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Michaelson, Mary E
Mary E. Michaelson photograph collection
circa 1875-1938 (inclusive)
245 photographic prints
215 glass negatives
Collection Number
Portraits by photographic firm James & Bushnell, some of them depict theatrical and other performers. Also includes photographs of tugboats, Native Americans, lumber mills and unidentified cabinet cards
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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The collection consists largely of a set of glass plate negatives (and modern copy prints) of portraits by photographic firm James & Bushnell, identified by last name. Some of them probably depict theatrical performers and other entertainers. Also includes photographs of tugboats, Native Americans, lumber mills and unidentified cabinet cards.

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BOX 1:Modern contact prints from glass negatives taken by the firm of James and Bushnell, circa 1903-1915.

Folder 1:
Aaronson (neg. 53268-1, -2)
Allen, Anita (neg. 42209-1, -2)
Allen (couple) (neg. 71837-1)
Allen (neg. 71834)
Anderson (neg. 57569)
Andrus (neg. 68917)
Armstrong (neg. 49606)
Atwater (neg. 54353)

Folder 2:
Babcock (neg. 51376)
Badgley (neg. 77412)
Baillagore (neg. 74842)
Bamford (Rev. Bamford's daughter?) (neg. 57584)
Beatty (neg. 54352)
Belsted (City Directory for 1911 lists him as city comptroller) (neg. 74845)
Bennett (neg. 75758)
Berry (neg. 51377)
Bjornson (neg. 77418)
Bradley (neg. 69249)
Buell (neg. 71821)

Folder 3:
Caldwell (neg. 54342)
Carlson (neg. 71823)
Cody (neg. 49620)
Collier (neg. 71838)
Corey, Mabel Gilman (actress) (neg. 53223)

Folder 4:
Denton (neg. 69247)
Dixon (neg. 69246)
Dockery (neg. 74841)

Folder 5:
Eldridge (neg. 49612)
Elkhart (neg. 53237)

Folder 6:
Falke (neg. 77420)
Fent (neg. 6923-)
Fenton (neg. 77403)
Gilbert (neg. 77844)
Gleason (neg. 77421)
Gottlesohn (neg. 57578)
Griffith (neg. 71828)

Folder 7:
Hamilton (neg. 51370)
Hanke (neg. 74843)
Hanson (neg. 51375)
Hill (neg. 74849)
Hornberger (neg. 71825)
Hoskins (neg. 68916)
Hunt (neg. 68915)
James (neg. 74848)
Jenkins (neg. 69236)
Joyce (neg. 71833)

Folder 8:
Kelly (children) (neg. 54349)
Kelly (neg. 53227)
King (neg. 68900)
Kyle (neg. 69312)
Levi (neg. 49633)
Lindahl (neg. 68918)

Folder 9:
Markey (neg. 77402)
Maltby (neg. 5352-)
Mannering (neg. 39717)
Maurer (neg. 57583)
McKinnon (neg. 54344)
Miller (neg. 71831)
Mills (neg. 57572)
Morriss (neg. 68905)
Motto (neg. 69247)
Mourant (neg. 69243)

Folder 10:
Malim (neg. 43598)

Folder 11:
Nelson (neg. 54363)

Folder 12:
Parker (neg. 53351)
Peterson (neg. 53347)
Pratt (neg. 54358)
Purvis (neg. 69226)
Putnam (neg. 42206)

Folder 13:
Ridenour or Ridenor (neg. 57583)
Rodwell (neg. 53279)
Root (neg. 57561)

Folder 14:
Saibou (neg. 71836)
Sanne (neg. 69237)
Sefton (neg. 51373)
Slade (neg. 74847)
Smith (neg. 57581)
Smith (neg. 68913)
Stanley, Vera (neg. 43980)
Strauss (neg. 49638)
Sullivan (neg. 69221)
Swanson (neg. 77408)

Folder 15:
Stanley, Vera (neg. 43980)

Folder 16:
Tichnor Twins (neg. 45692)
Underwood (neg. 73564)

