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Noël, Auguste Louis, 1884-1964
Auguste Louis Noël architectural plans, drawings and specifications
1932-1965 (inclusive)
4.5 linear feet, (20 containers)
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Ax 619
Collection comprises architectural plans, drawings, specifications and photographs for residences and public buildings primarily in Rhode Island and New York by American architect Auguste Louis Noël. The projects, undertaken by the firm of Noël and Miller from roughly 1932 to 1965, include the Whitney Museum of American Art and several public buildings in Newport, Rhode Island and Long Island, New York.
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Auguste Noël was born in New York City and trained in architecture at the Beaux Arts school, Paris. He served his apprenticeship in New York, and set up his own office in 1920. He was later senior partner, with G. Macculloch Miller, in the firm of Noël and Miller, with a branch office in Newport, R. I. The firm was especially well known for its designs of stately residences, most of them on the East Coast. It also designed the Whitney Museum of American Art, the National Museum of Racing, Sara-toga, N.Y., and a number of public buildings at Newport, R. I. Plans for these are in the collection.

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Collection comprises architectural plans, drawings, specifications and photographs for residences and public buildings primarily in Rhode Island and New York by American architect Auguste Louis Noël. The projects, undertaken by the firm of Noël and Miller from roughly 1932 to 1965, include the Whitney Museum of American Art and several public buildings in Newport, Rhode Island and Long Island, New York.

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FSD indicates full size drawings.

Container(s) Description Dates
American Yacht Club. Rye, New York
First floor, not to scale, Ozalid
Second floor, not to scale, Ozalid
Third floor, not to scale, Ozalid
Proposed plan. First floor and south elevation. Tracing
Layout of grounds. Tracing
Preliminary rough sketches. 6 sheets. Tan tracing paper
Early study for floor plan. Tracing
"Msd sketch," first floor. Tracing
"Msd sketch," lounge. Tracing
Study of elevation. Tracing
Auchinsloss' Hammersmith Farm. Newport, Rhode Island. 1947. (All tracings)
Structural plan of roof framing
Structural plan of foundations and footings
Ventilation details for barns
Details of pens, tie ups, etc.
Exterior and door details
Sections CC and DD roof plan
South and west elevations and section BB
North and east elevations and section AA
First floor plan
Second floor interior finish schedule
Plot plan
Attic plan
Attic and roof plans
Sections AA, BB, and CC
North and east elevation and section EE
South and west elevations and section DD
Structural plan of second floor and ceiling framing
Structural details of roof trusses, etc
First floor electric plan
Second floor electric plan
Heating plan and details
Plumbing, drainage and water supply plan
Bailey's Beach. Newport, Rhode Island
Bids, specifications and contracts. Includes announcement of competition for this project. 3 fl.
Estimates. 1 fl.
Layout of Cabana no. 79
Rough sketch with note to "Annie"
Correspondence. 1 fl.
Summaries and memos. 1 fl.
Bostwick House. Old Westbury, Long Island. Alteration, all tracings. Fl. 1
North and south elevations
Floor plan. Scheme 1
Elevations. Scheme 1
Ground floor plan. Scheme 1
Ground floor and cellar plan
Section and details
First floor plan
East elevation
West elevation
Longitudinal section
First floor plan
Fl. 2
Main stairs. Sheet 1
Main stairs. Sheet 2
Main stairs. Sheet 3
Full size details. Upper floor stair
Full size details of entrance
Changes in living room
Dressing room details
New stairway, etc. to third floor
Second floor plan
Sections through new entrance and stairway. Entrance and stairway sections
New windows second floor bedroom
New dormer, etc. north side
First floor plan
Mantel in sun room
Upper floor stair
Main stair detail
Front entrance. Doorway and iron work
Proposed garage. Drawing no. 1
Proposed garage. Drawing no. 2
Details of dressing room bath
Basement floor plan
Basement plan
First floor plan
First floor plan
Proposed residence. Floor plan
Proposed residence. Elevations
Proposed residence. Floor plans, scheme A
Proposed residence. Elevations. Scheme B
Ironwork details. 2 sketches
Bostwick House. Aiken, South Carolina. Tracing unless otherwise noted
Basement plan
First floor plan
North elevation
West elevation and section
South elevation and section
Sections and detail
Interior elevations of masters portion
Plot plan
Contour map on cloth
Contour map photostat
Plot map
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Ground floor plan
Study of first floor plan
Dodge, Henry M. Residence. Perrysville, Ohio
Preliminary study
First floor, second floor plan, east elevation. Photostat positive and negative
First floor plan. Ozalid. Schemes A and B
Sketch. Scheme A
Floor plan. Rough Sketch
Revised dining room wing. Ozalid
Front elevation. Study
Elevation and first floor plan. Scheme B
Rough layout with estimates
Rough study. Photostat
Study with columnal entrance. 2
Rough sketch floor layout
First floor plan and elevation. Scheme C
Rough sketch. Elevation and floor layout
Study of dining room. Photostat
Second floor
First floor plan. Study
Floor plan. Sketch
Final plans
South elevation. (2.)
