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Kuhn, Jim, 1952-
UW Ethnomusicology Archives audio recordings: Jim Kuhn recordings: Anzonini del Puerto: Fiesta
4 items  :  EC - 4 reels (7.5 ips, 2 tr. stereo, 7"); WT - 2 DATs (digital, stereo); 4 WAV files; Duration: 2:24:17
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Recorded in a space at Pelican Bay Artists' Cooperative on Capitol Hill, Seattle, 7/13/79.
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Gary Hayes is a flamenco guitarist and dance accompanist for the flamenco group Flamenco Alcala in Vancouver, Canada.

Jim Kuhn (1952-) is a flamenco guitarist, teacher, and former chef of Spanish cuisine. Since the early 1980s, Kuhn has promoted flamenco and Andalusian culture in Seattle, Washington, most notably as the founder of Spanish cuisine business Paella King. Kuhn studied flamenco music and culture in Andalucia, Spain. He has played professionally with Spanish dancers and singers and given lectures on flamenco music.

Manuel Bermúdez Junquera, "Anzonini del Puerto" (1917-1983) was a dancer and singer of fiesta flamenco.

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Performers: Anzonini del Puerto (of Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain) (aka Manuel Bermudez), vocal, "tabla," palmas, dance (the "tabla" is not normally used; it's a flat wooden tray about 2' in diameter which Anzonini wanted to use); Gary Hayes (Seattle), guitar.

Originally recorded on cassette (2 90-minute tapes); microphone part of tape deck; recorded at distance of about 20'; audience of about 30, including Jim Kuhn, Pat Darrow, and others (same group had been at the film session at UW earlier in the day).

Performance includes: bulerias, soleares, siguiriya, tangos, rumbas, sevillanas, fandango, and tarantos.

The transfer from cassette to reel was done in the UW Ethnomusicology Archives with an auto-correlator (to reduce tape hiss) and equalizer (drops out 0-50 Hz range setting to -9; this reduces bass thump)

Digital files created from analog reels 12/2014 - 79-35.1.wav (45:19), 79-35.2.wav (38:35), 79-35.3.wav (46:47), 79-35.4.wav (1:36) (48 kHz, 24-bit)

Documentation: Diagram of equipment set-up for cassette to reel transfer.

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  • Ethnomusicology
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  • Europe--Europe--General Europe
  • Spain
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    • Hayes, Gary (performer)
    • Puerto, Anzonini Del (performer)