man is a Garbage Man," "Rose," "Love," "American," "No Man is an Island"; Religious: LDS: Girl's Camp) No release forms
34 90-01: Alder, N.D. Stories of Utah State: Milt Abrahms, Milt Merrill, and Other Characters
(College Lore: Utah State University: Milton R. Merrill, President Darryl Chase, Milt Abrahms, Max Peterson, George Jensen, Ty Booth, Doug Alder, Jeff Simmonds; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan; Religious: LDS) Release forms
34 90-02: Anderson, Justin Stories from My Mother's Youth
(Personal Narratives: ElDora Thomson; Occupation: Farming; Children's Folklore; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley) Release forms
34 90-03: Andrus, Linda B. Oral History of Ray H. Wilson
(Personal Narratives: Ray H. Wilson; Region: U.S.: Utah: Benjamin, Idaho: Blackfoot; Occupation: Trapping, Military) Release forms
34 90-04: Bard, Elaine Delbert Horrocks, a Uintah Basin Pioneer: Youth, Jobs, Spiritual Experiences
(Oral History Interview: Delbert Horrocks; Region: U.S.: Utah: Uintah Basin; Occupation: Mining, Farming; Personal Experiences; Era: Early 1900s) Release forms
34 90-05: Blackburn, Clyda Rae Validation of the Old West in Contemporary Storytelling
(Personal Narratives: Fritz Kaufman; Occupation: Ranching; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Teton Valley: Alta; Tall Tales) Release forms
34 90-06: Christensen, LaDonna Learning to Listen to Stories
(Oral History: Maureen Geneva Young Spencer; Region: U.S.: Washington: Grand Coulee; Oregon: Willamette Valley; Religious: LDS: Conversion) Release forms
34 90-07: Darger, Colleen GranEleene
(Letters: Eleene Arune Quinton, Colleen Darger; Region: Canada: Alberta: Cardston; U.S.: Arizona: Short Creek [Colorado City]; Humor; Occupation: Teaching) Release forms
34 90-08: Dunkley, Karen Mary Myrtle Ransom Goff: Stories of Her Youth
(Oral History: Mary Myrtle Ransom Goff; Region: U.S.: Arizona: Pima; Oregon: Elgin; Religious: LDS; Family Folklore) Collector release form, no informant release form
35 90-09: Hawkes, Leonard M. Stories from the G. L. Bowen Home
(Family: History: Narratives: G. L. Bowen Home; Region: U.S.: Utah: Beaver Dam; Material Culture: Architecture: Home) Release forms
35 90-10: Hoffman, LouDawn Stories of Everyday Life in the Rural Western U.S.
(Family: History: Narratives; Occupational: Ranching; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Byron, Utah: Randolf) Release forms
35 90-11: Jenkins, Lee Family Album
(Family: Narratives) Release forms
35 90-12: Johnson, Veda B. Childhood Memories of Elba Woolley Colette
(Personal Narratives: Elba Woolley Colette; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan) Release forms
35 90-13: Larsen, Annette B. Our Family Stories
(Family: History: Essay) No release form
35 90-14: Larsen, Susan You Can't Go Home Again: Stories from a Man Who Tried
(Personal Narratives: Clair Dee Larsen; Regional Folklore: U.S: Utah: Hyrum) No release forms
35 90-15: Lewis, Paige Coyote Memories
(Family: History: Narratives: Samuel Ford Jeppson: Coyote Stories; Essay) No release forms
35 90-16: Manyatsela, Elisha Collected Stories from Lesotho
(Regional Folklore: Customs: Folktale: Africa: Lesotho) No release forms
35 90-17: Montague, Liz Voices From Beyond: One Family's Trilogy
(Family: Legend: Memorate: "The Nephite Visitation," "Tom Smith meets with the dead," Psychic Aunt Zett; Religious: LDS: Supernatural, United Order; Region: U.S.: Utah: Circleville; Interview: Georgia Elizabeth Fullmer Welti) No release forms
35 90-18: Olson, Gail Family Songs
(Folksongs: "Bill Groeger's Goat," "Two Irish Men, Two Irish Men," "Daisy, Daisy," "Four Leaf Clover," etc.; Custom: Sing in Car) Release forms
36 90-19: Shaffer, Jodi Stories from My Father's Childhood
(Oral History Dal Von "Mick" Atkinson; Region: U.S.: Idaho: Treasureton; Occupation: Ranching; Children's Folklore: Two Room Schoolhouse; Human Condition: Illness, Folk Belief: Cures) Release forms
36 90-20: Sweeney, Krista Where the River Runs: An Oral History of Chattaroy, Washington, as Remembered by Ormel Ogden