Revised dining room wing
First floor plan. Study. 3
Dodge, Henry M. Residence. Perrysville, Ohio
First floor plan. Preliminary. November 1958
Second floor plan. Preliminary
First floor plan. Preliminary. December 1958
Second floor plan. Preliminary
First floor plan. Final Preliminary
Second floor plan. Final preliminary
Service portion. Alternate plan
Dining room. Alternate plan
Front elevation
Front entrance. Proposed
Entrance hall. Proposed
Vestibule and entrance hall. Proposed
Plot plan
Plot plan with utility lines and services
Cellar and foundation
First floor plan
Second floor, roof and attic floor plans
Southeast elevation
Southwest elevation
Northwest elevation
Northeast elevation
Interior elevation of living room, dining room and enclosed porch
Schedule of finishes
Cellar plan. Electrical
First floor plan. Electrical
Second floor and roof plan. Electrical
Cellar plan and foundation and riser diagram. Plumbing
First floor plumbing
Second floor plumbing and plot plan
Cellar and foundation heating
First floor heating
Second floor and plan of attic, heating
Special doors details
Living room chimney details
Living room chimney reject details
Interior trim, door jambs and windows detail
Steel ousement doors, wood frames and shutters details
Vestibule and special trim. Entrance hall detail
Service entrance
Entrance doorway
Closets chest of drawers. Luminous ceiling, second floor bath details
Shutters and hinges. Details
Main stair plan and elevations
First 4 risers of main stair, FSD
Kitchen and utility details
Living room bookcases and panelling
Bookcases and panelling. FSD blueprint
Douglas, J. Gordon. Residence. Newport, Rhode Island. Alteration, tracings unless otherwise noted
First floor. (Existing)
Second floor. (Existing)
Third floor. (Existing)
Basement plan
First. floor plan
West elevation
South elevation
Living room elevations
Second floor plan
Third floor plan
Front entrance railing (3)
Half plan of jade cabinets (2)
Details of concealed door to powder room
FSD of stone steps and iron railing
Closet for silverware and wardrobes
Third floor bedroom change
FSD of column and pilaster for front entrance
Section. Sitting room. West elevation
Elevations and details of front entrance
Jade and bookcases
Jade cabinets and bookcases in sitting room (2)
Details of sitting room
Details of living room
Second floor plan, photostat
Proposed residence, Newport, Rhode Island. (photostat)
Photograph of model
Attic floor plan
Second floor plan
Basement plan
Street elevation (photostat)
First floor (photostat)
First floor (photostat)
Plot map
Second floor plan
First floor (sketch)
Ground floor plan (sketch)
Second floor plan (sketch)
Second floor plan (sketch)
Second floor plan (sketch)
Ground floor plan (sketch)
Study of front elevation. Study
Street elevation
Elevation and ground floor. Study
First floor plan
West elevation
South elevation
East elevation
North elevation
Eyre, Edgar A. Residence. Ridgefield, Connecticut. Tracings unless otherwise indicated
Cupboard under shelf at start of main stair. Details
Contour map. (Blueprint)
Pressing table. Detail
Shower stall. Blueprint
Range hood. Blueprint
Pump house. Blueprint
Heating layout. Blueprint
Gate hardware. Blueprint
Leaded glass sidelights for entrance doorway (FSD) 2
Dress cupboard in library. FSD
Floor plan
Corner cupboards in dining room
Cupola over garage. Details
Entrance porch details
Service stairs. Details
Bathroom. Details
Kitchen pantry. Details
Basement plan. Sketch
Plot plan
Finish schedule
First floor plan
Typical D.H. window frame. FSD blueprint
Chimneys. Details
Casement door and shuttles
Dormers and exterior details
Section through cornice
Photo negatives. 1 envelope
Bay window. Details
Entrance doorway. Details
Main stairs. Details
Mantel in bedroom. 2
Chest of drawers in bedroom
Bookcase and chest of drawers. Details
Fireplace. Game room. Details
Living room mantel. Details
Interior doors and trim
Goldsmith, Harold. Residence. Ridgefield, Connecticut. Alterations. Undated
Record room. Details
Apartment over garage. Proposed
Sections of pool
Second floor, proposed alterations. Scheme A
Second floor, proposed alterations. Scheme B
First floor proposed alterations. Scheme B
Second floor proposed alterations. Scheme B
Dressing table and dresser in bedroom no. 2 studies
Plot plan, pool
Plot plan, house and grounds
Bath and dressing room. Alternate layout
Bath no. 1. Details
Living room details
Miscellaneous details
Alcove to dining room. Details
First floor proposed alterations
Second floor proposed alterations
First floor proposed alterations
Greer, William A. Residence. Rock Estates, Locust Valley, Long Island. Tracing unless otherwise noted
Topographical map (cloth)
Stair elevations
Gate house. Elevations
Gate house. Floor plans
3/4 and full size details of doors for living room
Heating layout
3/4 detail of exterior staircase from LR terrace to dining room terrace. 2. Bell
Dove Cote
Garage house. Floor plan. 2
Detail of south end of living room
FSD of main cornice on gate house
Bell and hood
Full size details of newel post in dining room
3/4 detail of living room and bedroom no. 4 fireplaces
3/4 detail of living room
Living room. Elevations
3/4 detail of dining room fireplace and chimney
Diagramitical elevations
Diagramitical elevations. Cloth
Full size detail of 2 columns in dining room
3/4 detail of chimney for garage house
3/4 detail of hall (stair)
3/4 detail of front entrance
3/4 detail of living room
Detail of north end of living room
Wall with fireplace and stairs. Dining room
3/4 detail of living room
3/4 detail of north end of living room
Garage house. Elevations. Cloth
Front elevation
Basement floor plan. Cloth
Main floor plan. Cloth
Hitchcock Memorial Clinic. Aiken, South Carolina
Ground floor
Plot plan
Basement plan and section
First floor plan
North and west elevations
South and east elevations
Basement plumbing and heating plan
First floor plumbing and heating plan
South porch and cement saddles
Managers plaque
Transom light
Revised brick pattern
Proposed brick wall
D.H. windows, casement windows and exterior door frames
Cornice details
Front entrance door. Details
Miscellaneous exterior details
Shutters. Details
Miscellaneous interior details
Radiator enclosure details
Plot plan photostat
Photograph of finished building
Correspondence and billing. 1 fl.
Housing development. Two family
Floor plans
Sketches. 3
Howard, H.H.
Proposed stables. Elevations
Layout of grounds
Lamb, Ethel Burnham. Residence. Oyster Bay, Long Island
Correspondence with suppliers. 9 fl.
Specifications. 1 fl.
Budget data. 1 f1.
Contract. 1 fl.
Estimates. 1 fl.
