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Society of Montana Pioneers
Society Of Montana Pioneers Records
1884-1956 (inclusive)
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MC 68 (collection)
Records (1884-1956) of the Society of Montana Pioneers and the Society of Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers consist of minutes, correspondence, membership lists, and biographical materials on members.
Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives
Montana Historical Society Research Center Archives
225 North Roberts
PO Box 201201
Helena MT
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The Society of Montana Pioneers was founded in Helena on September 11, 1884. James Fergus was elected the first president; George Irvine II, recording secretary; and Samuel T. Hauser, treasurer. Thirteen vice presidents represented the state's counties. Membership was open to "all persons who were residents within the Territory, on or before May 26, 1864." In 1901, the date of the residency requirement was changed to December 31, 1868. Dues were set at two dollars a year, "but no person shall be expelled for non-payment of same."

The Society sponsored annual conventions in various Montana communities, promoting an interest in local history. Pioneers were encouraged to contribute biographical reminiscences, and officers gave papers at these meetings. The Society's growth led to the organization of six county Pioneer Societies by 1897.

On August 18, 1892, the Society of Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers was founded. Membership was open to anyone with a relative who would have qualified for membership in the Society of Montana Pioneers.

As a result of the Pioneers' research, the Society compiled and published a Register in 1899, containing biographical sketches of over 1,800 pioneers. In succeeding decades, the Society continued to preserve records, to promote the restoration of monuments, to solicit historical reminiscences, and often to provide small financial contributions to needy pioneers.

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The collection includes a variety of biographical materials contributed by the membership and other early residents. Minutes of the annual meetings (1886-1938) record historical narratives in addition to business proceedings. The collection also contains membership lists and correspondence with members. Because of the inter-association of the two societies, the respective records have been consolidated.

