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Salt Lake City, Utah photograph collection
1850s-1980s (inclusive)
269 photographs
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The Salt Lake City, Utah photograph collection contains photographs of buildings and street scenes in Salt Lake City.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
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This collection contains a good assortment of early Salt Lake City images. A good feel for the evolution of the East Main Street area can be gained from looking at the many C.W. Carter carte de visites. Several other locales and features have many images in the collection, such as Anderson's Folly, Brigham Young Monument, Brigham Young's residences, and open space in the valley. The prints in the oversize box, though they are not excellent, are labeled and show many important sites of the early days.

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Container(s): Box 1

Container(s) Description Dates
Salt Lake City, streets, buildings
Photograph number 1-2: B. Young's Beehive & Lion Houses, 1858 (negative).Photograph number 3-4: Bowery, Mint & President's house, Great Salt Lake City (lithographs).Photograph number 5: Street in Great Salt Lake City, Looking East (lithograph).
Downtown Salt Lake City photographs
Photograph number 1: Salt Lake City, in 1867 (Savage & Ottinger, photo) (negative).Photograph number 2: Main St. 1861.Photograph number 3: Old Tabernacle & Bowery on Temple block, circa 1862 (negative).Photograph number 4: Main St. Looking south from South Temple, circa 1862 (negative).Photograph number 5: Main & First South?, circa 1862 (negative).Photograph number 6: Council House (C.W. Carter, photo).Photograph number 7: Co-operative stores, East Temple St., Salt Lake City (C.W. Carter, photo).Photograph number 8: Ensign Peak (north end of Great Salt Lake City) (lithograph).Photograph number 9: The Prophet's Block (lithograph).Photograph number 10: Stores in Main Street (lithograph).Photograph number 11: Thirteenth Ward House, sketch. (negative)Photograph number 12: Lion & Beehive Houses, 1860 (negatives only).
Downtown Salt Lake City
Photograph number Images 1-25 are Carte de Visite.Photograph number 1: Cremation of Doc. Winslow (?) (C.W. Carter, photo).Photograph number 2: East Temple St., West side (Carter, photo).Photograph number 3: East Temple Street, West side, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo) (negative).Photograph number 4: Salt Lake City, Southwest from Arsenal Hill (Carter, photo) (negative).Photograph number 5: ZCMI window detail (Savage, photo).Photograph number 6: Wasatch Range and City, Northeast from City Hall (Carter, photo) (negative).Photograph number 7: Group in front of Eagle Gate (man on bicycle) (Carter, photo).Photograph number 8: Downtown, East Temple Street (Carter, photo).Photograph number 9: East Temple St. East Side (Carter, photo).Photograph number 10: First South Street--Theatre, City Hall, Wasatch Range (Carter, photo).Photograph number 11: Co-operative stores, East Temple Street, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo).Photograph number 12: East Temple St., West Side, Salt Lake City (Carter, photo) (negative).Photograph number 13: 2nd South St and Wasatch Range (Carter, photo).Photograph number 14: Lion House & B. Young residence (Savage & Ottinger, photo).Photograph number 15: First South & East Temple St. (Carter, photo).Photograph number 16: Salt Lake City, from First National Bank (Carter, photo).Photograph number 17: East Temple St. West Side, (Carter, photo).Photograph number 18: East Temple St., East side (Carter, photo).Photograph number 19: Salt Lake City from Arsenal Hill (Carter, photo) (negative).Photograph number 20: President B .Young's residence (Carter, photo).Photograph number 21: Zion's Co-operative Mercantile (Carter, photo).Photograph number 22: Wasatch Range and City, Northeast from City Hall (Carter, photo).Photograph number 23: East Temple Street, west side (Carter, photo).Photograph number 24: Tabernacle (roof unfinished) (Savage & Ottinger, photo).Photograph number 25: Tabernacle (recently finished) (Carter, photo).Photograph number 26: Salt Lake City, east from Arsenal Hill, (Murray C. Godbe, photo).Photograph number 27: Old 20th Ward School, 2nd Ave and E. Street.Photograph number 28: Tabernacle (copy print of No.24) (negative).Photograph number 29: Saltair Beach Bathing Resort (copy of lithograph) (negative).
Salt Lake City
Photograph number 1: Salt Lake City, Theatre and Wasatch (copy print).Photograph number 2: East Side Main St. (negative).Photograph number 3: Looking from Gardo House, Southeast, circa 1880-1881.Photograph number 4: Looking down Main St., from Arsenal Hill, circa 1880-1881.Photograph number 5: From Gardo House, looking east along Brigham St., circa 1880-1881.Photograph number 6: Brigham Young's residence.Photograph number 7: Behind Eagle Gate looking up City Creek Canyon (negative).Photograph number 8: The Salt Lake Theatre--"A Cathedral in the Desert" (negative).Photograph number 9: Interior of Mormon Tabernacle (Savage, photo).Photograph number 10: Deseret National Bank (W.H. Jackson, photo).Photograph number 11: Independence Hall, 3rd South & Main, 1881.Photograph number 12: Liberty Park (copy print of Harwell painting).Photograph number 13: Pioneer Day parade, 1880 (Carter, photo).Photograph number 14: ZCMI.Photograph number 15: Anderson's Folly.Photograph number 16: Brother Kimball's Residence, Wahsatch Mountains in distance.