Sketches of January, 1956
Front elevation
Floor plan
Floor plan
Front elevation
South elevation
Floor plan. Photostat
Flooring layout. Ozalid
Staking plan for road and court. Blueprint
Rough sketch
Entrance door, hall no. 1
Coping and dome lights in gallery
Main hall
Halls no. 1 and no. 2, music closet
Main hall: slate and bluestone floors. Layout
Living room mantel
Doors to flower room and carved overdoor to powder room
Dining room interiors
Living room interiors
Library interiors
Dressing room and bath. Owners. (3)
Guest bath dressing room
Powder room. Interior
Coping (wings). FSD
Batter doors to suit hardware. Revised details
Special louvered screendoors to owner's hail no. 1--vestibule
Cellar plan
Heating. First floor plan
Heating. First floor plan
Gallery windows and doors
Living room and main hall. Sliding doors
Dressing room bath, owner's bedroom. Windows
Chimney and fireplaces, living room, library, dining room, owners bedroom.
Main entrance door
Vestibule entrance door. Special fanlight
Plot plan
Cellar and foundation plan
Exterior elevations
Interior elevations
Interior sketch
Marble mantel for living room. Proposed
Living room. Sketch
Sketches and studies. 3
Unapproved plans. 1 fl.
Alternate layout. Study
First floor plan. Study
Plot. Study
Exterior elevations
First floor
Interior elevations
Survey. 8 sheets
Dressing room and bath. Ozalid
Steel framing, first floor. 2 Ozalid
Window and door sills. Bluestone. Ozalid
Entrance. Marble. Blueprint
Gallery, vestibule and foyer. Black slate flooring. Ozalid
Garage door
Trellis over gallery
Radiator enclosure. Detail
Front door. Sketch. Glide windows. Blueprint
Front door. Ozalid
Lewis, James F. Tenant house, Charlottesville, Virginia
Elevations and floor layout. Proposed. Photostat
Elevations and floor layout. Proposed
Cellar plan
First floor plan
Elevations exterior
Elevations interior
Elevations alternate A
Elevations alternate B
Preliminary sketches
Floor plan, elevation. Photostat
Floor plan. Study. Elevations, floor plan
Exterior wall section
Cellar plan
First floor plan
Sections and elevations
Carport plan and elevations
Wood louver at south end. Detail
Kitchen cabinets, gloss sketches
Entrance details. Revised
Lewis, James F. Jr. Pool House
First floor. Plan and elevation
Elevations. Sections and detail
Proposed extension at kitchen
Chimney cornice, louvers and wings. Details
Porch cols, lattice work of pediment. Details
Kitchen and bar. Details
Kitchen closet and lavatory cabinets. Details revised
Louver in pediment. Details
Mantel and grille. Details
Entrance drive. Posts and fencing, 1960
Layout and ozalid
Sketch study. 2
Schematic study. Stone eagles for gate. Sketch
Plan and elevations
Lewis, W.R. Residence. Ridgefield, Connecticut
Correspondence, bid, estimates. 1 fl.
Survey. Blueprint
Plot plan. Study
Disposed plant. Layout blueprint
Plot plan. Preliminary
Topographical maps. 2
Pump pit. Ozalid
Cube final drawings with estimate
Roof and attic plan study
Basement plan study
First floor plan. Study
Second floor plan. Study
Interior finish
Bay window. Proposed
Basement floor plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Attic floor and roof
North elevation
West elevation
South elevation
Lintel decoration. Detail
East elevation
Sections and details
Stormwater drains. Pump house. Detail
South elevation
North elevation. 2
West elevation
East elevation
Schematic wiring diagram
Electric plan
Grille in cupboard door. FSD
Location of terrace wall
Plot plan
Call bell system. Blueprint
Topographical map:. Blueprint
Lintels. Blueprint
Flooring layout. Blueprint
Water pump wiring diagrams. Blueprint
Serving pantry. Elevations and details. Blueprint
Service bells. Panel layouts. Blueprint
Dining room cove reflector. Blueprint
Card room cove reflector. Blueprint
Heating layout. No. 1. Blueprint
Heating layout. No. 2. Blueprint
Attic floor plan. Blueprint
Floor framing plan. Main portion. Blueprint
Radiator enclosures. Blueprint
Columns. 2. Blueprint
Second floor bedroom details. (4). Blueprint
Attic floor details. 2. Blueprint
Pump room plan
Pressure tanks and pumping equipment
Attic and roof plumbing and heating
Second floor plumbing and heating
First floor plumbing and heating
Basement plumbing and heating
Heating no. 3. Blueprint
Attic and roof. Electric
Second floor. Electric
Exterior and interior openings in basement
Dining room and kitchen details
Main chimney. Details
Living room and owner's room chimney. Details
False chimney
Garage door openings. Details
Master bath rooms. Details
Service and attic stairs. Details
Main stair and plaster arches. Details
First floor enclosed radiators. Details
Master baths, lavatory, powder rooms and typical lavatory in servant's bedrooms. Elevations
Bedroom no. 1 and bedroom no. 3. Details. Elevations
Bedroom no. 2 and bedroom no. 5. Elevations
Owner's bedroom. Details and elevations
Kitchen and pantry and dressers for servants dining hall
Servants stairwell and flower room. Details and elevations
Vestibule, entrance hall and entry. Elevations
Living room. Elevations
Card room and radio closet. Details
Dining room and radio closet. Details
Revised fireplace facings. Entrance hall and card room
Floor convectors. Details
Library. Elevations and plan
Miscellaneous details
Leaded glass transom
China room. Details
Leader head. FSD
Stairwell at second floor. FSD
First four risers of main stair. FSD
Enclosed radiators and window trim, master's portion second floor
Interior doors and trim details
Main entrance door. Pillars and entablature details
Bay window. Owners room. Details
Dormers at opening no. 3/1 and 3/2 details
Entrance door frame. Details
Cornice and framing of main portion of house. Details
Service wing dormer and cornice. Details
Double hung windows in masters portion. FSD
Double hung windows in service portion. FSD
Casement windows. Details
Casement doors and shutters. FSD
Exterior doors. Detail
Library. FSD
Mantels. Details
First floor stairwell, cornice. Detail
Grille for radio speaker. FSD
Library mantel. Detail
Entrance hall mantel. Detail
Card room mantel. Detail
Corner of mantel. Bedroom no. 1. FSD
Mantel, bedroom nl. 2. Detail
Pedestal over exterior doorway. Detail
Mantel in owners room. Detail
Luce, Mrs. Henry B. Alterations. Ridgefield, Connecticut
Correspondence. 1 fl.
