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French, David H. (David Heath), 1918-
David H. and Kathrine S. French papers
1916-2006 (inclusive)
100.78 cubic feet (110 boxes)
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Papers of David H. French and Kathrine S. French, mainly covering their lives' work with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation
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Anthropologists David Heath and Kathrine Story French were well-known for their decades-long fieldwork with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation community in Central Oregon. David was born in Bend, Oregon, on May 21, 1918, to parents Delbert and Evelyn Fatland French. He attended Reed College for three years before transferring to complete his B.A. at Pomona College. He received his M.A. one year later from the Claremont Graduate School, and his Ph.D. from Columbia after conducting his fieldwork at Isleta Pueblo in the Southwest.

Kathrine Story French was born in Champaign, Illinois, to parents Russell and Gertrude Story on June 5, 1922. She first met David at Pomona College, where she received her B.A. in philosophy and anthropology in 1942. She also earned her Ph.D. from Columbia University. Following their marriage in 1943, both David and Kathrine worked as relocation advisors and community analysts with the War Relocation Authority at Colorado River Relocation Center in Poston, Arizona, from 1943 to 1946. David then joined the faculty at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where he worked from 1947 until his retirement in 1988. He also held visiting appointments at Columbia, the University of Washington, and Harvard. Kathrine served on the faculty of Oregon Health Sciences University from 1959 to 1980, and was an adjunct member of the Reed College anthropology department from 1980 until her death.

Throughout their time working with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, the Frenches’ work developed separate, although overlapping, foci. David concentrated on linguistics and ethnobotany, particularly of the Warm Springs Sahaptin and Wasco Chinookan groups. Kathrine focused on the social ceremonialism and social organization of the two groups. Although their most intensive fieldwork was conducted between 1949 and 1956 (and with the help of many of their Reed College anthropology students), they both continued their research and writing about the peoples of Warm Springs throughout their careers, and maintained frequent contact with a number of families in the community.

In 1988, David received the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award. He died of a heart attack on February 12, 1994. Kathrine died of pneumonia on June 14, 2006.

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The French Papers consist primarily of correspondence, manuscripts, field notes, research files, teaching materials, reports, subject files, census data, publications, a bibliography, lantern slides and card files.

These papers contain a large body of personal and professional correspondence and published and unpublished manuscripts (as well as related notes and drafts) on topics spanning the linguistics, ethnobotany, contact history, social organization, and ceremonialism (to name only a few) of Wasco-Wishram and Sahaptin people.

The papers of David H. French also contain data and correspondence related to botany and, to some extent, ethnobotany. These focus on the plant family Umbelliferae (now named Apiaceae), in which he had special expertise: a new species of the genus Lomatium, whose members were important food and medicinal plants for Northwest Native peoples, bears his name (Lomatium frenchii).

Some of David French's long career at Reed College is also documented in this collection, including teaching materials, correspondence, and memoranda with Reed students and administration.

David and Kathrine French's years working for the War Relocation Authority (WRA) at the Colorado River Relocation Center in Poston, Arizona, generated an interesting collection of correspondence, reports, census data, subject files and other materials documenting the experience of Japanese-American internees in the camp.

The papers of Kathrine S. French include a rich body of materials from her undergraduate and graduate education at Pomona College and Columbia University, respectively. Some highlights are lecture notes from courses with Morris Opler, Ralph Linton, Ruth Benedict, and others; material from her work on race relations in Portland in 1948-1950 for the League of Women Voters and for the State of Oregon Fair Employment Practices Division; and materials from her work in medical anthropology at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Also included are the primary field data (including audiotape recordings) from Kathrine French's 1984-1988 research on Warm Springs ceremonialism, and the records of her contract ethnography work with Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. (AINW) during the 1990s-2000s. Included also is a body of personal correspondence, most of it dating from the years after David's death (1994-2006).

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Accession No. 5496-001: David H. and Kathrine S. French papers, 1943-2006Return to Top

77.17 cubic feet (79 boxes)
Arrangement: Arranged as received.

Scope and Content: Correspondence, research files, manuscripts, course files, teaching materials, audio recordings.

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Acquisition Info: Source: Kathrine Story French Trust, Autumn 2007

Container(s) Description Dates
Papers of David H. and Kathrine S. French
Personal Documents
Box/Folder Accession
1/1 5496-001
Wedding announcement and clipping
1/2 5496-001
“Misc DF & KF activities” [file of clippings about DF, KF]
1/3 5496-001
Personal documents, misc
1/4 5496-001
“Old photos” (copies and scans)
1/5 5496-001
Games invented by DF, KF
Personal Correspondence
Box/Folder Accession
1/6 5496-001
1946, 1953
1/7-8 5496-001
1/9 5496-001
Fennell, Betty Jo
1/10 5496-001
French, Evelyn & Delbert (DF’s parents)
1/11-12 5496-001
French, Robert & Lois (DF’s brother)
1/13 5496-001
Grambs, Jean
1/14 5496-001
Guyer, Vida
1/15 5496-001
Reynolds, Carl & Mary
1/16 5496-001
Smith, M. Brewster (and family)

Folder 17: American Anthropological Association, misc
Folder 18: 2nd Annual Pacific Linguistics Conference, Eugene, OR 11/86
Folder 19: Pendleton Indian Education Conference
Folder 20: Salish Conference, Portland, 8/82
Folder 21: Salish Conference, Seattle, 8/83
Folder 22: Portland Anthropologists, meeting minutes and corresp., 1973
Folder 23: 2nd Northwest Anthropological Conference (NWAC), Portland, 1949
Folder 24: 3rd NWAC, Seattle, 1950
Folder 25: 4th NWAC, Portland (Reed), 1951
Folder 26: 5th NWAC, Eugene, 1952
Folder 27: 9th NWAC, Eugene, 1956
Folder 28: 10th NWAC, Portland (Reed), 1957
Folder 29: 11th NWAC, Pullman, 1958
Folder 30: 12th NWAC, Portland (Portland State College), 1959
Folder 31: 16th NWAC, Portland (Reed), 1963
Folder 32: 17th NWAC, Pullman, 1964
Folder 33: 22nd NWAC, Victoria, BC, 1969
Folder 34: 27th NWAC, Corvallis, 1974
Folder 35: 34th NWAC, Portland (PSU), 1981
Folder 36: 44th NWAC, Missoula, 1991
Folder 37: NWAC, correspondence with R Sprague

Folder 1: A
Folder 2: Adams, Barbara*
Folder 3: B
Folder 4: Bahr, Donald M.*[Harvard 1960-61]
Folder 5: Barker, Ty
Folder 6: Barnes, R. H.*
Folder 7: Benedict, Ruth
Folder 8: Bilderback, Carolyn
Folder 9: Brant, Charles
Folder 10: Brightman, Robert A.,*† correspondence
Folder 11: Brightman, Robert A., writings
Folder 12: Brissonnet, Lydie,* dissertation
Folder 13: Brissonnet, Lydie, correspondence
Folder 14: C
Folder 15: Camp, Jena,* correspondence
Folder 16: Camp, Jena, correspondence
Folder 17: Cancian, Francesca*
Folder 18: Codere, Helen
Folder 19: Cole, Glen*
Folder 20: Colson, Elizabeth

Folder 1: Conklin, Harold C., correspondence
Folder 2: Conklin, Harold C., writings
Folder 3: D
Folder 4: E
Folder 5: Ebihara [=Gelfand], May,* correspondence
Folder 6: Ebihara, May, writings
Folder 7: Endicott, Kirk*
Folder 8: Epling, Jud*
Folder 9: F
Folder 10: Faubion, James D.*†
Folder 11: Fernea, Robert and Elizabeth*
Folder 12: Fiedler, Kurt*
Folder 13: Fogelson, Raymond D., correspondence
Folder 14: Fogelson, Raymond D., writings
Folder 15: Foster, Stephen W.*
Folder 16: Fowler, Nancy J.*
Folder 17: Freeman, Sarah*
Folder 18: G
Folder 19: H
Folder 20: Hanchett, Suzanne* [= Regelson], correspondence, writings
Folder 21: Hanchett, Suzanne, correspondence, writings
Folder 22: Harper, Edward B.* [SEE ALSO Research, Warm Springs Res.]
Folder 23: Haviland, John B.†
Folder 24: Honchar, Pat*
Folder 25: Hotchkiss, John*

Folder 1: I
Folder 2: J
Folder 3: Jolly, Howard D.†
Folder 4: Jones, Bart*
Folder 5: K
Folder 6: Kelly, Gail M.*† [SEE ALSO Research, Warm Springs Res.]
Folder 7: Kurtz, Ronald
Folder 8: L -1 of -2
Folder 9: L -2 of -2
Folder 10: Landar, Herbert
Folder 11: Leaf, Murray*
Folder 12: Lévi-Strauss, Claude
Folder 13: M -1 of -2
Folder 14: M -2 of -2
Folder 15: Mahar, J. Michael* [SEE ALSO Research, Warm Springs Res.]
Folder 16: Mason, Rachel*
Folder 17: Maybury-Lewis, David and Pia
Folder 18: Modjeska, Charles*
Folder 20: N
Folder 21: Needham, Rodney, correspondence
Folder 22: Needham, Rodney, writings
Folder 23: O
Folder 24: Opler, Marvin K., correspondence
Folder 25: Opler, Marvin K., Southern Ute Acculturation paper
Folder 26: Opler, Morris E.
Folder 27: Owen, M. Gordon*

Folder 1: P
Folder 2: Pataki, Kerry†
Folder 3: Peters, Karl Michael*
Folder 4: Pock, John C.†
Folder 5: Pope, Richard K.,* corresp., writings [SEE ALSO Research, WS Res.]
Folder 6: Price, Thomas*
Folder 7: Purcell, Trevor†
Folder 8: Q
Folder 9: R -1 of 2
Folder 10: R -2 of 2
Folder 11: Roth, Christopher*
Folder 12: S
Folder 13: Sajovic, Majda*
Folder 14: Sather, Cliff*†
Folder 15: Schneider, David M.
Folder 16: Scott, Kytja [= Voeller]* [SEE ALSO Research, Warm Springs Res.]
Folder 17: Segal, Robert A.†
Folder 18: Sibley, Will*
Folder 19: Siemens, Stephen*
Folder 20: Singer, Milton
Folder 21: Smith, Allan
Folder 22: Snyder, Gary*
Folder 23: Snyder, Sally

Folder 1: Spicer, Edward H.
Folder 2: Stefflre, Volney* -1 of 2
Folder 3: Stefflre, Volney -2 of 2
Folder 4: Steveson, Linda*
Folder 5: Stigler, Bob*
Folder 6: Sufian, Jane*
Folder 7: Sutter, Noel*
Folder 8: T
Folder 9: U-V
Folder 10: Verdery, Katherine*
Folder 11: Verdery, Katherine
Folder 12: Vogt, Evon Z.
Folder 13: W -1 of 2
Folder 14: W -2 of 2
Folder 15: Y-Z

Japanese Americans: Colorado River Relocation Center, Poston, AZ, 1943-46 [SEE ALSO KSF Papers, Research]
POSTON BOX 1—Primary documents
Folder 1: WRA Handbook – Welfare & Relocation (green Accopress binder)
Folder 2: Family Welfare Orientation Program (green Accopress binder) [SEE Papers of KSF, Writings, 1944]
Folder 3: Autobiographies [organized by evacuation sites]; Grade 11-12, 1942-43 (manila envelope)
Folder 4: Daily Office Log, 1 April – 31 December 1943 (manila envelope)
Folder 5: “Biography, 7th-10th Grade, Unit II”
Folder 6: “Biography, 11th-12th Grade, Unit II”
Folder 7: “Biography”
Folder 8: “Autobiography – Misc.”
Folder 9: “Population: Issei, Nisei, Sansei, Kibei”
Folder 10: “Statistics”
Folder 11: Family Welfare Case Records, A-F [empty]
Folder 12: Family Welfare Case Records, G-H
Folder 13: Family Welfare Case Records, I-J
Folder 14: Family Welfare Case Records, K
Folder 15: Family Welfare Case Records, L-M
Folder 16: Family Welfare Case Records, N
Folder 16: Family Welfare Case Records, O-R
Folder 17: Family Welfare Case Records, S
Folder 18: Family Welfare Case Records, T
Folder 19: Family Welfare Case Records, U-Z

POSTON BOX 2—KF & DF manuscript materials
Folder 1: Community Analyst Final Report: outlines, notes, correspondence (includes copies of Charles Wisdom’s outline for his final narrative report on Rohrer [Arkansas]; outline of “The Social Organization of a Relocation Center – Gila River Project” by Gordon Brown; letter, DF to Dick Nishimoto, 8 August 1944; memo from E.H. Spicer transmitting final Report on Central Utah Project [Topaz, UT] by Oscar Hoffman).
Manuscript in preparation: Poston: An American Concentration Camp, by K.S. French and D.H. French.
Folder 2: Poston…, outlines, chronological notes
Folder 3: Poston…, typescript drafts of miscellaneous sections, documents, notes
Folder 4 (brown binder): Poston…, “Intake, Estab[lishment]”
Folder 5 (brown binder): Poston…, “Cotton, Camou[flage], Trust F[unds]”
Folder 6 (green binder): Poston…, “Block, Family, Individual”
Folder 7 (green binder): Poston…, “Non-Community Government Organization”
Folder 8 (green binder): Poston…, “Recreation events”
Folder 9 (green binder): Poston…, “Orientation”
Folder 10 (green binder): Poston…, “Community Government Organization”
Folder 11 (green binder): Poston…, “Community Protection, etc.”
Folder 12 (green binder): Poston…, “Economics”
Folder 13 (green binder): Poston…, “Education, Language, Acculturation”
Folder 14 (brown binder): Poston…, “Community Gov’t History”
Folder 15 (brown binder): Poston…, “Misc.”
Folder 16 (brown binder): Poston…, “Segregation”
Folder 17 (brown binder): Poston…, “JACL Registration”
Folder 18 (green binder): Poston…, [no label: contents organized by tabs— “Bl[ock] Mgrs”; “Unit Ad[ministrators]”; “Councils”]
Folder 19, 20: unlabeled; misc. sections of the ms.
Folder 21 (in “hold-fast file”): WRA Bibliography of Japanese in America
Folder 22 (black binder): Poston…, “Unit I After the Strike”
Folder 23 (black clasped binder): “Evac & Resettlement” [printed materials]
Folder 24 (black clasped binder): “JA’s Gen” [printed materials]
Folder 25 (black clasped binder): “Misc WRA Pubs” [printed materials]

POSTON BOX 3—Correspondence and printed materials
Folder 1: D. French Poston correspondence, 1943-46 (includes letters to DF’s parents, Carl Reynolds, Charlotte Opler, Carol [Creedon?])
Folder 2: D. & K. French Poston correspondence with co-workers and others (includes DF correspondence with E. Spicer, KF letter to G. Bateson
Folder 2: 9 February 1945, correspondence with co-workers in Poston office)
Folder 3: D. & K. French Poston correspondence with Japanese American evacuees and former evacuees
Folder 4: “Japanese Americans 1980’s etc.” (correspondence, printed materials)
Folder 5: Newsclippings re Japanese Americans

Printed materials
Trek (Central Utah Relocation Center, Topaz, UT), Vol. 1, No. 1, December 1942
Trek (Central Utah Relocation Center, Topaz, UT), Vol. 1, No. 2, February 1943
Trek (Central Utah Relocation Center, Topaz, UT), Vol. 1, No. 3, June 1943
Nisei In Uniform. Dept of Interior, War Relocation Agency, 1943
Adams, Ansel. 1944. Born Free and Equal: Photographs of the Loyal Japanese
Americans at Manzanar Relocation Center, Inyo County, California. New York: US Camera.
Nisei Vue [magazine]. First Issue, Spring 1948.
Scene: The Pictorial Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 9, January 1951 (Chicago).
Applied Anthropology, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Oct-Nov-Dec 1942).

