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King, David S., 1917-
David S. King papers
1959-1966 (inclusive)
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MS 0033
The David S. King papers (1959-1966) offer documents regarding the career of this Utah Democrat, who served in the U. S. House of Representatives for Utah's Second Congressional District from 1958 to 1962 and from 1964 to 1966. In 1962, he was defeated in his election bid for the Senate by incumbent Senator Wallace F. Bennett. The collection holds constituent and other correspondence, reports, newsletters, press releases, statements and testimony, pamphlets and other publications, legislative documents, committee hearings and reports, and other documents.
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David Sjodahl King, a Utah Democrat and attorney, was a Representative from Utah's 2nd Congressional district to the United States House of Representatives. From 1959 to 1966 he served three terms in Congress, his third term coming after an unsuccessful bid for a Senate seat in 1962. As a member of the 86th, 87th, and 89th Congresses, Representative King worked in the administrations of three different United States Presidents, and was a part of the nation's governing body during times of such political and social activity in this country as the civil rights movement and the United States' intervention into Vietnam.

Congressman King was born June 20, 1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In that same year his father, William H. King, was elected as United States Senator from Utah, a seat which he held for the next twenty four years. As the son of a United States Senator, King spent his childhood in Washington, D. C. but returned to Utah to attend college at the University of Utah. He served as president of his senior class, graduated with a B. A. in Economics, and was accepted as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa scholastic honor society. Following two years of missionary work for his church, King returned to Washington to attend law school at Georgetown University. After graduating with honors in 1942, he spent one year as a law clerk for Justice Harold M. Stephens at the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Upon returning to Utah in 1943, King spent two years as a counsel to the Utah State Tax Commission; in 1945 he established a private law practice in Salt Lake City.

As a resident of Utah, Congressman King was an active participant in the local, civic and business community. He taught commercial law at Stevens Henager College for two years; he was a member of the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake Junior Chamber of Commerce; he served as vice-president and director of a finance company; with a fluent knowledge of the French language, he broadcast numerous programs in French over the Voice of America.

In 1958 King was elected to the United States House of Representatives having defeated Republican William Dawson. He served for two consecutive terms until 1962, at which time he chose not to run for re-election, but to bid for Wallace F. Bennett's Senate seat. King lost that election but was nevertheless elected to a third term in the House in 1964.

During all three of his terms, the congressman served on the Committee of Interior and Insular Affairs. Consequently much of his interest and work centered upon matters that directly affected Utah. Projects such as reclamation, desalinization of water, and national parks and monuments received much of his energy and attention. He also served on the Committee on Government Operations for his third term. His work in these areas enabled him to help secure contracts for Thiokol, Hercules, and Sperry Rand corporations, promote helium development in Utah, and play a significant role in congressional investigations into the Vietnam conflict in 1966. In addition the congressman served as a member of the Government Operation Subcommittees on Foreign Operations and Government Information, Government Activities, and Natural Resources and Power; and as a member of the Interior Subcommittees on Mines and Mining, Public Lands, and National Parks and Recreation.

In 1967 Representative King left Congress and was appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson as a United States Ambassador to Mauritius and the Malagasy Republic. He remained in this post for two and a half years at which time he returned to Washington, D. C. to practice law.

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The David S. King papers (1959-1966) are comprised of those materials that were used and collected by Congressman King during his three terms in the United States House of Representatives and during a two year interim period between terms. These materials, particularly those associated with the committees on which King served, provide the researcher with valuable information pertaining to such national issues as education and Vietnam, and more specific Utah matters as reclamation and water, national parks, mineral exploration, and industrial development.

The collection consists of written manuscript materials, photographs, tapes, records, and films. The written materials make up by far the most extensive portion of the collection, filling some 79 boxes with manuscript papers. These written materials consist of constituent and official correspondence, reports, newsletters, press releases, statements and testimony, pamphlets and publications, bills, committee hearings and reports, memorandums, graphs, charts, and maps. These types of materials appear consistently throughout the collection. Therefore, to prevent repetitiveness, in most cases specific descriptions of folder contents have been omitted. Where warranted however, brief statements summarizing folder content have been included. This applies to descriptions of specific subject matter of particular interest or importance and any materials pertaining to Utah affairs.

The collection consists of three major sections. They concern his terms in office and in-between. There is little material from King's first two terms in office or from the interim period between terms. Most of the material pertains to Congressman King's senatorial campaign against Wallace F. Bennett. Also included is correspondence and political files which have been arranged alphabetically by subject. King's third term, is by far the largest of the three sections. It represents a nearly complete compilation of his work in Congress during 1965-1966. These papers contain information on a wide variety of government and political subjects, with particular emphasis in the areas of Interior and Insular Affairs and Government Operations, the two committees on which King served. The original filing system used by the congressman's staff has been retained and the collection has been organized according to that system. A copy of this filing guide may be found in Bx 16 Fd 1. The third section has been further divided into ten segments:

Correspondence (Boxes 10-15)

This includes copies of outgoing correspondence written by King and is arranged alphabetically. Much of this correspondence appears elsewhere in the collection, its location being determined by its matter. Because of the alphabetical arrangement, the names of individuals have not been indexed.