Enclosed porch. Proposed. Studies. 2
Pavilion. Proposed. 2 studies
Second floor proposed alterations
MacNichol, George P. III. Residence. Perrysburg, Ohio
Studies. 1953
Ground floor plan. (2)
Ground floor plan sketch
Front elevation. (2)
Second floor plan
Ground floor plan (revised)
Ground floor plan, alternate plan
Sketches. 6 sheets
Cubage. I sheet
Studies. 1954
Alternate elevations
Sketches. 2
Ground floor plan. Sketch. 1
Ground floor plan. Ozalid
Plot plan
Ground floor plan
Mechanical. 1954
Cellar and foundation plan. Heating
First floor plan. Heating
Second floor plan. Heating
Basement floor plan. Electric
First floor plan. Electric
Second floor plan. Electric
Reduced scheme. 1956
Second floor plan. Study
North elevation. Study
First floor plan. Study
Final plans. 1958
Cellar and foundation plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Second and roof plan
South elevation
North elevation
West elevation
Interior elevations
Section through main sections, double hung windows. Details
Entrance porch and doorway. Details
Kitchen. Layout
Living room. Elevations
Dining room. Elevations
Owners dressing room. Elevations
Owners bedroom. Elevations
Entrance hall and stairs. Elevations
Vitrolite. Details
Lambrequin in owners bath. Details
Chest of trays in owners bath. Details
Concealed door, dining room. Details
Cornices with overhang. FSD
Roof construction. Beam over living room. 1 sheet
Pediment. FSD
Living room, bedroom, pediment chimney. Details
Dining room chimney. Details
Dormers. Details
Sun porch. Details
Double hung windows and shutters. Details
Entry door and casement windows. Details
Living room fixed window. Details
Final working drawings
Cellar and foundation plan
First floor and finish schedule
Second floor, roof plan
South elevation
North elevation
West elevation, east elevation
Sections and details
Interior elevations
Cellar and foundation. Electrical
First floor. Electrical
Second floor. Electrical
First floor heating and ventilating
Second floor heating and ventilating
Living room bookcases and arch
Entrance door FSD
Entrance door FSD (other)
Proposed gutters
Moffat, Douglas M. Residence. Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island
Garage. Plans and section
West elevation
East elevation
North elevation
Finish schedule
Basement plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Third floor plan
Garage. Elevations
Miscellaneous. Details
Posts for library and Dining room porches. FSD
Typical arches. FSD
Dining room and library friezes. Porch Cornices. FSD
Dining room and library rail panel over typical arch. FSD
Dining room porch. 3 center arches. FSD
Dining room porch. 3 center arches. Frieze over. FSD
Dining room porch. 3 center arches. Railing over. FSD
Dining room porch. Short return, library short return. FSD (2)
Dining room and library porches. Railing over short return. FSD
Dining room and library porches. Valance for window
Main entrance. Iron work window grills. FSD
Main entrance. Transom grill. FSD
Second floor removable window rails. FSD
Window rails in rear. FSD
Library porch. End panel of porch railing. FSD
Main entrance. Railing over. FSD
Dining room and library porch cornices section. FSD, Blueprint
Front door. Key over. FSD
Bell and annunciator schedule. Cloth
Telephone layout. Cloth
First floor electric plan. Cloth
Garage. Plan. Cloth
Main house, double hung and circular sash windows-and shutter. FSD
Balustrade. Details. Blueprint. (2) annotated
Base of main stair railing. FSD
First 4 risers of main stair. FSD
Typical window and door trim. FSD
Section. Main portion
Interior and exterior doors and jambs, fixed sash windows. Details
Balustrade. Cast stone. Section, elevation. FSD
Balustrade. Cast stone and wood cornice. FSD
Library and service wings. Exterior details. FSD
Library bookcase and wainscoting. FSD
Library chimney breast. FSD
Dining room. FSD
Stairs between second and third floors. Last 4 stairs FSD
Stairs between second and third floors. First 4 stairs FSD
Children's room bookcase. FSD
Second floor level, main stairs. Bracket at intersection of facia and plaster wall. FSD
Kitchen and pantry dressers. FSD
Miscellaneous trim. FSD
Library and service wings. Exterior details
Casement doors and windows, typical window trim. FSD
Casement windows, double hung windows exterior doors. Details
Main entrance. Cast stone jamb and wood door frame. FSD
Cast stone belt. FSD
Main entrance, cast stone for lintel and cornice. FSD
Windows miscellaneous details
Front entrance. Details
Basement. Sections
Basement doors and windows
Garage. Exterior details
Garage. Exterior openings. Details
Dormers on service wing and garage. Details
Dormers on main house. Details
Garden walls. Details
Porch. Iron work. Details
Plot plan
Chimneys. Details
Masters bath. Details
Cornices, arches, picture mold door trim. Details
Children's room. Bookcase. Details
Second to third floor staircase
Entrance vestibule details
Dining room, elevations and details
Living room elevations and details
Living room elevations and details
National Museum of Racing. Saratoga, New York. 1955. Additions--1957, West Wing; 1960-East Wing
Plot map
Civil engineers map of property. 1954
Civil engineers map of property with layout of building indicated
Proposed designs
Exterior elevations
Exterior elevations, floor plans, sections
First floor plan. Front entrance. Photostat
First floor plan. Study
Front entrance. Sketch
Front elevation
Floor plan. Study
Floor plan and front entrance. Sketch
Section through garden court. Floor plan
Section through garden court. North elevation. Section at wing
Second floor plan. Study
Cellar plan
East and west gallery, sections. Study
East and west gallery interior. Study
Cellar plan. Study
Second floor plan. Study
Garden facade. Study
South elevation. Study
West elevation. Study
Final plans
Foundation and cellar plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Roof and chimney details
South elevation
Section at center looking west
Interior studies
Interior studies east and west wings
Section at center line of building
Cellar. Heating and air conditioning. Ozalid
Second floor plan. Electrical. Ozalid
Second floor plan. Heating air conditioning. Ozalid
Electrical. Detail. Ozalid. Cellar
Electrical plan. Ozalid
First floor electrical plan. Ozalid
Interior stairs. Details
Water table. FSD
Stairs. Unidentified
Main entrance. Steps
Cornerstone. FSD
Cellar walls, windows and louvers. Details
No. wall. Metal doors, fixed sash and casement windows. Details
Portico and rear terrace. Sleeve location for wrought iron rail
First floor double hung windows details
Lintels over double hung windows and side entry doors. Details revised
Double hung windows and interior wood trim, FSD
Exterior wood doors. Details
Wrought iron railings. Details
Unidentified sketches. 3
Unidentified drawing
False chimney. Details
Portico. Framing for pediment and cupola
Cornices. FSD
Main entrance. FSD
Shutters. FSD
Balcony steel framing. Details
Bluestone column base
Front entrance. Frieze lettering. FSD
New glass doors to form display cases. Details
Layout of letters. FSD. (3)
Wintercover over steps to cellar. Details
South elevation gutter. Details
Locker rooms, Interior walls
Museum cases. Section. FSD
Museum cases. Details. (2)
Windows. Details
Structural note. holograph. 1 ft.