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Container(s) Description Dates
1 / 1
Abascal, Elizabeth; Abt, Frank; Adams, James C.; Adams, Mary; Adkins, Frank H.; Addoms, Cathirine; Addoms, Henry; Aikin, Ada Rogers; Aikin, Edward Dorr; Akeley, Elizabeth Nave; Akin, Jarvis; Alderson, Matthew Williams; Allen, Almira; Allen, David George; Allen, Jirah [Jirah Isham]; Allen, John F.; Allen, Dwight M., Allen, Luman W.; Allen, Lydia; Allen, Martha; Allen, W. N.; Alston, Edward D.; Alward, Ella Fredricka; Amacker, Maria; Amos, John; Anceney, Charles L.; Anderson, John Morgan; Anderson, Robert M.; Anderson, Miss Sallie; Anderson, Samual; Anderson, Thommas Wilson; Angus, Charles; Argyle, John T.; Armington, Jerauld Tibbits; Armitage, Charles H.; Armitage, Mrs. Maud (Noyes); Armitage, Joshua; Armitage, William A.; Ashby, Shirley Carter; Aspling, Charles E.; Astle, John E.; Aubray, Mrs. Sarah; Auchinoole, James S.; Auchinoole, Sebastien; Austin, James W.; Austin, M.H.; Avery, Mrs. Catherine; Aylesworth, Wilber N.
1 / 2
Babcock, W.H.; Bailet, Joseph; Bailey, James A.; Bailey, James M.; Bailey, Mellie Claire; Bailey, William G.; Baker, George A.; Baker, Jacob W.; Baker, John; Baker, Jonothan C.; Baker, Joseph A.; Baker, J.Y.; Baker, Sarah; Ball, Mrs. E.S.; Ball, James Sterling; Ballard, Dewitt Clinton; Ballard, James Madison; Banter, James (See Keene, Harvey Lane); Banter, John (See Keene, Harvey Lane); Barber, Orlando B.; Bardwell, Emily Augusta; Bardwell, George; Barkell, James H.; Barkell, Lonville S.; Barkell, Mrs. Loneville S.; Barkell, Richard T.; Barker, George M.; Barnes, Hanson H.; Barnes, John S.; Barnes, William Ridgeway; Barrett, Mrs. Alice E.; Baarret, Anthony H.; Barret, Laura (Lizzie) Brooke; Barrett, Walter S.; Bartlett, William Franklin Colonel; Bartruff, Carroll Henrey; Bass, Dkudley Chase; Bass, Virginia Gibbs; Bateman, Mrs. Dora; Bateman, Mrs. James C.; Bateman, Robert M. Bauer, Jacob; Bauer, Joanna; Bawden Seth; Baxter, Elson C.; Baxter, Elizar (See Payne, Edward Warren); Baxter, James; Baxter Warren S.; Bay, William C.
1 / 3
Beaber, Jacob; Beach, Alice Vivian; Beach, Danial W.; Beach, Elizur; Beal, George W. Dr.; Beal, Perry H.; Beal, Mary M.; Beall, Rosa V.; Beall, William Johnson; Beatty, George (See also Falen, C. A.); Beaufie, Joseph; Beaumont, Mrs. Emma; Beck, Agnes A.; Beck, Josiah F.; Beck, Oliver Cromwell; Becker, Conrad; Becker, J. Y.; Beckwith, Jim; Beidler, G. A.; Beidler, John H.; Belanger, Mrs. Nathalie (Gerard); Belcher, Mrs Ellen E.; Belless, William Danial; Belman (See Parrick, J. W.); Bembrick, B. F.; Benedict, G.; Bennett, Alden; Benoirs, Xavier; Berkin, John; Berkin, William; Berkin, William; Berkin, Jane (Hall); Bernier, Oliver; Berry, Chase; Berry, William; Bess, George Baird; Bessette, Amede; Beveridge, Annie Jane (Mrs. Leroy); Bickett, William J.; Bielenberg, John; Bielenberg, Nicholas J.; Bielenberg, Charles Peter Henry; Bein, M.; Bill, J. R.; Billman, Andrew; Billman, Mrs. Sarah; Billingsly, David Mack; Binge, Jordan; Bird, Jesse J.; Birdseye, Mattie Mrs.; Berimingham, Annie Houley; Berimingham, Patrick; Bisel, B.F. Mrs.; Bishop, Charles Loyal; Bishop, John Fernando; Bishop, William Marcy; Black, Matt Mrs.; Black, Matt Mrs.; Black, Rosa G.; Blackburn, Charles A.; Blackburn, Fletcher A. (See Patterson, William H.); Blacker, David; Blackman, Augusta C.; Blackman, George C.; Blackwell, Joseph; Blair, Emma Feister; Blair, John W.; Blair, William A.; Blair, William G.; Blake, A. Sterne; Blake, Henry Nichols; Blake, John E.; Blevens, Daniel O'Neal; Blodgett, Joseph
1 / 4
Boardman, Annie Kohrs Mrs.; Bodurtha, George W.; Bodine, Charles C.; Bolt, John; Bomar, Oliver C.; Baner, James; Bonner, Edward; Booker, George; Booker, Mrs. Mattie E.; Boone Mrs. Didama; Booth, Mary E.; Bose, Henry; Bostwick, Samuel A. and Mary L. (See Latta, Sarah E.); Botcher, Fred; Botcher, Mrs. Gertrude; Boulet, Joseph, Boyce, James Richard; Boyd, Lockart; Boyer, Mrs. Mary L.; Bradway, Willard; Branagan, John; Brandner, Judge A. G.; Brassey, Edward; Brawner, David G.; Bray, Cornelius; Bray, Patrick; Breck, Edward Wallace; Breck Mollie Morton (Mrs. George T.); Brennan Mrs. Rose A.; Brennemen, David I.; Brewdage, Hiram (See Oliver, William); Brewer, james Scott; Brice, Elias; Briggs, Andrew J.; Brogan, Patrick; Brooke, Benjamin Coddington; Brooke, Charles Walter; Brooke Edward G.; Brooke, Mrs. Mary A.; Brooke, Mrs. Sarah A.; Brooks, John; Brown, Alexader (Bud); Brown, Frank D.; Brown, Frank G.; Brown, James Jackson; Brown, John D.; Brown, Joseph; Brown, Miles Wright; Brown, Romuluo; Brown, Sadie J.; Browne, Joseph Aloysius; Brownlee, Mrs. Eliza I.; Brubaker, Albert; Bruckert, Albert; Bruckert, Albert Jr.; Bruckner, Adolph; Bruffey, George A.; Bruffey Janice F.; Brundy, Henry; Bryson, Nathanial; Buchanan brothers (See Lovell, George); Buck, Amos; Buck, Henrey; Buckhouse, Mrs. Elizabeth, Buckhouse, John; Buckhouse, Mrs. John Sr. (See Townsend, Lottie A.); Buchanan, John; Budd, Newton; Buford, Simeon R.; Bulfinch, George W.; Bulfinch, Marshal L.; Bull, Frank; Bullard, Massena; Bullard, William L.; Bullock, Seth; Burch, Vincent, Sr.; Burcher, W. P.; Burchelt, Judge B. B.; Burd, Julian; Burd, Myron H.; Burd, Samuel; Burd, Samuel C.; Burden, Thomas; burdess, Robert S.; Burke, Edward; Burns, Edward Breck; Burns, Michael; Burton, Isaac (See Tyler, Mrs. Jane); Burton, Felix; Burtt, Lucius D.; Busett, John W.; Butter, Darwin; Butler, James H.; Butler, William; Butt, William; Byam, Mrs. Don L.; Byers, Benjam; Bywater, Mrs. Mary
1 / 5
Cagle Mrs. Laura A.; Cahill, Henry T.; Cairns Mrs. Mary; Caldwell, Edward James; Callan, Thomas J.; Calloway, Jones Hoy; Calvin, Amos; Cammeron, J. B.; Cameron, William D.; Campbell, Alexander G.; Cannon, C. W.; Cannon, Henry; Cary, Mrs. Mary; Cary, Nick; Carnes, John; Carnes, Mrs. Mary; Calfee, White; Carney, Patrick; Carr, Michael; Carruthers, J. B.; Carhartt, Williams; Carpenter, Daniel DeWitt; Carpenter, Emma E.; Carpenter, E. W.; Carpenter, George E.; Carroll, Mike (See Wilds, Joseph W.); Carter, Arthur P. "Doc"; Carter, William M.; Cartright, Milo; Caryl, Mrs Nellie; Castner, John K.; Caswell, Richard; Catlin, John B.; Cavanaugh, Miles J.; Cavanaugh, Mrs. Miles; Cave, Will; Chaffen, Moses L.; Chaffen, Thomas A.; Chambers, Henry; Charles Thomas; Chatfield, John; Chemedlin, Nicholas T.; Chemedlin, Mrs. N. T.; Chessman, William Allen; Childs, Charles Nelson; Christianson, Mrs. Carrie; jClark, Mrs. A. M.; Clark, Mrs. Carrie Sennet; Clark, Henry Harmon; Clark, Harris Jonson; Clark, Henry S.; Clark, Mrs. Laura Roberts; Clark, Dr. P. H.; Clark, Helen Piotopowa Ka; Clark, Horace; Clark, Richard Watson; Clark, William Andrews; Clark, Tom (See Patrick, J. W.); Clary, Thomas; Cleaveland, Mary Annis; Clem, Israel; Clem, Samuel; Closten, Mrs. Hattie; Clowes, Miles T.
1 / 6
Coburn, Robert; Coburn, Walter M.; Cochran, Joseph M. V.; Cochran, William Douglas; Cody, Thomas; Cohn, Hattie Silverman; Cockrill, Vardaman Allen; Cockrell, George; Cohen, Mrs. Regina; Colbert, Charles E.; Cole, Mrs. Annie ( W. G.); Collans, Marion (See Irvine, Thomas); Colman, Mrs. Cynthia J.; Colman, Mrs. Lucy Hammond; Colman, Matthias; Colman, William; Collet, Abraham; Collet, Martha; Collins, Mrs. J. L.; Collins, Timothy E.; Collins, Mrs. Violet; Comegys, John Myers; Comer, John Z.; Comfort, John R.; Commons, George W.; Conine, Fletcher Williams; Conley, James Henry; Conlon, James; Conner, John T.; Conord, Mrs. Raymond; Conrad, George Edward; Conrad, Joseph D.; Conrad Mrs. Joseph D.; Conrad, William G.; Conrey, W. W.; Conrow John M.; Constans, Phillip; Conway, Frank Thomas; Conway, James R.; Conway, John M.; Cook, Charles W. (See also Hughes, Barney); Cook Frank L. Cook, Richard, T.; Cook, Samuel Smith (See also Payne, Edward Warren); Cooney, Maria A.; Cooper,B. G.; Cooper, Dwight (See Payne, Edward Warren); Cooper, Charles; Cooper, Marion; Cooper, Milton; Cooper, Thomas E.; Cooper, Walter; Cooper, Mrs. W. L. D.; Cope, George Frederic; Copinus, Albert; Coppock, Henry; Corbly, Andrew L.; Corkwell, James; Cornell, Craig; Cornforth, Asa; Corry, Andrew Van; Cosgrove C.; Couglin, David J.; Cover, Tom (See Hughes, Barney); Covert, Ira S.; Covert, Tom (See Wilds, Joseph W.); Conway, Andrew; Cowan, Mrs. Emma J.; Cowan, George F.; Cowan, John (See Stanley, Reginald); Cowden, Henry; Coyne, William; Crabs, John (See Stanley, Reginald)
1 / 7
Crafton, John W.; Craig, Warren; Crail, Agustus F.; Crain, C. R.; Crane, Francis & Phillipa (See Will H. Crane); Crane, George W.; Crane, Mrs. Julia I.; Crane, Mrs. S.; Craven, Joseph Wood; Creighton, Mrs. Mary Sample; Crews, Willis Samuel; Crocket, Mrs. Sophronius; Cross, Mrs. Jerusha; Crosswite, Benjamin F.; Crounse, Silas Hilton; Crowell, Albert G. W.; Crump James Wesley; Crowley, Mrs. Ida Maria; Cruse, Thomas (Col.); Culbertson, Joseph W.; Cullison, G. W.; Cummings, Thomas Arthur; Cunningham, Dennis; Currah, Joseph; Curran, William; Curtin, Arthur P.; Curtis, Mrs. Emma; Curtis, Frank E.; Curtis, John H.; Curtis, Otho; Curtis, W. W.; Curtiss, Daniel W.; Cutler, Lewis Clark
2 / 1
