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Salt Lake City, Utah photograph collection
1850s-1980s (inclusive)
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The Salt Lake City, Utah photograph collection contains photographs of buildings and street scenes in Salt Lake City.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
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This collection contains a good assortment of early Salt Lake City images. A good feel for the evolution of the East Main Street area can be gained from looking at the many C.W. Carter carte de visites. Several other locales and features have many images in the collection, such as Anderson's Folly, Brigham Young Monument, Brigham Young's residences, and open space in the valley. The prints in the oversize box, though they are not excellent, are labeled and show many important sites of the early days.

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1 1 Downtown Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1-2: ∙House and Harem of President Brigham Young, Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, 1858
  • 3-4: 'Bowery, Mint, and President's House Great Salt Lake City(lithographs).
  • 5: Street in Great Salt Lake City, Looking East (lithograph).
1 2 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: Salt Lake City, in 1867 (Savage and Ottinger, photo) (negative).
  • 2: Main St. 1861
  • 3: Old Tabernacle and Bowery on Temple block, circa 1862 (negative).
  • 4: Main St. Looking south from South Temple, circa 1862 (negative).
  • 5: Main and First South?, circa 1862 (negative).
  • 6: Council House (C.W. Carter, photo).
  • 7: Co-operative stores, East Temple St., Salt Lake City (C.W. Carter, photo).
  • 8: Ensign Peak (north end of Great Salt Lake City) (lithograph).
  • 9: The Prophet's Block (lithograph).
  • 10: Stores in Main Street (lithograph).
  • 11: Thirteenth Ward House, sketch. (negative)
  • 12: Lion and Beehive Houses, 1860 (negatives only).
1 3 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: Cremation of Doctor Winslow (?) (C.W. Carter, photo).
  • 2: East Temple Street, West side (Carter, photo).
  • 3: East Temple Street, West side, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo) (negative).
  • 4: Salt Lake City, Southwest from Arsenal Hill (Carter, photo) (negative).
  • 5: ZCMI window detail (Savage, photo).
  • 6: Wasatch Range and City, Northeast from City Hall (Carter, photo) (negative).
  • 7: Group in front of Eagle Gate (man on bicycle) (Carter, photo).
  • 8: Downtown, East Temple Street (Carter, photo).
  • 9: East Temple Sreet. East Side (Carter, photo).
  • 10: First South Street--Theatre, City Hall, Wasatch Range (Carter, photo).
  • 11: Co-operative stores, East Temple Street, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo).
  • 12: East Temple Street, West Side, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo) (negative).
  • 13: 2nd South Street and Wasatch Range (Carter, photo).
  • 14: Lion House and Brigham Young Young residence (Savage and Ottinger, photo).
  • 15: First South and East Temple Street (Carter, photo).
  • 16: Salt Lake City, from First National Bank (Carter, photo).
  • 17: East Temple Street West Side, (Carter, photo).
  • 18: East Temple Street, East side (Carter, photo).
  • 19: Salt Lake City from Arsenal Hill (Carter, photo) (negative).
  • 20: President Brigham Young's residence (Carter, photo).
  • 21: Zion's Co-operative Mercantile (Carter, photo).
  • 22: Wasatch Range and City, Northeast from City Hall (Carter, photo).
  • 23: East Temple Street, west side (Carter, photo).
  • 24: Tabernacle (roof unfinished) (Savage and Ottinger, photo).
  • 25: Tabernacle (recently finished) (Carter, photo).
  • 26: Salt Lake City, east from Arsenal Hill, (Murray C. Godbe, photo).
  • 27: Old 20th Ward School, 2nd Ave and E. Street.
  • 28: Tabernacle (copy print of No.24) (negative).
  • 29: Saltair Beach Bathing Resort (copy of lithograph) (negative).
1 4 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: Salt Lake City, Theatre and Wasatch (copy print).
  • 2: East Side Main Street (negative).
  • 3: Looking from Gardo House, Southeast, circa 1880-1881.
  • 4: Looking down Main Street, from Arsenal Hill, circa 1880-1881.
  • 5: From Gardo House, looking east along Brigham St., circa 1880-1881.
  • 6: Brigham Young's residence.
  • 7: Behind Eagle Gate looking up City Creek Canyon (negative).