Second floor plan with layout of Hall of Fame. (2)
Second floor plan with seating for movies
Hall of Fame. Proposed scheme
Hall of Fame. Proposed scheme sketch
Window details
Gallery lighting
West wing. Addition 1957. Gallery B
Elevations and sections
Interior details
First floor plan and sections
Cellar plan and sections.
Iron rails at steps
Gallery B. exit door details
Plaque at entrance. Detail
Gallery lighting. Ozalid 1, blueprint 1
Floor pattern studies. Sketches 2
First floor plan. Study
Structural note. 1 fi.
Cellar and first floor. Electrical. Ozalid
Heating and air conditioning. Ozalid
Evaporative condenser exhaust system. Ozalid
Iron porch. Extension. Blueprint
Folding gate. Blueprint
Lighting layout. Ozalid
East wing. 1960. Gallery C
Foundation. Plan and details
First floor plan and details
Exterior opening to gallery A. Details
Roof trusses. No. 1 and 2, details
Asphalt tile floors. Layout
Frame for General Scott's painting. Details
Pedestal at north wall
Doors between gallery A and C. Details
Memorial plaque for Walter M. Jeffords. Study
Memorial plaque for Walter M. Jeffords. Detail
New east wing. Preliminary study
Lighting reflectors. Ozalid
Heating and air conditioning
Display cases. Shop drawings. Ozalid. 4 sheets
Drawing of Winfield Scott painting
New addition, sketch
Correspondence. Memoranda, bids, estimates, contractors and suppliers. 18
Correspondence. Jeffords Committee, National Museum of Racing. 1954-1958
Structural steel plans and specifications. Ozalid and blueprint. 44
Newport, Rhode Island, City of
Parking facilities. Study. Undated. 1 fl.
Newport Country Club. 1937
Topographical map
Main floor
Top floor
Lower floor
Elevations. Proposed
Elevations. Sketch
Photo negatives. 11
King Park Bathhouse
Typical layout
Entrance porch and circular windows. Details
North porch and main roof. Details
Office portion. Interior and exterior openings
Plumbing layout
Floor plan
Information Booth. Newport County Chamber of Commerce. 1939
Elevation and sections
Elevation and floor plan
Aquidueck Park. Community Building. 1944
Ground floor plan. Existing building
North elevation. Existing building
West elevation. Existing building
Photographs. Existing building. 11
Ground floor plan
South elevation
North elevation
High School. Proposed. 1951
Location map
Location with proposed building
High School. Proposed. 1951
Plot drawing
Bath Road. Undated. Plot drawing
Cardenes Park. Ladies washroom. 1943
Plan, elevations and details
City Hall. Alterations. 1946
King Park comfort station. 1944
Plan. Elevation. 2. Alternate Elevation
Sections and details. 2
King Park. Development. 1937
Building elevations
Monumental area. Study
Monumental area. Study. Photonegative
Dedication program
Young Street Firehouse addition. 1943
Kitchen and dining room. Plan, elevation and details
Waterfront Street. Proposed. 1941
Newport Hotel. Proposed. Undated
Neville, Mrs. James It. Westbury, Long Island. Proposed addition
Bedroom floor plan. Sketch
Bedroom floor plan and elevations. Preliminary study
Bedroom floor plan and elevations
Bay 6/Map Case 6/Drawer 16/Folders 69-72
Noyes, D. Chester. Residence. Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island
Plot plan
West elevation
North elevation
South elevation
East elevation with floor and cornice heights
North elevation with floor and cornice heights
Second floor windows. Details
First floor windows. Details
Garage. Details
Entrance porch. Front elevation
Tower. Details
Dining room and owner's room. Fireplaces. Details
Living room fireplace. Details
Library and guest room fireplaces. Details
Service quarters. Chimney. Details
Main stair. First floor
Main stair. Second floor
Section AA
Section BB
Section CC
Section DD
Owner's bedroom. Elevations and detail
Service stair. Section
Kitchen and pantry. Dressers. Detail
Entrance Court. Detail
Incinerator. Detail
Bar room. Detail
Garden stair south end of house. Detail
Cupboards ,and wardrobes. Detail
Electric service plan
Telephone conduit plan
Second floor plan. Electric. Cloth
Attic floor plan. Electric. Cloth
First floor plan. Electric. Cloth
Basement floor plan. Electric. Cloth
Roof over living room, east end. Detail
Roof over library, north and south ends. Detail
Roof over servants quarters, west end. Detail
Double hung windows, second floor. FSD
Double hung windows, servants quarters. FSD
Casement windows, owner's bedroom and guest room. FSD
Living room cornice. FSD
Double hung windows. Servants porch . FSD
Double hung windows. Bar room and lavatory. FSD
Garage doors. FSD
Section through sill. FSD
Cornice in living room. FSD
Entrance to chauffeurs quarters. FSD
Cornice for tower. FSD
Dormers. Bedroom 5 and 6 and attic hall. Detail
Dormers. Window, bathroom on attic. Detail
Dormers. Storage room, west end attic. Detail
Kitchen, double hung windows. FSD
Dormer windows in garage. Detail
Main house tower cock. FSD
Garage swan. FSD
Garage. Wrought iron weather vane. FSD
Shutters. Detail
Bar secret door. FSD
Library. FSD. 2
Radiator enclosures. FSD
Living room fireplace. FSD
Dining room fireplace. FSD
Owner's bedroom and guest room fireplace. FSD
Bar room wood arch. FSD
Bookshelf. Revised detail of drawing 242. FSD
Garden stair south end of house. FSD
Garden stair south end of house. Detail
Bedroom 2, 3, and 4. Casement windows. FSD