Departments (Boxes 16-34)

The Departments are the largest segment and consist of materials associated with the various departments of government. This includes the State and Treasury Departments, Military Departments, Justice, the Post Office, Interior, Agriculture, Labor, and Health, Education and Welfare. Some subjects that have materials pertaining to Utah include defense establishments, Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, mining and education.

Independent Agencies (Boxes 35-39)

These smaller agencies include the Atomic Energy Commission, the Indian Claims Commission, and other agencies, commissions and boards.

Committees (Boxes 40-51)

The papers that emerge from committees consist of materials pertaining to legislation that is to be put before the Congress. Issues generating the most controversy and interest include common situs picketing, repeal of the Taft-Hartly Act (right to work), gun control, education bills and reclamation projects in Utah.

King (Boxes 52-64)

This section contains materials from those areas in which King was personally involved. These include bills he sponsored before the House, his work on the Committees of Government Operations and Interior and Insular Affairs, press releases, newsletters and speeches. Of particular interest are those items in government operations dealing with King's participation in the Vietnam Congressional Investigations which included a trip to South Vietnam. Materials in the Interior and Insular Affairs have a particular bearing on Utah as most of the papers deal with water and reclamation projects in Utah and the West.

Utah Affairs (Boxes 65-70)

Although materials pertaining to Utah may be found throughout the collection, this section contains items that deal specifically with Utah matters. It includes such subjects as the Governor's office, industrial development, education, water and various reclamation projects.

Office Files (Boxes 71-72)

This section contains those items associated with the logistics and technicalities of running a Congressman's office. Bills, receipts, subscriptions, orders for office equipment and instructions for office procedure comprise the bulk of this material. Also included are several folders, pertaining specifically to King's Utah office.

Political Files (Box 73)

This is an alphabetical arrangement by subject of various political matters such as the John Birch Society and the Democratic National Committee. This section also includes some materials on other politicians such as Frank E. Moss, Sherman P. Lloyd and Laurence Burton.

Courts and National Affairs (Boxes 74-77)

This section contains materials associated with the United States Supreme Court and circuit courts and subjects of national interest--labor, food and drugs, fuels, the elderly and urban renewal among others.

Reference Files (Boxes 78-79)

The reference files contain materials on subjects that for the most part have already appeared in the collection, but these items provide source material not found elsewhere. Draft bills, notes, recommendations, department policies, notes of meetings and conferences, publications and briefings are examples of these materials.

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I:  First and Second Terms 86th and 87th Congresses, 1959-1962Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
A: Biographies, Correspondence, and Political Files
Box Folder
1 1
1 2-3
Correspondence pertaining primarily to Congressman King's senatorial campaign; post election condolences from friends and associates; constituent correspondence.
1 4
Bennett, Wallace F.
Correspondence and voting record from 1951 to 1961.
1 5
Benson, Ezra Taft
Materials concerning an anticommunism speech by Benson and Congressman King's response.
1 6-9
Democratic National Committee
Includes the party platform and statements on various issues.
1 10
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Missile programs and installations in Utah.
B: Political Files
Box Folder
2 1
Presidential Message
2 2
School Land Grants
2 3-8
Senatorial Campaign
Reports on campaign strategies, newsletters, press releases, campaign literature, memorabilia, and "A Survey of Political Climate in Utah" by Louis Harris.
2 9-10
Speeches and Statements
Food and Drug Administration, education, small business, national debt, and labor-management relations.
2 11
Weston, Joseph H.
Correspondence, press releases, and " The Man in the Middle" by Joseph Weston.
2 12
Yong Democrats Club
Address by Congressman King.
2 13
Statements, mailing lists, newsclippings.