  • 8: The Salt Lake Theatre--"A Cathedral in the Desert" (negative).
  • 9: Interior of Mormon Tabernacle (Savage, photo).
  • 10: Deseret National Bank (W.H. Jackson, photo).
  • 11: Independence Hall, 3rd South and Main, 1881.
  • 12: Liberty Park (copy print of Harwell painting).
  • 13: Pioneer Day parade, 1880 (Carter, photo).
  • 14: ZCMI.
  • 15: Anderson's Folly.
  • 16: Brother Kimball's Residence, Wahsatch Mountains in distance.
1 5 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: The Annex, Great Mormon Temple (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 2: Mormon Temple Block (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 3: Tabernacle (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 4: Eagle Gate (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 5: Mormon Temple block (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 6: The Newsboys Ride, (S and J photo)) (negative).
  • 7: Mormon Mercantile Store/ZCMI (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 8: Lion-Beehive House, (S and J photo) (negative).
  • 9: Salt Palace (negative).
  • 10: Utah Salt Palace-Night (Johnson, photo) (negative).
  • 11: Street Mark's Hospital, circa 1900 (Wilson, photo) (negative).
  • 12: Mormon Temple
  • 13: Unveiling of Brigham Young statue on State Street (see also Oversize).
  • 14: Mormon Temple Block (southeast corner looking northwest).
  • 15: Utah Salt Palace (Johnon, photo)
1 6 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • Lion And Beehive houses.
  • Photograph number 2: View from Arsenal Hill.
  • Photograph number 3-4: Governor Mansion.
  • Photograph number 5: Oblique view of Salt Lake City, looking northwest.
1 7 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: Aerial view from Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main Street (Sainsbury, photo) (negative).
  • 2: Brigham Young Monument (Shipler).
  • 3: Hotel Utah (Shipler).
  • 4: Temple Square (Shipler) (negative).
  • 5: View from the University Buildings.
  • 6: View south of downtown.
  • 7: Hotel Temple Square.
  • 8: View southeast of downtown.
  • 9: Eagle Gate (Shipler) (negative).
  • 10: Aerial view from above Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main Street (negative).
  • 11: Aerial view from above Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main Street (negative).
  • 12: Grabateria.
  • 13: Church interior.
  • 14: 300 South and Main, looking northwest. Mehusy [sic] Theatre (across street), 272-276 South/ and Main Street
1 8 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: View of Salt Lake City from University of Utah Park Building (negative).
  • 2-5: Views of State Capitol.
  • 6: Unidentified building ornament.
  • 7: View to west, includes state capitol and Antelope Island.
  • 8: View of city from University of Utah (negative).
  • 9: View of downtown and City Creek Canyon.
  • 10: Brigham Young monument and temple (Main and South Temple).
  • 11: Unidentified locale, buildings.
  • 12: Looking southeast from capitol.
  • 13: Pioneer Memorial Monument (negative).
  • 14: Highland High School (west side).
  • 15: Highland High School (east side).
  • 16: Highland High School (northwest side).
  • 17: Highland High School (interior).
  • 18: Highland H.S. (stadium).
  • 19: Looking down from University of Utah towards Salt Lake City, circa 1952 (negative).
  • 20: Looking down from University of Utah towards downtown, circa 1960s.
1 9 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: State Drawing Room (postcard).
  • 2: First Baptist Church.
  • 3: Kearns Mansion, as Utah State Historical Society.
  • 4-6: State Capitol.
  • 7: Pioneer Memorial Museum, January, 1957 (negative).
  • 8-11: Brigham Young Monument (color transparencies).
  • 12: ZCMI Building.
  • 13-15: East High School, 1950s.
  • 16-20: Highland High School, 1950s.
  • 21-22: Olympus High School
  • 23-24: South High School
  • 25: Ute Indian statue and Capitol building.
  • 26-31: Downtown Salt Lake City (color transparencies).
  • 32: Salt Lake Valley, downtown and Mt. Olympus (4x5 negative).
1 10 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1: Old Salt Lake County Hospital.
  • 2-22: Views of downtown area (some negatives).
  • 23-46: Views of the east bench near "This Is The Place Monument" (negative).
1 11 Salt Lake City and surrounding areas
  • 1-5: Downtown area (some negatives).
1 12 Central City
  • 1-9: Views of buildings in certain states of dilapidation.
