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Grosshans, Annie
Annie Grosshans Abundance of Heat video recordings
1992-1999 (inclusive)
54 videocassettes : Betacam plus productions notes on paper (3 boxes)
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Video recordings and papers related to the film Abundance of Heat by writer and director, Annie Grosshans
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Currently working in the NW production community as a script supervisor, Annie Grosshans is a writer with a background in visual art. After graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies "Contemporary Aesthetics and the Creative Process," Grosshans became director of documentary publications at and/or gallery, Seattle's alternative art venue of the era. She wrote criticism for local and costal publications and wrote and produced text-based performance art works. In Seattle's Belltown, she co-founded Art In Form, a bookstore of artists' books, catalogues, and critical thought, and participated in seminars focused on Feminist film theory. After scripting and shooting a number of locally screened video poems and art documentaries, Grosshans went back to school to get a certificate from UW Extension in Film and Video production, working initially as a production coordinator for a series of educational videos for non profits, and a PBS broadcast documentary. (from

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The videocassettes are the raw footage for a 30-minute video piece entitled "Abundance of Heat: Rolon Bert Garner and Northwest Art." The binder contains the various production notes for "Abundance of Heat." Writer-director-producer Grosshans describes the finished product as "a videoart document telling the story of one man's artistic involvement with the Seattle art community during an era of cultural change from the mid-1960s to the mid-1990s." The following members of the northwest arts community are interviewed and/or discussed in the videos: Rolon Bert Garner, Tad Savinar, Leo Kenney, Arlene Schnitzer, Mary Randlett, Nick Fennel, William Traver, Matthew Kangas, Constance Miller, Cathy Hillenbrand, Kae Eyre, Parker Linder, Alan Lande, Cliff Hillhouse, Ron Ciro, Paul Lenti, Karen Helmerson, Ken Leback, Robert Teeple, Jerry Jensen, and Loren Hencheroff.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 Interview with Mathew Kangas
2 videocassettes, DV 1-2 (30 min each)
Art critic and NW art Historian Matthew Kangas
1 and/or gallery-stills
3 videocassettes, DV 3-5 (30 min each)
Stills of photos documenting the art activity at and/or gallery and service from inception in 1974 until Garner's departure in 1979. Garner was part of the founding group at the gallery, the visual exhibitions coordinator and main art installer/provocateur/bottle washer.
1 Interview with William Traver
2 videocassettes, DV 6-7 (30 min each)
William Traver, owner of William Traver Gallery, compatriot of Garner's at the Cornish School in the early 1970's.
1 Gallery Walk
1 videocassettes, DV 8 (20 min each)
Crowd scenes of Art Walk at First Thursday, Pioneer Square.
1 Boy's Talk & Broken Mirror
6 videocassettes, DV 9-12, 12A, 12B (20 min each)
Boys Talk and Broken Mirror Seminal and/or artists and participants & friends Ken Leback, Robert Teeple, Jerry Jensen, Loren Hencheroff and Rolon Bert talk about their engagement as young men with Seattle and its art scene: the Seattle Art Museum, Cornish, the art business, and/or, Bumbershoot, galleries, and what happened. (shot on HD, transferred to Beta tapes. Additionally: Tape 10 records a Broken Mirror video performance by Rolon Bert.
1 Rolan Bert Garner
8 videocassettes, DV 13-19, 14A (20 min each)
Interviews with Rolan Bert Garner about his early art education & work in Portland; his move to Seattle to work for Dr. Fuller at the Art Museum; becoming involved with the contemporary art scene along with his turn from painting to early performance and video art and the founding of and/or gallery and service; the dissolution of and/or, the founding of Artech, the drinking scene, the current (1995) Seattle art scene and art's ambiguous relation to cultural commerce. Shot in several locations and including much of Rolon Bert's art work and personal collection of other local artists' work.
1 Girls Talk
5 videocassettes, DV 20A, 20, 21A, 21, 22 (20 min each)
Conversation between Cathy Hillenbrand and Kae Eyre (former and/or Board members) with Parker Lindner and Annie Grosshans (former and/or staff & artists) on a wide range of topics centered on Seattle art and artists: and/or. Rolon Bert, Anne Focke; early 1970's to mid 1990's Seattle cultural scene from a more "personal" point of view.
circa 1970-1990
2 Interview with Tad Savinar
2 videocassettes, DV23-24 (20 min each)
Interview with Northwest artist Tad Savinar, articulate collaborator with Garner and early and/or artist.
2 The Comet, Virginia Inn, Don Scott Gallery, Cornish, Richard Hines Gallery
2 videocassettes, DV25-26 (20 min each)
Stills of photos and news clippings from art bars The Comet and Virginia Inn; photos of art and installations at Don Scott gallery, Cornish, Richard Hines gallery.
2 Interview with Nick Fennel
2 videocassettes, DV27-28 (20 min each)
Interview with Northwest painter and art installation specialist Nick Fennel who worked at Artech - an art installation business initially built around Garner.
2 Interview with Constance Miller
3 videocassettes, DV29, 30A, 30B (20 min each)
Interview with early art collaborator Constance Miller
2 Hanging Art/Installation
4 videocassettes, DV31-34 (20 min each)
Rolon Bert Garner and others installing art at various sites in Seattle. (*at tail end of last tape is the beginning tape of Lande, Hillhouse and Ciro interview of set 2 above)
2 Alan Lande, Ron Ciro and Cliff Hillhouse
3 videocassettes, DV35-37 (20 min each)
Interview with participants in the 1970's Artists' Television Workshop at KCTS 9 - artist Alan Lande, engineer Cliff Hillhouse and producer Ron Ciro talk about early video art and artists
2 Mary Randlett, Leo Kenny, and Rolon Bert Garner
6 videocassettes, DV38-43 (30 min each)
Photographer Mary Randlett, painter Leo Kenny and Rolon Bert Garner talk about the early Northwest artists and art scene as they look at Mary's photographs
2 Interview with Arlene Schnitzer
3 videocassettes, DV44-46 (30 min each)
Interview with Arlene Schnitzer, major patron of Northwest art and owner of Portland's Fountain Gallery in the 1960's where Garner worked.
2 Archival transfer footage of video
2 videocassettes, DV47-48 (30 min each)
Archival transfer footage of video art and PSA's made by Paul Lenti, Karen Helmerson, Ken Leback and Alan Lande as artists in the KCTS Artists' Television Workshop; archival transfer footage of super 8 film of Seattle area Pop Festival of mid 60's; transfer of black and white 16mm created imagery of "Drinking at the Comet." Tape 48 includes transfers of Alan Lande's "13 Changes," Karen Helmerson & Paul Lenti's and/or PSA and video art work, Ken Lebacks's "30 Minute Attempt to Eat the Guinness Book of World Records.")
3 Production Notes: Abundance of Heat 1992

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  • Fennel, Nick--Interviews
  • Garner, Rolon Bert--Interviews
  • Grosshans, Annie--Archives
  • Kangas, Matthew--Interviews
  • Miller, Constance--Interviews
  • Savinar, Tad--Interviews
  • Schnitzer, Arlene--Interviews
  • Traver, William--Interviews
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    • Grosshans, Annie.¬†Abundance of heat (creator)

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