Owner's bathroom casement doors. FSD
Entrance porch. FSD
Section BB. FSD
Section DD. FSD
Cornice for garage detail
Louvers on north and south elevation. FSD
Exterior doors, servants quarters FSD
Casement window sills. Bedroom 2, 3, and 4. FSD. Revised
Garage gable rake moulding. FSD
Cupola on garage. Detail
Main stairs. FSD
Main house interior doors detail
Entrance door FSD
Main stair hall, second floor. Cornice. FSD
Tower. Wrought iron weather vane. FSD
Wrought iron railings. Exterior. Elevation and FSD
Wrought iron railings. Interior elevation and FSD
6/Bay 6/Map Case 6/Drawer 17/Folders 73, 75, 76
Paulist School of the Good Shepherd. Cooper and Isham Streets
Auditorium. North elevation
Auditorium south elevation
Grillage plan. Blueprint
Column schedule blueprint
First floor plan. Cloth
Basement plan. Cloth
Second floor plan. Cloth
Auditorium plan
Auditorium west elevation
West elevation. Cloth
East elevation. Cloth
Transverse section. Cloth
Roof plan. Cloth
Front entrance. Detail. Cloth
Steel frame. Longitudinal section
Concrete footing design blueprint
Framing plans, column schedule. Blueprint. 4
Heating. Blueprints. 4
Auditorium ceiling light. FSD
Auditorium cornice. FSD
Chapel. Facing. FSD
Vestibule door and screen. Detail
Cornerstone. FSD
Plot plan
Plot map
Ceiling of auditorium. Reflected plan
Proscenium arch. FSD
Front entrance. FSD
6/Bay 6/Map Case 6/Drawer 17/Folders 77-80
Preston, William P. Residence. Alteration. Sericho, Long Island
Ground floor plan
Second floor plan
Elevations and sections. 3
Entrance hall. Addition. Detail
Upper masonry. Detail
Colonnade connecting existing house with new addition
South elevation of sitting room wing
Brick paving for porch. Detail
Chimneys. Detail
Mr. Preston's bedroom porch, entrance and fireplace. Detail
Entrance hall. Detail
New terrace steps. Detail
Sitting room wing. West elevation. Detail
Double hung windows. Bedroom and bath, ground floor. FSD
Porch entrance door and trim. FSD
Double hung windows on sitting room. FSD
Colonnade connecting existing house with new addition. FSD
Palladin window. West elevation. FSD. Palladin window
West elevation. Vertical sections. FSD
West elevation. Louver. FSD
North wall of sitting room. Double hung windows. Detail
Entrance hall. Addition. FSD
North elevation. Louver over entrance. FSD
Porch door and sash. FSD
Guest bath. First floor, elevations
Main staircase. Detail
Mr. Preston's bedroom. Elevations and sections
Main staircase. Plan
Mrs. Preston's bedroom. Detail
Mr. Preston's bedroom. Elevations and detail
Beams over existing bedrooms. Method for reinforcing. Detail
Sitting room. Detail
Mrs. Preston's bedroom. Detail
Main staircase. FSD. 5
Palladin window. Interior woodwork. FSD
Doors. Detail
Plaster cornices. Miscellaneous. FSD
Wardrobe. FSD
Wood door and window trim. Revised. RSD
Door under stair landing. Pilaster. FSD
Radiator enclosures. FSD
Palladin windows. Mrs. Preston's bedroom. FSD
Sitting room. North wall. Revised windows. Detail
Mantel in Mrs. Preston's bedroom. FSD
Pryibil, Paul. Residence. alteration
Basement floor plan
Front elevation
First floor plan
Ground floor plan
Third floor plan
Second floor plan
Fourth floor plan
Fifth floor plan
Penthouse roof plan
Penthouse floor plan
Front elevation
Longitudinal section looking east
Penthouse. Front elevation
Front elevation. Lower portion. Detail
Front elevation windows. Detail
Dressing room window grill. FSD
Drawing room iron railing. FSD
Frenchdoors. FSD
Main entrance. Keyhole light and pushbutton. FSD
Casement doors. FSD
Main entrance. Columns and frets. Detail
Front elevation, lower portion. Miscellaneous stone. Detail
Incised fret. FSD
Rear elevation. Windows and doors. Detail
Main cornice. Elevation and section. FSD
Main entrance. Fn
Vestibule. East wall
Section AA. FSD
Reception room. Elevation
Mrs. Pryibil's boudoir. Elevations
Mrs. Pryibil's bedroom. Elevations
Vestibule. Elevation and detail
Guest room. Closet and bookcase. Detail
Pressing room. Fourth floor. Closets. Elevation and detail
Drawing room ceiling
Drawers and seat. Detail
Drawing room. Closet. Elevations
Section BB. Cornice detail
Vestibule, Entrance hall and stair hall. Marble floors. Detail
Soffit plan
Smoking room. Detail
First floor hall. Elevations and detail
Closets. Detail
Main staircase. First riser. FSD
Miscellaneous. FSD
Mrs. Pryibil's bedroom. Elevation
Radiator enclosures. FSD. 2
Columns in stair hall. FSD
Plaster cornices. FSD
Meeting stiles. FSD
Blind doors and locks
Grille for speakers. FSD
Dining room windows. Interior casing. FSD
Hand rail in vestibule. FSD
Fan light over main entrance. FSD
Side light over main entrance. FSD
Doors. Detail
Fourth and Fifth floors. Miscellaneous detail
Shaft windows. Third, fourth, fifth, and penthouse
Slab at base of shaft. Detail
Mrs. Pryibil's bedroom. Detail
Main staircase and stair hall. Plan
Library. Plan
North well of library elevation
Library. East wall elevation
Library. South wall elevation
Library. West wall elevation
Drawing room fireplace. Detail
Mr. Pryibil's dressing room. Detail
Elevator entrance. Elevation
Stair hall. Elevations
Drawing room. Elevations
Mrs. Pryibil's wardrobe. Detail
Main staircase. FSD
Dining room. Detail
Boudoir, second floor. Detail
Entrance hall. Detail
Bailey's Beach. Spouting Rock Beach Association