1 13 Street Cars in Downtown
  • 1: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, at the Post Office
  • 2: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, at the Herald Office
  • 3: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, just having photo taken
  • 4: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, in front of Brigham Young statue and Salt Lake City Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Temple
  • 5: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, at the Tribune Office
  • 6: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, at the Freed Furniture and Carpet
  • 7: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence. The MAx Florence Special starting formteh Elite Theatre (338-340 State Street)
  • 8-9: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence, Back to the "Home of Pictures." Elite Theatre, circa 1908-1911, 338-340 South State Street. President and manager Max Florence
1 14 Utah Politicians
  • 1: Francis M. Lyman
  • 2: R.G. Sleater (for Representative)
  • 3: Margaret Zane Witcher (Republican Candidate for County Clerk).
  • William Spry (Republican Candidate for Governor).
1 15 Florence Film Exchange
  • 1-2:∙Office of Florence Film Exchange, The Florence Film Exchange was in the rear of the Luna Theatre. Florence Film Company operated 1910 at 41 East 300 South. Owner, Max Florence, manager of the Luna Theatre and the Elite Theatre
1 16 Utah State Capitol Under Construction
  • 1: Utah State Capitol; R. Kletting, Architect; James Stewart and Company, Contractors
May 16, 1914
1 17 Salt Lake Public Library
  • 1:Public Library on State Street
1 18 Painting "View of Great Salt Lake Valley"
  • 1:Painting "View of Great Salt Lake Valley" by Piercy Frederick (1830-1891). Courtsey of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
2 1 OversizeSalt Lake City Buildings
  • 1: Mary Magdelene Church [sic] (?), Social Avenue and 2nd East, drawing
  • 2: Arched building (tabernacle?), drawing.
  • 3: Organ (likely interior tabernacle), drawing
  • 4: Fenced garden, drawing
  • 5: Houses, drawing
  • 6: Salt Lake County Courthouse, 1869. located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of 2nd South and 2nd West. The following Courts were held here: The U.S. and Territorial Courts, The Third Judicial District Court. The Salt Lake City County Jail was located in the basement of the building.
  • 7: Pioneer 13th Ward Meeting House, Served also as a school house, 1890, Located on North side of Second South about 250 feet east of State Street
  • 8: Territorial Penitentiary, Showing Prisoners' Quarters and East Bench beyond, 1875
  • 9: An early picture of Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1865.
  • 10: Rock wall surrounding prison, circa 1860
  • 11: Guardo House [sic] Home of Brigham Young, South East corner of State Street and South Temple
  • 12: Originally the home of Ezra Taft Benson, about 1870. Residence of Daniel H. Wells, South side of South temple Street east of Main Street Kennecott Building will occupy this site
  • 13: North side of South Temple between Main Street and State. Lion House located immediately to the East. Brigham Young's First Homes in Salt Lake City. Later Daniel H. Wells lived in the home at the left. Here Governor Heber M. Wells was born. The homes occupy the present location of the Church Office Building- 47 East South Temple
  • 14: Main Street, 1st South Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1867 1. Historic Kimball and Lawrence Store located in 1867 at North West corner 1st South and Main 2. City Market, westside of Main in middle of 1st South. Herd of Texas cattle driven from Missouri River to Salt Lake City by John Morgan furnished meat for this market 3. Overland Stage Headquaters, located on South West corner, Main and 1st South owned by William Jennings
  • 15: Pioneer Woolen Mill, Erected in early 1850s, Located Parleys Creek about 20th East South of 21st South
  • 16:Pioneer Sugar Mill, about 1850, located in Sugarhouse, Southeast corner 11th East and 21st South
  • 17: Saltair Resort circa 1910
  • 18:Panorama of Salt Lake Valley
