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Francis Armstrong photograph collection
1850s-1940s (inclusive)
154 photographs
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The Francis Armstrong photograph collection contains portrait photographs of various members of the families of Francis Armstrong and Frederick Albert Hale. As well as some views of residences.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
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The collection consists of photographs of Francis Armstrong, his wives and children, Frederick Albert Hale and his wife, children and grandchildren. The collection ends with a folder of Girard Hale, artist of the murals at the Utah State Capitol building.

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Francis Armstrong and Isabelle Siddoway Armstrong
Photograph number 1: Francis ArmstrongPhotograph number 2: Francis Armstrong, age 26Photograph number 3: Isabelle Siddoway ArmstrongPhotograph number 4: Isabelle Siddoway ArmstrongPhotograph number 5: Sarah Caruth Armstrong (2nd wife), one child: AnniePhotograph number 6-11: Isabelle Siddoway Armstrong (Photograph number 10 at age 25)
Francis Armstrong: parents and siblings
Photograph number 12: William Armstrong, fatherPhotograph number 13: Mother (no first name)Photograph number 14: Obediah Armstrong (G. Armstrong's brother)Photograph number 15: Mary ArmstrongPhotograph number 16: Uncle George Armstrong (grandfather Armstrong's brother)Photograph number 17: Sarah ArmstrongPhotograph number 18: Aunt Hannah ArmstrongPhotograph number 19: ?
Francis Armstrong: children
Photograph number 20: Isabelle, Annie, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lee, Isabella, Will, Irene, Mary Florence, EmmaPhotograph number 21: Elizabeth and ?Photograph number 22: William S. Milner BeanPhotograph number 23: Elizabeth Armstrong BeanPhotograph number 24: William Bean (married Elizabeth)Photograph number 25-26: Emma ArmstrongPhotograph number 27: William Francis Armstrong, Dan Eugene Livingstone and three unidentifiedPhotograph number 28: William Francis ArmstrongPhotograph number 29: William's wife, Edythe Moyle and son FrankPhotograph number 30-31: William Francis Armstrong, age 24Photograph number 32: Annie Armstrong LivingstonePhotograph number 33: Isabelle Armstrong BurtonPhotograph number 34: Isabella and Annie(Photocopy with 1: Edward Leon Burton and 2: Isabelle Armstrong)
Francis Armstrong: children
Photograph number 35: Florence (wife of Frank Bagley)Photograph number 36: Florence Armstrong and Emma Armstrong (as young girls)Photograph number 37: Sarah Ethel Armstrong (Isaac Barton's wife)Photograph number 38: Sarah Ethel Armstrong Barton (as a young girl)Photograph number 39: Aunt Irene (as a baby)Photograph number 40: Irene Lenoir Armstrong Brainard (wife of Elmer Brainard)Photograph number 41: Uncle Lee (as a baby)Photograph number 42: Lee Armstrong (as a baby)Photograph number 43: Robert Lee Armstrong, circa age 12Photograph number 44: R. L. Armstrong, October 9, 1917Photograph number 45-46: Mary Hannah Armstrong Madsen (Aunt Mame) as a babyPhotograph number 47: Richard William Madsen, husband of Mary H. Armstrong, son of Peter W. Madsen(Photocopies 1: Mary Hannah Armstrong "Aunt Mame", 2: Elizabeth Armstrong Bean Family)
Armstrong House
Photograph number 48-55: Various views of the Armstrong Mansion on 1st South and 7th East
Francis Armstrong: Bank
Photograph number 56: Francis Armstrong's Bank, Commercial Savings and Loan, located on 1st South near Main Street (circa 1910)Photograph number 57: Group of men, possibly an executive board.
Frederick Albert Hale
Photograph number 58: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 17Photograph number 59: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 12Photograph number 60: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 10Photograph number 61: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 12Photograph number 62: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 18Photograph number 63-64: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 25Photograph number 65: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 20Photograph number 66: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 10Photograph number 67: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 16Photograph number 68: Frederick Albert Hale, circa age 21, at Cornell UniversityPhotograph number 69: Frederick Albert Hale in a group of people in costumePhotograph number 70: Frederick Albert Hale, 1881, Denver, Colorado
Frederick Albert Hale
Photograph number 71: Fred Hale at Salt Lake City circa circa (golfing)Photograph number 72: G. D. Holman, J. Walcott Thompson, ?, and Fred A. Hale, circa 1908Photograph number 73: 1934 Pt. LobosPhotograph number 74: June 1916Photograph number 75: 1915-1918Photograph number 76: Undated, possibly 1920sPhotograph number 77: Frederick Albert Hale with a large fish, circa 1930Photograph number 78: Undated, possibly 1920sPhotograph number 79: Fred A. Hale, 1906
Frederick Albert Hale: Mary Elizabeth O'Grady
Photograph number 80: As a young girlPhotograph number 81: Frederick Albert Hale and wife (undated)
Frederick Albert Hale: parents
Photograph number 82: Father ?Photograph number 83-86: Julia Lucetta Hale
Frederick Albert Hale: children
Photograph number 87 : Hale, Jr. (age 3?)Photograph number 88: Edythe Hale Hunter, in uniform, probably Red CrossPhotograph number 89-90: Fred Hale, Jr. (as an adult)Photograph number 91: Edythe Hale Hunter(Photocopies 1: Girard V.B., 2: Edward)
Frederick Albert Hale: grandchildren
Photograph number 92-109: Unidentified grandchildren (F.A. Hale and children with them)Photograph number 110: Fred, Minnie, Fred A. Jr., J. B. Hunter Jr.Photograph number 111: Edythe, Fred, Minnie, Fred A. Jr. Hale
Frederick Albert Hale: grandchildren
Photograph number 112-122: Unidentified grandchildren
Frederick Albert Hale: Interior Architecture
Photograph number 123-125: Staircase and entry way in Salsbury home 6th East & 10th South
Frederick Albert Hale: Keith Brown House
Photograph number 126-131: Photos of interior and exterior of house
Frederick Hale Jr. and wife, Elizabeth Critchlow
Photograph number 132: Elizabeth CritchlowPhotograph number 133: Frederick Hale, Jr.Photograph number 134: Frederick and ElizabethPhotograph number 135: F. A. H. 1909Photograph number 136: Frederick and Elizabeth at the beach with sonPhotograph number 137: Painting of Elizabeth Critchlow Hale(Photocopies 1-2: Frederick, 3: Elizabeth Critchlow)
Girard Hale
Photograph number 138: Girard Hale next to mural he painted in the Utah State Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 139-141: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 142: Frederick Albert Hale and unidentified
Girard Hale: residences
Photograph number 143-148: Residences, location unidentified
Irving Hale, Jr.
Photograph number 149: Dorothy, Marjory and Irving Jr.Photograph number 150: William King Hale, Dorothy, Irving Jr., MarjoryPhotograph number 151-152: Irving Hale Jr., Mrs. Hale and Irving Jr.Photograph number 153: William King Hale, Dorothy, Irving Jr., MarjoryPhotograph number 154: Irving Hale(Photocopy of newspaper article highlighting Gen. Hale)

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Architecture, Domestic--Utah--Photographs
  • Personal Names :
  • Armstrong, Francis, 1839-1899--Photographs
  • Hale, Frederick Albert, 1855-1934--Photographs
  • Family Names :
  • Armstrong family--Photographs
  • Hale family--Photographs
  • Geographical Names :
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Buildings, structures, etc.--Photographs
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Exterior views
  • Photographic prints--1850-1950