WRA Publications
Wartime Exile: the Exclusion of the Japanese Americans from the West Coast
Administrative Highlights of the WRA Program
The Wartime Handling of Evacuee Property
Token Shipment. The Story of America’s War Refugee Center.
Legal and Constitutional Phases of the WRA Program
The Relocation Program
The Evacuated People: A Quantitative Description
People in Motion: The Postwar Adjustment of the Evacuated Japanese Americans
Community Government in War Relocation Centers (by Solon T. Kimball)
Impounded People: Japanese Americans in the Relocation Centers (by E. H. Spicer, K. Luomala, A.T. Hansen, and M.K. Opler)

BOX 10
Indians of the Northwest, correspondence
Folder 1: Amoss, Pamela, correspondence
Folder 2: Anastasio, Angelo, correspondence
Folder 3: Anastasio, Angelo, “Ethnohistory of the Spokane Indians,” 1956
Folder 4: B
Folder 5: Benson, Robert L., correspondence, 1958-1969
Folder 6: Benson, Robert L., corresp, 1970-78
Folder 7: Benson, Robert L., corresp, 1980-83
Folder 8: Bigelow, Charles, correspondence, writings, misc materials
Folder 9: Boise, Margaret, corresp
Folder 10: Boyd, Robert, corresp
Folder 11: Florendo, Alice, corresp
Folder 12: H
Folder 13: Hajda [=Phillips], Yvonne, corresp
Folder 14: Hajda, Yvonne, misc. writings
Folder 15: Hajda, Yvonne, writings, W. Oregon kinship
Folder 16: Hajda, Yvonne, writings, Kalapuya MA Thesis
Folder 17: Helliwell, Richard, correspondence. Writings
Folder 18: Hunn, Eugene S., correspondence
Folder 19: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Utilitarian factor…” drafts
Folder 20: Hunn, E.S., writings, Sahaptin ethnobiology, birds (with bats)
Folder 21: Hunn, E.S., writings, “EH’s Sahaptin gazetteer, 6/91”
Folder 22: Hunn, E.S., writings, “EH – Plants known and used by Northwest Indians”
Folder 23: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Relative contribution of men and women…”
Folder 24: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Mobility as a limiting factor…”
Folder 25: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Ethnoecology in three phases…”
Folder 26: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Sahaptin plant terms…”
Folder 27: Hunn, E.S., “Hunn’s NSF Progress Report, 6/80”
Folder 28: Hunn, E.S., writings, “Sahaptin – bird terms”
Folder 29: Hunn, E.S., writings, “UW Press – Nch’i Wana”

BOX 11
Indians of the Northwest, correspondence, cont’d.
Folder 1: Hunn, E. S., writings, “Sahaptin animal terms”
Folder 2: “E. Hunn’s Ethnobotany/Ethnobiology raw data”
Folder 3: (brown binder) Hunn, E.S., “Plateau Indian place names”
Folder 4: Hunn, E. S,. writings, misc.
Folder 5: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 1949-1959
Folder 6: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 1960-1969
Folder 7: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 1970-1979
Folder 8: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 1980-1989
Folder 9: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 1990-2000
Folder 10: Hymes, Dell H., correspondence, 2000-2005
Folder 11: Hymes, Dell H., [book proposal with C. Bigelow, q.v.]
Folder 12: Hymes, Dell H., Harvard teaching materials, 1959-61
Folder 13: D.H. Hymes bibliography
Folder 14: Hymes. Dell H., writings, 1950s
Folder 15: Hymes, Dell H., writings, 1960s
Folder 16: Hymes, Dell H., writings, 1970s
Folder 17: Hymes, Dell H., writings, 1980s

BOX 12
Indians of the Northwest, correspondence, cont’d.
Folder 1: Hymes, Virginia D., writings, Warm Springs Sahaptin Word List, 1973
Folder 2: Hymes, Virginia D., writings, “Warm Springs Sahaptin narrative analysis”
Folder 3: Hymes, Virginia D., writings, “A Sahaptin narrative device,” 1982
Folder 4: Hymes, Virginia D., writings, “Some features of Warm Springs Sahaptin,” 1984
Folder 5: Hymes, Virginia D., writings, “Verse analysis as heuristic,” 1985
Folder 6: Jacobs, Melville and Elizabeth, correspondence
Folder 7: Johnson, Samuel, [PhD dissertation on Chinook Jargon]
Folder 8: Kahclamat, Philip, correspondence
Folder 9: Kalama, Viola, correspondence
Folder 10: Kinkade, M. Dale, correspondence
Folder 11: Kinkade, M. Dale, misc. writings
Folder 12: Kinkade, M. Dale, writings, “Pluralization in Upper Chehalis”
Folder 13: Kinkade, M. Dale, writings, “The source of the Upper Chehalis reflexive”
Folder 14: Kinkade, M. Dale, writings, “Columbian (Salish) C2 reduplication”
Folder 15: Kinkade, M. Dale, writings, “Interior Salish particles”
Folder 16: Kover, Eleanor, correspondence
Folder 17: Leonard, Deni, correspondence
Folder 18: McInturff (née Brunoe), Madeline, correspondence
Folder 19: Moore, Robert E., correspondence, 1982-83
Folder 20: Moore, Robert E., correspondence, 1983-85
Folder 21: Moore, Robert E., correspondence, 1986-88
Folder 22: Moore, Robert E., correspondence, 1989-2005
Folder 23: Moore, Robert E., writings, BA thesis, 1979-80
Folder 24: Moore, Robert E., writings, MA thesis, 1986
Folder 25: Moore, Robert E., writings, misc
Folder 26: Moore, Robert E., writings, misc
Folder 27: Moore, Robert E., writings, IJAL, 1988
Folder 28: Moore, Robert E., misc fieldnotes and notes on Kiksht
Folder 29: Morrison [=Millstein], Henry, correspondence
Folder 30: Paget, Harry C., correspondence
Folder 31: Pepper, Floy, writings
Folder 32: Roth, Christopher, correspondence and writings
Folder 33: Rigsby, Bruce, correspondence
Folder 34: Rigsby, Bruce, writings, Sahaptin grammar
Folder 35: Rude, Noel, correspondence and writings
Folder 36: Seaburg, Bill, correspondence

BOX 13
Indians of the Northwest, correspondence, cont’d.
Folder 1: Silverstein, Michael, correspondence, 1966-2003
Folder 2: Silverstein, Michael, curriculum vitae and clipping about
Folder 3: Silverstein, Michael, Language in Culture course materials (Univ of Chicago)
Folder 4: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Chinookans of the Lower Columbia,” HNAI, drafts, notes, 1972
Folder 5: Silverstein, Michael, writings, misc
Folder 6: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “On two California roots for ‘two’,” 1972
Folder 7: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Dialectal developments in Chinookan ‘tense’ systems …,” 1973
Folder 8: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Hierarchy of features and ergativity,” 1976
Folder 9: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Deixis and deducibility in a Wasco-Wishram passive of evidence,” 1977
Folder 10: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “The limits of awareness” 1977
Folder 12: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Person, number, gender in Chinook,” 1977
Folder 13: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “The culture of language in Chinookan narrative texts…,” 1980
Folder 14: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “An exhaustive lexicon of Wasco-Wishram…” transcript, notes, 1983
Folder 15: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Wasco-Wishram lexical derivational processes vs. word-internal syntax,” 1984
Folder 16: Silverstein, Michael, writings, “Relative motivation in Wasco-Wishram sound symbolism…,” 1986
Folder 17 Silverstein, Michael, writings, “The secret life of texts,” 1993
Folder 18: Stern, Theodore, correspondence
Folder 19: Stern, Theodore, correspondence and writings
Folder 20: Stern, Theodore, Klamath ms.
Folder 21: Suttles, Wayne, correspondence and writings
Folder 22: Thomas, Jeanne, correspondence
Folder 23: Thompson, Laurence C. and M. Terry, correspondence
Folder 24: Thompson, Laurence C. and M. Terry, correspondence
Folder 25: Thompson, Laurence C. and M. Terry, writings
Folder 26: Thompson, Laurence C. and M. Terry, writings, “Salishan and the Northwest”
Folder 27: Toepel, Kathryn, correspondence and writings
Folder 28: Turner, Nancy J., et al., Thompson Indian Ethnobotany
Folder 29: Turner, Nancy J., et al., Ethnobotany of the Okanagan-Colville
Folder 30: Walker, Deward E., Jr., correspondence
Folder 31: Warm Springs Reservation, misc correspondence
Folder 32: Winthrop, Robert, correspondence and writings
Folder 33: Zenk, Henry, Kalapuya ethnobiology MA Thesis
Folder 34: Zenk, Henry, writings, misc.

BOX 14
Warm Springs Indian Reservation (Oregon): ethnohistorical documents
Folder 1: (large white 3-ring binder) Field Matron’s Record Book, 1921-22
Folder 2: (large blue 3-ring binder) Cliff, Thelma Drake. 1942. A History of the Warm Springs Reservation, 1855-1900
Folder 3: (blue 3-ring binder) Censuses
Folder 4: (black 3-ring binder) Charts [genealogies of WS people]
Folder 5: (green accopress binder) US National Archives, 1965 (1981), BIA Preliminary Inventories
Folder 6: WS Population & census
Folder 7: Excerpts from Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs “in process”
Folder 8: WS Res – 1880 Census – Masters
Folder 9: WS Res – Misc. historical material to be sorted
Folder 10: Commissioner of Indian Affairs carbons
Folder 11: WS Res – 1884 Census – Notes

BOX 15
Warm Springs Indian Reservation: language teaching materials [restricted]
Folder 1: (red 3-ring binder) WS Sahaptin, 1990. How to Read and Write in \Sahaptin & Grammar [Warm Springs Culture & Heritage Dept]
Folder 2: (blue 3-ring binder) Warm Springs [Sahaptin] to English [word list] [Warm Springs Culture & Heritage Dept]. 1990.
Folder 3: (red 3-ring binder) English to Warm Springs [Sahaptin] [word list] [Warm Springs Culture & Heritage Dept]. 1990.
Folder 4: Wasco Dictionary Project (H. Millstein, Warm Springs Culture & Heritage Dept.). 1997.
Folder 5-7: An Introduction to Saying and Writing Wasco Words. By Dell Hymes. (Working copy. Not for publication in any form.)
Folder 8: Some Stories of the Warm Springs Reservation, as told in Wasco by Hiram Smith; Notes on Wasco Sounds and letters. [Dell Hymes, 8/68]
Folder 9: History of Wasco Language. No author [Dell Hymes]. Two copies.
Folder 10: [Pronunciation guide for Warm Springs Sahaptin]; “Dialogues in Warm Springs Sahaptin.” [No author, date, or source info.]
Folder 11: Dictionary of the Moses-Columbia language. Compiled by Dale Kinkade.
Folder 12: (black 3-ring binder) V[irginia] Hymes / Sahaptin Stories / H. Suppah
Folder 13: (black 3-ring binder) V Hymes / Sahaptin Stories
Folder 14: (blue 3-ring binder) V Hymes / Sahaptin Word List / 1976

BOX 16
Warm Springs Indian Reservation: the “Warm Springs Project,” 1950-55
Folder 1: Warm Springs Project, SSRC application materials, correspondence, etc
Folder 2: Warm Springs Project, American Philosophical Society application materials, correspondence, etc.
Folder 3: Warm Springs Project, Wenner Gren Foundation, application materials, correspondence, etc.
Folder 4: Warm Springs Project, correspondence with E. B. Harper
Folder 5: Warm Springs Project, misc correspondence

Warm Springs Sahaptins: DF & KF Fieldnotes
Folder 6: WS Res – Consultants (6/93)
Folder 7: (black accopress binder): Sahaptin fieldnotes [master copy], 1952-55
Folder 8: WSS MYTH – in process, etc.
Folder 9: WS Sahap. AT on culture history
Folder 10: WS Sahap., Wasco: Myth carbons, safety, Y[vonne] P[hillips]
Folder 11: WS Res material – origs. – safety copies – completed
Folder 12: L Winishut funeral 12/89
Folder 13: WS Sahap photos [postcards of AT]
Folder 14: WS Res – Women’s roles
Folder 15: WS Res – notes (carbons) – 1984
Folder 16: Sahaptin residence, 19th c[entury] – KSF – NWAC – 3/80
Folder 17: Warm Spr Sahap – ethnobiology
Folder 18: WS Res – birds
Folder 19: Sahaptin – fish
Folder 20: Imikawaspshwa
Folder 21: Washat, root, berry feasts
Folder 22: Trial of Lutuwash
Folder 23: WS Sahaptin, Lang[uage] and myth fragments
Folder 24: Proofreading done. Corrections in process.
Folder 25: MYTHS & TALES (Y[vonne] P[hillip]’s copies of Wasco & Sahaptin stories; Returned to Frenches later)
Folder 26: WS Legal
Folder 27: J. R. Wallace’s data
Folder 28: Dick Pope’s data
Folder 29: WS Res – myths & tales – Sahap
Folder 30: Proofreading
Folder 31: Paget
Folder 32: Kinship field notes. Copied by KF – pass on to DF
Folder 33: WS Sahap medical terminology
Folder 34: WS Sahap – general, unsorted, in process
Folder 35: Manuscript carbons
Folder 36: WS Res notes – in process
Folder 37: WS Sahap – ms etc. – mostly (?) Washat
Folder 38: Safety copies for filing
Folder 39: WS Sahap – safety copies (2)
Folder 40: WS Sahap & Res. – religion
Folder 41: WS Sahap, WS Res – broadly social
Folder 42: WS work – dups of applics, etc.
Folder 43: SAHAPTIN CHILD TRAINING – V Hymes’s notes, 1956
Folder 44: WS Res – genealogies – dated xerox/safety copies

BOX 17
Warm Springs Reservation: Wasco-Wishram (Chinookan) field materials
Folder 1: (black accopress binder) Wasco-Wishram Fieldnotes, 1955-57
Folder 2: Florendo, Alice, correspondence, 1955
Folder 3: Wasco myth materials (incl Cosminski, Hymes)
Folder 4: Wasco myths
Folder 5: Wasco genealogy
Folder 6: Chinookan language [letter to DF from Dell Hymes, 21 July 1954; Notes in the hand of Michael Silverstein, dated 9/76]
Folder 7: W-W historical originals
Folder 8: W-W kinship data, mostly fr[om] D[ell] H[ymes]
Folder 9: W-W DH domain lists
Folder 10: Upper Chinookan Culture History III
Folder 11: Kelly, G[ail] notes
Folder 12: Adams, B[arbara] Cascade ms.
Folder 13: Wasco – broadly social
Folder 14: Curtis & others – notes – historical
Folder 15: Upper Chinookan Culture History II
Folder 16: Wasco-Wishram language
Folder 17: Upper Chinookan Culture History
Folder 18: Wasco – birds
Folder 19: Chinookan dictionary project, final report (+ Sahaptin)
Folder 20: Westerly Chinookan, etc. Y[vonne] H[ajda], M[ichael] S[ilverstein] activities
Folder 21: Chinookan: M Silverstein items – origs
Folder 22: W-W dict[ionary] – computer related matters
Folder 23: W-W ling notes: KF & YH, 1988, 1989
Folder 24: Hymes Chinook teaching materials
Folder 25: W/W/C dict – grammatical/instrumental
Folder 26: Wasco-Wishram place names ms.
Folder 27-28: D[aniel] Lee’s vocab
Folder 29: D Lee’s vocab, copy 2, annotated
Folder 30: Wasco ethnobot. – ms.
Folder 31: WWC (Spicer vol) – prelim ms. for circ.
Folder 32: Cosminsky – WW mythology
Folder 33: Dyk – Wishram grammar
Folder 34: Silverstein, M. Penutian: the grammatical dimensions of Sapir’s hypothesis (Harvard University BA Thesis, Linguistics, 1965. Mimeo.)