II:  Between Congressional Terms, 1963-1964Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
A: Correspondence
Box Folder
3 1-18
Personal letters to associates concerning Utah polities and Congressman King's future plans; correspondence pertaining to the 1964 congressional campaign-King's activities, thank you notes for campaign contributions, letters dealing with the technicalities of taking office; constituent correspondence.
3 19
Moss, Frank E.
3 20
Speaking Engagements
B: Political Files
Box Folder
4 1
4 2
Benson, Ezra Taft and Harding, Ralph
Speeches and letters pertaining to Congressman Harding's speech in the House of Representatives criticizing Benson's involvement with the John Birch Society. Included is correspondence from prominent Utah church and civic leaders.
4 3
Central Utah Project
4 4
Civil Rights
4 5
Civil Service
4 6-8
Colorado River Storage Project
4 9
Legislative action of the Eighty-eighth Congress.
4 10-11
Congress-Morality and Reform
Materials concerning attempts to reorganize and implement morality in government.
5 1
Congressional Campaign-Finances and Expenditures
5 2
Congressional Campaign-Literature
5 3
Congressional Campaign-Speeches
Speeches, statements and position papers on a number of political issues.
5 4-14
Congressional Campaign-Congratulatory Messages
6 1
"The Democrat"
Democratic Party newspaper.
6 2-3
Democratic National Committee
Suggested statements for candidates on various political issues.
6 4-6
Democratic Study Group
Variety of campaign aids for candidates.
6 7
Economic Conversion
Materials pertaining to the economic conversion of defense establishments to civilian work.
6 8-9
Economy--Business and Labor
Unemployment, inflation, the national debt, and labor groups.
6 10-11
Economy--Business and Labor-Utah
Materials dealing with the economic growth of Utah an the potential of industrial development including the establishment of a freeport and helium development.
6 12
Statements and reports concerning the quality of education in Utah and federal aid programs for education and schools.
6 13
Health care and rights of the elderly under Social Security.
6 14
Analysis of voting trends in Utah during the 1960 election.
6 15-16
Federal Bureau of Investigation
7 1
Federal Grants and Expenditures-General
7 2
Federal Grants and Expenditures-Utah
Itemized lists of federal expenditures for various projects and programs in Utah.
7 3
Flood Control and Irrigation-Utah
7 4
Foreign Affairs
7 5
Goldwater, Barry
Goldwater's position on various issues, voting record, articles on his political future.
7 6-9
Nutrition, cancer, pesticides and chemicals in foods, state of the national health.
7 10-16
Helium Development
Materials pertaining to the development of helium in Utah's Paradox Basin.
8 1
Hoover, J. Edgar
8 2
8 3
Saline water conversion; wilderness bills.
8 4
8 5
Moss, Frank E.
Position papers.
8 6-9
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
8 10
National Parks and Monuments-Utah
8 11
Outdoor Recreation
Newsletter of the Utah Department of Fish and Game and a report on the recreational potential of Salt Lake and Davis counties.
8 12-13
Correspondence, certificates, programs and tax reports.
8 14
Prayer Breakfasts
8 15
Presidential Message
Remarks of President Kennedy in Salt Lake City.
8 16-20
Press Releases
Federal aid to education, Utah's economy, Cuba and defense.
9 1
9 2
Materials relating to such projects as the Dixie Project, Glen Canyon Dam, the Provo River Project, the Scofield Project, the Sanpete Project, the Strawberry Reservoir and the Strawberry Valley Project.
9 3-8
Right Wing
Items pertaining to the radical right and ultra-conservatism in America. Contains correspondence reports, a thesis on the " Celebrity Structure of the American Right," and materials from the Group Research Organization including: an index of members, a report on the Life Line Foundation, and a listing of right-wing organizations and their prominent members.
9 9
9 10
United Nations
9 11
Veterans benefits in Utah.
9 12-13
Voting Districts
Lists of voting district representatives in Salt Lake City.
9 14
Youth Programs
9 15
Miscellaneous Materials
Includes state nominees for the Women's State Legislative Council of Utah.
9 16-17
Utah items include the economy, land use planning, water reclamation and tourism.

III:  Third Term 89th Congress, 1965-1966Return to Top

This section follows the filing guide set up by Congressman King's staff. The order has not been changed, nor have any of the divisions been rearranged. The reasoning behind this arrangement is not always clear, and King's relationship to many of these departments or bureaus is tenuous at best. The section on the "White House" is particularly confusing as there apparently is no direct correlation between the White House and the offices and bureaus listed in this section. At times a presidential directive, for example, may provide the only relationship between an office and the White House.