Daddow, Joseph S., Daems, Henry B., Daems, Lievin; Daems, Marie Louis; Daggett, Mrs. L. J.; dailey, Frank; Daly, Mrs. Cecilia; Daly, Hugh; Daly, John; Daly, Peter; Dana, Edwin L.; Danials, William C.; Darlington, Mrs. Mary Francis
2 / 2
Davidson, James; Davis, Adriel B; Davis, George E.; Davis, Henry Tunley; Davis, Howell Cobb; Davis, James L.; Davis, Joseph D.; Davis, Nathanial John; Davis, Robert L.; Davis, Ritchie; Davis, Will F.; Davis, William G.; Davis, William Henry; Davies, Harpin; Davies, William John; Davison, Mrs. Mary Olive; Dawes, Benjamin M.; Dawson, Andrew; Day, Frank; Day, William
2 / 3
Deacon, James; Dean, Isaac; Decker, George L.; Decker, Harrison; Degenhart, Benjamin; Degenhart, Lee C.; Delacy, Col. W. W.; Deletraz, Gasper F.; Delma, A.; Dempsey, Patrick H.; Dempsey, Robert W.; Dennis, Edward; Denoille, Robert W.; DesCombes, Henry L.; Detwiler, George; Delvin, John; Dewey, David Scott (See also Clower, Miles T.); Dexter, Benjamin; Dexter, Wheeler O.; Dezourdi, Elie
2 / 4
Dickey, James Edgar; Dickey, James R.; Dickey, William; Dickenson, William H. H.; Didawick, Jacob; Dillet, Mrs. Luella F.; Dingee, William H.; Dingwall, Duncan; Dingwass, William; Dittis, Henry; Dixon, Mrs. Sarah J.; Dixon, William Wirt
2 / 5
Dobbins, James K.; Dobbins, Jefferson Lee;; Dobbins, Sterling Price; Dodge, Minnie Ernestine Ricker; Doney, William J.; Donaldson, Mrs. F. H. (Jennie); Donaldson, William M.; Donlon, John; Donovan, Pat; Dorr, Charles O.; Dotson, Oliver; Dotson, Sarah Flanning; Douglas, Georg; Douglas, Calista A.; Douglas, Elmer A.; Doughty, A. H.; Dow, George; Dowden, Elleanor; Downs, Samuel Hayward; Doyle, Mrs. Frances Arella; Driggs, Biddi (See Payne, Edward Warren)
2 / 6
Driscoll, Dennis; Duane, Patrick; Duer, Charles E.; Duer, Mrs. Olivia Orr; Duff, Shelton; Duffy, John; Dukes, Mrs. Josephine; Dumonchel, Narcisse; Duncan, James; Duncan, Mrs. Jeannette; Duncan, Leander; Duncan, Tyson D.; Dunks, Monroe; Dunn, Richard; Dunnavan, Silas L.; Dunnigan, Mrs. Frances; Dunnivin, John A.; Dupuis, Mrs. Elise Hanault; Durfee, Francis Marion; Dutro, Daniel; Duval, John C.
2 / 7
Earhart, Samuel A.; Early, Hugh; Easterly, Allan M.; Eccleston, Mrs. Lucy; Echols, Abraham Turner; Eddy, John W.; Edgar, Henry F.; Edgar, John; Edmunds, Stephen; Edwards, Chas. Wm.; Edwards, Frank J.; Edwards, Horace; Edwards, Jesse (See Ralston, William R.); Ehret, Isadore; Ehrick, Julius Herman; Eickey, William; Elledge, Julia; Elling, Henry; Elliott, William Thomas; Ellis, Charles Fisher; Ellis, Mrs. Ida A.; Ellis, John J.; Embry, Billy (See Patterson, William)
2 / 8
Emerson, Mrs. Emma J.; Emerson, Robert E. (See Emerson, Mrs. Emma J.); Emerson, Robert G.; Emerson, William Henry; Emery, Wesley F.; England, Abner Grear; English, Harvey W.; English, Woodford (See Keene, Harvey Lane); Ennis, Mrs. Fannie Davis; Ennis, William; Ensch, Mathias; Epperson, Anna H.; Ereaux, Lazaire; Erwin, Dave (See Kimerly, Allen); Erwin, Sidney H.; Erwine, William Leroy; Esler, A. M.; Esler, Mrs. A. M.; Esler, Mrs. Ophelia Johnson; Estes, Mrs. Melia Ella; Evans, Mrs. Carrie Millegan; Evans, Henry W.; Evans, John Morgan; Evans, Mary; Evans, Mrs. Mary B.; Evans, Morgan; Evans, Nathaniel P.; Evans, Philip Emanuel; Evans, Robert Henry; Evans, Mrs. Susan (William); Evans, Williiam (See also Thomas, Margaret); Evans, Warren Eugene; Everett, Charles D.; Ewing, William H.; Fairweather, Bill (See Irvine, Thomas, See Wilson, John F.)
2 / 9
Falen, C. A.; Falk, Benjamin; Falkinburg, James; Fanning, Margaret Harris; Fant, John Joseph; Farlin, William L.; Farmer, Chas. E.; Farrow, Joseph D.; Farwell, Iven W.; Farwell, J. W.
2 / 10
Febes, James H.; Fehring, John Bernard; Fenn, Mrs. Margaret Ann; Fenn, William; Fenner, Lawrence A.; Fergus, Andrew; Fergus, James; Fergus, Pamelia Dillin; Ferguson, John; Ferguson, Mrs. Luella; Ferm, William; Ferrell, Brown; Ferrell, Mrs. Eliza Deming; Ferrell, Joseph; Ferris, Charles W.; Ferster, James S.
2 / 11
Fields, R. B.; Fifer, Zelda, Jane, Phelma, Minda, Masta, Anderson, Smith; Fifer, Mary L.; Fifer, Mereddith S.; Fifer, Mrs. Mary S.; Files, James H.; Filson, G. M. (See Falen, C. A.); Filson D. B. (See Falen, C. A.); Filson, W. ( See Falen, C. A.); Filson, A. (See Falen, C. A.); Finley Richard; Finley, William N.; Finley, William P.; Fishel, Samuel K.; Fisher, Albert; Fisher, Robert; Fisk, Daniel W.; Fisk, Mrs. Clara A.; Fisk, Andrew J.; Fisk, Mrs. Ada Train; Fiske, Mrs. Mima; Fitschen, George C.; Fitschen, Gus; Fitschen, Mrs. Louise
2 / 12
Flaherty, John; Flaharty, Marion; Flaharty, Martha; Flanagin, Chas. Henry; Flanagin, Mrs. Dela M.; Flanagin, Henry W.; Flanagin, Martha Ellen, Flanders, George W.; Flannery, William; Fletcher, J. T. P.; Fletcher, W. A.; Floweree, Daniel H. G.; Floweree, William K.
2 / 13
Folsom, David Edwin; Foote, Geo. B.; Forbes, James Wade; Forbes, John Franklin, Ford, Aaron T.; Ford, Mrs. Delphie Ann; Ford, Joseph; Ford, Robert Lewis; Ford,, Robert Simpson; Ford, Thomas; Forrest, Mrs. Mary A.; Forrest, William; Foster, Alonzo; Foster, Mrs. Mary E.; Foster, Frank; Foreman, Isabella, Fouts, Thomas Hart Benton; Fowler, Peter Hill; Foy, Patrick
2 / 14
Frakes, Mrs. Elizabeth; Francisco, Charles; Francisco, David Andrew; Frank, Albert; Fraser, John A.; Frazer, Mrs. Mary Jane; Frazer, Najar; Frazier, Mrs. Elmirah; Frazier, James Andrew; Frazier, G. W. A.; Frazier, W. A.; Frederick, Annie I.; Frederick Walter E.; Freeler, Casper; Freeman, Mrs. Jeannette Porter; Fregean, Nazaire; French, Anthony H.; French, Elle; French, George D.; French, George W.; French, Milo; French, Oliver D.; Freyler, Charles; Freyler, Hugo; Fridley, Edwin Liberty; Frields, George W.; Frields, Mrs. Katherine; Frieler, Antone; Frieler, Valentine; Frith, John; Fritz, Nicholas; Frost, Fred R.; Fryler, Anton (See Fryler, Charles); Fryler, Charles; Fryler, Dominick (See Fryler, Charles); Fruser, John W.; Fulton, Henry; Furlong, George
2 / 15
Galahan, William J.; Gallagher, Frank; Gamer, Fred; Gans, Joseph; Gans, Louis; Gardiner, Mrs. Sue; Gardner, Thomas Brownwell; Garrett, Leroy Partick; Garret, Leroy Patrick; Garrity, Mrs. Virginia; Gaugler, Franklin J.; Geary, William; Geehrdts, Casper; Geehrdts, Mrs. Margaret; Gemmell, Charles Harrison; George, James; Gerdts, Mrs. Margaret; Getchell, Charles H.; Getchell, Mrs. F. S.
2 / 16
Gibbs, Israel; Gibbs, LaFayette; Gibson, Edward; Gibson, James; Gilbert, Henry S.; Gildersleeve, Charles L.; Gilg, Frank; Gillie, Nettie Emerson; Gilman, A. L.; Gilmore, M. Charles; Gilpatrick, Luella Fergus; Girard, F. X.; Glasgow, Matthew; Glaude, Napoleon; Glenn, Claude; Glenn, Hugh Leonard; Glenn, James Claude; Goff, Cortez; Goff, Mrs. Sarah Jane; Gohn, George E.; Goodell, Mrs. D. T.; Goodell, Clarence M.; Goodwin, James L.; Godon, Mrs. Hannah M.; Gordon, James; Gordon, William; Gore, Mollie; Gorham, Richard T.; Gormley, Austin Carlos; Gormley, Mrs. julia; Gowin, Thomas J.
2 / 17
Graeter, Margaret A.; Grattan, Willard; Grattan, Stephen A.; Grattan, Hattie; Graham, Arthur; Graves Fielding L.; Graves, Henry Clay; Graves, F. L.; Graydon, William; Grayson, George; Green, Charles Henry; Green, Mrs. Hattie N.; Green, James A.; Green, John H.; Green, Joseph; Green, Martin Van Buren; Grevel, Louis (See Patrick J. W.); Gridley, L. A.; Grierson, Robert; Griffith, Joseph Milton; Griffith, Thomas H.; Grim, Simon Peter; Grim, Mary M.; Grogan, Darius F.; Gruwell, C. Oscar; Gurnett, Michael; Guthrie, William Hubbard; Gutras, Oliver
2 / 18
Hackney, J. S.; Hackshaw, John A.; Hahn, William; Hainds, Joseph; Haines, William; Haislop, Robert E.; Hale, Willard Harlow; Halford, Dudley; Hall, Charles Samuel; Hall, John; Hall, Joseph Edgar; Hall, John Jay; Hall, Mrs. J. J.; Hall, John S.; Hall, John W.; Hall, Levi; Hall, Mrs. Nannie Moore; Hall, Samuel; Hallaway, John; Hamilton, Alfred B.; Hamilton, Benjamin S.; Hamilton, Mrs. Mary J.; Hamilton, Thomas H.; Hamilton, William Thos.; Hammond George L.; Hanchild, Albert O.; Hanchild, George William; Hanley, Samuel Aquilla; Hanna, Ira Monroe; Hansen, Joseph; Hansen, Willis; Hanson, Mrs. Anna; Hanson, Annie C.; Hanson, Horatio; Hanson, J. B. (See Tyler, Mrs. Jane); Hanson, Mrs. Jennie E.; Hanson, Randall W.
2 / 19
Harcum, Christopher C.; Hard, Charles D. (See also O'Bannon, Orville B.); Hardenbrook, Mrs. Eliza Walker; Harding, Anna Louise; Harding, Dwight (See Wilson, John F.); Harding, Stephen J.; Harkins, Michael; Harlan, Wilson B.; Harnois, Francis Xavier Lukin; Harnois, Frank (See Farwell, J. W.); Harrington, Mrs. H. W.; Harrington, Fayette; Harrington, Helen M. M.; Harrington, Issac; Harrington, Jerry; Harrington, Jeremiah; Harris, Mrs. Addie P.; Harris, Mrs. Bathesdeleu; Harris, Howell; Harris, John; Harris, Mrs. Mary; Harris, Thomas; Harrison, Joseph; Hart, Mrs. A.; Hart, Albert Marshall; Hart, Mrs. Emma; Hart, Jacob; Hartman, Mrs. Mary Rebecca; Harts, Mrs. Cora D.; Hartwell, Charles Albert; Hartwig, Jacob; Harvey, Hugh Kelly; Harwood, John Jacob; Harwook, Robert Hundren, Hash, Ahart; Haskell, Mary J.; Haskell, Mary Smith; Haskell, William S.; Haskins, Cephas W.; Hatch, Luke D.; Hatfield, John Edward; Hathaway, I. W. (See Kimerly, Allen); Hathaway, James W.; Hathhorn, John Ripley; Hauser, Joseph; Houswirth, Simon; Hay, Henry Jr.; Hayden, John F.; Hayden, Samuel
2 / 20