(Regional Folklore: US: Washington: Chattaroy; Oral History: Ormel Ogden) Release forms
36 90-21: Tratnik, Rosalie German-Russian Customs of North Dakota
(Ethnic: German-Russian; Region: U.S.: North Dakota: Strasburg; Customs: Foodways; Religious: Fairs, Seating, Christmas Santas and Angels; Community: Threshing Day; Family: Daughter's Dowry, Wedding Celebrations, Sundays; Material Culture: Summer Kitchens) Release forms
36 90-22: Tsai, Lin Missionaries' Stories --- An Initiation Ceremony for Greenies
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Missionary: Humor, Language: Legends; Customs: Initiation Rites; Ethnic: Taiwanese) Release forms
36 90-23: Valerio, Albert Customs and Festivals of Northern New Mexico
(Traditions: Ethnic: Spanish American: Hispanic; Customs: Saint's Day, Christmas: Greeting, Matachines Dancers; New Year's: Dando Los Buenos Dias; Wedding: La Entriega, Prendorio; Funeral: Wake; Game: Chueco; Festival: San Geronimo; Family: Matanza; Region: U.S.: New Mexico: Taos; Religious: Catholic) Release forms
36 91-01: Beachem, Merilyn Supernatural Stories from Vernal
(Legend: Memorates: Supernatural: Ghosts, Evil Spirits; Haunted House; Region: U.S.: Utah: Vernal) Release forms
36 91-02: Carter, Diane Supernatural Occurrences
(Legends: Memorates: Supernatural: Premonitions; Ghosts; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite; Region: US.: Utah: Emery County) Release forms
36 91-03: Fullmer, Marie Tales of the Unknown
(Legend: Memorate: Supernatural: Revenant: Old Hag; UFO; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite; Premonition; Near Death Experience; Guardian Angel; Friday the 13th) Release forms
37 91-04: Gledmacher, Rosanne A Collection of Accounts of the Supernatural
(Legend: Memorates: Supernatural: Ghost; Devil Worshippers; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite) Release forms
37 91-05: Hanson, Bekka Tales of the Supernatural
(Legend: Supernatural: Ghost: Famous People: "Eric Clapton and the Poster," "Three Men and a Baby Ghost"; Children's: "Bloody Mary"; Legend Tripping: "Logan Cemetery Weeping Woman," "Provo Cemetery Weeping Woman," "St. Ann's Retreat (St. Anne's, St. Anne, St. Ann)," "Kay'sCross," "Emu's Grave," "Hobbitland or Allen Park," "Ogden Cemetery Statue," "TheDevil House," "Gilgal or Flintstone Park," "Real Ghost Stories," "Stories of the Devil") Release forms
37 91-06: Horn, Petra M. Supernaturalism in the Deaf Community
(Legends: Memorates: Supernatural: Ghosts; Deaf Community) Release forms
37 91-07: Kreitzer, Matthew E. St. George Temple Legends and Faith Promoting Tales
(Legends: Memorates: Supernatural: Ghosts; Religious: LDS: Temple: St. George; Folk Belief: Premonition: Genealogy Work, Missionary Work, Gold Mine, Polygamist; Near Death Experience; Joke: "This one's your mine, this one's yours") Release forms
37 91-08: Mangum, Delores Supernatural Sagas
(Legend: Memorate: Supernatural: Premonition: Dreams, Near Death Experience, War: Persian Gulf; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite) Release forms
37 91-09: Mathews, Cynthia Warning Stories: Legends and Memorates
(Legend: Memorate: Supernatural: Premonition: Dream: Death) Release forms
37 91-10: O'Neal, Kevin L. Louisiana Voodoo and Supernatural Legends
(Legend: Supernatural: Voodoo) Release forms
37 91-11: Thomson, Angela Supernatural Folklore from Family and Friends
(Legend: Memorate: Supernatural: Guardian Angel, Revenant: Visitation from the Dead, Premonition: Dreams) Release forms
37 91-12: Triplett, Joan Contact With the Dead
(Legend: Supernatural: Revenant: Comfort Living, Messenger, Guide, Encourage/Discourage Genealogy; Religious: LDS: Temple) Release forms
38 91-13: Warr, Janis H. Tales of the Supernatural from the Raft River Valley
(Legend: Supernatural: Ghosts: Helpers, Vanishing Hitchhiker, "Buried Alive"; Regional: U.S.: Idaho: Raft River; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite: Food Storage, Help, Asking for Food; Genealogy) Release forms
38 91-14: Anderson, Joanna Mormon Missionary Folklore: Fact or Fiction?
