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Loman, Anna Fisk Beckman
1981 (inclusive)
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An oral history interview with Anna Fisk Beckman Loman, a Swedish immigrant.
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Anna (Fisk) Loman was born in Leksand, Sweden on September 6, 1894 to Erik and Karin Hanses Fisk. The family lived on a small farm in the country in a log house. Anna started school at the age of seven and attended for six years. She also took Bible classes and was confirmed when she was fourteen years old. Anna enjoyed celebrating a traditional Christmas holiday with customary Swedish decorations and food. Anna worked at a hotel until she met her first husband; they married on Christmas Eve in 1918. Anna worked for a while as a groundskeeper at a graveyard when she first married. She and her husband had one daughter, Margit, in 1919. Anna's father moved to America and lived in Tacoma; he encouraged her to move there as well when her husband mysteriously disappeared around 1927. Her mother and brother joined them a year later. First Anna found work in a laundry and as a housekeeper. She attended night school to learn English. In 1931, Anna married John Loman, a Swedish man whom she met in the berry fields in Puyallup; the two of them and their daughter Margit received their citizenship together. They visited the Loman family in Sweden in 1947. John Loman worked as a logger and started a plywood business, but he passed away in 1949. Anna took care of her mother for 25 years when her father died of cancer, and her brother Axel took over their father's farm in Gig Harbor. Anna has been an active member of the Ladies Vasa Auxiliary for 51 years. She has taken seven trips back to Sweden, one of them in 1959 for her 50-year reunion of her confirmation class. Anna recognizes that Sweden has been quite modernized, but she still enjoys making traditional Swedish food.


Maiden Name: Anna Fisk. Father: Erik Fisk. Mother: Karin Hanses Fisk. Paternal Grandfather: Karl Kvist. Paternal Grandmother: Brita Nygard Kvist. Maternal Grandfather: Hanses Lars Larson. Maternal Grandmother: Aron Anna Aronson Larson (both name are given due to inconsistency differing versions of her family tree). Brothers and Sisters: Maria Fisk, Karl Fisk, Karl Fisk, Erik Fisk, Axel Fisk. Spouse: Nils Beckman, John Loman. Children: Margit Young.

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The interview was conducted with Anna Loman on October 23, 1981 in Tacoma, Washington. This interview contains information on personal background, employment, family, emigration, heritage, church and community life, and return trips to Sweden. It also contains a letter from Anna to Janet Rasmussen and photographs of Anna's homeplace, Anna's daughter Margit (March 16, 1925), Anna's last Christmas in Sweden (1926), Anna in Gig Harbor (1931), Anna weaving, at an auction (1942), Anna at Olympic Laundry in Tacoma, and Anna at the time of the interview. The interview was conducted in English with some Swedish towards the end of the interview.

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The partial interview transcription highlights important aspects of the interview. Numbers may be used as guides to important subjects. Two numbers separated by a slash indicate that the first number is for cassette and the second for CD.