  • 19: Brigham Street, East South Temple when it was the elite street of the City. It was "Millionaire Row." Brigham Young School house to the left of the picture, 1890
  • 20:House and Harem of President Brigham Young, Great Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, 1858
  • 21:Downtown Salt Lake City around 1860s, Hoooper, Eldredge and Company Dry Goods and Groceries, Liquor Store, Telegraph Office
2 2 Salt Lake City Scenes
  • 1: Unveiling of Brigham Young Monument, 1897
  • 2: Salt Lake Scene, 1870: 1. Tabernacle 2. Wilford Woodruff home-later, Valley House 3. Morgan College 4. 14th Ward Meeting House 5. Old Endowment House 6. Temple Wall
  • 3: Salt Lake Scene, 1892: 1. Beulah W. Beatie home 2. Edward Bynon Saloon 3. Addition to Beulah Beatie home 4. Utah Armory- later Wm Dousher Laundry 5. Wilford Woodruff (Thebe Carter) home 6. Valley House Hotel 7. Heber J. Grant Livery Stable 8. Rober Burns, Residence 9. Clark Eldredge Building 10. Margon Hotel (Built by John Morgan in 1891) 11. St. Mary's Academy (Catholic School) 12. Fremont School (1st Free district school in city) 13. Salt Lake County Court House 14. Fourteenth Ward Meeting House 15. George M. Cannon home 16. Rear Porter Rockells home 17. John Taylor's homes 18. Clark's Livery Stable 19. Thomas E. Taylor's home 20. Thomas Butlers Second hand Store 21. Assembly Hall
  • 4: Main Street, showing West side to 3rd South Street, 1885
  • 5: Main Street and Second South, East 1. Wasatch building (Nicholas Groesbeck) 2. Groesbeck Block 3. Old Faust Livery Stable- (2nd floor occupied by U.S. District Court) 4. Masonic Hall, 1887
  • 6: Walker House: Main Street in the 1880s, Dirt Road, Mule Car Track, West side of Main Street looking North West from 3rd South
  • 7: Walker Brothers Early 1880s: 1. This corner purchased by Walker Brothers 1866 2. Here for many years they conducted general merchandising business 2. In early 1870s they opened first Walker Brothers Bank. 3.-First home of Salt Lake Tribune 4.-California Stables- A.C. Sprague, Prop. 5.-Townsend House Hotel 6.-George Q. Cannon home- North West Corner [of] 1st West + South Temple 7. Moragn's Commercial College 8.-14th Ward Meeting House 9.-Robit [sic] S. Campbell home. Looking North West from 2nd South and Main Street
  • 8: Main Street and South Temple-1880: 1. Temple under construction 2. Tabernacle 3. Assembly Hall 4. Orson Pratt Observatory 5. Council House 6. C.R. Savage Art Gallery 7. Mule car tracts
  • 9: Mule Car Days, NorthWest corner of 1st South and Main.
  • 10: EastSide of Main Street at 2nd South, 1873: 1. Masonic Hall- now Bamberger Building 2. Elephant Store- now Walker Bank corner 3. Groesbeck Block- now Walgreen's Drug Corner
  • 11: Historic City Hall, 1973. In 1873 gas lights were installed on the city streets which were adorned by crooked telegraph poles
  • 12: North Side of first South Street between East Temple and 1st East, 1870 1. John R. Clawson Residence
  • 13: 1. Ensign Peak 2. Powder House, Arsenal Hill (Capitol Hill) 3. Deseret News and Tithing Office 4. Old Council House 5. Old Constitution Building The powder house on Arsenal Hill blew up at 4:47 1/2 p.m. April 5, 1876
  • 14:1. Mount Olympus 2. Mount Olympus Cove- rapidly developing residential district 3. Childhood Home of Ruth May Fox 4. First Road out of Parleys Canyon 5. L.D.S. Church Woolen and Cotton Factories 6. Now paved highway
  • 15:View of South East Section of Salt Lake City from the top of City Hall, 1869: 1. 13th Ward Meeting House 2. William H. Jackson home 3. Octagon House- Maude Adams sttended school here. 4. Jacob Gates home 5. Parleys Canyon 6. Mt. Olympus 7. Big Cottonwood Canyon 8. 13th Ward School
  • 16:Historic City Hall, 1868 2. Wasatch Mountains 3. City Hall 4. First South Street
  • 17:South Temple and Main looking North East 1865 1. Historic Deseret Store and 2. Deseret News Building 3. Tithing Store 4. City Wall
  • 18:1. Old Endowment House 2. Wilford Woodruff Home - later Valley House Hotel 3. 14th Ward Meeting House - first built in the Valley 4. Porter Rockwell Home 5. John Morgan Home 6. Wall around Temple Lot 7. George A. Smith Home, 1860
  • 19:Brigham Young's Barn Yard, Looking south through Eagle Gate, about 1857 Brigham Young's "Log Row."