Container(s) Description Dates
Correspondence, A-B
Correspondence, C-F
Correspondence, G-J
Correspondence, K-M
Correspondence, N-R
Correspondence, S-Z
A: Departments--White House
Box Folder
16 1
Congressman King's Filing Guide
16 2
Bureau of the Budget
16 3
White House Fellowships--application forms.
16 4
National Aeronautic and Space Council
16 5
National Security Council
Reports pertaining to Southeast Asia and defense.
16 6-21
Office of Economic Opportunity
Materials dealing with such programs as Head Start, Job Corps, Vista and other community action programs.
B: Departments--White House--State Department
Box Folder
17 1
Office of Emergency Planning
17 2
Office of Science and Technology
Pamphlet on water resources.
17 3-10
Office of the President
Includes reports of Committee on Consumer Interests.
17 11-12
Office of the Vice-President
17 13-16
Agency for International Development
18 1-3
18 4
Mission to the United Nations
18 5
18 6-7
Peace Corps
18 8
Red China
Publications from the Committee of One Million and other anti-communist organizations.
18 9-14
Secretary of State
18 15-19
C: Departments--State Department, Treasury Department
Box Folder
19 1-13
19 14-16
Bureau of Customs
19 17-18
Coast Guard Academy
19 19
Comptroller of the Currency
D: Departments--Treasury Department, Defense Department
Box Folder
20 1-4
Internal Revenue Service
20 5
Savings Bonds Division
20 6-7
Secretary of the Treasury
20 8
Defense Supply Agency
20 9-16
Secretary of Defense
Includes material dealing with military construction and defense programs in Utah.
20 17-22
Proposed Army Reserve-National Guard merger.
E: Departments--Department of the Army
Box Folder
21 1-3
Corp of Engineers
Correspondence and reports pertaining to flood control and water resources in Utah as well as a report on the Little Dell Project.
21 4
21 5-8
21 9
Dugway Proving Grounds
21 10
Fort Douglas
Deals in part with the future use of Red Butte Canyon.
21 11-13
Fort Douglas
Reports and bill pertaining to the utilization of Fort Douglas lands and applications of the University of Utah for a portion of those lands as well as buildings and housing.
21 14
Military Academy
21 15
National Guard
21 16-21
Secretary of the Army
21 22
Tooele Army Depot
21 23-24
F: Departments--Department of the Navy, Air Force
Box Folder
22 1
Disability Review Board
22 2-3
Discharge Review Board
22 4-5
Marine Corps
22 6-7
Naval Academy
22 8-12
Secretary of the Navy
22 13-14
22 15-16
Air Force Academy
22 17
22 18-19
Hill Air Force Base
22 20-23
Secretary of the Air Force
22 24
G: Departments--Justice Department
Box Folder
23 1
Anti-Trust Division
23 2
Attorney General
23 3
Bureau of Prisons
23 4
Civil Division
23 5-7
Civil Rights
Pertains primarily to the contested election in Mississippi in 1965.
23 8-9
Federal Bureau of Investigation
23 10-15
Immigration and Naturalization
H: Departments--Post Office
Box Folder
24 1-10
Postmaster General
24 11-16
Utah Postmasters
Correspondence pertaining to the establishment of new post offices, the appointments of postmasters general and other Utah matters.
I: Departments--Interior
Box Folder
25 1-3
Bonneville Power Administration
Materials pertaining to the Bonneville Power Administration's request for funds for the proposed construction of a power transmission line through southern Idaho.
25 4-7
Bureau of Indian Affairs
25 8-9
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Includes resolutions from the Navajo Tribal Council concerning the investigation and reorganization of government agencies that deal with the Navajo Tribe.
25 10-17
Bureau of Land Management
25 18-19
Bureau of Land Management
Materials concerning the Newbold Homesteading case in Southern Utah.
25 20
Bureau of Land Management
Fish Lake National Forest and dispute by residents over grazing rights.
26 1-3
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management activities in Utah.
26 4-6
Bureau of Mines
26 7
Bureau of Mines
Coal development.
26 8-9
Bureau of Mines
Helium development, lead-zinc industry and other mineral production.
26 10
Bureau of Mines
Reports of the Utah mineral industry, open-pit mining, and directory for the Utah Mining Association.
26 11-13
Outdoor Recreation
Materials dealing with such topics as a nationwide system of scenic trails, fee areas for recreational use, and access routes from Lake Powell to Bull Frog Basin.
27 1-8
Bureau of Reclamation
General reclamation in Utah and the West.
27 9-10
Bureau of Reclamation
Colorado River Storage Project and other Utah projects.
27 11
27 12-16
Central Utah Project
28 1
Dixie Project
28 2
Fish and Wildlife Services
Progress reports on fish and wildlife programs and the Colorado River Storage Project.
28 3
28 4-6
Geological Survey
28 7
Golden Circle
Scenic Roads and Parkways study.
28 8
Kane Power Department
28 9-17
National Parks
28 18
Office of Coal Research
28 19-23
Secretary of the Interior
29 1-6
Secretary of the Interior
Oil Shale, geothermal steam, water and other natural resources.
J: Departments--Agriculture and Commerce
Box Folder
30 1-2
30 3
30 4
Farmers Home Administration
30 5
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation Report of program in Utah
30 6-13
Forest Service
Materials pertaining to the Forest Service, forestry and the timber industry, and problems associated with specific Utah National Forests.