BOX 18
DF & KF fieldnotes: WS Sahaptin 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: WSS – Language, Religion, Myths, Annual Events, misc tribes
Shoebox 2: W.S. Sahap. Notes unsorted or not crossreferenced
Shoebox 3: W.S. Sahap., W.S. Res., Broadly social
Shoebox 4: W. S, Sahap. Language notes

BOX 19
DF & KF fieldnotes: WS Sahaptin, 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: W.S. Sahap. Notes, unprocessesed in chronological order
Shoebox 2: W. S. Sahap Notes Box I – General
Shoebox 3: W.S. Sahap Plant Notes, I
Shoebox 4: W.S. Sahap Plant Notes, II

BOX 20
DF & KF fieldnotes: WS Reservation, various, 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: WSS Plant Notes, III
Shoebox 2: [Warm Springs Paiute ethnobotany]
Shoebox 3: [Misc Chinookan lexical slips]
Shoebox 4: Basin Shoshoneans, Gr. NW History, WS Res., NW Inds: WS Sahap,
W-W unsorted

BOX 21
DF & KF fieldnotes: Wasco-Wishram (Chinookan), 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: Wasco-Wishram Notes, Geographic Linguistic – plant vocab, etc.
Shoebox 2: Wasco – Broadly social
Shoebox 3: Wasco-Wishram language notes, 1
Shoebox 4: Wasco-Wishram language notes, 2

BOX 22
DF & KF fieldnotes: WS Reservation, various, 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: [Bibliography, linguistic notes, Wasco-Wishram, Sahaptin]
Shoebox 2: [Ethnozoology, ethnobotany, Wasco-Wishram, Sahaptin]
Shoebox 3: [Northwest Indians, notes, misc tribes including Wasco-Wishram]
Shoebox 4: Proj W, names of places & tribes [Wasco-Wishram, Cascades]

BOX 23
DF & KF fieldnotes: WS Reservation, various, 3” x 5” slip files (in shoeboxes)
Shoebox 1: Wasco-Wishram Notes - Box 1 – General
Shoebox 2: Plants in process [mostly WS Sahaptin]
Shoebox 3: [Wasco, Wishram, Cascades, general vocab]
Shoebox 4: [Misc., some Warm Springs Sahaptin notes & queries]

BOX 24, 25
Paiute field materials of Edward B. Harper [full archival inventory by KSF, 1985, in first Folder of Box 24]

BOX 26
DF & KF manuscripts in preparation: Wasco Ethnobotany, Sahaptin Ethnobotany
Folder 1: (blue 3-ring binder): Wasco Ethnobotany ms. Holograph ms.
Folder 2: (purple 3-ring binder): Wasco Ethnobotany typescript
shoebox file of circa 1000 3” x 5” slips: Wasco-Wishram Notes – Ethnobotany, I
shoebox file of circa 1000 3” x 5” slips: Wasco-Wishram Notes – Ethnobotany, II
Folder 3: Coyotes and Huckleberries: The Ethnobotany of the Warm Springs Reservation, by Kathrine S French and Susan E Harless, book proposal (4 Dec 2001), correspondence, etc.
Folder 4: WSR Plants – word lists
Folder 5: (purple 3-ring binder): “Some Wasco-Wishram Terms Dealing with Plants,” unpaginated printout of ms., four versions, 1988, 1989, 1999
Folder 6: (blue 3-ring binder): [Warm Springs Sahaptin Ethnobotany, “Book 1”]
Folder 7: (brown leatherette 3-ring binder): [Warm Springs Sahaptin Ethnobotany, “Book 2”]
Folder 8: (aqua blue accopress binder): [Warm Springs Sahaptin Ethnobotany, Typescript]

BOX 27
DF Warm Springs Plant collection data
Folder 1: D French WS Plant collection notes
Folder 2: Plant collection Alpha/Accession
Folder 3: Umbel keys, etc. – US, Eastern 2/3
Folder 4: Umbellifers – Gr[eater] N.W., keys etc.
Folder 5: Umbel keys, etc. – Gr[eat] Basin
Folder 6: Plant, but list (e.g., sent to Lincoln Constance)
Folder 7: Umbel Research
Folder 8:` Lomatium dissectum – DF’s mss.
Folder 9: L. marginatum, etc., complex
Folder 10: Umbellifers sent to Lincoln Constance, 9/80
Folder 11: Hunn’s 1978 file sheets
Folder 12: Yakima, etc., E Hunn’s Umbellifers
Folder 13: M. Mathias, list of economically useful Umbellifers
Folder 14: Umbels – misc data
Folder 15: Northwest Ethnobotany bibliog..
Folder 16: (hanging file) DF’s plant collecting diaries
Folder 17: LOCUS LISTS
Folder 18: Plant Collecting Notes
Folder 19: (white 3-ring binder) David French – Plants at the Museum at Warm Springs
Folder 20: (grey 3-ring binder) Plant Collection List transcribed by M Ettinger
Folder 21: (large blue 3-ring binder) David H French Plant Collecting Notebook

BOX 28
DF & KF manuscripts in preparation: Kinship & social organization
Folder 1: (black 3-ring binder) [Wasco-Wishram kinship and social organization]
Folder 2: (black leatherette 3-ring binder), labeled on spine “D French Misc mss. re WS Res.” [Warm Springs Sahaptin ethnography]
Folder 3: (black vinyl 3-ring binder]: [Misc WSR—xeroxes of Harper Paiute notes, Sahaptin vocab., some genealogies, etc.]
Folder 4: (blue 3-ring binder) [WS Res ceremonialism] (SEE KSF, Writings, 1955)
Folder 5: (purple 3-ring binder) “Anthropologists” [related to slide show and bibliography of biographies of anthropologists, q.v.]
Folder 6: (green hanging file): Genealogy
Folder 7: Ceremonies, Edited for gifts or deposit [KSF]
Folder 8: Duplicate notes (not YH) [KSF]
Folder 9: Y[vonne] H[ajda] paper 1987 [KSF]
Folder 10: C[ulture] & H[eritage] Certificate – KF
Folder 11: (square cardboard box): Historical documents – Oregon City, Grand Ronde, The Dalles, etc.
Folder 12: C[ommissioner of] I[ndian] A[ffairs] R[eports] – (Originals)
Folder 13: Period III, IV carbons
Folder 14: WS Res – misc notes for KF to look at and refile
Folder 15: [W.S.] Curtis – safety copies
Folder 16: [Lewis & Clark journals]
Folder 17: Lewis & Clark Exped.

BOX 29
Misc Warm Springs and other NW Indian materials
Folder 1: The Tomahawk [early Warm Springs newspaper], 1953
Folder 2: H Matson interview with G La Vatta, 18 May 1949
Folder 3: Wasco-Wishram-Cascades, list of coinsultants and researchers
Folder 4: “A Little Boy and His Grandmother” narrated by ASF on 30 January 1953. Holograph ms. (Kiiksht and English), 7 pp.; “Coyote at Celilo Falls,” told by Linton Winishut, June 1, 1973 to David and Kathrine French in their home. Typescript, 4 pp. Untitled myth fragment, told by Linton Winishut to David French and Charles Bigelow at DF’s house, Portland, 1 June 1986. English. Holograph ms., 4 pp.
Folder 5: Population data – WS Res (much from R Boyd, 8/17/91)
Folder 6: WS Res, NW Indians, misc literature
Folder 7: DF/KF correspondence with Warm Springs people, mostly post 1978
Folder 8: Maps, Columbia R., etc.
Folder 9: [E.S.] Curtis on Chinook, Klikitat
Folder 10: Indians – NW – health
Folder 11: Indians – not NW – health
Folder 12: Medicine – Folk, comparative
Folder 13: Religion & medicine
Folder 14: 1979 WS Health Plan
Folder 15: Jim Cook, D. Gregory project, 8/80
Folder 16: WS Res – Drug Program Proposal – 1978
Folder 17: WS Health Survey form
Folder 18: WS Res – Comp Health Plan – 1979
Folder 19, 20: misc ethnohistorical data (carbons)
Folder 21: Notes – reclaim
Folder 22: KSF – naming patterns on WS Res (1880 Census)
Folder 23: Indian intellectuals – P Kahclamat – corresp 1980s
Folder 24: W-W L Smith data – KF & YH
Folder 25: Thompson, G – C & H Meeting
Folder 26: Larry George – Celilo (transcribed and edited by Virginia Hymes)
Folder 27: [loose material] – Proceedings of Salish Conferences

BOX 30, 31
Manuscripts in preparation: Wasco-Wishram lexicon (hard copies)

BOX 32
Indians of the Northwest (general)
Manuscript in preparation, 1958-63: Modern Northwest Indians. [Popular book based on photographs taken on the Yakima Reservation and elsewhere in the region by J.W. Thompson; planned, some sections completed] (annotations in files by Yvonne Phillips, Cal Cottrell, Philip Kahclamat, and possibly others).
Folder 1: Book outlines, notes
Folder 2: article on JWT from Seattle Times, 12 Feb 1954
Folder 3: misc. materials
Folder 4: newsclippings about NW Indians (1948-58), sorted into categories, outline
Folder 5: Correspondence with JWT and University of Washington Press
One box of slides, marked “Misc JWT slides 1302-1358”
Two large boxes of JWT photographic prints
Three large looseleaf notebooks with photographs and draft captions on facing pp.

BOX 33
Modern Northwest Indians, cont’d.: additional JWT prints, clippings
Additional photographs [all folders as originally labeled]
Folder 1: Yakima I (Better)
Folder 2: SW Washington – Bay Center, Chehalis
Folder 3: Celilo
Folder 4: Umatilla, Pendleton
Folder 5: Yakima II (Worser)
Folder 6: Rock Creek
Folder 7: Yakima – not used
Folder 8: Northeast Washington
Folder 9: Off-Reservation Ceremonies; also VISITORS FROM AFAR
Folder 10: Wishram-Wasco
Folder 11: Nespelim
Folder 12: Tulalip
Folder 13: Spokane Reservation Wellpinit
Folder 14: Makah
Folder 15: [JWT pricelist]
Folder 16: [misc notes]
Folder 17: Additional newsclippings [all folders as originally labeled]
Folder 18: Indians & Govt
Folder 19: Pre-history, American
Folder 20: Celilo (Falls); Dalles (Dam)
Folder 21: Swinomish; La Conner
Folder 22: NW History
Folder 23: Idaho
Folder 24: Nez Perce
Folder 25: General NW Indians
Folder 26: Western Oregon
Folder 27: Chemawa
Folder 28: Yakima
Folder 29: Prehistory - NW
Folder 30: California
Folder 31: Plateau – Great Basin
Folder 32: Eskimo, Yukon-Mackenzie
Folder 33: Southwest
Folder 34: Southeast
Folder 35: Woodlands
Folder 36: Mexico, C. & S. America
Folder 37: Clippings – NW Indians – Temp.

Indians of the Northwest: Indians in Portland
Folder 38: (box) Indians of Portland: M. Ebihara & G. Kelly field materials, 1955
Folder 39: Indians of Portland: C. Cottrell interviews, other materials, 1959
Folder 40: Ford Foundation

BOX 34
WRITINGS [one folder for each dated entry unless otherwise specified]
1955 The Warm Springs Indian community: will it be destroyed? The American Indian 7(2): 3-17.
1960 A sketch of Warm Springs Indian life. In Report on the Warm Springs Research Project (Norman McKown, Project Director). Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University, 59 pp. Typescript, drafts, correspondence.
1961a Review of The Structure of Twana Culture with Comparative Notes on the Structure of Yurok Culture, by W. W. Elmendorf and A. L. Kroeber. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 52(4): 162-163. Typescript, correspondence.
1961b Oregon Indians. Portland: Oregon Historical Society. Abstract, correspondence.
1964 Review of Samuel A. Stouffer, Social Research to Test Ideas: Selected Writings of Samuel A. Stouffer. American Anthropologist 66(4): 965-966. Correspondence, notes, typescript, materials consulted.
1980 Warm Springs Medicinal Plants: A Summary. Ms.
1987 Review of Naming Systems. 1980 Proceedings of the American Ethnological Society, edited by Elizabeth Tooker; Harold C. Conklin, symposium organizer. Language in Society 16(1): 130-132. Typescript, correspondence.
1991 Misconceptions about Indians. In The First Oregonians: An Illustrated Collection of Essays on Traditional Lifeways, Federal-Indian Relations, and The State’s Native Peoples Today. Caroline M. Buan and Richard Lewis, eds., pp. 55-57. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Council for the Humanities. [Revised version published 200x, below]
1993 Review of Nch’i-Wana, “The Big River”: Mid-Columbia Indians and Their Land, by Eugene S. Hunn, with James Selam and Family. University of Washington Press. Oregon Historical Quarterly 93(3): 31`5-317. Correspondence, typescript, notes.
1996 Personal names. In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 17, Languages (Ives Goddard, volume editor), pp. 200-221. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution. [16 Folders, much loose material; = “Project N”]
1998 Wasco, Wishram, and Cascades. In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 17, Plateau (Deward E. Walker, Jr., volume editor), pp. 360-377. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution. [Folders, loose material; = “Project W]
2003 Misconceptions about Indians. In The First Oregonians: An Illustrated Collection of Essays on Traditional Lifeways, Federal-Indian Relations, and The State’s Native Peoples Today. Caroline M. Buan and Richard Lewis, eds., pp. xx-xx. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Council for the Humanities.


BOX 35
Folder 1: DHF birth certificate; birth certificates of Delbert Ransom French (father) and Evelyn Fatland French (mother); DRF and EFF’s marriage license; DRF’s Honorable Discharge; misc. deeds and titles
Folder 2: CVs
Folder 3: Who’s Who, etc.
Folder 4: US Selective Service (documents, correspondence, 1942-46)
Folder 5: Family info
Folder 6: French, Delbert R. (father), Reed BA Thesis, 1915, typescript
Folder 7: Session at annual meeting of American Anthropological Association, “Language, Culture, and Ethnosemantics: A Mélange Honoring David H. French,” 20 November 1987, Chicago, IL (R. Brightman and R. Moore, organizers) – correspondence, etc.
Folder 8: National Museum of the American Indian, Honor Wall, certificate, 2005
Folder 9: “Persons” [mainly obituaries]

Folder 10: Personal correspondence, misc.
Folder 11: Robinson, W. Frank (1946-49; 1987-88)
Folder 12: Sander, Cyril
Folder 13: Wells, Bob

Folder 14: Transcripts, test results, etc.
Folder 15: Reed, Columbia admissions documents and related
Folder 16: Pomona College, Anth C100B (M. E. Opler), 1938 or 1939: Exams, lecture notes; “Bibliography for Anthropology” [labeled “from ME Opler, approx. 1939”]; DF essays: “The Employment of Time and the Degree of Subsidization in a Maya Village, Chan Kom” (7 pp. ts.); “The
Relationship between the Efficiency of an Economic System and the Divison of Labor in a Society” (10 pp. ts.); “Thesis: if a group is unable to
produce more than is necessary for a base existence ...” ( 2 pp., ts.); “Notes on How People Think They are Special” (5 pp., ts., no date).
Folder 17: Columbia University, ca. 1940, misc lecture notes
Folder 18: Columbia University, “Anthropological Psychology” (A. Kardiner (?)], lecture notes, misc materials; DF essay, “Resumé and Discussion of Radin’s Primitive Man as Philosopher,” 6 pp. ts., nd.