  • 20:Union Square, Black 102, Orson Pratt Survey, 1847 In pioneer days it was used as a temporary encampment place where income pioneers camped until they were given permanant location. Site of the University of Utah between 1880's and 1899. Present site West High School.
  • 21:West Side of Main Street, 1870 Store in which Walker Brothers started business between 1st + 2nd South Westside Hawkins store now Daynes jewlery- Building at left present site Kearns Building
  • 22: Brigham Young Monument, shortly after it was erected in 1897
  • 23: Brigham Young Monument, Deseret News Building- L.D.S. College in the background, 1898
2 3 Salt Lake Legislature and Tabernacle Choir
  • 1: Banquet given by Mr. Arthur E. Stilwell in honor of the opening of the American Land and Irrigation Exposition, November 1, 1911. Utah's Third State Legislature, Salt Lake City, January 9, 1899 Top Section: Row 1: C.M. Jackson, Jesse W. Crosby Jr., Thomas C. Callister, J.S. Lapish, C.W. Sorenson, John E. Betts, B.H. Greenwood, George F. Richrds, W.M. Oneil [sic], Charles A. Welch Row 2: J.M. Fullmer, N.J. Harris, David S. Cook, John Fisher, J.G. Bywater, John P. Holmgren, G.W. Bramwell, Heber Bennon, Parley Christiansen, M.W. Mansfield Row 3: Aaron F. Farr Jr., Jasper Robertson, R.B. Shepard, L.H. Redd, Joseph E. Robinson, WM. M. Roylance, Speaker, Horace Cummings, B.T. Lloyd, C.W. Wheeler, James Ivers, S.W. Stewart Row 4: J.R. Murdock, J.W. Clyde, M. Larsen, C.Z. Harris, John G. McQyarrie, A.A. Law, John Parry, Alice Merrill Horne, Sherman S. Smith, Reuben G. Miller, A.W. Forman, T. D. Johnson, Lester Taylor, John E. Hansen Middle Triangle Row 5: Joseph L. Rawlins, A.O. Smoot, L.W. Shurtliff, William G. Nebeker, I.K. Wright, B.H. Roberts, Congressman Row 6: R.K. Thomas, Aquila Nebeker, President, F.J. Kiesel Row 7: F. Alder, H. Bennion, R.C. Chambers, J.V. Robinson Row 8: D.O. Rideout, R. R. Tanner, D.H. Peery Jr., O.F. Whitney Row 9: Joseph Howell, Mrs. M.H. Cannon, A.J. Evans House Officers, Left Triangle: Diagonal 1: M.H.McGlynn, R.L. Sweeten, A.C. Smoot, M. Pratt, George A. Whittington, Otelia Halgren Diagonal 2: Fred Evans, J.O. Bullock, J.M. Cohen, Chief Clerk, Nephi Palmer Diagonal 3: W.M. Ridd A. Tuttle Senate Officers, Right Triangle: Diagonal 1: H.J. Faust, John L. Jenkins, Harmon Cummings, E.A. King, Asa S. Hawley, I.R. Vance Diagonal 2: W.S. Tolton, Chas. [sic] Agustson, Bert Morris, Secretary of Senate, Reuben Nebeker Diagonal 3: George H. Crosby Jr. Martin S. Lindsay
2 4 Salt Lake City Series
  • 1:City and County Building, Salt Lake, 1890-1900
  • 2: City and County Building, Salt Lake, 1890-1900
  • 3: City and County Building, Salt Lake, 1890-1900
  • 4: Knutsford Hotel, 3rd South and State, Salt Lake City circa 1903
2 5 Salt Lake City
  • 1: Salt Lake City grid circa 1870
  • 2:Salt Lake City grid circa 1926
  • 3: Salt Lake City grid circa 1976
  • 4: Salt Lake City aerial, 1887
  • 5: Salt Lake City aerial, 1926
  • 6: Salt Lake City aerial, 1976
2 6 Salt Lake City aerials
  • 1:Salt Lake City, aerial view, 1952
  • 2:Salt Lake City, aerial view, 1952
  • 3:Salt Lake City, aerial view, 1952
  • 4:Salt Lake City, aerial view, 1952

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  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Photographs
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