Pavilion, South elevation
Pavilion. North elevation
Pavilion.. North elevation and section
Bath houses A--1--A-.14. Revised plan
Plot plan
Existing grades. Diagram
Cubage diagram. Cloth
General layout
Finish schedule
Roof framing. Detail
Boat house never built
Vestibule plan
Brick walks. Plan
Entrance road plan
Pavilion. Clock opening. Section
Gates at entrance to bath house areas
Restaurant. Proposed
Doors and interior trim. Detail
Porch for cabanas. Detail
Main entrance. FSD
Cafeteria. New casement door
Pavilion. Windows. Detail
Pavilion. Door openings. Detail
Window details. Ozalid. 4
Main cornice copings, leader heads, cast stone and tresses
Lounge. East end. Chimney. Detail
South porch. Detail
Cabanas. Shower compartments. Detail
Pavilion stairs. Detail
Lounge. Interiors
South terrace. Detail
Bathhouse. Lattice work. Detail
Serving room. Changes. Detail
Plan of cafeteria. Revised
Locker room. Detail and layout
Lounge. Mantels. Detail
Lounge mirror frame. Detail
Dining room. Details
Booth. Plan
Dining room seats and tables. FSD
Pavilion. Sections and detail
Pavilion. Wood fence
Small bath house. Drying room, toilets. Detail
Cabanas at curved portion. Plan and elevation
Cabanas. Interior. Detail
Cabanas. Door and window. Detail
Bar addition
Brick terrace paving
East bath house area. Alterations to toilet rooms
Bar alterations. 2
New opening at bar
New parking area layout
South porches. Extension. Layout
New snack bar
Original cafeteria. Layout
Terrace at east end. Covered area. Plan
Cafeteria. Alterations and addition
Kitchen, cold room extension
Porches. Wood Lattice
Compressor housing
Boat house. Plans and elevations
Cabanas 1-62. General layout
Awnings. Proposed
Second floor dining room. Proposed
Plot plan
First floor plan
Bath houses 1-32 plan
Bath houses 33-62 plan
Bath houses 63-81 plan
Small bath houses and typical cabanas. Detail
Basement. Plumbing and electrical
First floor. Plumbing and electrical
Second floor. Plumbing and electrical
South wall
Dining room and dar porch. Glass enclosure
Plot plan. 2
Boat house
General plan and elevation
Concrete steps. Plan
Windows. Blueprint
Pavilion. Proposed alterations (Ahlborg)
Contractor correspondence. 15 fl.
Sudan Pavilion. New York World's Fair
Ground floor plan. 2
Second floor plan. Elevations. 2
Exterior details
Portion of ground floor plan and south elevation
Timber framing. Study
Connection. Details
Second floor stair to reception. 2
Timber framing
Post location
Elevation. Study. 2
Site plan
Exterior details
Electrical requirements
Elevation. Mural panel
Belt course. Section through
Wall finishes
Stair no. 1. Detail
Ground floor plan
Second floor plan
Framing. Detail
Reflected ceiling. Plan
Exit door. Second floor to stair no. 2
Wooden column for main portion. Plan
Stairs no. 3 and 4. Detail
Stair no. 1 plans and detail
Second floor framing. East side. Main portion
Post for tower. Plan and detail
Heating and air conditioning. Roof
Mural panel. East elevation
Stair no. 7 and balconies
Rear entrance, balcony of second floor
Flag pole and platform detail
Stair no. 2 detail
Exhibition layout
Wall finishes
Electrical requirements. 2
Taylor, Francis. Residence. Newport, Rhode Island
Basement floor plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Elevation and section
Plot plan
North elevation
First floor plan. Electrical
Second floor plan. Electrical
Steel beams. Location
East elevation
South elevation
West elevation
Interior trim and doors. Detail
Garage wing and entrance porch. Detail. Living room mantel. Detail and elevations
Library mantel. FSD and elevations
Owner's room mantel. Detail and elevation
Garden wall and wood lattice. Detail
Dining bay casements. Detail
Garage cornice. Detail
Entrance porch door. Detail
Kitchen elevations
Living room bay. Detail
Door. detail
Main stair. Detail
Library and dining room cornice detail
Library and living room chimney. Detail
Elevations. Color sketches
Plot plan
Whitney, H.P. Cliff Studio, Newport, Rhode Island
Topographical map
Floor plan. Proposed. 2
Ground floor, foundation. Plan
Sections and typical details
Chimney details
Metal sash windows. Details
Entrance door. Details
Copings and leader heads. Details
Interior door trim. Details
Porch and windows. Details
Studio. Details
Kitchen and lavatory. Details
Wood stairs in court. Details
Court entrance and screen door. Details
Studio mantel. Detail
Porch rail. Detail
Framing. Blueprint
Window. Blueprint
Whitney Museum of American Art. 8-10 and 12 West 8th Street, New York, New York. Proposed
First floor plan. Proposed museum
Second floor plan. Proposed museum
First floor plan of original building
Basement floor plan of original building
First floor plan. Proposed galleries
Basement floor plan. Proposed changes
Fourth floor plan. Proposed galleries
Third floor plan. Proposed galleries
Second floor plan. Proposed galleries
First floor plan. Proposed galleries
Basement floor plan
Cellar floor plan
Street elevations. Existing
Longitudinal section. Existing. No. 12
Longitudinal section. Existing. No. 10
Elevations. Proposed
Structural steel. Section
Addition to no. 14 West 8th
Granite base. Detail
Doors. Detail
Wrought iron grilles. Ground floor. Detail
Vestibule door jamb. FSD
Column. Sketch. 2
Cement sidewalk. Detail
Miscellaneous details
Two closet. Fourth floor