Folder 19: United Pueblos Agency, 1942-43, US Civil Service documents, correspondence; WRA, 1943-46: official documents, correspondence
Folder 20: [Reed College:] “DF’s old job offers” (correspondence, various dates)
Folder 21: Reed College: annual continuation forms and other correspondence with the Office of the President of Reed College, 1947-1962
Folder 22: Reed College: annual continuation forms and other correspondence with the Office of the President of Reed College, 1962-1987
Folder 23: Columbia University, 1954-55, correspondence
Folder 24: Harvard University, 1960-61, Center for Cognitive Studies, correspondence
Folder 25: Harvard University, 1960-61, correspondence
Folder 26: Harvard University, 1960-61, teaching materials
Folder 27: Harvard University, 1960-61, Soc Rel 252, Seminar in Ethnoscience, teaching materials
Folder 28: Harvard University, 1960-61, Soc Rel 252, Seminar in Ethnoscience, student papers
Folder 29: Harvard University, 1960-61, Soc Rel 118, Cultural Ecology, teaching materials
Folder 30: Harvard University, 1960-61, Soc Rel 118, Cultural Ecology, student papers
Folder 31: Harvard University, 1960-61, papers, unsorted
Folder 32: Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), 1967-68, correspondence and misc. materials
Folder 33: CASBS, 1967-68, Fellows

BOX 36
Folder 1: (Proposed) Social Analysis Service for the State of Oregon [opinion research]; correspondence, January 1949, with John A. Rademaker, Joel Berreman, O. Fred Hoffman; misc. documents [nb Rademaker, French, Hoffman all former Community Analysts in WRA Japanese
American Relocation Camps (at Grenada, Poston, Topaz, respectively); cf. PAPERS OF DF & KF, Research, Japanese Americans, Poston]
Folder 2: Community organizations, Portland, 1949-51; correspondence re DF public speaking engagements, etc.
Folder 3: American Anthropological Association, Executive Board, 1965-68, correspondence, memoranda, etc.
Folder 4: American Anthropological Association, Executive Board, 1965-68 correspondence, memoranda, etc.
Folder 5: American Anthropological Association, Executive Board, 1965-68 correspondence, memoranda, etc.
Folder 6: American Anthropological Association, Executive Board, 1965-68 correspondence, memoranda, etc.
Folder 7: American Anthropological Association, Executive Board, 1965-68 correspondence, memoranda, etc.
Folder 8: American Anthropological Association, Publication Committee, 1967-68, correspondence
Folder 9: American Anthropological Association, Annual Meeting, 1974
Folder 10: American Folklore Society, Annual Meeting, Portland, 1974 (DF on Local Arrangements Committee)
Folder 11: American Society for Pharmacognosy, Annual Meeting, June 1965
Folder 12: American Society for Pharmacognosy, general correspondence
Folder 13: Conference of Anthropologists and Linguists, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1952, correspondence and misc materials
Folder 14: International Congress of Americanists, Vienna, 1960 (SEE Papers of DF, Writings)
Folder 15: Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Northwestern University, 1951
Folder 16: Ford Foundation Public Affairs Grant, Reed College, 1958, corresp.
Folder 17: Oregon Historical Society
Folder 18: Seattle Anthropological Society, announcements, 1958-61
Folder 19: Society for Economic Botany
Folder 20: Society for Economic Botany
Folder 21: Society for Economic Botany, membership list, 1961
Folder 22: Society for Economic Botany, Fourth Annual Meeting, Madison, WI, 1963

BOX 37
Folder 1: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, A
Folder 2: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, B
Folder 3: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Brehm, Bert G.†
Folder 4: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Brehm, Bert G.†
Folder 5: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Bye, Robert A., writings
Folder 6: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, C
Folder 7: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Chambers, Kenton
Folder 8: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Compton, Brian D.
Folder 9: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Constance, Lincoln
Folder 10: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Constance, Lincoln
Folder 11: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Constance, Lincoln, writings
Folder 12: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Cox, Rachel*
Folder 13: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Cronquist, Arthur
Folder 14: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, D
Folder 15: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, E
Folder 16: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, F
Folder 17: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, G
Folder 18: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, H
Folder 19: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Hitchcock, C. Leo
Folder 20: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Irvine, F. R.
Folder 21: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, I-J-K
Folder 22: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, L
Folder 23 (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, M
Folder 24: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Mathias, Mildred
Folder 25: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Meilleur, Brien
Folder 26: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, N
Folder 27: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Neva, Arnold
Folder 28: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Ornduff, Robert* (SEE ALSO Papers of DF & KF, Correspondence, Gen; Papers of DF, Writings, 1958b, 1960b)
Folder 29: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, O
Folder 30: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, P
Folder 31: (Ethno-) Botany, France, Pandraud, M.
Folder 32: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Q-R
Folder 33: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, S
Folder 34: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Sciuchetti, Leo
Folder 35: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), OSU Screening (w/Sciuchetti) – Species list (SEE ALSO Papers of DF, Writings, 1964, 1967a)
Folder 36: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Schlessman, Mark
Folder 37: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Schultes, Richard Evans
Folder 38: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, T
Folder 39: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, Turner, Nancy J.
Folder 40: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, U-V
Folder 41: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, W
Folder 42: (Ethno-) Botany, general correspondence, X-Y-Z
Folder 43: (Ethno-) Botany, Mt Hood, Columbia River Gorge, plant lists by others
Folder 44: (Ethno-) Botany, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Europe
Folder 45: (Ethno-) Botany, correspondence, unknown

BOX 38
Folder 1: (Ethno-) Botany, clippings, general
Folder 2: (Ethno-) Botany, clippings, general
Folder 3: (Ethno-) Botany, clippings, Pacific Northwest
Folder 4: (Ethno-) Botany, clippings, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), general
Folder 5: (Ethno-) Botany, clippings, Umbelliferae (Apiaceae), Psoralens, Ammi, dermatitis
Folder 6: Native Plant Society, Oregon, newsletters
Folder 7: Botany, clippings, specific Families, Families 01-51
Folder 8: Botany, clippings, specific Families, Families 52-227
Folder 9: Botany, clippings, specific Families, Families 229-280
Folder 10: Botany, clippings, biochemistry, etc.
Folder 11: Rare/Endangered plants – Newsletters, etc.

Folder 12: National Science Foundation, 1957
Folder 13: Guggenheim Foundation, 1959
Folder 14: National Institutes of Health (NIH), Grant # RG-7722, 1960-63
Folder 15: NIH, Grant # 11287-01, 1963-64
Folder 16: NIH, Grant # 11287-02, 1964-66
Folder 17: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), 1981, “Ethnographic Units of a Chinookan Dictionary”
Folder 18: NEH, 1990, “Wasco-Wishram Dictionary”

Folder 19: 1948 Factionalism in Isleta Pueblo. American Ethnological Society, Monograph No. 14 [=DHF’s PhD dissertation, Dept of Anthropology, Columbia Univ.], correspondence with Ruth Benedict and others.
Folder 20: 1945-53 [DF ms. fragments: (1) [On the absence of witchcraft among Northwest Indians (in response to K. Scott’s BA Thesis)], ca. Dec 1951, 4 pp., ts.; (2) [On socialization to gender roles], notes taken “prob. by R. Fernea,” dated 4 May 1953, 1 p. ts.; (3) Letter to M. Brewster and Debby Smith, 26 December 1949, 1 p. holograph ms. (marked “unsent”)]
Folder 21: 1950 The ethnography of Oregon. The influence of cultural differences on the health of children and youth. Presented to meeting of Governor’s Committee on Children and Youth. 25 pp., typescript and holograph ms. (co-authored with Dorothy O. Johansen).
Folder 22: 1952 Shamanism on the Warm Springs Reservation. Paper presented at the 1st Northwest Anthropological Conference (Abstract, 1 p. ts.). Abstract.
Folder 23: 1953 Developing cultural understanding through language study: a report of the MLA Interdisciplinary Seminar in Language and Culture. MLA Publications 68(5): 1196-1218 (co-authored with Roger Brown and others). Correspondence, minutes of meetings, mimeo version of paper.
Folder 24: 1954 Pamispamis, a system of verbal magic on the Columbia Plateau. Holograph ms. in pencil, 43 pp., dated 12/54; fieldnotes, 24 pp. ts. (various consultants); Sebeok, T. “The Structure and Content of Cheremis Charms,” offprint from Anthropos, 1953.
Folder 25: 1955a The concept of culture-bondage. New York Academy of Sciences: Transactions, Series II, 17(4): 339-345. Two offprints of article, two copies of Transactions; two early drafts (one with marginalia from M. Brewster Smith and others), ts.; correspondence; “A Doctrinal Survey of Selected Protestant Groups in Portland, Oregon and Vicinity” by C.V. Gustafson, Sociology Department, Lewis and Clark College, 23 pp. mimeo, with cover letter to H. Jolly and D. French dated 1 November 1956 [G’s study included data from Reed students].
Folder 26: 1955a The concept of culture-bondage. Notes, drafts
Folder 27: 1955a The concept of culture-bondage. Tabulations of responses to French/Epling survey
Folder 28: 1955a The concept of culture-bondage. “Culture boundness - Self-study program – Responses and their scores”
Folder 29: 1955a The concept of culture-bondage. Reed College Self-Study (Ford Foundation), 1953 (various materials)
Folder 30: French/Epling survey: blank forms and completed surveys [OVERSIZE]

BOX 39
Folder 1: 1957a An exploration of Wasco ethnoscience. American Philosophical Society Year Book 1956: 224-226. Reprint
Folder 2: 1957b Aboriginal control of huckleberry yield in the Northwest. Paper presented at 56th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Chicago. Typescript, 7 pp. [Published in Robert Boyd (ed.), Indians, Fire, and the Land in the Pacific Northwest, pp. 31-35. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 1999.] Ribbon copy, notes, materials consulted, correspondence.
Folder 3: 1958a Cultural matrices of Chinookan non-casual language. IJAL 24(4): 258-263. Drafts, typescripts, correspondence (incl with D Hymes, C Voegelin), notes, materials consulted.
Folder 4: 1958b Notable plants of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon. Leaflets of Western Botany 8(9): 217-220 (with Robert Ornduff). Offprint, ribbon copy, notes, correspondence.
Folder 5: 1959a Review of M. Jacobs, Clackamas Chinook Texts, I. Journal of American Folklore 72(284): 193-194. Typescript, correspondence.
Folder 6: 1959b Review of Martha Ferguson McKeown, Come to Our Salmon Feast. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 50(4): 161. Offprint, typescript, correspondence.
Folder 7: 1959c An anthropological rogues’ gallery [slide show]. Presented at Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Santa Monica, CA, and on other occasions. Abstract, correspondence, notes, materials consulted; SEE SLIDES. [Later entitled “Photographs of anthropologists”].
Folder 8: 1960a Typo-sororo-graphical incest: a caution. American Anthropologist 62(5): 878-879. Offprint, typescript, correspondence.
Folder 9: 1960b Distributional notes on plants of the Warm Springs area, Oregon. Madroño 15(8): 225-231 (with Robert Ornduff). Typescript, correspondence, notes.
Folder 10: 1960d Review of Theodora Kroeber, The Inland Whale. Journal of American Folklore 73(287): 82-83. Typescript, correspondence.
1960e Review of Edith V.A. Murphey, Indian Uses of Native Plants. Economic Botany 14(2): 164-165.
Folder 11: 1960f Review of Elizabeth D. Jacobs, Nehalem Tillamook Tales. Pacific Northwest Quarterly 51(4): 182-183. Typescript, correspondence.
Folder 12: 1960g Review of Dorothy Lee, Freedom and Culture. American Anthropologist 62(6): 1067-1068. Notes, drafts.
Folder 13: 1960h Types of organization and change among North American Indians.
Paper presented at 34th International Congress of Americanists, Vienna, 1960, in symposium Evolucion y Transformaciones de los Pueblos Indigenas desde la Conquista. Offprint, abstract, four versions of typescript, notes, drafts, correspondence. Notes on discussion of paper, including comments of S. Tax, J. Honigmann, E. Gunther, A. Chapman, W. Suttles, and F.X. Grollig. Memoranda from students in Anthro 42, Reed College: C. Sather, “Memorandum: Kwakiutl concepts of space” (4 pp.); R. Franz, “Appendix” [re: Teton-Dakota], 1 p.; M.J. Leaf, “Boundaries in Culture and Society,” 7 pp. [+ 3”x5” notes]; M.J. Leaf, “Cheyenne Bounded Groups,” 16 pp. [+ 3”x5” notes], M. Katzson, “A brief survey of some sociological concepts as they relate to the concept of bounded and unbounded groups,” 7 pp. DeRight, Anthro 42, June 2, 1960, “Memorandum,” 4 pp.
Folder 14: 1960i Taxonomic and other conceptual processes [aka Types of native taxonomic processes]. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Minneapolis, MN, November 1960. Typescript, 10 pp., notes, correspondence.
Folder 15: 1961a Wasco-Wishram. In E. Spicer (ed.), Perspectives in American Indian Culture Change, pp. 337-430. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [= “PROJECT A”]. SSRC Seminar correspondence, 1956-57.
Folder 16: 1961a Wasco-Wishram. Mimeo draft of DF paper.
Folder 17: 1961a Wasco-Wishram. “Critiques.” Written comments from E. Spicer
(10 June 1958 letter, ts., 3 pp.); from Reed students (Oscanyan III, Philip Moloso, Jerry Suttles, Carol Erickson, Patty Leary, Bill Hodge, Vivian Tomlinson, F[reddy] Gross, unidentified others); from Melville Jacobs (7 pp. holograph ms. dated 3/13/58), Robert L. Benson, F. S. Fussner (Reed faculty member), unidentified others.
Folder 18: 1961a Wasco-Wishram. Working draft
Folder 19: 1961a Wasco-Wishram. Drafts, notes
Folder 20: SSRC Seminar, paper by E. Vogt (mimeo draft).
Folder 21: SSRC Seminar, paper by E. Dozier (mimeo draft).
Folder 22: SSRC Seminar, misc.
Folder 23: SSRC Seminar, misc.
Folder 24: SSRC Seminar, misc.
Folder 25: 1961b Review of Frank Mahony, et al., Yam Cultivation in the Trust Territory. Economic Botany 15(2): 181-182. Typescript, corresp.
Folder 26: 1961c Review of Melville Jacobs, The People Are Coming Soon: Analyses of Clackamas Chinook Myths and Tales. Journal of American Folklore 74(293): 277-278.
Folder 27: 1961d Anthropology, ethnoscience, and cognition. Talk given in Colloquium series, Center for Cognitive Studies, Harvard, 11 May 1961. Typescript and holograph ms., 38 pp.
Folder 28: 1962a Ambiguity and irrelevancy in factional conflict. In M. Sherif (ed.), Intergroup Relations and Leadership: Approaches and Research in Industrial, Ethnic, Cultural and Political Areas, pp. 232-243. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Typescript, mimeo, notes, correspondence.
Folder 29: 1962b Review of F.R. Kluckhohn and F.L. Strodtbeck, Variations in Value Orientations. American Anthropologist 64(4): 850-851. Offprint, typescript, notes, correspondence.
Folder 30: 1962c When is an Indian? Paper presented at 61st Annual Meeting of AAA, Chicago, 15-18 November 1962, for symposium on “Contemporary Reservation Systems.” Typescript, 18 pp., notes, correspondence.