(Legends: Supernatural: Missionary: Healing, Curses, Evil Spirits, Rule Breaking, Speaking in Tongues; Religious Folklore: LDS) Release forms
38 91-15: Olson, Anna Beth The Mink Creek Ghost Story: A Century Later
(Regional: U.S.: Idaho: Mink Creek; Legends: Ghosts: Haunting; Religious: LDS) Release forms
38 91-16: Rosier, David Supernatural Stories of Sanpete County
(Legend: Supernatural: Ghost: Cemetery, Haunted House; Regional: U.S.: Utah: Sanpete County: Moroni Mill; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite, Temple; Legend Tripping) Release forms
38 91-17: Thomas, Claire Spiritual Folklore of the Supernatural: 1831-1992
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Dreams: Spirit: Near Death Experiences; Legends: Supernatural: Three Nephite; Folk Belief: Second Sight) Release forms: RESTRICTIONS
38 91-18: Newell, Jennifer Ellen Mormon Garments of the Priesthood: Interpreting an Evolution through Folklore
(Essay: Religious Folklore: LDS: Garments) Release forms
38 91-19: Barlow, Laurel Legends and Folklore of Kaysville's Mysterious Stone Cross
(Essay with Examples: Legend: Regional: Kaysville, UT: Kay's Cross) No Release forms
38 92-01: Bratner, Debra K. Family Food, "Traditions"
(Foodways: Recipes: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Rolls, Hamburger Gravy, Potato Casserole, Jumbelee Jumbo's Cookies, Chicken Fried Venison or Elk, Fresh Fruit Salad, Banana Nut Bread, Applesauce Cake, Gingerbread House, Braided Bread, Bratzalies, Annis' Crabeli Ebleshiver; Ethnic: Swiss) Release forms
38 92-02: Christensen, Connie The Zollinger Dripper Apple Pie: An Oral Tradition
(Family: Jacob Zollinger; Region: U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley; Ethnic: Swiss American; Foodways: Swiss Apple Pie) Release forms
38 92-03: Cummings, Michael L. Mountain Men Revisited
(Avocation: Boy Scout: Camping; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Lake New Fork: Camp New Fork; Foodways: Camp Food: Dutch Oven) Collector release form
38 92-04: Davis, Amma A. Spreading in Texas Prisons
(Customs: Prison: Foodways: Folk Rules; Region: U.S.: Texas: Huntsville; Verbal: Folk Say: Terminology) Collector release form
39 92-05: Ellsworth, David M. Guam's Fiesta: A Celebration of an Island and Her People
(Customs: Festival: Fiesta: Foodways: Recipes: Red Rice, Pancit Canton, Lumpia, Chicken Kelaguen, Guamanian Stuffing, Beef Kelaguen, Finadene Sauce, Flour Tortillas, Latiya, Banana Donuts, Chicken or Spareribs Marinade Sauce; Region: Guam) Release forms
39 92-06: Hemphill, Leaunda Comparing Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and in Cache Valley, Utah: A Moslem Women's View
(Custom: Holiday: Ramadan: Foodways; Region: Saudi Arabia, U.S.: Utah: Cache Valley; Religious: Moslem: Ramadan) Release forms
39 92-07: Gill, Cindy Stories of the Kermis Festival from Paradise, Utah
(Custom: Festival: Kermis: Trout and Berry Days; Region: U.S.: Utah: Paradise; Religious: LDS: Fundraiser) Release forms
39 92-08: Kreitzer, Matthew E. Mom's 4th of July Cake
(Custom: Family: Foodways: Independence Day: Cake)
39 92-09: Petersen, Susan S. Food That Holds Feeling or Special Meaning in Families
(Customs: Foodways: Holidays: Recipes: Mint Brownies, Crusty Apple Pudding, Brownie Pudding, Bread and Milk, Bread and Sugar, Cherry Cake, Homemade Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie, Carmel Popcorn, Poor Man's Pudding, Crystal's Lemon Meringue Pie, Dale's Chocolate Cookies, Grapefruit Cocktail, Big Nan's Joe Frogger Cookies, Beet Jelly; Family: Ethnic Foods: Swedish Pancakes, Petitza (Yugoslavia Christmas Bread); Religious: LDS: Food Storage: Fruit Cake from Old Fruit, Tea, Milk) Release forms