Healey, Charles Henry; Healey, John Jerome; Heard, Charles A.; Hedge, Robert; Hedges, Cornelius; Hedges, Mrs. Edna Lafayette; Hedges, Henry H.; Hedges, Wyllis Anderson; Hedges, Robert; Heldt, John N.; Heldt, F. George; Hellinger, Mrs. Mary E.; Hempstead, John T.; Hempstead, Mrs. Mary (J.T.); Henderson, Joseph; Henneberry, John; Hennessy, David W.; Hennessy, Mrs. Mary Furlong; Henry, Daniel Bradley; Hensley, Mrs. W.A.; Herbert, George; Herhold, Mary McKay; Herndon, James M.; Herndon, Mrs. Sarah Raymond; Herrin, D.S.; Herrman, Jack; Herrmann, Mrs. Anna; Hershfield, Aaron; Hershfield, Lewis H.; Herwins, Homer DeWolf; Hezekiah, John
2 / 21
Hibbard, William B.S.; Hgley, Chester W.[see Brooke, Mrs. Sarah H.]; Hilger, David; Hilger, Mrs. Susanna; Hill, Henry M.; Hill, Robert [see Getchell, Charles H.]; Hirshberg, Joseph; Hirst, Emma
2 / 22
Hobbins, John; Hobson, Nathan; Hodge, Truman L.; Hodson, Alvin; Hoepfner, Adolph; Hoepfner, Charles; Hodson, Alvin; Hoepfner, Adolph; Hoepfner, Charles; Hodson, Enoch; Hoffman, Charles; Hogan, Dion J.; Hogan, Mrs. Catherine Empire; Hogan, Matthew; Holmes, Levi Edwin; Holmes, Tom [see Jewell, Issacher, W.]; Holter, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. [see Jackson, Joseph]; Holter, Mrs. Mary Pauline; Holter, Norman Bernard; Hoopes, William Pierce; Hoover, Alfred Benton; Hopkins, John W.; Hoppe, Albert G.; Hops, John; Horton, Sarah; Houke, John K.; House, James; Houser, Mrs. Mary E.; Houston, Mrs. Elizabeth Lina Alderson; Howard Mrs. H.H.; Howard, Mrs. Katherine E.; Howell, L.W.; Howell, Thomas W.; Hoyt, Edward M.; Huffaker, Wiley [see Feber, James H.]
2 / 23
Huffer, Elizabeth; Hughes, Mrs. Agnes; Hughes, Barney [see also Irvines, John]; Hughes, Samuel; Huller, Mrs. Isabella; Hurdle, Joseph; Hume, William H. [see Patterson, William]; Hundley, Alexander; Hunt, B.H.; Hunter, Andrew Jackson; Hunter, Susan Celesta; Huntley, Silas S.; Hussey, Mrs. Anna Lewis; Husted, Harry [see Wilds, Joseph W.]; Huston, Robert G.; Hutchison, Hector W.
3 / 1
Immel, Amelia Norris; Ingersoll, Cyrus Stone; Ingram, George Felix; Innes John; Irvin, George W. II; Irvine, Belle Boyd Bryan; Irvine, David C.; irvine, David L.; Irvine, Fannie L. (Russell); Irvine, Edwin Hart; Irvine, Anna Eliza Forbes; Irvine, Forbes; Irvine, Ella; Irvine, Lottie T.; Irvine, Thomas H.; Irvine, William; Irvines, John; Irwin, Mrs. Avis Josephine; Irwin, Joseph; Isdell, Nelson J.; Jack, John Alexander Barnes; Jackson, Jacob H.; Jackson, Edward; Jackson, Joseph; Jackson, Peter V.; Jackson, Thomas Collins; Jackson, William Doemau; Jacob, John; Jacobs, Mrs. Adelle; Jacobs, Julius; Jacquemin, Charles B.; James, Mrs. Daniel [see also Thomas, Margaret]; James, Mrs. William M.; James, Mrs. William M. [see also Thomas, Margaret]; James, Mrs. William M.; James, William R.; Jeffers, Florence Ellen Snitzer; Jeffries, Mrs. Mary L.; Jelm, James Lewis; Jennings, Joshua; Jergensen, Chris;; Jessee, David H.; Jessen, Peter; Jewell, Issacher Wesley; Johns, Enoch; Johns, T. Jefferson; Johns, William; Johnson, Benjamin Franklin; Johnson, Benjamin Franklin; Johnson, Co. A.J. [see Lovell, George]; Johnson, Charles L.; Johnson, Ebeneser; Johnson, C. Mac; Johnson, Elmer F.; Johnson, Perry; Johnson, Spencer; Jones, Alfred [see Ralston, William R.]; Jones, John C.; Jones, Lewis Lewis; Jones, Morris; Jones, R.S.; Jones, William Williams; Jordan, Walter M.
3 / 2
Judd, William B. [see O'Bannon, Orville B.]; Kaiser, Mrs. Louisa; Kaiser, Michael; Kamp, Mrs. Jennie; Kane, John; Keene, Flavius Josephus; Keene, Harvey Lane; Keene, Thomas [see Keene, Harvey Lane]; Keeler, Eleanor A. Brannin; Keene, Mrs. Harriet Byron; Kelley, Francis M.; Kelley, John Emmet; Kelley, Richard H.; Kelley, Robert H. [see Walker, Joseph C.]; Kelley, Robert Lee; Kelley, Mrs. Mary L.; Kellogg, Clark Wesley; Kellogg, Mrs. Mary L.; Kellogg, Lucius; Kelly, Adah H.; Kelly, Mrs. F.M.; Kelly, John S.; Kemna, Anna Margaret; Kemper, Henry; Kenck, Joseph M.; Kenealy, Daniel; Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth Sweeney; Kennedy, John J.; Kennedy, James H.; Dennedy, William; Kennerly, Henry Atkinson; Kennett, Ferdinand; Kenney, Mrs. Catherina Adelia; Keppler, Joseph C.; Kessinger, Mrs. Caroline M.; Kessler, Nickolas; Kessler, Peter Nicholas; Kimerly, Allen; King, George T.; King, James Melvin; King, Mrs. Minnie Noble; King, Walter J.; King, Warren Carlyle; Kingsbury, Adkin Wallace; Kingsbury, Benjamin C.; Kinney, Mrs. Katherine; Kipp, Joseph; Kirby, Arelin W.; Kirkendall, Hugh; Kirkendall, Mrs. Isabella; Kirkendall, Nettie E.; Kirkpatrick, James; Kirkpatrick, Robert; Kirkwood, William F.; Kirscher, Peter; Klaue, Charles; Klein, Ben; Klein, Henry; Klewel, T.H.; Kline, Mrs. Mollie J.; Kline, Mrs. Mary J. Moore; Kline, Peter J.; Kleinschmidt, Reinhold H.; Kleinschmidt, Theodore H.; Kloeden, William; Knight, Mrs. Agnes C.; Knowles, Hiram; Koch, August; Kohls, Mrs. Virginia Bell; Kohrs, Mrs. Augusta Krase; Kranich, William; Kratteer, George Washington; Kropp, Valentine
3 / 3
Labouchere, Joseph; LaCroix, Julien Francis; Ladoux, Narcesse; LaFontain, Peter M.; Lambert, Mrs. H.A.; Lalonde, Adam A.; Lambrecht, Alphonse; Lamott, John; Lancaster, Benjamin; Lancaster, John Wesley; Lancaster, Nancy Jane; Lanchaster, Mrs. Sarah; Lancaster, William; Langford, Nathaniel P.; LangHorne, Samuel W.; Largry, Patrick A.; Lansing, Andrew J.; Lansing, Peter; Larabie, Julia Woolfork; Larabie, Samuel Edward; LaReau, William E.; Largent, John; Largent, Joseph Lewis; Largent, Joseph L.; Larken, Peter; Larson, Mrs. Hanah; Larsen, Joseph; Larsen, Mary D.; Larson, John; Latimer, Jone R.; Latta, J.C.; Latta, Sarah E.; Laughlin, David N.; LeBeau, Jean Baptiste; Ledbeater, Mark D.; Leedy, Mrs. Jeanette; Leggat, Catherine; Leggat, Roderick Dhu; Lehman, Frederick; Leiser, Jacob S.; Leland, John Wilkinson; Lemon, James H.; Leonard, W.W.; Lepper, Frank M.; Lessard, Mrs. Agnes H.; Lessard, Joseph; Lettice, Mary Ann; Lettice, LeuPoint, Mrs. George; Levengood, Peter; Levengood, Mrs. Peter; Lewis, Edward A.; Lewis, George Taylor; Lewis, Mrs. Jennie E.; Lewis, John G.; Lewis, Jennie Kennicott; Lewis, Thomas; Liffring, Mrs. Sarah A.; Lincoln, Alvin Ripley; Linder, William Jasper; Lindley, Joseph Miller; Linebarger, David H.; Lind, Mrs. Etta Murray; Linn, John; Liscom, George W.; Lister, Lutie Lee Evans; Livesly, Dock [see Lull, Phineas]; Lobb, Mortemer H.; Locker, Andrew J.; Lockey, Richard; Lockwood, Frank M.; Loeb, Berhnard; Loeb, Jacob; Loftan, Frank; Logan, William Columbus; Lombard, C.W.; Long, Mrs. Ellen B.; Longtin, Stephen; Lott, Mrs. Melvina J.; Lovell, George W.; Lovell, Philip; Lovey, Lawrence; Lowders, William M.; Lowe, William; Lowry, Thomas Jefferson; Loucas, George [see Irvine, Thomas], Lull, Phineas F.; Luppold, William; Lyman, Lorenzo Branch; Lynch, Edward; Lynch, Mrs. Elizabeth Alxander; Lynn, Mrs. Kali Poindexter; Lyng, Halvor; Lyon, J.P. [see Wilcox, Alvin H.]; Lyon, George H.; Lyons, George
3 / 4
McAllister, James; McBreen, Mrs. Mary A.; McCall, William Wesley; McCammew, James D.; Macartney, Frederick C.; McCarthy, Anthony J.; McCarty, Arthur; McCartney, James C.; McCarty, Francis Marion; McCarty, John W.; McCauley, Mrs. Bridget; McCauley, Nathaniel Mitchall; MCCauley, Mrs. Cass H.; McClain, John P.; McClain, J.S.; McCleery, Mrs. Kate; McClure Alexander Kelly; McClure, Col and Mrs. [see Clark, Mrs. A.M.]; McCormick, Mrs. Lavinia Oatman; McCormick, Mrs. Mattie; McCormick, Paul; McCormick, Robert; McCormir, Bob [see Clark, Richard Watson]; McLeary, Mrs. Irena; McDaniel, L.A.; McDermott, Charles; McDonald, Angus A.; McDonald, Archie; McDonald, Catherine; McDonald, Charles Hicklin; McDonald, J.H.; McDonald, Kattie, Emerson; McDonel, John; McDonel, James; McDonnell, John; McDowell, Robert; McEvily, James; McFadden, Mrs. Rose Cosgrove; McFarland, Eugene A.; McFarland, J.H.; McFarland, William T.; McGregor, Archibald; McGuirk, Matthew; McHugh, Mrs. Sophia H.; McIntosh, Alexander W.; McIntosh, Charles Monre; McIntosh, Daniel John; McIntosh, John Charles; McIntosh, Mrs. Sarah Ann; McIntosh, W.L.; McIntosh, William R.; McIrwin, John; McKee, Joseph L.; McKenzie, John Patterson; McKinney, W.L.; McKoin, Mrs. T.E.; McKeown, William; McKinney, William; McKnight, Joseph Hempstead; McKnight, William Henry; McLaughlin, Mrs. James; McLaughlin, John S.; McMasters, James; McMillan, Angus; McMinn, Mrs. Rachel; McNally, Henry Clinton; McPhail, Allen; McPhail Mrs. Mary A.; McNamara, W.J.; McQuick, William [see Scott, Samuel]; McTague, Tom; McWilliams, Thomas James
3 / 5