BOX 40
Folder 1: 1962d Anthropological interpretations of similarities and differences. Paper presented at SSRC Conference on the History of Anthropology, 13-14 April 1962. Typescript, 15 pp., correspondence, drafts.
Folder 2: 1962d Anthropological interpretations..., presentation at CASBS, 1967; presentation notes on 3”x5”s; copy of typescript with copious annotations by Richard A. “Red” Watson.
Folder 3: 1962d Anthropological interpretations...., materials consulted.
Folder 4: SSRC Conference on the History of Anthropology, papers by others.
Folder 5: SSRC Conference on the History of Anthropology, papers by others.
Folder 6: SSRC Conference on the History of Anthropology, papers by others.
Folder 7: 1962e Biographies of anthropologists: a preliminary listing of books and pamphlets [annotated bibliography]. Mimeographed typescript, 17 pp., dated June 1962. Notes, correspondence. [SEE Papers of DF & KF]
Folder 8: 1963a The relationship of anthropology to studies in perception and cognition. In S. Koch (ed.), Psychology: A Study of A Science, vol. 6. New York: McGraw-Hill. Offprint, bound typescript, correspondence.
Folder 9: 1963b The role of anthropologist in the methodology of teaching. In D. Mandelbaum, G. Lasker, and E. Albert (eds.), The Teaching of Anthropology, pp. pp. 171-178. AAA Memoir 94. Offprint, correspondence, drafts, notes.
Folder 10: 1963b The role of anthropologist ..., correspondence, drafts, notes.
Folder 11: 1964b Differential utilization of the Umbelliferae by Northwest Indians. Paper presented at Fifth Annual Meeting of the Society for Economic Botany, Chapel Hill, NC, 23 March 1964. Holograph ms., 7 pp., notes, conference program.
Folder 12: 1965 Ethnobotany of the Pacific Northwest Indians. Economic Botany 19(4): 378-382. Offprint, typescript, correspondence.
Folder 13: 1967a Phytochemical investigations of the leaves of Chimaphila umbellata var. occidentalis. Lloydia 30(1): 78-83. (With Kirti Sheth, Philip Catalfomo, and Leo A. Sciuchetti.) Offprint, mimeo notes.
Folder 14: 1967b Bibliography of California Indian Ethnobotany. Typescript, drafts, correspondence (co-authored with Jane Larson).
Folder 15: 1968 Goldenweiser, Alexander A. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. David L. Sills, ed. Vol. 6, pp. 196-197. New York: Macmillan Company and The Free Press. Offprints, drafts.
Folder 16: 1968 Goldenweiser, Alexander A., correspondence.
Folder 17: 1971 Ethnobotany of the Umbelliferae. In V.H. Heywood (ed.), The Biology and Chemistry of the Umbelliferae, pp. 385-412. London: Published for the Linnean Society of London by Academic Press. (Supplement 1 to the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 64, 1971.). Offprints, Conference materials (Reading, UK).
Folder 18: 1971 Ethnobotany of the Umbelliferae. Page proofs, drafts, notes.
Folder 19: 1971 Ethnobotany of the Umbelliferae. Species lists.
Folder 20: 1971 Ethnobotany of the Umbelliferae. Ribbon copy.
Folder 21: 1971 Ethnobotany of the Umbelliferae. Drafts.
Folder 22: 1976. Some other aspects of ethnobotany: saliency and diffuseness. Paper presented at 75th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington DC, 20 November 1976, for symposium on “Cognitive Systems in their Material and Behavioral Contexts,” organized by Chad McDaniel and Eugene S. Hunn. Typescript, notes, drafts, correspondence, materials consulted.
Folder 23: 1978 Sahaptin color terms. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes 12(1):37 (with Eugene Hunn). Abstract, notes, drafts, correspondence, materials consulted.
Folder 24: 1979 The Columbia-Fraser Plateau: a little-known part of the world. Paper presented at Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, OR, 1979. Holograph ms.,16 pp., notes.
Folder 25: 1980a The Columbia-Fraser Plateau: a little-known part of the world [abstract]. Northwest Anthropological Research Notes 14(2): 150.
Folder 26: 1980b Neglected aspects of North American ethnobotany. Paper presented at “Botany 80” conference, Vancouver, BC, 11-16 July 1980. Ribbon copy, correspondence, notes.
Folder 27: 1980b Neglected aspects ..., drafts (labeled “Proj 80 – Grunge, etc.”)
Folder 28: 1981a Neglected aspects of North American ethnobotany. Canadian Journal of Botany/Journal canadien de botanique 59(11): 2326-2330. Offprints, typescript, drafts, notes, correspondence.

BOX 41
Folder 1: 1981b Lomatium: A key resource for Columbia Plateau native subsistence. Northwest Science 55(2): 87-94 (co-authored with Eugene S. Hunn). Offprints, notes.
Folder 2: 1981b Lomatium ..., correspondence, drafts, notes.
Folder 3: 1981c [Invited comment on “Revisionist Anthropology: Aboriginal North America” by Alice Kehoe]. Current Anthropology 22(5): 512. Xerox, typescript, correspondence.
Folder 4 1981d Claims of legitimacy and charges of illegitimacy: symptoms of contested authority [= “Proj L”]. Paper presented at 80th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Los Angeles, 4 December 1981 (co-authored with with Thomas S. Abler). Drafts.
Folder 5: 1981d Claims of legitimacy ..., correspondence.
Folder 6: 1981d Claims of legitimacy ..., misc. drafts.
Folder 7: 1981d Claims of legitimacy ..., materials consulted.
Folder 8: Pueblo factionalism conference, UC-Santa Cruz
Folder 9: 1982 Wasco-Wishram noun pluralization. Working Paper for 17th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, Portland State University, 9-11 August 1982 (co-authored with Nancy J. Fowler). Ribbon copy, drafts, notes.
Folder 10: 1984 Alternatives to taxonomic hierarchy: the Sahaptin case. Journal of Ethnobiology 4(1): 73-92 (co-authored with Eugene S. Hunn). Offprints, typescript, correspondence, notes.
Folder 11: 1985 Zebras along the Columbia River: Imaginary Wasco-Wishram names for real animals. International Journal of American Linguistics 51(4): 410-412. Offprints, typescript, drafts, notes, correspondence.
Folder 12: 1987b Diversity of healing on the Warm Springs Reservation. Paper presented to National Council of Clinical Directors Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, 11 August 1987. 13 pp., holograph ms., correspondence.
Folder 13: 1991a Gary Snyder and Reed College. In Gary Snyder: Dimensions of a Life, edited by John Halper. Sierra Club Books. Drafts, notes.
Folder 14: 1991a Gary Snyder and Reed College, correspondence.
Folder 15: 1991b Goldenweiser, Alexander A. In International Dictionary of Anthropologists, Christopher Winters, Editorial Coordinator. Chicago: LARG (Library-Anthropological Resource Group). Proof sheets, drafts, correspondence, materials consulted.
Folder 16: 1998a Western Columbia River Sahaptins.1991, 1993 drafts
Folder 17: 1998a Western Columbia River Sahaptins.1997 drafts
Folder 18: 1998a Western Columbia River Sahaptins. Maps, illustrations, bibliographies.
Folder 19: 1998b Ethnobiology and Subsistence. In Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 17, Plateau (Deward E. Walker, Jr., volume editor), pp. 525-545. Washington DC: Smithsonian Institution. With Eugene S. Hunn and Nancy J. Turner.
Folder 20: 1999 Aboriginal control of huckleberry yield in the Northwest. In Robert Boyd (ed.), Indians, Fire, and the Land in the Pacific Northwest, pp. 31-35. Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 1999 [= 1957b above]


BOX 42
Folder 1: Birth certificate
Folder 2, 3: CVs
Folder 4: Who’s Who, etc.
Folder 5: Insurance KF
Folder 6: Juvenilia, misc. personal docs.
Folder 7: letters to and from Russell M Story (father)
Folder 8: Story, Russell M, clippings
Folder 9: letters to Gertrude A Story (mother), 1946
Folder 10: letters to Gertrude A Story, 1960
Folder 11: letters to Gertrude A Story, 1966
Folder 12: letters to Gertrude A Story, 1968
Folder 13: Gertrude A Story reminiscence of Russell M Story, 1963
Folder 14: Story, McCulloch, Anderson families: genealogy info
Folder 15: Christmas card lists, 1990s-2000s
Folder 16: “Persons” (clippings and obituaries, mostly 1990s-2000s)

Folder 17: Anderson, A. B., Sr. (KSF’s maternal uncle)
Folder 18: Bradshaw, Pat
Folder 19: Cronyn, Lori
Folder 20: Cronyn, Marshall W.
Folder 21: Ide, W. Carter
Folder 22: Janssen, Kathy [née Reynolds] and Larry
Folder 23: Kittinger, F
Folder 24: Millen, Jane (KSF’s cousin [FaSisDa]) -1
Folder 25: Millen, Jane -2
Folder 26: Miller, Mary
Folder 27: Miller, Virginia
Folder 28: Mordy, Brooke and Wendell
Folder 29: Reynolds, Rebecca and family
Folder 30: Reynolds, Charles and Christine and family

BOX 43
Folder 1: A
Folder 2: B
Folder 3: Baker, Beth
Folder 4: C
Folder 5: D
Folder 6: E
Folder 7: F
Folder 8: G
Folder 9: Gilsen, Leland
Folder 10: H
Folder 11: Hirabayashi, Lane
Folder 12: I
Folder 13: J-K
Folder 14: L
Folder 15: M
Folder 16: N
Folder 17: Naito, Bill
Folder 18: O
Folder 19: Ornduff, Robert (SEE ALSO Papers of DF, Ethnobotany)
Folder 20: Orso, Evelyn
Folder 21: P
Folder 22: Pope, Betty
Folder 23: Q-R
Folder 24: Ramsey, Jarold
Folder 25: S
Folder 26: T
Folder 27: U-V
Folder 28: W-Z
Folder 29: unidentified

Folder 30: Transcripts, graduation announcements, clippings, etc: Pomona College, 1938-41; Columbia University, 1942-46.
Folder 31: Pomona College, 1938-39, English A1a, b: Firelight [prose composition]. English A1b, October 7, 1938, 4 pp., ts.; Song Magic [poem], English A1b, Mr Strathmann, February 13, 1939, 1 p., ts; Fog [poem], English A1b, Dr Lincoln, May 1, 1939. 1 p., ts.
Folder 32: Pomona College, 1939-40, English B21, Composition: Blue Velvet. Prose Composition No. 27. English B21. 3 pp., ts.; Dust [prose composition]. 3 pp., ts.
Folder 33: Pomona College, 1940-41, Philosophy 124, Types of Ethical Theory: Hunting for the Black Hat. 16 pp., ts. [two copies, one with professor’s annotations]; Common Denominators of Ethics. 26 pp., ts. [two copies, one with professor’s annotations].
Folder 34: Pomona College, Summer Session 1939 OR 1940-41, Anthropology S100A, Man and Culture [Summer 1939], AND/OR Soc 101a., b., Man and Culture [1940-41]. Lecture notes; Outline of Culture Through the Neolithic. December 6, 1940. 4 pp., ts.; The Inca Area, 5 pp., ts.; [Anthropology Exam], 9 pp., ts.; Anthropology Term Examination, 11 pp., ts. (M. E. Opler?)
Folder 35: Claremont Colleges, Summer Session, 1941, Soc 103, Social Control: An Anthropological Approach to Political and Legal Institutions (E. A. Hoebel): syllabus, lecture notes
Folder 36: Claremont Colleges, Summer Session, 1941, Anth C100a., b., Man in Culture (M.E. Opler), syllabi, lecture notes; [The “I am” cult (paper for unk. course and instructor)]. 4 pp., ts
Folder 37: Columbia University, Winter 1942-43, Anth 161, Anthropology and Contemporary Problems (R. Benedict) [lecture notes]
Folder 38: Columbia University, Winter 1942-43, Anth U151, Time Perspective and Anthropological Theory (G. Weltfish) [lecture notes]
Folder 39: Columbia University, Winter 1942-43, Anth 301, Psychological Analysis of Culture (A. Kardiner [?]) [lecture notes]
Folder 40: Columbia University, Winter-Spring 1942-43, Anth 163-164, Acculturation Studies (M.W. Smith) [lecture notes]
Folder 41: Columbia University, Spring 1943, Anth 104, Social Organization of Primitive Peoples [Melanesia] (R. Benedict) [lecture notes]
Folder 42: Columbia University, Spring 1943, Anth 116, Primitive Peoples of Madagascar (R. Linton), [lecture notes]
Folder 43: Columbia University, Spring 1943, Anth 152, Method and Result in merican Archaeology (unk., poss. G. Willey) [lecture notes]
Folder 44: Columbia University, Primitive Music (G. Herzog), reading list, lecture notes; misc. other Columbia lecture notes
Folder 45: Reed College, 1957-58, Math 11, Real Numbers (J. Roberts) [notes, problem sets]
Folder 46: Reed College, 1957-58, Math 11, Real Numbers (J. Roberts), mimeographed textbook
Folder 47: Reed College, Fall 1958, Math 22, Algebra (unk.) [notes, problem sets]

Folder 48: War Relocation Authority (Poston), 1944-46. Correspondence, application forms, other official documents. [SEE ALSO Papers of DF&KF]
Folder 49: Civil Rights Ordinance, Portland, 1949-50. Printed and mimeo materials.
Folder 50: Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Intergroup Relations (Portland), 1949. Correspondence; Report of Subcommittee, 11 May 1949; Transcript of Hearings Held 5 July 1949 (41 pp., mimeo).
Folder 51: State of Oregon Fair Employment Practices Administration (FEPA), 1948-51. Correspondence, press clippings, official documents.
Folder 52: State of Oregon Fair Employment Practices Administration (FEPA), 1948-51. KSF materials.
Folder 53: State of Oregon Fair Employment Practices Administration (FEPA), 1948-1951. Printed and mimeo materials.
Folder 54, 55, 56: Newsclippings on race relations, 1946-51
Folder 57: League of Women Voters (Portland), 1950-53. KSF mss.: “Congressional Hearings and Individual Justice,” 14 pp. (var. pg.), ts. (two versions); “[On censorship.] Report given to Individual Liberties Committee, Fall [19]53,” 33 pp. typescript and holograph ms.; “[On censorship.] Used in introduction at Unit Leaders Meeting, 12/53?,” 4 pp. ts.; “Censorship and Individual Liberties. Report given at Unit Leaders Meeting, 12/53,” 9 pp. ts.; “[On Congressional Investigations.] Short 10 min. summary done for Committee, Spring [19]54. Not used.” 8 pp. carbon ts. and clippings.
Folder 58: League of Women Voters (Portland), 1950-53. Printed materials, 1950

BOX 44
Folder 1: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Application, correspondence.
Folder 2: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Anth 207/8/9, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (1952-54). Syllabi, teaching materials.
Folder 3: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Anth 208, Peoples of the Pacific (1951-52).
Folder 4: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Anth 301/2/3, Primitive Society (1955-56).
Folder 5: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Anth 451(G), Cultural Dynamics (1955-56)
Folder 6: Portland State College, Portland Extension Center, 1952-57. Anth 316, Peoples of the World (1956-57)
Folder 7: Boston, 1960-61, correspondence.
Folder 8: Reed College, 1981; 2005.