39 92-10: Poulsen, L. Mont Words of Wisdom: A Discussion About Mormons and the Word of Wisdom
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Word of Wisdom; Folk Belief: Obedience; Customs: Sunday Meal; 23 Surveys) Collector release form
39 92-11: Purser, Connie A Collection of Grandma's Cookin'
(Custom: Foodways: Recipes: Apple Kruka Pie, Shrimp Salad, Grandma's Oatmeal Cookies, Grunko [Danish Soup], Grandma's Cookie Candy, Almond Toffee, Grandma J's Pancakes, Swedish Pancakes) Release forms
39 92-12: Reese, Elizabeth A. "I Can't Even Boil Water!": Stories About Cooking and Love
(Custom: Foodways: Cooking; Verbal Folklore: Food Anecdotes: Cooking Disasters) Release forms
39 92-13: Ruckman, Kimberly A Baker's Dozen
(Custom: Foodways: Recipe: Dilly Casserole Bread; 12 Poems on Family Foodways) Collector release form
40 92-14: Sarver, Suzanne You Are What You Eat
(Customs: Foodways: Family Recipes: Bread Pudding, Hamburger and Potatoes, Pickled Beets, Potato Soup, Rolled Oats Cereal, Hot Greens and Potato Salad, Onion Sandwich, Sauerkraut, Apple Butter, Anise Cookies, Aunt Iris's Coconut Cake, Cranberry Relish, Pepparkakor [Swedish Cookies], Turkey Dressing, Mashed Turnips, Raisin Pie, Cheese Soup, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Frosting, Dad's Bean Soup, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Puckins, Proomsenscreen [cooked prunes and cream], Milk Noodles, Hot Lemonade, Baking Soda Paste; Region: U.S.: Indiana: Fort Wayne; Ethnic: German American, Swedish American) Release forms
40 92-15: Sorensen, Mary K. Sorensen Family Foodlore
(Customs: Foodways: Cooking: Traditions: Gender Roles, Recipe: World's Best Lasagna; Folk Belief: Cure: Stomach Virus) Collector release form
40 92-16: Stene, Eric Wedding Foods: Tradition or Convenience
(Customs: Foodways: Weddings) Release forms
40 92-17: Thomas, Claire Houston Food, Work and Family: Foodways of an Early Twentieth Century Pioneer Family
(Customs: Foodways: Family: Recipes: Addie Asay Houston and John Cooper Houston: Pioneer/Homesteader, Domestic Service, Holidays: Christmas, Thanksgiving; Folk Belief: Cures; Religious: LDS: Fasting, Sabbath Day Observance, Hymns) Release forms
40 92-18: Torchio, Leslie Food for Medicinal Purposes
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Family Remedies: Cures: Cuts, Crying Babies, Back Aches, Cancerous Growth, Stomach Aches, Sun Burn, Sore Throats, Controlling Urination, Heat Stroke, Eye Infection, Stroke, Coughs, Aphrodisiacs, Canker Sores, Bloody Noses, Menstrual Pain; Ethnic: Chinese, Northern Italian, Sicilian, Sri Lankan, Pennsylvanian Dutch) Release forms
40 92-19: Rosier, David Food As Economy and Geography in Sanpete County
(Customs: Foodways: Recipes: Baked Eggs, Rhubarb Mush, White Bread, Milk Gravy, Old Fashioned Creamed Vegetables, Baking Powder Biscuits, Rice Pudding, Custard, Mild Punch, Snow Ice Cream, Hashbrowns, Apple Pudding, Granola, Garden Vegetables in Cream Sauce, Swiss Cream Dressing, Spanish Dressing, Peach Pudding; Region: U.S.: Utah: Sanpete County) Release forms: RESTRICTIONS
40 92-20: Vincent, Dana Finnan Haddie --- A Christmas Tradition
(Customs: Foodways: Holiday: Christmas: Finnan Haddie; Ethnic: Swedish American; Religious: LDS: Genealogy: Family Anecdotes) Release forms