Salt Lake City buildings and areas
Photograph number 1: The Annex, Great Mormon Temple (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 2: Mormon Temple Block (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 3: Tabernacle (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 4: Eagle Gate (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 5: Mormon Temple block (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 6: The Newsboys Ride, (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 7: Mormon Mercantile Store/ZCMI (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 8: Lion-Beehive House, (S&J, photo) (negative).Photograph number 9: Salt Palace (negative).Photograph number 10: Utah Salt Palace-Night (Johnson, photo) (negative).Photograph number 11: St. Mark's Hospital, circa 1900 (Wilson, photo) (negative).Photograph number 12: Mormon TemplePhotograph number 13: Unveiling of Brigham Young statue on State Street (see also Oversize).Photograph number 14: Mormon Temple Block (southeast corner looking northwest).Photograph number 15: Utah Salt Palace (Johnon, photo)
Salt Lake City buildings
Photograph number 1: Lion And Beehive houses.Photograph number 2: View from Arsenal Hill.Photograph number 3-4: Governor Mansion.Photograph number 5: Oblique view of Salt Lake City, looking northwest.
Salt Lake City buildings, temple, aerial views
Photograph number 1: Aerial view from Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main St. (Sainsbury, photo) (negative).Photograph number 2: Brigham Young Monument (Shipler).Photograph number 3: Hotel Utah (Shipler).Photograph number 4: Temple Square (Shipler) (negative).Photograph number 5: View from the University Buildings.Photograph number 6: View south of downtown.Photograph number 7: Hotel Temple Square.Photograph number 8: View southeast of downtown.Photograph number 9: Eagle Gate (Shipler) (negative).Photograph number 10: Aerial view from above Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main St. (negative).Photograph number 11: Aerial view from above Exchange Place towards Capitol on Main St. (negative).Photograph number 12: Grabateria.Photograph number 13: Church interior.Photograph number 14: 300 South & Main, looking northwest.
Salt Lake City building and areas
Photograph number 1: View of Salt Lake City from University of Utah Park Building (negative).Photograph number 2-5: Views of State Capitol.Photograph number 6: Unidentified building ornament.Photograph number 7: View to west, includes state capitol and Antelope Island.Photograph number 8: View of city from University of Utah (negative).Photograph number 9: View of downtown and City Creek Canyon.Photograph number 10: Brigham Young monument and temple (Main and South Temple).Photograph number 11: Unidentified locale, buildings.Photograph number 12: Looking southeast from capitol.Photograph number 13: Pioneer Memorial Monument (negative).Photograph number 14: Highland High School (west side).Photograph number 15: Highland High School (east side).Photograph number 16: Highland High School (northwest side).Photograph number 17: Highland High School (interior).Photograph number 18: Highland H.S. (stadium).Photograph number 19: Looking down from University of Utah towards Salt Lake City, circa 1952 (negative).Photograph number 20: Looking down from University of Utah towards downtown, circa 1960s.
Salt Lake City buildings and schools
Photograph number 1: State Drawing Room (postcard).Photograph number 2: First Baptist Church.Photograph number 3: Kearns Mansion, as Utah State Historical Society.Photograph number 4-6: State Capitol.Photograph number 7: Pioneer Memorial Museum, January, 1957 (negative).Photograph number 8-11: Brigham Young Monument (color transparencies).Photograph number 12: ZCMI Building.Photograph number 13-15: East High School, 1950s.Photograph number 16-20: Highland High School, 1950s.Photograph number 21-22: Olympus High SchoolPhotograph number 23-24: South High SchoolPhotograph number 25: Ute Indian statue and Capitol building.Photograph number 26-31: Downtown Salt Lake City (color transparencies).Photograph number 32: Salt Lake Valley, downtown and Mt. Olympus (4x5 negative).
Aerial Views
Photograph number 1: Old Salt Lake County Hospital.Photograph number 2-22: Views of downtown area (some negatives).Photograph number 23-46: Views of the east bench near "This Is The Place Monument" (negative).
Aerial Views
Photograph number 1-5: Downtown area (some negatives).
Central City
Photograph number 1-9: Views of buildings in certain states of dilapidation.
Street Cars in Downtown
Photograph number 1-9: Views of street cars as promotional banner for Max Florence.
Utah Politicians
Photograph number 1: Francis M. LymanPhotograph number 2: R.G. SleaterPhotograph number 3: Margaret Zane Witcher (Republican Candidate for County Clerk).Photograph number 4: William Spry (Republican Candidate for Governor).
Florence Film Exchange
Photograph number 1: Office of Florence Film Exchange.Photograph number 2: The Florence Film Exchange, rear of Luna Theatre.

