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Blatt, Evelyn Eastern
Evelyn Eastern Blatt photograph collection
circa 1940-1961 (inclusive)
11 photographic prints (1 folder) ; sizes vary
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The collection includes images of Evelyn Eastern Blatt with her sororities and members of the Klatzker family
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Evelyn was president of the Dai-Bons sorority from September 1958 to June of 1959. The club was comprised of Jewish students from Garfield and Franklin High Schools in Seattle. Shirley Klatzker was probably Evelyn's mother, but this has not been confirmed.

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The collection includes images of Evelyn Eastern Blatt with her sororities and members of the Klatzker family.

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Forms part of the Washington State Jewish Archives.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Folder item
1 1  Herman and Anna Klatzker wedding portrait in Shanghai, China
Lai Fong, Shanghai, China (photographer)
Note included with photograph: This is the wedding picture of Herman Klatzker (born December 10, 1875 and died December 3, 1963) and Anna Dorothy Leopold (born May 6, 1882 and died December 19, 1954), taken in Shanghai, China on March 24, 1903. They had their first child, Martin (1904-1938) in Tientsin, China.In 1906 Herman and Anna moved to San Francisco where they had their second child, Shirley (Blatt) (1906-1964) and then moved to Seattle because of the earthquake in San Francisco. It was in Seattle that they took roots. They had seven children in Seattle: Pauline, Bert, Louis, Margaret, Allen, Fern, and Mae.Herman covered the gamut of the business life of Seattle, from the ownership of a retail department store, to real estate, to the jewelry business. He and his wife became pioneers in Seattle's early cultural and civic life. He was a lifetime Zionist and co-founder of the Seattle Zionist Organization as its first secretary. He was a lifetime member of B'nai B'rith. He and his wife were active in every phase of Jewish life in Seattle for over 40 years. Herman was also one of the founders of the Hertzl Congregation, and a co-founder of the Hertzl Cemetery. At one time he was a member of every Jewish Congregation in Seattle at the same time. Herman and Anna both died in Los Angeles, their last home.
March 1903
1 2a-b  Klatzker family at 50th anniversary celebration of Herman and Anna Klatzker
Back row: Lewis and Mary Klatzker, Marty Blatt, Silvia and Allen Klatzker, Pauline and Ben Roffe, Mae and Al Kravits, Fern and Fred Saran, Frances and Bert Klatzker. Front row: Suzanne and Linda Klatzker, Shirley and Ben Blatt, Mike and Judy Roffe, Barbara Roffe, Gail Klatzker. Anna and Herman Klatzker seated at center.2b is a copy of original photograph, which is badly damaged.
1 3  Group of Young Sephardic Israeli Dancers
Front row: Barbara Alhadeff Hasson, Bonnie Israel, Esther Benezra, Sue Maimon, Sarah Benezra. Back row: Sandra Mutal Benezra, Sally Hasson Behar, Betty Rousso Sackler, Evelyn Eastern Blatt, Lucille Israel Sytman, Sandra Cordova Feinstein, Rochelle Funis.
circa 1955
1 4  Washington Junior High School ninth grade class picture
Signed by class members on verso.
1 5  Group of Sigmas, a Jewish High School Sorority
Walters Studio, Seattle (photographer)
Back row: Sharon Cohen, Lee Levy, Linda Burnett, Lynn Slade, Miriam Gray, Joyce Kates, Joyce Weiner, Sue Corey, Barbara Cohen, Susie Posner, Babs Schwartz, Jane Altose, Pam Barrat. Middle row: Elaine Poll, Sally Ordell, Bobbie Meltzer, ?, Gloria Shenson, Linda Weiner, Kathy Narodick, Sue Jaffe, Joanne Schuster, Sue Silver, Julie Breitstein. Upper front row: Joanie Kahn, Gina Berch, Marcy Berch, Terri Moscowitz, Maryanne Steinberg, Joanie Seligman. Lower front row: Lainie Saltman, Wynn Narodick, Ronnie Karpel, Jeanie Kotkins, Joanie Raphael.
circa 1957
1 6  Six members of the Dai-Bons social club
Sue Bornstein, Jake Tarica, Robin Jaffe, Al DeJaen, Judy Diamond, Sam Eastern.The club was comprised of Jewish students from Garfield and Franklin High Schools in Seattle.
1 7  Five young men selected as candidates for "King for a Night" at B'nai B'rith Girls' dance
Newspaper clipping included with photo.
1 8  Group of young women in Dai-Bons Jewish High School Sorority
Ethan Allen Commercial Photography (photographer)
Includes Betty Rousso, Shawney Wagner, Donna Oziel, Marilyn Kutoff, Sharon Weil, Rachel Forman, Sonja Habib, Pearl Eskenazi, Louise Schwamberg, Tony Kaye, Sue Kates, Evelyn Eastern Blatt, Robin Jaffe, Sue Maimon, Gail Arshonm Becky Eskenazi, Judy Diamond, Sue Hara, Barbara Alhadeff, Esther Lee Scharon, Julie Brenner.
1 9  Group of Dai-Bons Jewish High School Sorority members
George Lewis Photography, Seattle (photographer)
Identified people: Bottom row: Jill Block, Jacky Weis, Annette Mezistrano, Pam Barrat. Dark sweaters row: Joyce Kates-Sgt. at Arms, Barbara Block-Pledge Mom, Gail Arshon-Secretary, Evey Eastern-President, Pearl Eskenazy-Vice president, Fran Lawson-Treasurer, Rae Shahon-Sgt. at Arms. Next row: ?, Louise Schwacher, Esther Shahon, Helene Jeffe, Julie Brenner. Top row: Barbara Hasson, Judy Diamond, Sue Kohn, Marilyn Hasson, Shawney Wagner, Sharon Polishuck, Micky Brandmarker, Marilyn Kutoff, ?, Susan Ruder, Marilyn Halfon.
1 10  Group of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority members at the University of Washington
Walters Studio, Seattle (photographer)
1 11  Group of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority members with their dates at the "Something Wonderful" dance
George August Photography (photographer)
November 11, 1961

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