McCartney, F.C.; Macomber, Archer; Macomber, Mrs. Martha; Maginnis, Martin; Maguire, Horatio N.; Mahan, Mrs. Ida Ordway; Mailey, Rosa [see Elledge, Julia]; Majors, Green; Malben, Benjamin; Mallery, Charles George Masterson; Maloney, John; Manley, Mrs. Margaret Modesto; Manley, Mrs. Matthew; Marble, Mrs. Etta Louise; Marchesseau, Sophronius; Marcum, Mrs. J.E.; Marden, Mrs. Mary H.; Mardis. Mrs. Addie H.; Mardis, Mrs. Harriet Adelaide; Mardis, John Henry; Maretta, Antoine [see Lovell, George]; Marion, Alphonse; Marion, Joseph; Marks, Mrs. Clara; Marks, David; Marks, Leopold; Marks, Moses H.; Marsden, James William; Marshell, John Joseph; Marshall, Mrs. Sarah E.; Marston, Elise; Martin, Mrs. Martha E.; Martin, Robert W.; Martin, William; Mason, Albert; Mason, Abbie Louise Sparrell; Mason, Benjamin Parker; Mason, Frank; Mason James; Mauldin, William T.; Maxon, James; Mauldin, William T.; Maxon, James H.; Maxon, John H.; Maxwell, Mrs. Nellie K.; May, Martin V.; May, Richard F.; Mayger, William; Maynard, Ethel A.; Meagher, Henry [see Lovell, George]; Meier, Henry; Melo, Henry; Melton, Amos L.; Melton, Albert L.; Merk, Frederick Robert; Merk, George William; Merk, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth; Merk, William Wallace; Merriman, Nathaniel; Merritt, Mrs. Annie M.; Merritt, David; Merritt, Ellen; Merritt, Theodore B.; Merry, John; Metzel, Annie E.; Minefer, Robert Phillip; Metzger, Peter; Meyersick, Frederick William; Michem, Joseph; Michem, Mrs. Julia; Miles, Daniel L. Miles, Nelson A.; Miles, Theodorus Clowes; Miles, Thomas O.; Millegan, Martha A.; Millegan, Wallace L.; Millengan, William L. Jr.; Milligan, Willard L.; Miller, D.J. [see Stanley, Reginald]; Miller, George Miller, Charles Edwin; Miller, George Sloan; Miller, James E.; Miller, Jesse N. [see also Thomas, Margaret]; Miller, John H.; Miller, Loren R.; Miller, Philip; Mills, Peter B.; Ming, J.L.; Ming, John Hollins; Mitchell, Alexander J.; Mitchell, James B.; Mitchell, Edward [see hall, Joseph Edgar]; Mitchell, James; Mitchell, Mrs. Mary E.; Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Ellen; Mitchell, Susan Jane; Mitchell, William; Mitchell, W.L.C.
3 / 6
Moffitt, John; Monforton, Henry; Montgomery, Lee; Moody, Thomas D.; Moog Albert; Moore, Mrs. Catherine; Mood H.H.; Moore, Mrs. Irene Lewis; Moore, James L.; Moore, John M.; Moore, Mark A.; Moore, Oliver Perry; Moore, Thomas R.; Moran, Edward Valantine; Moran, Thomas; Morgan, Abraham M.; Morley, J.H.; Morley, Julius F.; Morier, Mrs. Eliza; Moore John T.; Moore, Perry J.; Moore, Sanford; Morris, David; Morris, Milt [see Walker, Joseph C.]; Morris, Mrs. Regina A.; Morris, Mrs. Robert F.; Morris, Thomas L.; Morris, W.W.; Morrow, David; Morrow, William T.; Morse, George W.; Morse, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth; Morton, George, Moss, Jorl A.; Moulton, Amos H.; Mounts, Frank M.; Muffly, Charles Sidney; Muffly, Mrs. Margaret J.; Mulvaney, Thomas B.; Mullan, John; Munger, Lyman Paige; Munger, L.P. [see Getchell, Charles H.]; Munson, L.E.; Munigbrod, Charles Frederick; Munroe, Henry; Murphy, Mrs. Addie L.; Murphy, Augustus; Murphy, Daniel; Murphy, John Thomas; Murphy, Mrs. Mary; Murphy, William C.; Murray, Benard Wilson; Murray, Elzy; Murray, Peter; Myers, William Vance
4 / 1
Napton, Kate R.; Nash, Herbert O.; Naughten, Thomas; Nave, Jacob; Nay, Martin V.; Neal, Henry S.; Neal, Mrs. Mary; Neely, James H.; Neihart, Sarah E.; Neil, Howie [see Irvines, John]; Nelse, Captain; Nelson, Marshall T.; Nelson, Arvie J.; Nelson, Arvie Smith; Nelson, Joseph M.; Nelson, Robert; Neubert, John; Neubury, Abel T.; Newkirk, Mrs. Ella; Newkirk, George W.; Newman, Asa D.; Newman, Charles H.; Newman, Edwin Martin; Newman, Nathaniel; Newman, Orson Nickison; Nichols, Alphens Fitzland; Nichols, Cassins M.; Nichols, Cynes Salveyneus; Nicholson, Mrs. Celia Marion; Nicol, Robert William; Niedenhofen, Mrs. Catherine; Noble, Mary Brooke [see Charles W. Brooke]; Noble, Mrs. Milicent Montainia; Normandin, Mrs. Frank; Norris, Frank Brown; Norris, Gilman R.; Norris, James Ephriam; Norris, Milton; Norris, William Edwards; Norton, William H.; Norton, William; Notestine, Benjamin F.; Noyes, Alva Josiah; Nye, John A.; Nyhart, Jordan L.; Nyhart, Joseph; Nyhart, Washington
4 / 2
O'Bannon, Orville Browning; O'Connell, Elizabeth; O'Gara, John M.; Oldham Gabriel Houston; Oldham, James Albert; Olds, Loren B.; Oliver, William H.; Olliager, John W.; Olson, Henry; Olsen, Mrs. Amelia; O'Donnell, Terrence; O'Neill, Eliza P.; O'Neill, Joseph; O'Neill, William; O'Rourke; John; O'Rourke, Mary Elizabeth; Orr, Mrs. Caroline M.; Orr, George [see also Irvine, Thomas, see also Hughes, Barney]; Orton, Alfred Wallace; Orton, Fred L.; Orton, James M.; Orton, S. Van; Orton, W.C.; Osborne, Jennie E.; Ostrander, Alonzo; Oswald, Mrs. Elizabeth; Otten, Herman; Owens, James
4 / 3
Padden, Mrs. Anna; Page, James Madoson; Page, Mrs. Mary C.; Page, Samuel B.; Page, Mrs. S.P.; Palmer, D.A.; Parberry, William; Pachen, Henry Martin; Park, Mrs. Alice Ellen; Park, Lucia A. Darling; Park, Perry H.; Parkhurst, Roswell; Parkison, William H.; Parmer, C.F. [see Patrick, J.W.]; Parrot, Robert; Paschall, W.S.; Patrick, John Walker; Pattee, David D.; Patterson, David; Patterson, Joseph L. [see Patterson, William H.]; Patterson, Mrs. Martha Ellen; Patterson, Jesse; Patterson, William H.; Payne, Edward Warren; Paynter, W.S.; Peabody, Benjamin [see Lull, Phineas]; Pease, Lou [see Stanton, Asa Kimbal]; Peeler, Mrs. Mary Jane; Pelkey, Robert Anthony; Pelkey, Robert A. Sr.; Pendarvis, Irene S.; Penwell, Merritt W.; Penwell, Mrs. Mary A.; Penwell, Oscar Elijah; Perkins, James; Perkins, Jennison L.; Persell, Mrs. Rebecca T.; Persell, Thomas Benton; Persell, William Edgar; Peryer, Bab East [see Keene, Harvey Lane]; Pfonts, William G.; Phelps, George H.; Phillips, Benjamin Daniel; Phillips, Mrs. Harriet W.; Phillips, John G.; Phillips, John Young; Pickens, John; Pickens, William; Picken, William; Picken, William; Pichler, A.L.; Pillsbury, A.W.; Poad, Elisha; Poindexter, Philip H.; Pollingan, G.M.; Pond, Mrs Montana Pearl; Poore, James; Pope, Francis; Pope, G.W.; Popham J.W.; Porter, George P.; Powell, Sam; Power, John W.; Powers, Mrs. Mary E.; Power, Thomas C.; Powers, Jacob M.; PowersMaurice; Poznansky, Alfred J.; Pratt, Walter Rollins; Preuitt, William Green; Price, Chalres Webster, Price, Evan J.; Price Henry Job; Price John M.; Price, Mrs. Joseeph J.; Ptomey, Nelson; Ptomey, H.C.; Putnam, Frank S.
4 / 4
Quaintance, Abal Cary; Quinn, Bernard; Quirk, John Ambrose; Quivereux, Francis; Rader, Charles Thompson; Rahn, John; Railsback, Edmond O.; Rainsford, John C.; Ralston, James Nelson, Ralston, Mrs. Mary Frances; Ralston, Ralston, Samuel F.; Ralston, Samuel Franklin Jr.; Ralston, William Alexander; Ralston, William R.; Ramsey, John M.; Rausch, Eliza F.; Raymond, Elbrider G.; Raymond, Henry; Raymond, William Hillhouse; Raymond, Winthrop; Read, Alexander Perrin; Read, Frank S.; Read, Mrs. Laura T.; Redfern, Francis; Redfern, John; Redfern, William John; Reed, George W.; Reed, John; Reed, Mary Frances; Reed, Mrs. Minnie; Reed, Randel; Reed, Tal; Reed, William [see also Tyler, Mrs. Jane]; Reese, John J.; Reeves, George P.; Reid, Mrs Margaret Gilbert; Reid, Rachel Evans; Reilly, Thomas D.; Reinhard, James P.; Reinig, Mrs. Matilda; Reins, John Powell; Reiss, Mrs. Anna Woodworth; Renshaw, Robert McAdams; Reville, Charles [see Wilds, Joseph W.]; Rew, Mrs. Frances G.; Reynolds, Mrs. Mary J.; Reynolds, Richard A.; Reynolds, Wellington
4 / 5
Richards, Henry; Richards, John D. [see also Keene, Harvey Lane]; Richardson, Samuel; Riches, James; Richter, Charlie; Richmond, Clinton M.; Richmond, Joseph Orrin; Richmond, Mrs. Sarah Jane; Rickey, Mrs. Mary; Riddle, William Chiles; Ries, John H.; Ringwald, Mrs. George J.; Ritchey, Samuel I.; Roach, Mrs. Alice J.; Roach, John M.; Robbins, William L.; Roberts, Mrs. Mary J.; Robertson, Mrs. J.S.; Robertson John S.; Robertson, Oscar Andrew; Robinson, A.C.; Robinson brothers [see Farwell, J.W.]; Robinson, Edward; Robinson, Mrs. Florence Bickett; Robinson, John Marion; Rodgers, Henry; Roe, William; Rogers, Ike and Tom [see Kimerly, Allen]; Rohrbaugh John J.; Romey, Louis; Romey, Lucien; Ronan, Mary C.; Ronan, Peter; Root, Mrs. Delia M.; Roseborough, William L.; Rosencrans, Henry J.; Rosenthal, Joseph; Ross, Eliza [see Ross, George P.]; Ross, George P.; Ross, Mrs. Mary O'Keefe; Rossback, Mrs. Lillie A. White; Rotwitt, Louis; Rotz, Azariah L.; Rowe, Charles; Rowe, Mrs. Mollie D.; Rowe, Wearn; Rowe, William; Rowley, Lyman; Rudd, Mrs. A.F.; Ruff, Frank [see Wilds, Joseph W.]; Rumler, Charles; Rumsey, William Ashley; Rutter, Thomas H.; Ryan, Edward; Ryan, William V.
4 / 6
Sabolsky, Mrs. Pauline; Sabalsky, Ruben; Sabolsky, Samuel; Laile, Raimund; StAmoure, Throphile Christin; Sander, Louis; Sanders, Benjamin F.; Sanders, George Reece; Sanders, James Upson; Sander, Junius Galusha; Sanders, Mary Esabel Bothwell; Sanders. W.E.; Sandidge, Luke D.; Sanford, Mrs. Eva; Sanford, John R.; Sanguin, S.J.; Sappington, Mrs. Henry Hitter; Sargent, Charles C.; Sarish, Joseph Saunders, Permelia Dollarhide; Savage, J.A.; Savery, Mrs. Montana Moog; Sawyer, Edmund F.; Sawyer, James [see Jackson, Joseph]; Scenland, John H.; Schemmels, Christioan; Schemrick, Henry; Scheueer, Frederick V.; Schroeder, Mrs. Emily Williams; Schulz, Frederick H.; Schulz, Mrs. Julia M.; Schwab, Benjamin; Schwab, Samuel; Scidensticker, Frederick; Scidensticker, John C.; Scott, Lafayette; Scott, Samuel; Searles, Daniel; Searles, Jesse D. [see Benjamin Franklin]; Selway, John R.; Selway, Thomas M.; Sennet Arthur H.; Shafer, David Laurence; Shafer, Mrs. D.L.; Shaffer, Amy Eva; Shaffer, Mrs. F.J.; Shanty, Willis Ogdon; Sharp, Mrs. Mary; Shaw, Mrs. Clara T.; Shaw, Thomas Melvin; Shellhan, John; Sheehan, Patrick; Sheperd, Mrs. Emme Charlotte Eklund; Sherman, C.L.; Sherman, Herbert; Sherrill, Jacob Tayler, Sheldon, Enos; Sheehy, John F.; Sheehy, Thomas J.; Sherrill, Thomas C.; Shingletom, Sanford Chancler; Shirley, W.T.; Showers, Henry S.; Showers, Harvey S.; Showers, Mary A.; Shultz, Stephen