40 92-21: Cassity, Jeri Foodways During my Family's Hunting Events
(Customs: Foodways: Hunting) Release forms
40 92-22: Kinney, Kathleen L. Sunday Dinner with Father
(Customs: Foodways) Release forms
40 93-01: Bean, Avery D. African-American Folktales: Black Churches
(Customs: Black Church Services, Burial: Wakes, Wedding; Folksongs: African-American: Spirituals: "Motherless Child," "Go Down, Moses," "Every Time I feel the Spirit, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," "Go Tell it on the Mountain," "Lost and Found," "Just Like Jesus," "God Is"; Folk Narratives: Sermons, Prayers, Testimonials; Religious: Southern Baptist) Release forms
41 93-02: Bray, Carole Wedding Customs
(Custom: Marriage, Wedding; Region: Taiwan, Mexico, Samoa) Release forms
41 93-03: Chamberlain, DiAnn Minnesota Folk Humor
(Jokes: Ethnic, Region: Farming, Fishing, Climate, Region: U.S.: Minnesota; Ethnic: Scandinavian American) Collector release forms, no informant release forms
41 93-04: Cunningham, Linda M. Assistance and Affirmation in Genealogical Research, Temple Work, and Name Extraction
(Religious Folklore: LDS: Genealogy, Supernatural, Ordinance: Temple; Folk Belief) Release forms
41 93-05: Hansen, Esther Theatre Folklore
(Folk Belief: Occupational: Actors: Lyric Ghost, Theatre Ghosts, Macbeth, Whistling, Dress Rehearsal, Break a Leg, Rabbit's Foot, The Ladder; Customs: Theater) Release forms
41 93-06: Huppi, Denise J. Howard J. Oyler: Study of a Modern Day Water Witch
(Customs: Water Witching [Dowsing]: Howard J. Oyler; Folk Belief: Water Witching; Region: U.S.: Utah: Hunter) Release forms
41 93-07: Jenson, Jan A Collection of Folk Traditions from the Jeff Taylor Family
(Customs: Family: Birthdays, Family Vacations; Holiday: Christmas, Easter, New Year's, St. Patrick's Day; Religious: LDS: Sabbath Day) Release forms
41 93-08: Mortensen, Jessie Small Town Folklore
(Legends; Personal Narratives; Region: U.S.: Utah, Idaho) Release forms
41 93-09: Rich, Kari J. Rebecca R. Rudd: Confessions of a Quiltaholic
(Material Culture: Quilting) Release forms
41 93-10: Tardoni, Joanna M. A Comparative Study of My Family Traditions: Italian-American
(Customs: Italian American: Foodways: Wine making; Ethnic: Italian American; Region: U.S.: Wyoming: Rock Springs; Narrative: Immigration Narratives; Occupational: Mining) Release forms
42 93-11: Hart, John M. A Nigerian Mormon
(Oral History Interview: Charles Willis-Obong; Religious: LDS; Ethnic: Nigerian) Release forms
42 93-12: Pitkin, Marjean W. Gravemarkers in the Smithfield Cemetery: Lasting Memorials to the Culture of a Northern Utah Community
(Material Culture: Gravemarkers; Customs: Death: Cemetery: Grave and Gravemarker Decorations, Veterans, Religious; Region: U.S.: Utah: Smithfield) Release forms
42 93-13: Larsen, Timothy P. A Classroom Collection of Regional Cultural Legends
(Legend: Family, Treasures Lost; Region: U.S.: Utah: Northern; Religious: LDS: Three Nephite) Release forms
42 93-14: Hartley-Moore, Julie. Defiance: Folk Drama Goes High Tech
(Essay: Religious: LDS: Folk Video) Release form
42 94-01: Larsen, Timothy P. The Mormon Mission: A Life Experience in Anecdotal Encounters
(Personal Experience Narratives: Missionary; Religious: LDS: Mission Service; Essay) No release forms
42 94-02: Hanson, Rebekka Tribute: A Celebration of Life: An Examination of an LDS Funeral
(Oral Interviews: Shelly Dickson, Nikki Radford, Cherie Hymas Siepert, Britney Hymas, Michelle Duvall, Jeff Duvall, Julie Duvall, David Duvall, Laura McFerson, A.J. McFerson, Larry McFerson; Funeral Albert A. Pieper; Essay; Pieper Family Chart) Release forms included
