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Pierce, Frank Richardson, 1887-1966
Frank Richardson Pierce photograph collection
circa 1910-1950 (inclusive)
782 photographic prints
198 negatives : nitrate
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Photographs of Pierce and his family and friends; Pierce's travels in Wasinogton, Alaska and California, including motorcycle trips; hunting and fishing; and Navy activities
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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Frank Richardson Pierce (1887-1966) graduated from the University of Washington Law School. He worked for a short time in a mental institution, but was best known as an author who often wrote under the pen name "Seth Ranger." He began writing northwest articles for various motorcycle trade journals and later progressed to short story writing and was published in various periodicals and over fifty pulp magazines. He specialized in stories with Alaskan backgrounds having made fourteen trips to Alaska after story material.

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The collection consists of 781 black and white snapshots and photographic postcards of primarily unidentified material sorted into the following categories: F.R. Pierce portraits; family and friends; travel in Alaska, Washington and California; motorcycles and motorcycle trips taken by F.R. Pierce and others; hunting and fishing activities (unidentified locations); naval activities reflecting Pierce's time spent in the Navy; and miscellaneous. There are also 198 nitrate negatives which depict activities such as motorcycling and skiing, in addition to unidentified Alaska locations.

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BOX 1:
FOLDER 1: 44 black and white snapshots and formal portraits of Frank Richardson Pierce. All undated. Probably from 1910- .

FOLDER 2: 117 black and white photographs depicting families, especially with children. All are unidentified. Undated

FOLDER 3: 145 black and white snapshots depicting family and friends engaging in various social activities, perhaps on trips or vacations. Most are unidentified. 1910- .

FOLDER 4: Alaska
-4 black and white photographs of Southeast Alaska (probably Tlingit) totem poles including Shakes and Kadashan totems.
-1 black and white photograph. Native jeweler, Wrangell, Alaska. Photo by J.E. Worden.
-1 black and white photograph. "Curly Smith's dog team." [Dogsled team, Alaska?]
-1 black and white photograph. Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, undated. Photo by J.E. Worden.
-6 black and white photographs. Scenic views in British Columbia including 4 of the Stikine River. Some photographed by J.E. Worden.
-1 black and white photograph. Virginia Lake (Mill Lake), Alaska.
-1 black and white photograph. Gillnetters under sail, Bristol Bay, Alaska, undated

FOLDER 5: Alaska: 53 photographs. Depicts: scenes along the Yukon River (some in vicinity of Circle City) including Native Americans, homesteaders and offices of the North American Transportation and Trading Co. (circa 1909) ; Nakeen Cannery; Kodiak Trading company; death of "Soapy Smith," Rescue Camp on Middle Lake Skagway Trail (Hegg Photo); packtrain, Mount Snettles.

FOLDER 6: Alaska: 27 photographic postcards and 1 photograph. Depicts Kodiak, Mt. Edgecombe, scenes along the C. R. & N. W. Ry. , Perserverance Mine, Mt. McKinley, Chilkoot Pass (Hegg photo), Valdez, Skagway (1898), dogsleds, Eskimo kayaks and seal hunting, Alaska prospectors and backpackers, White Pass international boundary marker between Alaska and British Columbia.

FOLDER 7: Alaska: 4 postcards.
-Thwaites 2567: Greek laborers. Early days. Anchorage.
-Thwaites 4060: After the storm. S.S. Northwestern in Alaskan waters.
-Thwaites 3108: S.S. Mariposa. October 8, 1915.
-Thwaites 1368: In Resurrection Bay. Seward, Alaska.

FOLDER 8: Washington, British Columbia, Colorado
-1 photographic postcard. W.P. & Y. Ry., Bennett, B.C., undated
-1 black and white photograph. View of Ironton, Colorado, undated
-1 photographic postcard. Seattle Public Library February 2, 1916. [Covered with snow]
-1 photographic postcard. Near Della Lake, interior Vancouver Island.
-1 photograph. Forestry Building, AYP.
-1 photograph. On the Bothell Road. Boys on bicycles, undated
-1 photograph. Snoqualmie Falls, undated

FOLDER 9: 48 photographic postcards and photographs of Death Valley and vicinity of a trip possibly taken by F.R. Pierce. 1 photograph of South California State Hospital at Patton, California

FOLDER 10: Mexico: 12 photographic postcards documenting unidentified historic event, vicinity of Mazatlan, Mexico, undated

BOX 2:
FOLDER 1: 70 photographs. Unidentified locations, some probably in Alaska or California, undated

FOLDER 2: 128 photographs. Motorcycles and motorcycle trips made by F.R. Pierce and friends. Localities and dates unknown.

FOLDER 3: 32 photographs. Images of hunting and fishing including moose, bear, mountain goat, duck, and pheasant.

FOLDER 4: 31 photographs. Images of naval vessels, submarines, and sailors, F.R. Pierce's time spent in the Navy.

FOLDER 5: Ships and airplanes
-5 photographic postcards: "Prince Rupert" stranded 1917, "S.S. Watson" landing at Valdez, "Princess May" wrecked 1910, riverboat "Swanee" restored at Dearborn, Michigan
-6 photographs. Unidentified boats and ships.
-4 photographs. Boeing 314 Pan American Clipper (airplane)

FOLDER 6: Miscellaneous
-31 photographs including work in quarry, 1940s airplane, bar scene, travelling landscape painter, Al Hostak automobile service station (1950s), Al Hostak (middleweight champion of the world), carte de visite photograph of wedding cake, erecting Monument to the 3000 pack mules killed during the Goldrush 1897-1898. White Pass Railroad, Alaska, miscellaneous animals/pets.
-1 photographic postcard. "Largest log entrance of nature in the world taken from a dream built by Loring A. Wood. Sutherlin, Oregon, 1932"

BOX 3: Nitrate negatives. Nos. 1-100.
BOX 4: Nitrate negatives. Nos. 101-198.

OVERSIZE: 1 photograph. Panoramic view of motorcycle club picnic, undated

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