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Container(s): Box 2

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Photograph number 1: Panorama of east side of Salt Lake Valley.Photograph number 2: Salt Air (negative).Photograph number 3: Pioneer Sugar Mill.Photograph number 4: Pioneer Woolen Mill (negative).Photograph number 5: Kimball and Lawrence building.Photograph number 6: Brigham Young's First Homes (negative).Photograph number 7: Daniel Wells Home.Photograph number 8: Gardo House.Photograph number 9: Utah Territory Prison.Photograph number 10: Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1865.Photograph number 11: Territorial Penitentiary, 1875 (negative).Photograph number 12: Pioneer 13th Ward Meeting House.Photograph number 13: Salt Lake County Court House, 1869.Photograph number 14: Lion and Beehive Houses (sketch).Photograph number 15: Grave of Brigham Young (sketch).Photograph number 16: Tabernacle interior (sketch).Photograph number 17: Tabernacle construction (sketch).Photograph number 18: Unidentified church (sketch).Photograph number 19: Brigham Street, 1890.
Photograph number 20: Knutsford Hotel.Photograph number 21: City/County Building, construction.Photograph number 22-23: City/County Building.
Photograph number 24: West side of Main St.Photograph number 25: Union Square.Photograph number 26: Brigham Young's Barn Yard.Photograph number 27: View southwest of Temple lot, 1860 (negative).Photograph number 28: South Temple and Main, 1865.Photograph number 29: Historic City Hall, 1868.Photograph number 30: View of South East Section of Salt Lake City, 1869 (has Wm. H. Jackson's home in it).Photograph number 31: View of Woolen and Cotton factories with Mt. Olympus in near distance.Photograph number 32: East Temple Street, powder house and Ensign Peak.Photograph number 33: North side of First South Street, John R. Clawson Residence, 1870.Photograph number 34: Historic City Hall, 1873.Photograph number 35: East side of Main Street at 2nd South, 1873.Photograph number 36: Mule Car Days.Photograph number 37: Main Street and South Temple, 1880 (includes Savage's Fine Art Gallery).Photograph number 38: Walker Bros., early 1880s.Photograph number 39: Walker House.Photograph number 40: Main Street, 1885.Photograph number 41: Main Street and Second South, east, 1887.Photograph number 42: Salt Lake City, 1892.Photograph number 43: Tabernacle and view to south, 1870.Photograph number 44: Unveiling of Brigham Young Monument, 1897 (negative).Photograph number 45: Brigham Young Monument, 1897.Photograph number 46: Brigham Young Monument, looking northeast.

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Container(s): Box 3

Container(s) Description
Photograph number 47: Map of Salt Lake City, 1870.Photograph number 48: Map of Salt Lake City, 1926.Photograph number 49: Aerial photo of Salt Lake City, 1976.Photograph number 50: Sketch of Salt Lake City 1887.Photograph number 51: View of Salt Lake City, 1926.Photograph number 52: View of Salt Lake City, 1976.
Photograph number 53: Tabernacle Choir at the opening of the American Land and Irrigation Exposition, November, 1911Photograph number 54-55: Utah's Third State Legislature, 1899

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  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Photographs
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