Container(s) Description
105, side 1 004: PERSONAL BACKGROUND
Maiden name Fisk and background behind family name. Born Leksand, Sweden, September 6, 1894.
105, side 1 024: PARENTS
Mother - Clara Larson. Father - in the Army. He was a handyman, could do many things. Got name Fisk when he joined the army.
105, side 1 035/074: FARM LIFE
Grew crops for food, didn't sell anything.
105, side 1 039: BROTHERS & SISTERS
(See previous): 6 children/4 died when they were young.
105, side 1 048:
Description of Spanish Flu
105, side 1 051:
Brother Axel employed as a carpenter
105, side 1 057/135: GRANDPARENTS
Maternal grandfather - Hans Larson. Maternal grandmother - Anna. Paternal grandfather - Karl Fisk
105, side 1 071/161: FAMILY HOME
small farm in the country. Lived in log house that father had built. Mother was hard worker -worked as hard or harder than any man/Children helped with chores.
105, side 1 111/236:
Employed at tourist hotel at age 16
105, side 1 121:
Grew a lot of potatoes
105, side 1 123/256: SCHOOL DAYS
Started age 7, went to school for 6 years in a 1-room school house.
105, side 1 135: RELIGIOUS TRAINING
Bible class during school years. Confirmed at ate 14. Preacher taught classes.
105, side 1 150: CHRISTMAS
Presents not like here, lucky to get anything. Putting up the tree. Goes into detail on preparation of Lutefisk.
105, side 1 166: CHRISTMAS MORNING
Up early to church. Walked on streets and looked in windows at trees. Talks of the turn of the century celebration in 1900.
105, side 1 185: BAKING
Hard tack, describes this rye & white bread & cookies. Making trimmings for the tree & dancing around the tree.
105, side 1 236: MARRIED
Christmas Eve 1918 in Sweden.
105, side 1 243: EMPLOYMENT
Worked in hotel until she met first husband. Later at Graveyard-trimming grass & planting flowers later at a big store.
105, side 1 271: MEETING HUSBAND
Met at a dance. Husband Nils Beckman- employed by the Army. Simple wedding held at home.
105, side 1 334: SETTLED IN LEKSAND
Husband disappeared. She, encouraged by father, came to the U.S. Mother and brother came one year later.
105, side 1 360: TRIP OVER
Left March 3, 1927. Arrived in Tacoma March 22, 1927. Trip by boat wasn't great - 4 to a cabin.
105, side 1 388: ELLIS ISLAND
Lost track of friends. Stayed overnight. Many people there for weeks sitting, knitting and other handiwork.
Didn't speak any English.
105, side 1 412: TRAIN TRIP
Changed in Chicago and Minneapolis. Suitcase was stolen. Found a station man who could understand Swedish and he helped them. Father met them at the station.
105, side 1 457: IMPRESSIONS OF NEW YORK
Didn't have a chance to see much.
Needed to make a living, so it was necessary to go.
105, side 1 475:
Father rented them a house. Later she bought a house.
105, side 1 486: EMPLOYMENT
First job in laundry. Did housework in home for father and boarder.
105, side 1 496:
Daughter came down with measles before entering school. Met many friends in school - no trouble adjusting.
105, side 1 515:
Attended night school. Happy to be in U.S. Still has many friends in Sweden.
105, side 1 537: CITIZENSHIP
Self, husband & daughter received it at the same time.
105, side 1 546: MARRIED
In 1931 to Loman - from same area in Sweden as Anna. Met in berry fields in Puyallup. Loman employed as a logger in Mineral, later started Plywood business in 1942, deceased in 1949.
105, side 1 573: TRIPS TO SWEDEN
In 1947 to see Loman's family (see counter 076-II)
105, side 1 580: WEDDING
Brother married at same time. Stood up for each. Married at First Lutheran Church
105, side 1 609:
Employed at Laundry for 9 years until 1939.
105, side 1 631:
Speaks of daughter and her husband and their 3 children. Husband Jack builds boats.
105, side 2 001: HOBBIES
Wove rag rugs, did many things in Sweden.
105, side 2 009: SWEDISH FOOD
Family likes it. Makes potato sausage, lefse, lutfisk, and cookies.
105, side 2 020: CHRISTMAS
Family gets together. No turkey but Lutfisk.
105, side 2 044: CHURCH LIFE
Not really active. Daughter was active at First Lutheran.
105, side 2 048:
Talks about folkdräkt.
Ladies Vasa Auxiliary. Member for 51 years. Treasurer for group.
105, side 2 076: TRIPS TO SWEDEN
7 trips back (see counter 573-I)
105, side 2 076:
Father died of cancer/took care of mother for 25 years. Anna got home in Tacoma. Brother Axel got the farm in Gig Harbor after parents' death.
105, side 2 111:
Brother's son taught at McNeil Island.
105, side 2 115: CHANGES IN SWEDEN
home had changed, people had changed. Attended 50 year reunion of confirmation class in 1959. (see counter 164-II)
105, side 2 164: CHANGES IN SWEDEN
Very modern, modern appliances and all get a big pension. Stockholm torn down old buildings and replaced them with new. (see counter 115-II)
105, side 2 210:
Taught herself to play the guitar.
105, side 2 225:
Closes with Swedish remark.

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  • Personal Names :
  • Aronson, Aron Anna
  • Fisk, Karin Hanses
  • Kvist, Karl
  • Larson, Aron Anna
  • Loman, Anna Fisk Beckman--Interviews (creator)
  • Young, Margit
  • Beckman, Nils
  • Fisk, Erik
  • Kvist, Brita Nygaard
  • Larson, Hanses Lars
  • Loman, Anna Fisk
  • Loman, John

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  • Beckman family
  • Fisk family
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  • Loman family

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  • Swedish-Americans--Social life and customs
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  • Vasa Order of America. Lodge N:r 233 (Tacoma, Wash.)
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  • Gig Harbor (Wash)
  • Leksand (Sweden)
  • Puyallup (Wash)
  • Rättvik (Sweden)
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