4 / 7
Seigchrist, Henry; Sien, Frederick; Silverman, Julius; Silverman, Mrs. Leah Chavnewski; Silverman, Morris; Silverman, Moses [see Silverman, Julius]; Silverman, Nathan [see Silverman, Julius]; Simonton, Mrs. Mary E.; Simonton, Wesley Y.; Simpson, John; Sims, William; Sites, James Ezekiel; Skelley, William; Skelton, William Sr.; Skelton, William; Skidmore, Mrs. Martha Flaherty; Sklower, Mrs. Bettie Silverman; Sklower, Maximlian; Sloan, Clinton A. Sloan, J.; Sloan, John Bernard; Sloan, Washington F.; Sloan, William Crawford; Sloss, John C.; Smith, Mrs. Anna; Smith, Elias Stone; Smith, George W.; Smith, Mrs. Hannah J.; Smith, James [see Tyler, Mrs. Jane]; Smith, James MartinSmith, James S.; Smith, Mary Savina; Smith, Robert W.; Smith, Thomas F.; Smith, William; Smith, William B.; Snell, Charles H.; Solberger, Soloman F.; Spangler, Miss Susan; Sparrell, Edward H.; Sparrell, George Turner; Spencer, Almon; Spencer, Harvey; Spencer, John Alexander; Spier, Ernest; Spiller John; , Spiller, Mrs. Kate; Spitzley, Stephen; Sprague, Howard, Peter
4 / 8
Stack, May, Allen; Stafford, Isaac Samuel; Stafford, Mrs. Minnie B. Kamber; Stahl, William H.H.; Stanchfield, William A.; Stanley, Mrs. Lulu Lee Brooke [see also Charles W. Brooke]; Stanley, Reginald; Stanton, Asa Kimbal; Stark, Mrs. Fidelia A.; Starks, Jim [see Irvine, Thomas]; Steele, Mrs. Helena D.; Steele, James; Steele, Michael Thomas; Steele, George; Steffengerg, Clem; Stein, Mrs. B.; Stein, Dr.; Stein, Nathan; Stephens, Thomas F.; Stephens, William J.; Sterling, Mrs. Lucinda Worden; Stevens, David C.; Stevens, Hazard; Stevens, Ida May; Steward, John M.; Stewart, Allen; Stock, John C.; Stock, Mrs. Mary Allen; Stocker, Christopher; Stocking, Miss Katherine Lou; Stocking, Mrs. Margaret; Stocking, Winfield S.; Stolte, William; Stone, Mrs. Elizabeth E.; Stone, "Grandma"; Stone, Hiram Hayward; Stone, Howard; Stone, Mrs. Lizzie Emerson; Stoner, George [see Wilds, Joseph W.]; Stoner, Isaac Webb; Storey Edward H.; Storey, George W.; Storey, Mrs. Lucy M. Scott; Storey, Nelson; Straub, Charles F.; Strange, William; Strasburger, Isidor; Strickland, Benjamin; Strickland, Monteville; Strong, John Alexander; Strong, Mrs. Martha; Strong, Tom; Stuart, Mrs. Clara Kenney; Stuart, Miss Ellen; Stuart, William Korton [see Thomas, Margaret]; Stuart, Granville; Stuart, Henry O.; Stuart, James B.; Stuart, James Edwin; Stuart, Richard; Stubblefield, Albert; Stubbs, Chauncey; Sturgis, William; Sullivan D.; Sullivan, Jeremiah; Sulte, Benjamin; Surenant, Alfred Norman; Suprenant, John Henry; Suprenant, Louis E.; Surprenant, Joseph V.; Sutherlin, Robert Nelson; Sutherlin, W.H.; Sutton, Charles W.; Swan, Alexander; Sweeney, Bill [see Hughes, Barney]; Sweeney, Mrs. Eliza Weckmann; Sweeney, John L.; Sweeney, John M.; Sweeney, William R.; Sweet, William T.; Swift, Mrs. J.A.; Swing, John; Switzer, Andrew Walter; Switzer, Malphus A.; Switzer, Towner B.; Sykes, Harry Nathaniel; Symonton, Mary
5 / 1
Tabor, Isabell Lewis; Tabor, Mrs. J.T.; Taft, Wellington Lafayette; Talbott, James; Tandy, Edmond R.; Tate, Mrs. Rachel Virginia; Tatem, Benjamin H.; Taylor, Mrs. Charity C.; Taylor, Franklin Dubart; Taylor, Horace; Taylor, Mrs. M.E.; Taylor, Thomas T.; Taylor, William; Terrell, George Washington; Tetrault, Eugene; Tetrault, Henry; Thexton, Thomas; Thibadeau, mrs. Matilda Dalton; Thilkil, Frank [see Thomas, Margaret]; Thomas, Amos J.; Thmas, Charles; Thomas, David W.; Thomas, Daniel; Thomas, Evan E.; Thoams, George D.; Thomas, Hiram M.; Thmas, John P.; Thomas, Margaret; Morgan E.; Thomas, R.H.; Thomas, William A.; Thomas, William D.; Thomas, William E.; Thomas, William Oliver; Thomas, William P.; Thomas, W.P.; Thomas, Z. Edwin; Thompson, Charles W.; Thompson, Cyrus W.; Thompson, Job Jr.; Thompson, Mrs. Mary Etta; Thompson, Nathan; Thompson, Phillip; Thompson, Rufus; Thompson, Thomas R.; Thompson, William Thomas; Thoroughman, Mr.; Anna E. Bickett; Thoroughman, Jefferson Davis; Thoroughman, Robert Perry; Thurgood, Amelia Ann Frisch [see Thurgood, Abram Bennett]; Thrailkill, Charles W.; Thrailkill, Carroll W.; Thule, "Bloody Knife"; Thurgood, Abram Bennett; Ticknor, George E.; Tietjan, Jacob; Tillery, L.T.; Tilton, Daniel Webster; Tilton, Mrs. Helen Elvira Barber; Tinslley, Mrs. Maude; Titman, Jacob; Tom, Sam; Tomlinson, John J.; Tong, George H.; Toole, Benjamin W.; Totten, Oscar B.; Tower, Edgar M.; Town, Geoge Herbert; Townsend, Mrs. Hettie Foster; Townsend, Mrs. Lottie A.
5 / 2
Tracy, W.H.; Train, Mrs. Phebe P.; Trask, Mrs. Augusta; Travis, George; Trepp, Michael; Trombley, Charles; Tubbs, John Minor; Tucker, James H.; Tufts, James Arthur; Tuttle, Danial S.; Tuttle, Mrs. Demida J.; Tuttle, Miles L.; Tuttle, S.F.; Tyler, C.J. [see Tyler, Mrs. Jane]; Tyler, Mrs. Jane; Ulm, William; Upson, James Edward; Valiton, Mrs. Mary M.; Valiton, Peter; Van Brocklin, Eliza J.; Van Brocklin, John Wesley; Van Camp, Alfred; Vance, Mrs. Mary A.; Vanderbilt, John; Van Hoose, J.M.; Van Wart, Coles P.; Van Wart, Sarah J.; Vaughn, Robert; Verge, Mrs. Jennie Merriman; Vedder, John Gottleib; Vicars, Timothy; Vickers, Robert; Vineyard, Gordon C.; Virden, Hiram Nelson; Vivion, Robert Peel; Vivion, James M.
5 / 3
Wackerlin, Hans Jacob; Waggenor, Ruth Dailey; Wagner, Joseph; Wakefield, George W.; Walker, Alexander Milton; Walker, David Davis; Walker, Edwrd S.; Walker, James T.; Walker, Joseph C.; Walker, William; Wallace, Mrs. Mollie Griffith; Wallace, William; Walls, Frank; Wallwork, George; Walsh, Michael; Ward, Albert; Ward, Ida G.; Ward, Mrs. Loretta Sweat; Warfield, Carlos; Warmington, Henry; Warner, Orin C.; Warner, William O.; Warren, Charles S.; Watkins, Hiram; Watson, Alexander H.; Weaver, Alexander D.; Weaver, David B.; Webb, Etta A.; Webb, Webster B.; Webster, Newell Harland; Wegner, J.F.; Weikert, Andrew James; Weingart, Alfred; Weigart, Benedict; Weingart, Mrs. Elizabeth Kewt; Weingart, Mrs. Helena Shaw; Weisner, Mr.s Catherine; Welch, William; Weldon, James M.; Weller, Simeon G.; Weller, Thmas B.; Wellhouser, Henry Frederick; Wells, Albert H.; weel, Charles K.; Wells, Mrs. Winifred M. O'Connor; West, Sparten Thomas; Welleston, Daniel H. [see Pichler, A.L.]; Weston, D.H.; Weydert, Mrs. Mary Geyermann; Weydert, Peter C.; Wheat, Gilbert B.; Wheeler, Mrs. Emma Davis; White, Andrew J.; White, Robert; Whitford, O'Dillon B.
5 / 4
Wickham, Byron; Wickham, John T.; Wickham, Mrs. Margaret D.; Wickham, Patrick; Weideman, Mrs. Anna W.; Wilcomb, Mrs. Della L.; Wilcomb, Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert; Wilcox, Alvin H.; Wilcox, Timothy; Wild, Levi Sears; Wilds, Joseph W.; Wilkinson, Raleigh F.; Wilkinson, E.S.; Williams, Addison; Williams, Benjamine C.; Wiliams, Charles Edward; Williams, Charles H.; Williams, James; Williams, John Barrett; Williams, J. Fletcher; Williams, John Hart; Williams, William; Williams, William U. [see also Irvine, Thomas]; Williams, William W.; Wills, James A.; Willson, Davis; Wilson, Mrs. Auraria I.; Wilson, George R.; Wilson, John F.; Wilson, John Russell; Wilson, Joseph Sedgewick; Willson, Lester S.; Wing, George; Wing, Robert; Winslett, John W.; Winslett, Miss Mary; Winslow, Ellen Christine; Winston, John Albert; Winters, Daniel J. [see also Walker, Joseph C.]; Winters, Mrs. Elizabeth Hankins; Wirth, Charles; Wisner, Gustavus H.; Withrow, James [see Lull, Phineas]; Wolf, Gustavus A.; Wolf, James; Wonderly, Charles P.; Wonderly, Samuel B.; Wonderly, Mrs. Mary A.; Wood, Arthur Edwin; Wood, Charles Henry; Wood, George Rodney; Wood, James David; Wood, J.N.; Wood, Noah S.; Woodlock Patrick; Woods, Allen W.; Woods, Ann F.; Woods, Edwin P.; Woods, Mrs. Elizabeth F. Keaton; Woods, Montie W.; Woods, William F.; Woodson, John Archibald; Woodward, Mrs. Ella Lenora; Woodward, Mrs. William; Woodworth, George; Woodworth, John Edgar; Woody, Frank H.; Woody, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Coutryman; Woolverton, William W.; Woolman, Joseph P.; Worchester, Josiah M.; Word, Robert Lee; Word, Robert Lee; Word Samuel; Wordk William Foster; Worden, Chester E.; Worden, Frank L.; Wright, Athol F.; Wright, Henry J.; Wright, Wright, William M.; Wunderlin, Joseph T.; Wunderlin, Mrs. Martha Emma; Wunderlin, William; Wyrouck, Frank; Wyrouk, Jacob; Young, Benjamin Z.; Young, Joseph Wilson; Young, Matthew; Young, Merret M. Young, William Henry; Zeigler, Jacob; Zeigler, John A.; Zenor, Howard H.; Zimmerman, Edward J.
5 / 5
Biographical sketches: Butt, Wilson; Bishop, John F.; Bruffey, George A.; Bruffey, James F.; Bulfinch, Wlm. L.; Deacon, James; Douglas, George; Daly, John; Dottie, Henry; Deures, George W.; French, George D.; Ferster, James; Harrington, Fayette; Hall, John J.; Innes, John; Lovell, George W.; McIntosh, W. L.; McIntosh, William R.; Payne, Edward Warren; Parkison, William H.; Robinson, A.; Redding, Emanuel; Swing, John; Scheur, Frederick V.; Toston, Thomas; Tafts, James; Townsley, Benj.; Young, William H.; Young, C. J.
circa 1925