42 95-01: Brown, Aleece Latin American Superstitions
(Folk Belief: Cures; Region: South America: Colombia: Bogota, Central American: Costa Rica) Release forms
42 95-02: Geddes, Jeff Family Remedies and Alternative Medicine Beliefs
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Family Remedies, Herbs and Cures: Vomiting, Sore Throat Medicine, Cough Remedies, Appendicitis Cure, Toothache Cure, Earaches, Binding Stomach and Breasts of Women, Marking Babies, Kidney Infection, Coughs) Release forms
42 95-03: Hales, Celeste Deaf Folklore and Belief
(Human Condition: Deaf Lore) MISSING
42 95-04: Jelinek-Calamusa, Deborah Gardening Folklore
(Foodways: Gardening)
42 95-05: Scotese, Mary P. Folk Beliefs in Law Enforcement and Ranching
(Folk Beliefs: Occupational Lore: Police Officers, Ranchers) Release forms
42 95-06: Tardoni, Joanna M. Belief in Home Remedies
(Folk Belief: Medical Lore: Family Remedies, Herbs and Cures: Chest Colds, Coughing, Croup, Sore Throats, Flu, Boils, Stomach Ache, Earache, Sore Eyes, Cuts, Headaches, Sinuses; Prevention) Release forms: RESTRICTIONS
42 95-07: Walker, Rosanna West Traditional Midwifery
(Custom: Medical Lore: Midwifery, Pregnancy, Birthing; Essay) No release forms
43 95-08: Warner, Jessica Western Hunting Customs and Belief
(Custom: Hunting; Folk Belief: Hunting: "No Women Allowed"; Personal Narratives: "How to Get your Horse Used to Blood," "Shooting a World's Record Elk," "Calling in a Dear"; Region: U.S.: Utah: Tooele County) Release forms
43 95-09: Bidinger, April Proverbs
(Proverbs) Release forms
43 95-10: Drew, Stacie Hungarian Folk Superstitions
(Folk Beliefs: Hungarian; Region: Hungary) Release forms
43 95-11: Feko, Natalie J. I'm Not Hungry, I'm Hungarian!
(Custom: Foodways: Cooking: Hungarian; Ethnic: Hungarian American) Release forms
43 95-12: Fleming, Vicki "Happy Birthday to You": A Look at the Folk Beliefs Surrounding Birthdays
(Custom: Birthday Traditions; Survey/interview with Edith Bowen Elementary Students) Release forms
43 95-13: Fulcher, Janette Occupational Beliefs in the Health Care Field
(Occupational Lore: Health Care Professionals; Folk Beliefs; Customs) Release forms
43 95-14: Gardner, Colleen Family Traditions
(Custom: Family: Holiday: Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, New Year's Day/Eve) Release forms
43 95-15: Hirschi, Charlene The Legend Continues: The Three Nephites in Current Mormon Belief
(Legends; Religious Folklore: LDS: Three Nephite Legends) Release forms
43 95-16: Jenson, H. Bert Some Childhood Beliefs from the Uintah Basin of Northeastern Utah
(Children's Folklore: Folk Beliefs, Customs; Region: U.S.: Utah: Uintah Basin) Release forms
43 95-17: Knudsen, Koryn "Guess What I Heard at Work!": How Folktales are Perpetuated in the Workplace
(Legend: Regional, Supernatural: The Witch in the Nunnery, The Ghost in the Old Lyric Theatre, Mysterious Missionary Loaf of Bread, The Bumpy Car Baby, The Repentant Rapist, The Unwilling Donor, The Unwilling Guatemalan Donor, The Prickly Pepsi, Green Trucks Mean Bad Luck, The Wormy Reeses Peanut Butter Cup) Release forms
43 95-18: Harvey, Alison Superstitions, Ritual, and Beliefs in Taking Final Examinations
(Folk Belief: School: Final Exams; Customs: Rituals: Final Exams; Region: U.S.: Utah: Logan: Utah State University) Release forms

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