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University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives
UW Ethnomusicology Archives concert recordings: Ziying Wu and Chaka Chawasarira (video)
1 items  :  OT- 1 vct (S-VHS); WD - 1 DVD; Duration: 1:48:00; articles from UW Daily and Seattle Times; 40th anniversary symposium poster; 2002-03 School of Music season brochure.
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Concert featuring UW visiting artists Ziying Wu and Chaka Chawasarira, recorded at the University of Washington (Seattle), Meany Theater, 7:30 pm April 25, 2003.
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Wu Ziying 吳自英(1943—) was a private student of many of the foremost Chinese guqin masters of the twentieth century. Of particular influence on his playing were the great guqin masters and teachers: Wang Jiru 王吉儒, Wu Jinglue 吳景略, Zha Fuxi 查阜西, Sun Zongpeng 孫宗彭, Xu Lisun 徐立蓀, and Gu Meigeng 顧梅羹. Wu Ziying maintains a strong link to past masters in his musical interpretation, eschewing much of the newer techniques and Western influences and preserving a strong lyrical line. The Mei'an and Wu schools of guqin music are predominant in his performance repertoire.

Before immigrating to the United States, he was a professor of traditional Chinese Music at Shanghai Normal University and was the director of the Shanghai Qin Association. In 2001-3, he was a Visiting Artist-in-Residence in the Ethnomusicology Division of the School of Music, University of Washington, Seattle. He resides in the Seattle area where he teaches the guqin and pipa and repairs traditional Chinese instruments.

- Wuziying.com

Chaka Chawasarira was born in Zimbabwe on September 11th, 1941. His father was a master drummer and his mother was a dancer to the drum her husband played. When he was nine, Chawasarira lost both his parents and was brought up as an orphan in a Catholic mission. He carried on his father's gift for drumming, and in 1965 became a teacher at the mission school where he had been raised. There he met a matepe player named Mathias Chidavaenzi and was instantly drawn to the complexity and power of the matepe music.

- http://www.mhumhirecords.org/Chakachawasarira.htm

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Title (from concert program): Music of China and Zimbabwe with the 2002-2003 Visiting Artists in Ethnomusicology, Ziying Wu, qin and pipa, and Chaka Chawasarira, mbira [karimba and hera]

Recording set-up by Gary Louie for Ethnomusicology Archives.

Concert features Ziying Wu (first half) and Chaka Chawasarira and ensemble (second half); introductory remarks by Philip Schuyler and Felicia Hecker (1st half), and Claire Jones (2nd half)

Transmission Data: Digital file created and DVD produced 6/2014 (2003-6.1 WD)

Related collections: 2003-5 - audio recording of concert (Gary Louie); 2003-11- video recording of concert (Peter Park).

See notebook entry for 2003-5 for concert log.

Documentation: Concert program and flyers

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Description Dates
2003006-0001: UW Visiting Artist Concert
1 videotape : VCT; Tracks: 18
Contents:First half of concert:1- Philip Schuyler's announcement; 2- Felicia Hecker's announcement; 3- Conversation between a Fisherman and a Woodcutter (qin); applause; tuning; 4- Three Variations on Parting at Yang Pass (qin); applause; tuning; 5- Mist and Clouds over the Xiao and Xiang Rivers (qin); applause; tuning; 6- Bright spring. White snow (pipa); applause; tuning; 7- Spring in the Tian Mountains (pipa); applause; tuning; 8- Ambush on all Sides (pipa); applause; tuning; 9- Encore: Happy Days (pipa); applauseSecond half of concert:1- Claire Jones' announcement; 2- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 3- Kuyaura Kwehasina Katura (Karimba solo); 4- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 5- Majaira Kudya Zvokukwata (Karimba solo); applause; 6- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 7- Jena Guru (Karimba Ensemble); applause; 8- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 9- Bhutsu Mutandarika (Karimba Ensemble); applause; 10- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 11- Chenjedza (Chaka Chawasarira with Claire Jones, Hera/Matepe); applause; 12- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 13- Kanotamba Mubani (Chaka Chawasarira with Claire Jones, Hera/Matepe); applause; 14- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 15- Musengu (Chaka Chawasarira, Hera/Matepe); applause; 16- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 17- Pasipanodya (Chaka Chawasarira, Hera/Matepe); applause; 18- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 19- Urombo (Chaka Chawasarira, Hera/Matepe); applause; 20- Chaka Chawasarira's announcement; 21- Torai Kapadza Muchirama (Karimba Ensemble); applause; 22- Encore; applause

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