30 14
30 15-17
Rural Electrical Administration
30 18-22
Secretary of Agriculture
31 1-3
Secretary of Agriculture
Deals with such subjects as agricultural conservation, farm prices, school lunch programs, the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, and estimated budgets for Utah 1965-1966.
31 1
Secretary of Agriculture
Bound volume of research materials on the Department of Agriculture including facts and figures, explanations pf programs and price controls, and information on specific crops.
31 4-10
Soil Conservation Service
Reports on soil conservation programs in Utah including water resources and community conservation.
31 11
31 12
31 13-15
Area Redevelopment Administration
K: Departments--Commerce, Labor
Box Folder
32 1
Bureau of Public Roads
32 2
Bureau of the Census
32 3
32 4-9
Economic Development Administration
32 10
Maritime Administration
32 11
National Bureau of Standards
32 12-14
Office of the Secretary
32 15
Patent Office
32 16
Urban Renewal
32 17
Weather Bureau
32 18-21
Farm Labor
Shortages of domestic farm labor.
L: Departments--Labor; Health, Education, and Welfare
Box Folder
33 1
Job Corps
Materials pertaining to the Neighborhood Youth Corps Camp Center at the Clearfield Freeport Center.
33 2
Labor Statistics
33 3-9
Office of the Secretary
Reports on employment and training programs including a report on progress in 1965 on the Status of Women Departments--Health, Education and Welfare.
33 10-13
Food and Drug Administration
33 14-17
Housing and Urban Development
33 18-21
Office of Education
Concerns Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and its effect on Utah.
M: Departments--Health, Education and Welfare
Box Folder
34 1-12
Office of Education
Reports and publications pertaining to various education acts and the implications of some of them for Utah. Also includes reports and applications for research and teaching grants from: Utah State Board for Vocational Education; Iron County School District; Nebo School District and the College of Southern Utah.
34 13-14
Office of the Secretary
34 15-16
Public Health Service
Reports on results from testing for leukemia and thyroid cancer following nuclear testing in Utah and Nevada.
34 17-19
Social Security Administration
34 20
Welfare Administration
N: Independent Agencies
Box Folder
35 1
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
35 2-3
Atomic Energy Commission
Includes material on Utah Valley as a proposed site for a nuclear acceleration station.
35 4-9
Civil Aeronutics Board
Includes Aircraft Accident Report of crash at Salt Lake Airport in 1965.
35 10-18
Civil Service
36 1-2
Commission of Civil Rights
36 3
Equal Opportunity Commission
36 4-8
Federal Aviation Agency
36 9-14
Federal Communications Commission
36 15
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
36 16-18
Federal Housing Administration
Report on multi-family housing in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.
37 1-4
Federal Power Commission
Rate proceedings for natural gas companies; planning reports for hydroelectric plants in the Lower Colorado River Basin.
37 5
Federal Reserve System
37 6
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
37 7
General Accounting Office
Reports issued to the GAO by Congressman King.
37 8-13
General Services Administration
37 14
Government Printing Office
37 15-19
Housing and Home Finance Agency
37 20
Indian Claims Commission
Resolution from the National Indian Youth Council calling for the resignation of Arthur V. Watkins, head of the Indian Claims Commission.
38 1-4
Interstate Commerce Commission
38 5
National Aeronauties and Space Administration
38 6-7
National Labor Relations Board
38 8
National Mediation Board
38 9
National Science Foundation
38 10
Railroad Retirement Board
38 11
Securities and Exchange Commission
38 12-14
Selective Service System
38 15-22
Small Business Administration
Includes listings of firms receiving business loans and loan listings for 1965.
39 1-2
United States Information Agency
39 3-17
Veterans Administration
Reports and pamphlets dealing with laws and benefits for veterans.
O: Committees
Box Folder
40 1-11
Aid to rural communities and families; livestock and meat packing industry; Food for Freedom; soil banks, conservation and price supports.
40 12-15
Agriculture-Farm Bills
40 16
40 17-20
Includes report on bureau of Land Management appropriations for Utah.
41 1-3
Armed Services
41 4-14
Banking and Currency
41 15-19
District of Columbia
Materials pertaining to home rule legislation for Washington, D. C.
42 1-13
Education and Labor-General
42 14-16
Education and Labor-Mine Safety Legislation
43 1-6
Education and Labor-Common Situs Picketing
43 7-12
Education and Labor-Unemployment Compensation
43 13-19
Education and Labor-Minimum Wage
Includes index to Congressional Record pertaining to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
44 1-8
Education and Labor-Education Act of 1965
44 9-15
Education and Labor-Right to Work
Correspondence pertaining to revisions in the Taft-Hartley Act. Included is personal correspondence between Congressman King and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (fds 9-11).
45 1-5
Education and Labor-Right to Work
Reports and propaganda from both advocates and opponents of right to work.
45 6-12