University of Oregon Medical School (UOMS; = Oregon Health Sciences University [OHSU])
Folder 9: Conference on Anthropology and Medicine, Arden House, Nov 17-20 1961, correspondence, notes, printed materials
Folder 10: C[erebral] P[alsy] – journal and notes – carbon
Folder 11: CFP - carbons
Folder 12: American Sociological Association Meeting, 1958; program and notes
Folder 13: Asher, P
Folder 14: Battered child
Folder 15: Books ordered
Folder 16: Cystic fibrosis—correspondence
Folder 17: Epilepsy
Folder 18: Faculty Report of Service to Institution
Folder 19: Folk Healthways
Folder 20: Genetics
Folder 21: Kochendoerfer
Folder 22: Language Development Study
Folder 23: Medical Anthropologists – Roster of Anthropologists, Physicians, and others who have special interests in medical anthropology, 1968
Folder 24: Medical Anthropology – Committee on Anthropology and Medical Education
Folder 25: Medical Anthropologists
Folder 26: Medical Anthropologists, International Roster of 1968
Folder 27: Medical School Retirement, Insurance
Folder 28: OPC – Clinic Evaluation Study
Folder 29: Medical Sociology newsletter
Folder 30: Murray, Roberta
Folder 31: [Interview transcripts, 1958] (manila envelope)
Folder 32: Miscellaneous Duplicate Codes (binder)
Folder 33: 1959 Registrations (binder)
Folder 34: Prediction of Follow-up (binder)
Folder 35: Project neonates (Alphabetical), as of 3/1/67 [binder]
Folder 36: [Sociodemographic data on prenatal care study participants] (binder)
Folder 37: 1960-61 Analysis
Folder 38: 1961-62 Check list

BOX 45
Folder 1: Arthritis
Folder 2: Handedness
Folder 3: Kinship
Folder 4: Chronic disease—misc
Folder 5: Cystic fibrosis—Notes & Bib.
Folder 6: Cerebral palsy
Folder 7: Medical care—general
Folder 8: Medical care—Oregon
Folder 9: Medicine—misc
Folder 10: SES, Race, and Achievement
Folder 11: Myrianthopoulos [SEE KSF, Writings, 1968]
Folder 12: OPC Continuation grant proposal
Folder 13: Parent Child services—research proposal, 1970
Folder 14: PRB—Consultant
Folder 15: Shipkowitz, Rosalie [SEE KSF, Writings, 1962]
Folder 16: Society for Applied Anthropology
Folder 17: Special Education – Timberline Conference August 1970
Folder 18: Travel – Staff
Folder 19: Weiner, Frieda, MD
Folder 20: Pre-Columbian medicine – Weisman collection
Folder 21: Research contract regulations
Folder 22: Russell Sage Foundation
Folder 23: Hyaline membrane
Folder 24: Cystic fibrosis
Folder 25: Population, migration, etc.
Folder 26: Folk medicine: US
Folder 27: Non-Western medicine
Folder 28: Nutrition
Folder 29: Paleopathology
Folder 30: Psoriasis
Folder 31: Epidemiology
Folder 32: Burke, JP – PhD
Folder 33: “Maternal and Child Health” Nursing Education Session, 2/26/59
Folder 34: Duplicate notes
Folder 35: Diagnosis of disease among the Subanun
Folder 36: Gerontology seminar 1973
Folder 37: Mental retardation 1971
Folder 38: Stat
Folder 39: Conference on Medicine & Anthropology, Arden House, 11/61
Folder 40: Medical information questionnaire
Folder 41: Mental Retardation Session
Folder 42: Mental Retardation Seminar lecture notes, 12/65
Folder 43: Mental Retardation
Folder 44: Multilingualism
Folder 45: Committee on Anthropology & Pediatrics
Folder 46: Personnel – Interviews
Folder 47: Nursing – Student papers (1960)
Folder 48: Shipkowitz interview transcripts [SEE KSF, Writings, 1962]
[Folder 49] (Green binder) Prenatal care
[Folder 50] (Blue binder) Cystic fibrosis
[Folder 51] (Small blue binder) Reading survey: disc file
[Folder 52] (Small blue binder) Reading survey: frequency distributions, means, SD’s

BOX 46
Folder 2: Prenatal care Data Sheets—coding scheme
Folder 3: Prenatal care data sheets
Folder 4: Prenatal care data sheets
Folder 5: Prenatal care data sheets
Folder 6: Prenatal care data sheets
Folder 7: Prenatal care data sheets

Folder 8: American Ethnological Society, Correspondence 1960-61
Folder 9: Jacobs Research Funds: forms
Folder 10: Jacobs Research Funds Executive Board: internal correspondence
Folder 11: Jacobs Research Funds, Publications list
Folder 12: Jacobs Research Funds, Executive Board, minutes of meetings
Folder 13: Jacobs Research Funds, Executive Board, minutes of meetings, 1974-
Folder 14: Jacobs Research Funds, transfer of M & EJ RF
Folder 15: Board 4/15/89
Folder 16: Jacobs Research Funds, 1975, KSF
Folder 17: Jacobs Research Funds, 1977, KSF
Folder 18: Jacobs Research Funds, 1980, KSF
Folder 19: Jacobs Research Funds, 1990
Folder 20: Jacobs Research Funds, 1991
Folder 21: Jacobs Research Funds, Depositors, University of Washington Archives
Folder 22: Jacobs Research Funds, New EB Member, 1982
Folder 23: Jacobs Research Funds, Policies and procedures 1987-88
Folder 24: Jacobs Research Funds Annual Financial Report, Whatcom Museum
Folder 25: Jacobs Research Funds, KSF expenses
Folder 26: Jacobs Research Funds Board, misc
Folder 27: SEND TO UW Manuscripts Division

I. Japanese Americans: Colorado River Relocation Center, Poston, AZ, 1943-46 [SEE ALSO Papers of DF & KSF]
Folder 28: KSF plan for PhD dissertation on Poston community: correspondence with W.D. Strong and others
Folder 29: Grant application: Viking Fund, 1948; application materials, correspondence
Folder 30: Grant application: SSRC, 1948; application materials, correspondence with Ruth Benedict and others
Folder 31: [Demographics of Poston community] (“KF projects in a statistics course from Stewart at Reed about 1948. Kept for use with Poston materials.”)

II. Portland Gypsies, misc.
Folder 32: Portland Gypsies: ethnographic fieldnotes, 1951
Folder 33: Portland Gypsies: newsclippings
Folder 34: Jury duty, 1957: notes
Folder 35: [Chicano bilingualism project, 1972 (with Yvonne Hajda)]. Draft of grant proposal, correspondence, bibliography.

BOX 47
RESEARCH, cont’d.
III. Warm Springs Indian Reservation ceremonialism, 1952-55 (SEE ALSO Papers of DF & KF, Research; Papers of KSF, Writings, 1955)
Folder 1: AAUW, grant application, 1952
Re-study of Warm Springs ceremonial segmentation, in collaboration with Yvonne Hajda, 1984- (SEE ALSO Papers of KSF, Writings, 1979)
Folder 2: Wenner Gren Foundation, grant application, 1984
Folder 3: Correspondence with Warm Springs Tribal Committees
Folder 4: Accounting
Folder 5: NSF, grant application, 1984
Folder 6: APS, grant application, 1984
Folder 7: Early drafts – PUS, etc.
Folder 8: WS Res – Rough Drafts – destroy – Proj S
Folder 9: Jacobs Research Fund, grant application, 1984
Folder 10: [Fieldnotes], 1984 and before (dark blue looseleaf binder)
Folder 11: [Fieldnotes], 1984, 1985 (light blue looseleaf binder)
Folder 12: [Fieldnotes], 1985 (green looseleaf binder)
Folder 13: [Fieldnotes], 1986 and tape log (brown looseleaf binder)
Folder 14: [Fieldnotes], 1987 – (black looseleaf binder)
Folder 15: [Fieldnotes], Funeral of Linton Winishut (1906-1989), 11-13 December 1989, K & DF notes
[Cassette audiotapes: SEE Audiotapes, below]

The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon: Language Workshop, June 23-25, 2003 (Portland State University and Warm Springs, OR).
Folder 16: Notes, correspondence, printed materials

BOX 48
RESEARCH, cont’d.
Archaeological Investigations Northwest (AINW): Mt Hood National Forest (MHNF) project, 1991-1995 (“not really sorted”)
Folder 1: [unlabeled]
Folder 2: MHNF, Timberline Meeting, July 11-12, 1991
Folder 3: MHNF study – maps
Folder 4: MHNF study – Interview guide
Folder 5: MHNF study – Interviews – transcripts and notes
Folder 6: [unlabeled]
Folder 7: Receipts & notes
Folder 8: MHNF Report 4/1/95
Folder 9: MHNF – Place names
Folder 10: MHNF – Draft report 1/95
Folder 11: MHNF – Draft report 12/31
Folder 12: MHNF Report – drafts
Folder 13: MHNF – drafts
Folder 14: Notes of meetings
Folder 15: MHNF – references
Folder 16: MHNF Study – research notes
Folder 17: MHNF Study – 1991 – Correspondence
Folder 18: MHNF Study – 1991 – Proposals, contracts, etc.
Folder 19: Magic Mile Report 5/91
Folder 20: MHNF map index
Folder 21: Formatting, etc.

AINW, Pelton/Round Butte (P/RB) Hydroelectric dam project (“not really sorted”)
Folder 22: P/RB TCP basic data
Folder 23: P/RB Draft documents
Folder 24: Maps (engineering) Pelton/RB Proj – Deschutes, Metolius
Folder 25: P/RB – Personnel, plans
Folder 26: P/RB – notes
Folder 27: Interviewees
Folder 28: P/RB Metolius draft
Folder 29: P/RB – TCP Report (draft)
Folder 30: Paiute – Burns overview
Folder 31: P/RB Data
Folder 32: P/RB Reports
Folder 33: P/RB – 1/97 Cultural Resources Workshop
Folder 34: P/RB Contract matters
Folder 35: VISUALS
Folder 36: P/RB – Botanical ref.
Folder 37: Rock features
Folder 38: P/RB – clippings
Folder 39: P/RB – maps
Folder 40: P/RB – correspondence
Folder 41: Inventory and Preliminary Evaluation of Developed Recreation Facilities, Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, FERC No 2030. Chuck Everett, EDAW, Inc, March 1998, for Portland General Electric.
Folder 42: Interim Report of 1997 Cultural Resources Studies, Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, FERC No 2030 (SEE KSF, Writings, 1997).
Folder 43: Recreational Uses of Lake Billy Chinook and Lake Simtustus: 1997 Survey Results. Pelton Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, FERC 2030. Prepared by Troy Hall, Bo Shelby, March 1998.

BOX 49
AINW, P/RB cont’d.
Folder 1: Final Technical Report of Cultural Resources Study, Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project … FERC 2030. Richard M. Pettigrew, Editor. Volume I: Project Overview …
Folder 2: Pelton-Round Butte Report. First Stage Consultation Document. Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation Oregon (CTWSRO), Warm Springs Power Enterprises.
Folder 3: Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive and Culturally Sensitive Plant Surveys. Final Report. Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, FERC 2030…. Prepared for PGE by Jim Keany, Margaret Clancy, EDAW, Inc., and Scott Sundberg, PhD, Oregon State University. October 1989.
Folder 4: P/RB Interviewe instructions

AINW, Willamette Falls project – interviews, drafts
Folder 5: WF/C[lackamas]R[iver] materials – relations to both
Folder 6: Willamette Falls project – interviews 1-15, transcripts
Folder 7: Willamette Falls project – interviews 16-33, transcripts
Folder 8: Willamette Falls project – misc docs
AINW, Willamette Falls project – Reports

Folder 9: Willamette Falls Hydroelectric Project FERC 2233: Research for the Identification and Evaluation of Traditional Cultural Properties. May 30, 2003. AINW Report No. 249.
Folders XX: [WF project, misc memos and drafts – unsorted loose material]

AINW, Bull Run project
Folder 10: Bull Run – report
Folder 11: Bull Run – maps
Folder 12: Bull Run – notes and newsclippings

AINW, Potholes Reservoir project
Folder 13: Potholes – notes, newsclippings
Folder 14: Potholes report
Folder 15: Potholes: data
Folder 16: An Ethnographic Overview of the Potholes Reservoir Study Area of Central Washington. Prepared for Bureau of Reclamation, July 1, 1999. AINW Report No. 171. DRAFT
Folder 17: An Ethnographic Overview of the Potholes Reservoir Study Area of Central Washington. Prepared for Bureau of Reclamation, July 10, 2000. AINW Report No. 171.

BOX 50
AINW, Clackamas River project (FERC 2195), for PGE
[Report drafts]
[much unsorted loose material]

AINW, Lampreys project
Folder 1: Lampreys: interviews
Folder 2: Lampreys: other studies
Folder 3: Lampreys: newsclippings, photographs
Folder 4: Lampreys: drafts of report
AINW, Cascade Locks project [drafts, notes, correspondence, maps; unsorted loose material]
Cultural Resource Survey for the Proposed Cascade Locks Resort and Casino Project, Cascade Locks, Oregon, April 27, 2006. Report No. 1644.
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon (CTWSRO), Portland Harbor, 2003 [unsorted loose material]
Cultural Resources – Misc [unsorted loose and bound material]
Folder 5: Census (return to D. Ellis)

AINW, Pelican Butte project
Folder 6: Pelican Butte – newsclippings
Folder 7: Pelican Butte – notes, report