Folder 17:
Vaux (neg. 74840)
Wallingford (neg. 54347)
Walters (neg. 68914)
Werner (neg. 55352)
Wiilliams (neg. 77429)
Wilson (neg. 69227)
Yates (neg. 42815)

Folder 18: Unidentified

BOX 2:

Folder 1: 19 black and white photographs of Foss tugboats - Andrew Foss, Tacoma, Rouse, Wanderer, Winona, Matilda, Foss No. 16, Foss brothers (January 4, 1938).
Photographer: Burton Thurber

Folder 2: 1 black and white mounted photograph. Cadets at Fort Flagler, undated ("26 Co. C.A.C. Ft. Flagler, Wn By L. La Croix").
Photographer: L. La Croix

Folder 3:
1 mounted black and white photograph. Unidentified structure probably Alaska.
Photographer: Case and Draper
1 photograph. Unidentified scenery
Photographer: Merrill (Sitka, Alaska) -
1 mounted photograph. Railroad crew.
Photographer: F. C. Shults (Buckley, Wash.)
1 photograph. Unidentified man with camera, undated
1 photograph. Unidentified mountain scenery.
Photographer: Standar

Folder 4: 5 photographic postcards. Horse seining on the Columbia River, undated

Folder 5: 29 cabinet cards and carte de visites. Unidentified portraits.
Photographers: Peiser, L. Taylor (Pullman, Wash.); Boyd, H. Siewert (Puyallup, Wash.); Maxwell (Spokane, Wash.); W. P. Johnson (Salem, Ore.); Moore (Seattle, Wash.); M.S. McClaire (Seattle, Wash.); Joseph Obergfell (Carbonado, Wash.); C. Fritz and Co. (McMinnville, Ore.); Barnard (Wallace, Idaho); M.M. Hazeltine (Baker City, Ore.); I.G. Davidson (Tacoma, Wash.); E.A. Lynn (Tacoma, Wash.); A.L. Jackson (Tacoma, Wash.); La Roche and French (Tacoma, Wash.); Bailey (Seattle, Wash.); Hardy (Seattle, Wash.); Imperial Studio - Rothi and Sanstrom (Seattle, Wash.); E. Curtis (Seattle, Wash.); Thwaites (Portland, ore.); Eastman (Portland, Ore.)

Folder 6: 15 contact prints/xeroxes from glass negatives - vicinity of Chehalis?, undated.
Michaelson 1: Native American family group with two men, one woman and child outside of tent.
Michaelson 2: Hop pickers
Michaelson 3: Hop pickers
Michaelson 4: Native American encampment on river.
Michaelson 5: Native American encampment with tent
Michaelson 6: Native American woman with horse
Michaelson 7: Native American family group outside of tent - two women, one man and two children.
Michaelson 8: Hop pickers
Michaelson 9: Chehalis Grain Co. truck
Michaelson 10: Unidentified town. Chehalis?
Michaelson 11: Unidentified group
Michaelson 12: Unidentified group
Michaelson 13: Grain silo?
Michaelson 14: Club or society group with stuffed moose in background. Chehalis.
Michaelson 15: Unidentified railroad locomotive

BOX 3:
Folder 1: 3 mounted photographs. Lumber mill and workers, Hartwood Mill, Aberdeen, undated
Photographer: Clark.

Folder 2:
1 mounted photograph. Shingle Workers Union, Aberdeen, Labor Day, 1905.
1 mounted photograph . Miscellaneous mill workers, undated

Folder 3: 2 mounted photographs. Aberdeen and Wishkaw River, undated

Folder 4:
3 mounted photographs. Bay City Lumber Co. - workers and interior of mill, undated
1 mounted photograph. "Giant of the Forest. Sawed up at the Bay City Lumber Co.'s mill, south Aberdeen, Wash."

Folder 5:
2 mounted photographs. Lumber ship Claremont, undated.
Photographer: MacKenzie (Aberdeen, Wa.)
1 mounted photograph. Mill wheel team with six horses, undated
Photographer: MacKenzie (Aberdeen, Wa.)

Folder 6: 4 mounted photographs. Hartwood Lumber Mill (interior and exterior), 1910 (no neg.)

BOXES 4-9:Glass negatives

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