Foreign Affairs
Some materials pertaining to Vietnam.
45 13-15
Government Operations
Deals primarily with control of water pollution.
46 1-7
Government Operations (continued)
46 8
House Administration
Challenge to the seating of the Mississippi delegation.
46 9-13
Correspondence pertaining primarily to the possible building of Marble and Bridge Canyon Dams in the Grand Canyon as part of the Lower Colorado River Storage Project.
46 14
Interior-Mineral Leasing and Development of Geothermal Steam
46 15
Interior-Water Recreation Development
46 16
Interior-Water Resources Planning
46 17
Interior-Water Salinity Research
46 18
Interior-Small Reclamations Projects
47 1
Interior -- Utah
Hearings on the Lower Colorado River Storage Project.
47 1
Interior -- Utah
Correspondence concerning the Larabee Dam and Reservoir of the Weber Basin Project.
47 2
Interior -- Utah
Materials pertaining to such Utah matters as: the Uinta National Forest; the Great Salt Lake National Monument Bill; the Golden Spike National Monument and the Lower Colorado River Storage Project.
47 3-6
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- General
47 7
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- Federal
Cigarette and Advertising Act.
47 8
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- Antivivisectionism
47 9
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- Railway Labor Act
47 10-12
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- Health Professions
Educational Assistance and Nurses Training.
47 13-15
Interstate and Foreign Commerce -- Community Antenna
Television (CATU).
47 16
Joint Committee on the Reorganization of Congress
48 1-4
Narcotics, crime, civil rights, jury selection.
48 5-6
Judiciary-Copyright Laws
48 7-9
Judiciary-Gun Control
Dodd Firearms Control Bill.
48 10-13
Judiciary-Civil Rights
Civil Rights Act of 1966 prohibiting discrimination in housing.
48 14-16
Judiciary-Voting Rights Act
49 1-2
Merchant Marines and Fisheries
Predator Control and hearings on Vietnam shipping policy.
49 3-6
Post Office and Civil Service-General
49 7
Post Office and Civil Service-Salary Comparability
49 8
Post Office and Civil Service-Obscene Mail
49 9-11
Post Office and Civil Service-Retirement Annuities
49 12-14
Post Office and Civil Service-Parcel Post
49 15
Public Works-Economic Development Act
49 16-17
Public Works-Highway Beautification
49 18-19
Public Works-Water Pollution Control
Includes listing of approved projects throughout the country.
50 1
50 2-6
Un-American Activities
Material concerned with action designed to abolish the committee on Un-American activities.
50 7-9
Veterans Affairs
Report on conditions at the Salt Lake City Veterans Administration Hospital.
50 10-12
Ways and Means -- General
50 13-15
Ways and Means -- Medicare
51 1-11
Ways and Means -- Medicare
Medicare, eldercare and other aspects of the Social Security System.
51 12
Ways and Means -- Excise Tax
P: King
Bills-House Con. Res. to H. R. 1971 and Bills-H. R. 1791 to H. R. 7391.
Box Folder
52 1
Whips' Notices
52 2-4
H. Con. Res. 23-Joint Committee on the Reorganization of Congress
52 5
H. Con. Res. 488-Diversion of Surplus Artic Water
52 6
H. Con. Res. 488-627-Congressional Standards and Ethics
52 7
H. Con. Res. 659-Parity Prices for Agricultural Commodities
52 8
H. Con. Res. 807-Vitamins and Food Supplements
52 9
H. Con. Res. 957-Export Controls on Hides and Skins
52 10-13
H. J. Res. 288-State Reapportionment
52 14-15
H. J. Res. 805-Invitation to hold 1972 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City
52 16-24
H. R. 1701-To Confirm Title to Lands Lying Below the Meander Line of the Great Salt Lake
53 1-5
H. R. 1791-To Confirm Title to Lands Lying Below the Meander Line of the Great Salt Lake
53 6
H. R. 2835-Social Security Earned Income Limitation
53 7
H. R. 2889-Relief for Mrs. Genevieve Olsen
53 8-10
H. R. 2993-Mine Safety
53 11-12
H. R. 3196-Flexibility in Lead-Zine Quotas
53 13
H. R. 3389-To Amend Title II of the Social Security Act to Assist in Compensating for the Hazardous Nature of Certain Occupations
53 14
H. R. 5139-Exemption of Welfare Organizations Under the Wheat Bill
53 15
H. R. 5140-Extention of the Wool Act
53 16
H. R. 5489-To Establish a National Economic Conversion and Diversification Commission
53 17
H. R. 5666-To Amend the Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956
53 18
H. R. 5843-To Amend the Lead Zinc Small Producers Stabalization Act of 1961
53 19
H. R. 6011-To Protect the Integrity of the Court and Jury Functions in Criminal Cases
53 20
H. R. 6012-To Amend the Administration Procedure Act
53 21
H. R. 6280-Golden Spike National Monument
53 22
H. R. 6489-Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
53 23
H. R. 6490-Development Survey of the Recreational Resources of the Golden Circle National Parks and Monuments
53 24
H. R. 6491-Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
53 25-26
H. R. 6716-Grazing Permits
53 27
H. R. 6832-To Amend Social Security Act (adoption)
53 28
H. R. 6933-To Convey Ft. Douglas Lands to the State of Utah for This is the Place Monument
53 29
H. R. 7039-Mill Creek Dam and Reservoir
53 30
H. R. 7391-To Amend the Federal Crop Insurance Act
Q: King
Bills-H. R. 7392 to H. R. 17251.
Box Folder
54 1
H. R. 7392-Fly Flag Over Remains of U.S.S. Utah
54 2