Section CC
Main stair
Section BB
Section AA
Main stair. Plan
Radiator enclosures. Details
Door to no. 8. FSD
Main entrance. Metal door. FSD
Vestibule. FSD
Ground floor plan. (Metric)
Second floor plan. (Metric)
Main entrance. Elevation
Entrance door. Detail
Initial plates. FSD
Main stair. First 2 risers. FSD
Stair. Detail
Main stair. Architecture at head. FSD
Information booth. Glass enclosure panel. Detail
Main entrance. FSD
Main entrance FS section
Stucco cornice. FSD
Stucco cornice. Second floor. FSD
Main stair. First 4 risers. FSD
Whitney Wing. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Proposed
Photograph of rendering
Sketch "N" Front elevation
Floor plan and elevation. Study
Sketch "X"
Sketch "7E"
Sketch "Y" Elevation
Sketch "H"
South elevation. Study
Plot plan and elevation. Study
Floor plan. Studies. 4
Elevations. Studies. 4
Floor plan. Studies. 5
Floor plan. Studies. 3
Floor plan. Studies. 4
Elevation. Study
Washington Square Site. Proposed
First and second floor plans. Study
Office and apartment floor. Study
Ground floor. Study
Ground floor plan. Study
Floor plan studies. 5
Aerial photograph of site
Plot sketch. 3
Plot map

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Container(s) Description Dates
Dunlop, Charles. Hunting Lodge. Siler City, North Carolina
South and east elevations
North and west elevations
Plot plan
Floor plan and elevations. Study
Gorges, Raymond. Athenwood Estate. Newport, Rhode Island. Proposed residence
Plot plan
Floor plan and elevations. Studies
Rm. 303/Map Case 8/Drawer 20/Folder 14
Easton's Beach. Newport, Rhode Island. Bath House. Proposed alteration
Floor plan and elevation
Sea wall. Details
Miscellaneous details
New work. Plan
Gates. Plan
New space for basket racks. Details
Rm. 303/Map Case 8/Drawer 20/Folder 45
Middletown Community Building. Middletown, Rhode Island
Plot map
Foundation and first floor plan
Elevations and sections
First floor and roof. Framing
Exterior details
Interior details
Plumbing layout
Heating layout
Electric layout
Rm. 303/Map Case 8/Drawer 20/Folder 96
Whiteman, Paul. Residence. Alteration. Rosemont, New Jersey
Entrance garden. Layout
Basement floor plan
First floor plan
West elevation
Interior details
East elevation
Diving board plans
First and second floor. Electric layout
Basement electric layout
Terrace and new steps. Details
Piping layout at pool. Revised. 2
Plot map
Terraces at pool. Layout. 2
Terraces at walls. Layout
Entrance garden. Layout
Barbecue. Details
Hood. FSD
Terrace details. 2
Awnings for living porch. Details
Living porch. Iron work panels
New bedroom wing. Fireplace and chimney. Details
Garden entrance and service porch. Details
Living room. Serving counter
East side of living room. Details
Mr. Whiteman's dressing room. Layout

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Asterisk (*) indicates plans included.

Description Dates
Mounted photographs of the works of Auguste L. Noel. Prepared for Senior Examination Exhibit. 25 1/4 x 33. 3 sheets, 18 photos
Bath Road. Newport, Rhode Island
Development. Rendering
Ross, Donald P. Residence
Whitney Wing, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Proposed
Rendering. By Schell Lewis. *
Clam Bake Club. Newport, Rhode Island. Proposed
Hotel San Jose. San Jose, Costa Rica
Floor plan
Lewis, James F. Residence
Renderings. 2. *
Unidentified rendering by Schell Lewis
Unidentified rendering by Schell Lewis
American Yacht Club. Rye, New York
Proposed plan
Letter attached
Unidentified Town Hall
Unidentified Country Club
Moffat, Douglas M. Residence. Spring Harbor, Long Island
King Park. Newport, Rhode Island
Unidentified rendering. 6

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Whitney Museum of Art. Photograph of model. Door detail. 27 x 35 l/4
Frank M. Gould residence. Long Island. Photograph. 27 x 35 l/4
Douglas Moffat residence. Front facade. Photograph. Main Stair. Photograph. 27 x 35 1/4
William A. Greer residence. Terrace. Photograph. 27 x 35 1/4. Hallway. Photograph. 29 x 35 1/4
Proposed housing development. 21 1/2 x 33
Eastons Beach. Newport, R. I. 27 3/4 x 36
Spouting Rock. Bailey's Beach. Newport, R. I. 18 x 36
Community Building. Middletown, R. I. 19 x 34
Rochambeau Memorial. Newport, R. I. 26 1/2 x 36
Newport Country Club. Newport, R. I. 30 1/2 x 33. Lower floor plan. Top floor plan. Main floor plan
Clambake Club. Newport, R. I. Proposed. 16 x 24 1/2. Floor plan. 18 1/2 x 25 3/4
Hunting lodge. Greensboro, N. C. 16 1/2 x 21 3/4
Swan Keran residence. Murray Bay, Canada. Proposed. 14 x 24
Wadsworth R. Lewis residence. Ridgefield, Conn. 18 1/4 x 30
Edgar Eyre residence. Ridgefield, Conn. 16 3/4x 27 1/2
Paulist Fathers School. Bronx, N. Y. Color rendering 18 x 29 1/2
King Park. Newport, R.I. 31 x 48

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Architects--New York (State)
  • Architecture, Domestic--New York (State)--Designs and plans
  • Architecture, Domestic--Rhode Island--Designs and plans
  • Public architecture--New York (State)--Designs and plans
  • Public architecture--Rhode Island--Designs and plans
  • Corporate Names :
  • Noel and Miller (Firm)
  • Whitney Museum of American Art--Buildings
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Architectural drawings
  • Architectural photographs
  • Architectural records