BOX 51
Folder 1: 1942 The Common Elements and Diversities in the Value Systems of Three Contrasting Cultures. BA Honors Thesis, Anthropology, Pomona College, 132 pp., ts.
Folder 2: 1943 What to read about the USSR: General bibliography. New York: the East and West Association. [Unsigned carbon of typescript, 26 pp. + front matter].
Folder 3: n.d. [ca. 1943]. [On Sikh marriage practices]. 13 pp., ts.
Folder 4: 1944a Some International Aspects of the Komagata Moru Affair. Unpublished ms. (with Marian W. Smith). 18 pp., ts.
Folder 5: 1944b Text of a talk given at a conference on world peace sponsored by the Pomona Valley Council of Church Women, November 3, 1944 [“The people of Poston…”]. Typescript, 6 pp., dated November 1, 1944.
Folder 6: 1948 Prejudice [Letter to the Editor]. The Oregonian, 22 November 1948, p. 13. Clipping, original typescript letter, correspondence.
Folder 7: 1954 The story of Susan Papalut. 7 pp. ts.; 6 pp. holograph ms.; Susan Papalut and Donald McKay: Tales in Two Literatures. Abstract, corresp., 1976. The Story of Susan Papalut as told by Lucy Miller to Kathrine French, 22 pp., typescript, 1954. Fieldnotes and materials consulted.
Folder 8: 1955 Culture segments and variation in contemporary social ceremonialism on the Warm Springs Reservation, Oregon. PhD dissertation, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University. Typescript and notes in looseleaf binder
Folder 9: [1955 PhD dissertation, correspondence]
Folder 10: 1957 Warm Springs bilateral structures—kindreds? Paper presented at 56th Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Association, Chicago, December 1957. Typescript, notes.
Folder 11: 1958a The meaning of long-term illness to the community. Paper presented at the Sadie Orr Dunbar Workshop, July 14, 1958, University of Oregon Medical School. Typescript, 7 pp., drafts, conference program.
Folder 12: 1958b Can epileptics get well? Paper prepared for Epilepsy Speaks, bulletin of the Epilepsy League of Oregon, Inc. Typescript, 3 pp., corresp.
Folder 13: 1960b Review of Nehalem Tillamook Tales, recorded by Elizabeth Derr Jacobs, edited by Melville Jacobs. American Anthropologist 62(4): 703-704. Typescript, correspondence.
Folder 14: 1962 Research interviewers in a medical setting: Roles and social systems. Human Organization 21(3): 219-224. Offprints, correspondence, ts., notes.
Folder 15: 1963a Ceremonial segmentation. In [Actes de] Vie Congrès International des Sciences Anthropologiques et Ethnologiques, Paris, 30 juillet-6 aout, 1960. Tome II, Ethnologie (premier volume), pp. 101-104. Offprints, printed abstract, ts., notes.
Folder 16: 1963b The natural history of decisions to seek medical care. Paper presented at 62nd Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, 21-24 November 1963 (with Rosalie Shipkowitz). Abstract, drafts, notes.
Folder 17: 1963b The natural history of decisions…. Carbon ts. of interviews.
Folder 18: 1964 The prediction of loss in the population of a longitudinal study (with James Steele).
Folder 19: 1965a Review of Eliot Freidson (ed.), The Hospital in Modern Society. American Anthropologist 67(1): 193-194.
Folder 20: 1965b Some Socioeconomic Characterizations of the Oregon (and National) Collaborative Study Populations. OHSU, dittoed, 23 pp.
Folder 21: 1967 Child-centered versus adult-centered concepts of society; or, Who’s in charge here anyhow? Typescript, 15 pp., drafts, notes.
Folder 22: 1968 An application of the US Bureau of the Census Socioeconomic Index to a large, diversified patient population. Social Science and Medicine 2(3): 283-299 (with N. C. Myrianthopoulos). Offprint.
Folder 23: 1975a [Comment on “In honor of Sol Tax: A discussion of Action Anthropology’]. Current Anthropology 16(4): 526.
Folder 24: 1979 Chinookan/Sahaptin contrasts at Warm Springs in 1880. Paper presented at 32nd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Eugene, OR, March 1979. Typescript, notes.
Folder 25: 1980a 19th century Warm Springs Sahaptin households: Evidence from an 1880 census. Paper presented at 33rd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Bellingham, WA, March, 1980.
Folder 26: 1981 The uses of first names; or “Just ask for Janice.” Paper presented at 80th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, Los Angeles, CA, 4 December 1981. Abstract, ribbon copy, typescript(s).
Folder 27: 1981 The uses of first names…. Notes, drafts.
Folder 28: 1981 The uses of first names…. Newsclippings, materials consulted.
Folder 29: 1981 The uses of first names…. Correspondence.
Folder 30: 1981 The uses of first names…. Sources.
Folder 31: 1986 The Day My Grandson Died, November 22, 1985, by Lucinda Smith and Kathrine S. French [narration by Lucinda Smith, 12 January 1985]. Drafts, notes.
1995 An Ethnographic Study of the Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. Report No. 86, Portland, OR. Submitted to Mt Hood National Forest, Gresham, Oregon. Contract No. 53-0467-1-04016 (co-authored with Yvonna Hajda, Robert Moore, David V. Ellis, and John L. Fagan). FILED WITH Papers of KSF, Employment, AINW, MHNF, above.
1997a. Pelton Round Butte Relicensing Project Literature Review for Traditional Cultural Properties. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Report No. 128, Portland, OR. Submitted to EDAW, Seattle, WA, and Portland General Electric, Portland. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, P/RB, above.
1997b. Traditional Cultural Properties Study. In Interim Report of 1997 Cultural Resources Studies Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project FERC No. 2030, edited by Richard M. Pettigrew, pp. 5.1-5.15. Prepared for Portland General Electric Company, Portland, Oregon, and Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Warm Springs Power Enterprises. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, P/RB, above.
Folder 32: 1997c Indian trading at Warm Springs [revision of Ch IV of K.S. French 1955, above]. Drafts, notes, materials consulted.
Folder 33: 1998 Introduction. In Susan E. Harless (ed.), Native Arts of the Columbia Plateau: the Doris Swayze Bounds Collection, pp. xiii-xv. Bend, Oregon: The High Desert Museum; Seattle and London: University of Washington Press. Typescript, correspondence, misc. materials.
1998a. Ethnography and Ethnohistory (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda and David V. Ellis). In Project Overview, vol. 1. Final Technical Report of Cultural Resources Studies Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, edited by Richard M. Pettigrew. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Portland, OR; EDAW, Inc., Seattle, WA; Richard M. Pettigrew, Eugene, OR; and Western Resources Consulting, Carson City, Nevada. Prepared for Warm Springs Power Enterprises, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and Portland General Electric Company pp. 3.12-3.36. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, P/RB, above.
1998b. Traditional Cultural Properties Study (co-authored with David V. Ellis and Yvonne Hajda). In Project Overview, vol. 1, Final Technical Report of Cultural Resources Studies Pelton-Round Butte Hydroelectric Project, edited by Richard M. Pettigrew. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Portland, OR; EDAW, Inc., Seattle, WA; Richard M. Pettigrew, Eugene, OR; and Western Resources Consulting, Carson City, Nevada. Prepared for Warm Springs Power Enterprises, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and Portland General Electric Company pp. 7.1-7.14. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, P/RB, above.
2000 Bull Run Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 477) Literature Review for Identification of Traditional Cultural Properties (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda and David V. Ellis). Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. Letter Report No. 347. Prepared for Portland General Electric Company, Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, Bull Run, above.
2001 A Study of Four Possible Cultural Places in the Pelton Round Butte Traditional Cultural Properties (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda and David V. Ellis). Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. Letter Report No. 528. Prepared for Portland General Electric Company, Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, P/RB, above.
2003a Clackamas River Hydroelectric Projects Research for Identification of Traditional Cultural Properties (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda and David V. Ellis). Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc. Report No. 1084. Prepared for Portland General Electric Co., Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, CR, above.
Folder 34: 2003b. Misconceptions about Indians. In The First Oregonians: An Illustrated Collection of Essays on Traditional Lifeways, Federal-Indian Relations, And The State’s Native Peoples Today. Caroline M. Buan and Richard Lewis, eds., pp. xx-xx. Portland, Oregon: Oregon Council for the Humanities.
Folder 35: 2003b. Misconceptions about Indians. Drafts, notes, correspondence, etc.
Folder 36: 2003b. Misconceptions about Indians. Drafts, notes, correspondence, etc.
Folder 37: 2003b. Misconceptions about Indians. Drafts, notes, correspondence, etc.
2004 Willamette Falls Hydroelectric Project FERC No. 2233, Research for the Identification and Evaluation of Traditional Cultural Properties. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Report No. 249 (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda and David V. Ellis). Prepared for Portland General Electric Company, Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, Willamette Falls, above.
2005 Oregon Indians and Oregon Lampreys (co-authored with Yvonne Hajda). DRAFT. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Report No 1448. Prepared for Portland General Electric Company, Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, Lampreys, above.
2006. Cultural Resource Survey for the Proposed Cascade Locks Resort and Casino Project, Cascade Locks, Oregon (co-authored with David V. Ellis, Todd Ogle, Yvonne Hajda, Jason M. Allen, Judith A. Chapman, and Elizabeth J. O’Brien). DRAFT. Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Inc., Report No 1644. Prepared for HDR Engineering, Inc., Portland, OR, and The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Portland, OR. FILED WITH Papers of KSF, AINW, Cascade Locks, above.

BOX 52
Box 1 (shoebox): Photographs of Anthropologists – card index to slides, negatives; approx 200 photographs
Box 2 (cigar box): Photographs of Anthropologists; approx 200 photographs
Box 3 (cigar box): France (approx 300 photos)
Box 4 (square box): Prints, Warm Springs Reservation (approx 300 prints)
Box 5 (shoebox): Plant collecting trips, personal, etc. (approx 200 prints)
Box 6 (cigar box): J. W. Thompson slides
Box 7 (cigar box): Cats, Stapelia, art, personal, etc.
Box 8 (cigar box): Trip West, 1955; Albuquerque, 1956
Film in canister: Return to the River by Harry Paget
Small canister: SE Asia – Pacific negs for slides
Small canister: Negs, KF & unidentified

BOX 53
Box 1 (archival): Warm Springs Reservation Ethnographic photos; negatives # 491203 – 51084 (approx 400)
Box 2: WS Ethnographic photographs, negatives # 510815 – 520322 (approx 400)
Box 3: WS Ethnographic photographs, negatives # 520411 – 520821 (approx 400)
Box 4: WS Ethnographic photographs, negatives # 520905 – 530907 (approx 400)
Box 5: (expandable file): approx 200 negatives and a few prints
Box 6: ES Curtis photograph of Daniel Katchia: negative and print

BOX 54
Wooden case containing approx 1,000 color Ektachrome slides of Warm Springs Res in four metal boxes:
Box 1: Slides # 200 – 444
Box 3: Slides # 445 – 781
Box 3: Slides # 782 - 1117
Box 4: Slides # 1118 –

BOX 55
Box 1 (shoe box): Card index to Warm Springs slides
Box 2 (shoebox): Card index to slides
Box 3 (shoebox): misc negatives “Northwest,” “Eskimo,” etc. (approx 350)
Box 4 (various packages): miscellaneous photographs

BOX 56
KSF computer disks and audiocassette tapes from 1984-87 WS Res fieldwork

BOX 57
KF/DF fieldwork diaries
KF/DF testimony in Enola Hill case (1993), related material

BOX 58
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: General works, Theory, Aspects of Culture, Physical Anthropology
Box 2: Psychology, Mythology Bibliog.
Box 3: Sociology, Political Science, etc.; also very general bibliography
Box 4: History of Anthropology; Also: Social Anthro, etc.

BOX 59
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Anthro 420 notes; Linguistics notes
Box 2: Anthropology, general, notes
Box 3: Soc & Anthro 210 notes
Box 4: American Indian notes; Anthro 370 Bibliog

BOX 60
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: American Indians – specific areas
Box 2: Eastern US; Mexico, Central & South America Bib
Box 3: Notes: Plains, Eastern, Pomo, Eskimo, Mexico, Central, South America
Box 4: Indians, NW and adjacent areas, Bibliog.

BOX 61
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Linguistics I
Box 2: Linguistics II
Box 3: [miscellaneous bibliography]
Box 4: France, Europe misc

BOX 62
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Ethnoscience bib., I
Box 2: Ethnoscience bib., II
Box 3: Ethnoscience bib., III
Box 4: Ethnoscience bib., IV
Box 5: Ethnoscience bib., V
Box 6: [misc notes & bibliography]

BOX 63
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: California & other, ethnobotany
Box 2: Ethnobotany in process
Box 3: Misc notes & bib
Box 4: Misc bib & notes

BOX 64
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Books ordered for Reed library
Box 2: Books ordered for Reed library
Box 3: Desk stuff
Box 4: Misc stuff
Box 5: DF’s cartoons (small box)

BOX 65
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Biographies of Anthropologists
Box 2: Silly & misc
Box 3: Bib misc
Box 4: Misc (small blue box)
Box 5: Social Anthropology
Box 6: Biographies of Anthropologists (small box)

BOX 66
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Misc bib., notes, incl some Wasco-Wishram data
Box 2: Reed library (wooden box)
Box 3: Misc anthropology bib
Box 4: Bibliography and info on DF students

BOX 67
3” x 5” slip files, bibliography, notes, etc., in shoeboxes
Box 1: Misc., some WS Res data (blue)
Box 2: Wasco-Wishram ethnobotany data (red)
Box 3, 4: France – ethnobotany (small boxes)
Box 5: D French & R Ornduff plant collection data
Box 6: Silly & misc
Bibliography: Medical Anthropology (4 shoeboxes)

Accession No. 5496-002: David H. and Kathrine S. French papers, 1916, 1942-1946, 1980s-1990s (bulk 1942-1946)Return to Top

21.44 cubic feet (22 boxes)
Arrangement: Arranged as received.

Scope and Content: Materials include reports, subject files, files relating to units or blocks, census data, correspondence, publications, and research card files collected by and/or created by David and Kathrine French during their work at the Colorado River Relocation Center in Poston, Arizona. A small amount of material relates to other research topics: 2 card files on "Athabaskan Mythology," and an audio recording.

Restrictions on Access: Open to all users.

Some material stored offsite; advance notice required for use.

Acquisition Info: Source: Kathrine Story French Trust, Spring 2008



1/1 Agriculture
1/2 Aliens and internment
1/3 Appointed staff
1/4 Appointed staff minutes
1/5 Camouflage trust fund
1/6 Armed 600
1/7 Trust fund dividend, March, April
1/8 Camouflage
1/9 Clothing allowance
1/10 Communications
1/11 Community activities
1/12 Community management
1/13 Cooperative enterprises
1/14 Construction furnishings
1/15 Block 14 population data #2
1/16 Block 14 population data #2
1/17 Block 14 population data #1
1/18 Block 14 records #3
1/19 Block 14 log
1/20 Block 16 log
1/21 Block 16 records
1/22 Daily, yearly routings; personality
1/23 Deaths and funerals
1/24 Detention-inclusion clearance
1/25 Block 3 log (destroy)
1/26 Block 5 records
1/27 Block 6 records
1/28 Block 6 daily log
1/29 Block 13 misc. to be noted
1/30 Block 13 records
1/31 Block 3 records

2/1 Block summaries
2/2 District reports 3, 13, 14
2/3 Block 2 records
2/4 Block 3 population data #2
2/5 Block 3 population data
2/6 Economics (see also food, employment, co-operative enterprises)
2/7 Education
2/8 Adult education – vocational training
2/9 Finance committee, etc.
2/10 Finances – liquidation
2/11 Block 14 records #1
2/12 Block 14 records #2
2/13 Block 14 records #2
2/14 Fire
2/15 Food
2/16 Garbage and trash
2/17 General – Unit II
2/18 General – Unit II
2/19 Poston – health
2/20 Health
2/21 Health – politics
2/22 Holidays/Special events
2/23 Housing (see also housing cases)
2/24 Information publications
2/25 Intake – early days
2/26 Japan
2/27 Japanese language data
2/28 Language
2/29 Legal division
2/30 Loyalty
2/31 Maintenance – electricity, water
2/32 Mess hall closing
2/33 Movies
2/34 Poston Poetry Club
2/35 Poston Poetry Club- Unit I
2/36 Poston Poetry Club

3/1 Manpower Commission - Labor
3/2 Labor and manpower
3/3 Planning Board
3/4 Labor Relations Board
3/5 Outgoing mail – Brb
3/6 Labor Relations Board – cases 1-20
3/7 Labor Relations Board – cases 61-
3/8 Incoming mail – Manpower Commission
3/9 Directory Poston, Arizona Unit No. 1 A-N
3/10 Directory Poston, Arizona Unit No. 1 N-Z
3/11 Colo. Quarterly Census as of midnight March 31, 1944 A-M
3/12 Colo. Quarterly Census as of midnight March 31, 1944 M-T
3/13 Colo. Quarterly Census as of midnight March 31, 1944 T-Z
3/14 Relocated evacuees correspondence
3/15 Correspondence – Block manager supervisor
3/16 Housing cases
3/17 General correspondence
3/18 Block manager’s II meeting minutes
3/19 Block managers, III
3/20 Block managers, Unit II
3/21 Block manager’s meeting minutes, Unit I
3/22 Block manager election results, resignations
3/23 Block manager examination, letters of recommendation
3/24 Block manager’s meetings, Unit I
3/25 Block government
3/26 Block managers, incidents, etc.
3/27 Block janitors and sanitation
3/28 Block gardeners