H. R. 7393-Cigarette Advertising and Labeling Act
54 3
H. R. 7799-Water Rights Act
54 4-6
H. R. 8344-To Acquire Lands Within Uinta National Forest
54 7
H. R. 9436-Relief for Mehdi Heravi
54 8
H. R. 9508-Commission to Study Laws Limiting Political Activity by Officers and Employees by Government
54 9
H. R. 11057-To Prohibit Unauthorized Disclosure of Information Acquired in Connection With Certain Security Clearance Investigations
54 10
H. R. 11121-To Limit Hours of Service of Railroad Employees
54 11
H. R. 11275-Photomicroscope to be used at Utah State Training School
54 12-13
H. R. 11446-Relief for Dr. Ralph R. Stevenson
54 14-15
H. R. 11479-Box Elder County School District
54 16
H. R. 11905-Creation of Great Salt Lake National Monument on Antelope Island
54 17
H. R. 11993-Redwood National Park
54 18
H. R. 13118-Children's Special Milk Act
54 19
H. R. 13594-Development of Areas of Outdoor Recreation
54 20
H. R. 13625-Restore Resources of the Hudson River
54 21-22
H. R. 14218-To Provide for the Lease of Certain Public Lands for Industrial Use
54 23-25
H. R. 14842-Development of Fish Protein Concentrate
54 26
H. R. 16801-To Amend the Export Control Act of 1949
54 27
H. R. 16928-Lead Zinc Act of 1966
54 28
H. R. 17251-To Set Aside Land in Utah for the Navajo Reservation
R: King-Government Operations
Committee Reports to Foreign Operations and Government Information.
Box Folder
55 1-4
Committee Reports
55 5
Economy Studies
55 6-11
Foreign Operations and Government Information -- General
55 12-14
Foreign Operations and Government Information -- Polygraph Tests
55 15-18
Foreign Operations and Government Information Vietnam -- General Includes chronology of United States involvement in Vietnam, official policy and executive hearings
56 1-3
56 4-9
Vietnam-United States Information Problems (USIP)
Series of confidential reports, memorandums, and directions of USIP's policies and practices in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Also included are reports of the activities in Vietnam of the Joint United States Public Affairs Office (JUSPAO).
56 10-16
Includes materials pertaining to Congressman King's trip to Vietnam during December 1965 and May 1966 as part of a Congressional Committee investigating United States policy in Vietnam. Itineraries, forms, notes, reports, fact sheets, memorandums, maps, examples of Vietnamese propaganda, briefing kits and memorabilia. Also included are personal notebooks and reports of Congressman King's impressions and observations.
57 1-11
Vietnam-Investigations (continued)
57 12-19
58 1-9
58 10-12
Inter-governmental Activities
58 13-18
Natural Resources and Power
Materials pertaining to water pollution control and abatement.
S: King -- Interior
Box Folder
59 1-3
Committee Reports
Geothermal steam, water salinity and water resources.
59 4-10
Includes reports on the water supplies of the Colorado River.
59 11-14
Irrigation and Reclamation
60 1
Irrigation and Reclamation
Water Resources Planning Act.
60 2-8
Irrigation and Reclamation
Colorado River Storage Project including materials of the Colorado River Basin Consumers Power, Inc. and data pertaining to proposed transmission lines.
60 9-10
Irrigation and Reclamation
Lower Colorado River Storage Project.
60 11
Irrigation and Reclamation
Kays Creek Irrigation Company.
60 12-15
Lands -- General
60 16-19
Lands -- Mineral Rich Lands
61 1-7
Lands-Great Salt Lake
Materials pertaining to the state of Utah's title to lands surrounding the Great Salt Lake.
61 8-13
61 14-17
Mines-Geothermal Steam
61 18-19
Mines-Mine Safety
Federal Metal and Nonmetallic Mine Safety Act.
61 20-21
61 22
Summaries of Bureau of Reclamation activities in Utah-proposed and completed projects.
62 1-3
Mines-Silver and Silver Coinage
62 4-8
62 9
Parks-Park Concessionaires
62 10
Parks-King's Canyon National Park
62 11-16
Parks-Assateague Island National Seashore
62 17
Parks-Ellis Island Historic Site
62 18
Parks-Fort Scott Historic Site
63 1-8
Parks-Golden Spike National Monument
Histories, notes, meetings, statements of prominent Utahns, bills, reports, maps and programs.
63 9
Parks-Guadalupe Mountains National Park
63 10
Parks-Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
63 11-12
Parks-Oregon Dunes National Seashore
63 13-15
Parks-Redwood National Park
63 16-17
Parks-Tocks Island National Recreation Area
63 18
Parks-Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area
63 19-20
Predator Control
T: King-Press Releases, Newsletters, Questionaires, Speeches
Box Folder
64 1-2
Press Releases
64 3-4
Majority of newsletters deal with Congressman King's visit to Vietnam.
64 5
Examples of those mailed to constituents.
64 6
Appalachian Bill
Speeches and Statements.
64 7
Armed Services
64 8
Box Elder School District
64 9
Central Utah Project
64 10
Cigarette Advertising
64 11
Civil Service Retirement
64 12
64 13
Food and Drugs
64 14
Great Salt Lake Shoreline
64 15
Golden Spike National Monument
64 16
Joint Committee on the Reorganization of Congress
64 17
Lands -- Public
64 18
Mine Safety
64 19
64 20
64 21
64 22
Reclamation -- Utah
64 23
Public Works
64 24
Right to Work (Taft-Hartley Act)
64 25
64 26
Small Reclamations
64 27
Silver and Silver Coinage
64 28
64 29
Uinta National Forest
64 30
Urban Renewal
64 31
64 32
64 33
Winter Olympics
64 34
U: Utah Affairs
Box Folder