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Miscellaneous [correspondents include Henry Elling, J. U. Sanders, J. M. Lindley, C. B. Power, T. E. Collins, M. H. Lott, Walter Cooper, Nelson Story, F. D. Brown, W. A. Clark, William Coleman, Richard Lockey, Mary M. Valiton]
6 / 2
Miscellaneous [correspondents include C. O. Marcyes, Miles J. Cavanaugh, J. E. Norris, Mary M. Valiton, Thomas R. Moore, H. H. Hedges, Augusta Trask, Henry W. Evans, John Nutter, Wanda Boyington, Mae Tom, Duncan McDonald, Andrew Ehrick, Will Cave, E. W. Townsend, John H. Miller]
1931-1940, 1957

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Container(s) Description Dates
6 / 3
Miscellaneous [correspondents J. U. Sanders]

Incoming Correspondence Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
6 / 4
A - B [correspondents include Ada Aiken, Thomas R. Benton, Bozeman Chamber of Commerce, Frank D. Brown, Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway Co., Butte Miner]
6 / 5
Miles J. Cavanaugh
6 / 6
W. A. Clark
6 / 7
C - D [correspondents include Henry Cannon, Joseph M. Carey, J. W. Chowning, C. P. Connolly, C. W. Cook, Walter Cooper, W. W. Curtis, C. Dahler, William Dingwall]
6 / 8
E - G [correspondents include J. A. Featherman, Andrew Fergus, Fidelity and Casuality Co. of New York, Josephine Ford, R. S. Ford, Friedenwald Co., Andrew Garcia, Claude Glenn, Great Falls Chamber of Commerce, Great Northern Railway Co., A. F. Graeter, M. Greenfield]
6 / 9
H. H. Hedges
6 / 10
H - L [correspondents include E. M. Hall, J. E. Hall, W. T. Hamilton, Fayette Harrington, Haviland & Midtlying, Inc., F. George Heldt, David Hilger, H. J. Hoppe, P. V. Jackson, R. S. Keeley, Conrad Kohrs, S. E. Larabie, Philip Lovell]
6 / 11
Mc - Q [correspondents include J. P. McClain, May McHugh, Charles D. McLure, Horatio Maguire, John H. Maxon, George S. Miller, Henry Monforton, Thomas R. Moore, J. Sterling Morton, Edward B. Neally, Northern Pacific Railway Co., Neill O'Donnell, William C. Orton, J. W. Page]
6 / 12
R - V [correspondents include J. P. Reinhard, Charles M. Robbins Co., L. P. Sanders, William K. Sloan, A. E. Speiggs, John M. Steward, Granville Stuart, Nathan Thompson, E. W. Toole, J. K. Toole, E. W. Townsend, Mary M. Valiton]
6 / 13
Werner Company re Society of Montana Pioneers Register
6 / 14
W - Z [correspondents include Lester Willson, John Russell Wilson, A. F. Wright, Ernest A. Wright]