4/1 Employment
4/2 Legal
4/3 Organization
4/4 Employment evacuee
4/5 Used or not needed
4/6 Block managers, Unit I, unsorted
4/7 Block manager’s minutes, Unit 3
4/8 Block managers Unit III
4/9 Employment
4/10 Block fund records
4/11 [loose materials]
4/12 Unit III block manager’s meetings
4/13 Block managers minutes Unit III
4/14 Block manager’s minutes Unit III
4/15 Block manager Unit II minutes
4/16 [loose material]
4/17 Block manager’s minutes Unit 3
4/18 Block managers Unit I
4/19 Block managers Unit I
4/20 Unit III block manager’s meetings
4/21 Block manager’s meeting minutes Unit II
4/22 Unit II council minutes
4/23 Legal
4/24 Directory Unit II, Poston Arizona
4/25 Directory Unit III
4/26 Block carpenters and construction

5/1 Block 37 files
5/2 Block 37 log
5/3 Block 26 log
5/4 Block 27 records
5/5 [loose material]
5/6 Block 28 log
5/7 Block 28 records
5/8 Block 31 records
5/9 Block 18 records
5/10 Block 19 records
5/11 Block 21
5/12 Block 21 log
5/13 Block 21 records
5/14 Block 36 records
5/15 Block 17 log
5/16 Block 17 log
5/17 Block 17 log
5/18 Block 17 records
5/19 Block managers system, unsorted
5/20 Unsorted
5/21 Block 19 log
5/22 Block 19 log

6/1 Block 19 log
6/2 Exclusion
6/3 WRM – post-exclusion
6/4 Relocation – Bur., social research
6/5 Center closure
6/6 Relocation
6/7 To be filed
6/8 To be returned to Big Bridges Collection
6/9 Miscellaneous Buddhist publications
6/10 Miscellaneous Buddhist publications
6/11 Poston – relocation
6/12 Relocation – evacuee participation
6/13 Relocation
6/14 Relocation – West Coast #2
6/15 Relocation – policies and procedures
6/16 Returns to evacuated area
6/17 Relocation – General unsorted
6/18 Relocation – East
6/19 Poston – post-exclusion
6/20 Relocation – WSST
6/21 Final report – Relocation Division, Colorado River Relocation Center
6/22 Block 31 log
6/23 Block 35 records

7/1 Block 13 log
7/2 Block 13 log
7/3 Block managers
7/4 Block managers
7/5 Community government – overall
7/6 Miscellaneous meetings
7/7 Community government – overall
7/8 Community government – histories of
7/9 Community Council
7/10 Community government
7/11 Community government – organization
7/12 Legislation
7/13 Community Council minutes
7/14 Unit administration
7/15 Community government – Unit I
7/16 Community government – Unit III
7/17 Community government – Unit III
7/18 Unit III Council minutes
7/19 Elections, etc. Unit I
7/20 Elections, etc. Unit II
7/21 Elections, etc. Unit III
7/22 Executive board, Unit I
7/23 Community Council Unit I
7/24 Unit I – community government history KF&DF
7/25 Unit I – Local Council
7/26 Organization Commission
7/27 Community Council Advisory Board
7/28 Community Council Public Health Committee
7/29 Community government – Unit I
7/30 Community government – Unit II

8/1 Community government – Unit II
8/2 Community government – Unit II
8/3 Local Council minutes
8/4 Evacuation
8/5 Selective Service – 2
8/6 Selective Service – 1
8/7 Statistics
8/8 Strike
8/9 Sugar
8/10 Religion
8/11 Renunciation of citizenship
8/12 Rest Home
8/13 Restrictions
8/14 Segregation
8/15 Poston – segregation
8/16 SOAF
8/17 Segregation- statistics
8/18 Spanish-Swiss Consuls and Embassies
8/19 Registration – loyalty
8/20 Registration lists
8/21 Volunteer work
8/22 Welfare orientation course
8/23 “The Material and Social Life of the Eskimo”
8/24 Untitled paper (The Material/Cultural Life of Eskimo)
8/25 El Chaparral – Poston High School Year Book
8/26 Expatriation – Repatriation (+Internment)
8/27 Family
8/28 Fauna
8/29 Finances – Evacuee
8/30 Unit III Council minutes

9/1 Unit III Council minutes
9/2 Unit III Council minutes
9/3 Executive Board- Unit II
9/4 Elections
9/5 Manpower- Labor Unit III
9/6 Cases 5 & 11 Labor Relations Board
9/7 Labor Relations Board cases
9/8 Incoming memos
9/9 Labor Relations Board cases
9/10 Labor Relation Board cases 41-60
9/11 Unit I Block manager’s meeting
9/12 Block Manager’s minutes Unit I
9/13 Unit Administration, Block Managers system
9/14 [Japanese title]
9/15 Labor Relations Board cases 21-40
9/16 Block Manager’s minutes- Unit I
9/17 Unit I- Block Manager meetings
9/18 Manpower-Labor Unit II
9/19 Manpower Commission
9/20 Manpower Conference
9/21 Manpower Commission Conference
9/22 Manpower Commission minutes
9/23 Block 209 log
9/24 Block 211 records
9/25 Block 211 log
9/26 Block 211 log
9/27 Block 214 log and records
9/28 Block 215 log
9/29 Block 207 log and records
9/30 Block 208 records and log
9/31 Block 209 log

Box 10: POSTON
Poston Chronicle, January 1943-May 1945

Box 11: POSTON
Poston Chronicle, June 1945-October 1945
Press Bulletin, May 1942-December 1942
Supplement to Minutes, Japanese American Citizen League, Special Emergency Conference

Box 12: POSTON
12/1 Block 220 records
12/2 Block 221 records and log
12/3 Block 211 log (1-2)
12/4 Block 211 log (2-2)
12/5 Block 215 records
12/6 Block 215 log
12/7 Block 215 log
12/8 Block 219 records
12/9 Block 220 log
12/10 Block 221 log
12/11 Daily News Digest
12/12 Daily News Digest
12/13 WRA- relocation, East Coast (1-2)
12/14 WRA- relocation, East Coast (2-2)
12/15 WRA- relocation, West Coast
12/16 “The Characteristics of the Population”
12/17 Daily News Digest
12/18 Gila River Data
12/19 Tule Lake
12/20 Heart Mountain- Manazar Minidoka
12/21 The World Outside
12/22 Daily News Digest
12/23 Poston Relocation
12/24 WRA- relocation
12/25 [Loose material]
12/26 WRA Weekly Press Review
12/27 WRA Weekly Press Review

Box 13: POSTON
13/1 WRA Weekly Press Review
13/2 WRA Weekly Press Review
13/3 WRA Weekly Press Review
13/4 Various Publications
13/5 Various Publications
13/6 Various Publications
13/7 WRA Information Digest
13/8 WRA Information Digest
13/9 Clippings, Favorable Clippings
13/10 WRA Information Digest
13/11 WRA Daily Press Review
13/12 Leave Clearance Hearings- Unit III
13/13 DSS-304-A, Unit III (5.5 Regis)
13/14 Social Control- general
13/15 Internal Security
13/16 Internal Security case reports
13/17 Social control- cases Unit I
13/18 Social control cases Unit II
13/19 Block 43 records (1-2)
13/20 Block 43 records (2-2)
13/21 Block 44 records

Box 14: POSTON
14/1 Block 38 log
14/2 Block 38 records
14/3 Block 39 records
14/4 Block 42 records
14/5 Leave Clearance Hearings- Unit III
14/6 Block 37 log (1-2)
14/7 Block 37 log (2-2)
14/8 Block 45 log
14/9 Block 45 records
14/10 Block 45 records
14/11 Block 45 log
14/12 Social control cases- Unit III (1-2)
14/13 Social control cases- Unit III (2-2)
14/14 Social control
14/15 Mixed marriage- general
14/16 Marriage and family- general
14/17 [Loose material]
14/18 Block 46 records
14/19 Block 46 diary or log
14/20 Block 53 log
14/21 Block 54
14/22 Block 54 log
14/23 Block 59
14/24 Block 59 log

Box 15: POSTON
15/1 Block 54 data
15/2 Block 59 records
15/3 Block 59 data
15/4 Block 59 records
15/5 Block 211 log
15/6 Block 209 records
15/7 Block 60 records (1-2)
15/8 Block 60 records (2-2)
15/9 Block 209 log (1-2)
15/10 Block 209 log (2-2)
15/11 Unlabeled
15/12 Used data
15/13 Confidential
15/14 Correspondence- Evacuees
15/15 Evacuee Correspondence
15/16 Community Analysis- miscellaneous
15/17 Community Analysis reports
15/18 Community Analysis conference
15/19 Bureau of Sociological Research- reports
15/20 Community Analysis- weekly summaries
15/21 Unlabeled
15/22 Project Analysis Series (1-2)
15/23 Project Analysis Series (2-2)
15/24 Poston Community Analysis reports (1-3)
15/25 Poston Community Analysis reports (2-3)
15/26 Poston Community Analysis reports (3-3)

Box 16: POSTON
16/1 Orders
16/2 Organization Charts
16/3 Other Centers 2
16/4 Pay
16/5 People
16/6 Community Analysis final report
16/7 Notes
16/8 Community Analysis notes, letters, block study
16/9 Community Analysis “Poston Reactions to the Announcement of the Closure Dates for all Centers”
16/10 Community Analysis “Source Book for Poston Opinions on Relocation, December 1943 to July 1944”
16/11 Community Analysis “The Japanese from the Coachelia Valley”
16/12 Petitions
16/13 Photos
16/14 Physical Environment
16/15 Policy- WRA vs. Indian Service
16/16 Pre-evacuation
16/17 Pre-evacuation address
16/18 Pre-evacuation residence
16/19 Public Assistance
16/20 Race Relations
16/21 Rationing
16/22 Reading
16/23 Recreation Community Activities (1-2)
16/24 Recreation Community Activities (2-2)
16/25 Recreation- Japanese
16/26 Red Cross
16/27 Registration
16/28 [Loose Material]
16/29 Poston Poetry Club
16/30 Poston Poetry Club
16/31 Poston Poetry Club
16/32 Poston Poetry Club
16/33 Block 227 Log (1-2)

Box 17: POSTON
17/1 Block 227 log (2-2)
17/2 Block 227 log (1-2)
17/3 Block 227 log (2-2)
17/4 Block 226 records
17/5 Block 222 log (1-2)
17/6 Block 222 log (2-2)
17/7 Block 222 records and log
17/8 Unit II reports
17/9 Unit III reports
17/10 Reports- Unit I Administration monthly & weekly
17/11 Community Gout- monthly reports
17/12 Project Director’s reports
17/13 Poston final reports (non-Community Analysis)
17/14 Final report- Education section, Colorado River Relocation Center
17/15 General + reports (1-2)
17/16 General + reports (2-2)
17/17 Worksheets & reference material, correspondence, clippings
17/18 Relocation- weekly telegraphic reports
17/19 Reports- Daily Evacuee Population Summary- by individual
17/20 Partial copies- pp missing
17/21 Chronological tables for report
17/22 “The Characteristics of the Project Population”
17/23 “The Facts about the War Relocation Authority”
17/24 “The Truth about Relocation”
17/25 “Supplementary Statement by Mr. D.S. Meyer Before the Sub-Committee of the Military Affairs Committee of the US Senate”
17/26 “Racism and Reason” D.S. Meyer
17/27 “The Relocation Program” D.S. Meyer
17/28 “One Thousandth of the Nation” D.S. Meyer
17/29 “Relocation Problems and Policies” D.S. Meyer
17/30 “Japanese Americans in Relocation Centers”
17/31 Department of the Interior, WRA, Semi-Annual report
17/32 “Relocation Communities for Wartime Evacuees” WRA
17/33 Semi-annual report, WRA
17/34 Quarterly Report, WRA
17/35 Second Quarterly Report, WRA
17/36 First Quarterly Report, WRA
17/37 [Poston Poetry Club]

Box 18: POSTON
18/1 WRA- Hostel information
18/2 Poston Poetry Club
18/3 Poston Poetry Club
18/4 Poston Poetry Club
18/5 Poston Poetry Club
18/6 Poston Poetry Club
18/7 Relocation
18/8 Relocation
18/9 WRA- Relocation policies and procedures
18/10 Segregation
18/11 WRA- Segregation
18/12 Health
18/13 Duplicates (for C.C.?) (1-2)
18/14 Duplicates (for C.C?) (2-2)
18/15 Community Analysis reports
18/16 For Claremont? K read, D not (1-2)
18/17 For Claremont? K read, D not (2-2)
18/18 Block 307 log
18/19 Block 307 records
18/20 Block 305 records
18/21 Block 307 log (1-2)
18/22 Block 307 log (2-2)
18/23 Relocation
18/24 WRA centers- miscellaneous

Box 19: POSTON
19/1 Block 303 log (1-2)
19/2 Block 303 log (2-2)
19/3 Block records- 305, 308, 328
19/4 Block 305 log
19/5 Block 308 records
19/6 Block 309 log
19/7 Block 309 records
19/8 Block 316 records
19/9 Block 317 log
19/10 Block 318 records (1-2)
19/11 Block 318 records (2-2)
19/12 Block 322 records
19/13 Daily log of Block 322
19/14 Block 323 Manager’s daily log (1-2)
19/15 Block 323 Manager’s daily log (2-2)
19/16 Block 328 daily log
19/17 Block 325 records
19/18 Block 326 log
19/19 Block 326 records
19/20 Block 328 records
19/21 Block 327 log & data (R)
19/22 Block 328 log
19/23 Block 329 log

Box 20: POSTON
20/1 Block 329 log
20/2 Block 329 records
20/3 Block 330 records
20/4 Block 330 log
20/5 Miscellaneous
Index Card Files:
Poston General
Poston History-Political
Poston Social
Poston Block file

Index Card Files:
Athabaskan Mythology (2)
Audio recording.

Box 22: POSTON (oversize)
Maps and Graphs

Accession No. 5496-003: David H. and Kathrine S. French papers, circa 1943-1956Return to Top

2.17 cubic feet (9 boxes)

Scope and Content: Bibliography and notes card files on Russia/USSR, Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Eurasia, as well as lantern slides.

Restrictions on Access: Open to all users.

Restrictions on Use: Some restrictions exist on copying, quotation, or publication. Contact Special Collections for details.

Acquisition Info: Transferred from Special Collections at Reed College Library, 2014-11-14

Names and SubjectsReturn to Top

  • Subject Terms :
  • Anthropology--Washington (State)
  • Ethnology--Washington (State)
  • Indians of North America--Washington (State)
  • Lomatium--Sources
  • Shahaptian Indians
  • Shahaptian Indians--Ethnobotany
  • Shahaptian Indians--Languages
  • Shahaptian Indians--Rites and ceremonies
  • Shahaptian Indians--Social life and customs
  • Tlakluit Indians
  • Tlakluit Indians--Languages
  • Tlakluit Indians--Rites and ceremonies
  • Tlakluit Indians--Social life and customs
  • Umbelliferae--Sources
  • Wasco Indians
  • Wasco Indians--Ethnobotany
  • Wasco Indians--Languages
  • Wasco Indians--Rites and ceremonies
  • Wasco Indians--Social life and customs
  • Personal Names :
  • French, David H. (David Heath), 1918---Archives
  • French, Kathrine S. (Kathrine Story), 1922-2006--Archives
  • Corporate Names :
  • Archaeological Investigations Northwest--Archives
  • Columbia University--Students
  • Pomona College (Claremont, Calif.)--Students
  • Reed College (Portland, Or.)--Faculty
  • United States. War Relocation Authority
  • Geographical Names :
  • Warm Springs Indian Reservation (Or.)--Archives
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Business correspondence
  • Instructional and educational works
  • Latern slides
  • Personal correspondence
  • Other Creators :
    • Personal Names :
    • French, Kathrine S. (Kathrine Story), 1922-2006 (creator)

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Personal Papers/Corporate Records (University of Washington)