65 1
65 2
Arts and Humanities
65 3
65 4-5
Brigham Young University
65 6
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Correspondence between Congressman King and leaders of the church.
65 7
Customs House
65 8-9
Davis County
65 10-12
65 13
Federal Employees
65 14-17
65 18-21
Governor's Office
Correspondence with Calvin Rampton and other state officials.
66 1-3
Governor's Office
Reports and plans on alcoholism, the Utah Little Hoover Commission, Utah Juvenile Court and senior citizens.
66 4
Helium Development
66 5
Hercules Powder Company
66 6-9
66 10-12
Industrial Development
66 13-14
Kennecott Copper Company
66 15-17
66 18
Little Dell Project
66 19-20
Litton Industries
66 21-22
67 1
Nuclear Accelerator Laboratory
67 2
67 3-4
67 5-9
Procurement Conference
Salt Lake City hosts the Utah Federal Procurement Conference to explore how private businesses and industries do business with the government.
67 10-11
Radio and Television
67 12-14
67 15
Salt Flats
67 16-17
Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
Fort Douglas.
67 18-22
Salt Lake County
Reports on community action and antipoverty programs.
68 1-7
68 8
68 9
Senior Citizens
68 10
Sperry Rand Corporation
68 12-13
68 14
Tooele County
68 15
Travel Council
68 16
68 17-20
University of Utah
69 1
Statistical Review of Government in Utah.
69 2-4
Utah County
69 5-6
Utah Education Association
69 7
Utah Foundation
69 8-9
Utah State University
69 10
69 11-16
Materials pertaining to the conservation of water in Utah and the western states.
70 1
Water (continued)
70 2
Water -- Kaiparowits
V: Office Files
Box Folder
71 1
Agricultural Yearbooks
71 2
Architect of the Capitol
71 3
Belov, Pete
Negotiations for contracts placing NASA translation work with the University of Utah.
71 4
71 5-6
Clerk of the House
71 7
Committee requests and assignments for Congressman King.
71 8
Congressional Record
71 9
Electrical Equipment
71 10-11
71 12
71 13-14
71 15
Library of Congress
Lists of bibliographies and selected references for such subjects as the sheep and wool industry in Utah and political assassinations. Also listings of available Legislative Reference Service Reports.
71 16
Mensel, Frank
71 17-20
Personal correspondence and condolences.
71 21
Prayer Breakfasts
71 22
Speakers Office
71 23
71 24
Stationery Account
71 25
72 1-2
72 3-4
Telephone and Telegraph Account
72 5
Utah Jobs -- Requests
72 6-11
Utah Office
Correspondence and memos with Utah staff and supporters concerning matters relating to the Utah office and Utah politics. Correspondence of particular interest with Jean Westwood.
72 12-14
Washington Jobs -- Requests
W: Political Affairs
Box Folder
73 1-2
John Birch Society
73 3
Burton, Laurence
73 4
Includes Individual Voting Record for House of Representatives (1965-1966).
73 5
73 6-10
Democratic National Committee
Correspondence, fact sheets on pending legislation, five month report on President Johnson.
73 11
Democratic Study Group
73 12-15
Materials on common situs picketing and right to work legislation.
73 16
73 17
Lloyd, Sherman P.
73 18
Moss, Frank E.
Listing of Moss sponsored bills for 89th Congress.
73 19
100 Club
Membership lists.
73 20
State Central Committee
73 21
Young Democrats Club
X: Courts and National Affairs
Box Folder
74 1-2
Airline companies, common situs picketing and right to work legislation.
74 3-6
74 7-8
74 9
74 10-11
Arts and Humanities
74 12-14
Finance; silver and silver coinage.
74 15
Circuit Courts
74 16
Civil Rights
74 17
74 18
74 19-25
Food and Drug Administration
75 1-3
Foreign Affairs
Materials on Vietnam.
75 4-6
Coal, oil and gas.
75 7
Gold and Silver
75 8-12
Health and Safety
75 13
National Education Association
75 14
National Federation of Independent Business
75 15
Natural Resources
75 16
Obscenity and Pornography
75 17
Prayer Issue
75 18-21
Press, Radio and Television
76 1
76 2
76 3
76 4
76 5
76 6
76 7-9
Senior Citizens
Social Security, nursing homes, retirement.
76 10
Small Business
76 11-13
Cigarettes and health.
76 14
Social Security
Social Security Amendments of 1965.
76 15
Supreme Court
76 16-19
Trade and Shipping
76 20-21
77 1-6
Upper Colorado River Commission
77 7-12
Urban Renewal
77 13
77 14
77 15
Y: Reference Files
Box Folder
78 1
78 2
Atomic Energy
78 3
78 4
78 5
78 6
Central Utah Project
78 7
Civil Service
78 8
Colorado River Storage Project
78 9
Congressional Procedures
78 10
78 11
78 12
Home Loan Bank Board
78 13
Foreign Affairs
78 14
Fuel Oil Imports
78 15
Golden Spike
78 16
Government Operations
78 17
Great Salt Lake
78 18
Health, Education and Welfare
78 19
Hill Air Force Base
78 20
Housing and Community Development
78 21
78 22
78 23
Kennecott Copper Corporation
78 24
78 25
Lands-Public Domain
78 26
Lead -- Zinc
78 27
Litton Industries
78 28
78 29-30
Money and Finance
79 1
Natural Resources
79 2-3
Oil -- Helium
79 4
79 5
79 6
79 7-8
79 9
Senior Citizens
79 10
Sheep and Wool Industry
79 11
79 12
Small Business Administration
79 13
Soil Conservation
79 14
Sugar Beets
79 15
79 16-17
Utah -- Economy
79 18
79 19
Weber Basin Project

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Mines and mineral resources--Utah
  • Politicians--Utah
  • Reclamation of land--Utah
  • Water resources development--Utah
  • Personal Names :
  • Bennett, Wallace F. (Wallace Foster), 1898-
  • Dawson, William A., 1902-