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Container(s) Description Dates
6 / 15
Circular letters
6 / 16
Leggat fund
August-September 1932
6 / 17
Miscellaneous [correspondents include J. M. Page, Fayette Harrington, Walter Cooper, A. M. Cleland, C. M Russel, Roy E. Ayres, Sam Hughes, John H. Miller]
1914, 1937-1938

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Container(s) Description Dates
7 / 1
Bills, statements, and receipts
7 / 2
Leggat fund applications
7 / 3-6
Reports of secretary and treasurer; miscellaneous
1896-1937, undated
7 / 7
Security bond for Miles J. Cavanaugh

Organizational Records Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
7 / 8
Constitution and bylaws
1884, 1899, 1910
7 / 9
Executive committee minutes
1899, 1907-1911, 1935
7 / 10
Membership certificate (autographed)
circa 1918
7 / 11-15
Membership lists: necrology
1886-1956, undated
8 / 1-2
Membership lists: necrology
8 / 3-6
Minutes and proceedings
1886, 1890, 1899-1906
9 / 1
Minutes and proceedings
Minutes and proceedings
10 / 1-7
Minutes and proceedings
1911-1938, undated
11 / 1
Historical registers of pioneers
Oversize Folder
MC 65-71
11 / 2
Register of attendance [includes minutes and proceedings of first annual meeting]
11 / 3
Register of attendance
Register of attendance
11 / 4
Rolls of officers, Society of Montana Pioneers
11 / 5
Rolls of officers, Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers
1898, 1934

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Container(s) Description Dates
11 / 6
List of photographs separated to the Photo Archives

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Container(s) Description Dates
11 / 7
Monument Committee; Historian
1926, undated

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Container(s) Description Dates
11 / 8
Veterans and Pioneers Memorial building

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Container(s) Description Dates
11 / 9
Forms; certificates of membership; broadsides, etc.
11 / 10
List of artifacts transferred to the Museum
Oversize Folder
MC 65-71
Philipsburg Pioneer Association constitution [Map Case-See MC 65-71 Folder]
11 / 11
Programs of annual meetings
1912, 1923, 1936, 1959
11 / 12
1927, 1935-1936

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  • Subject Terms :
  • Clubs--Montana
  • Frontier and pioneer life
  • History--Societies
  • Overland journeys
  • Women pioneers
  • Corporate Names :
  • Society of Montana Pioneers (creator)
  • Geographical Names :
  • Helena (Mont.)--Biography