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Anderson, L. Clyde
L. Clyde Anderson photograph collection
1910-1959 (inclusive)
768 photographs
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The L. Clyde Anderson photograph collection contains photographs of various sites in Salt Lake City and at the Great Salt Lake, photographs of persons and activities in and around Salt Lake City and also includes some aerial views of Salt Lake City and rural areas in Utah.
University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
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Clyde Anderson was a commercial photographer and cinematographer in Utah during the early to mid twentieth century. The subject matter of his collection varies widely, ranging from Utah scenes to portraits and Dude ranches. Anderson's collection contains many images of the Great Salt Lake, especially sailboats and motor boats. The Clyde Anderson collection also contains three folders of speed racing on the salt flats, six folders of Dude Ranch activities, and two folders of aerials and views of Salt Lake City. The remaining photographs of the collection vary much in subject matter. For additional Clyde Anderson photographs see Ski Archives P0377, Ruth Peay Collection.

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Container(s) Description Dates
Box Folder
1 1
Miscellaneous Photography
Photograph number 1: Photo of unidentified womanPhotograph number 2: Still Life painting by Clyde AndersonPhotograph number 3: Photo of film set upPhotograph number 4-7: Still Life PortraitPhotograph number 8: Bingham, UtahPhotograph number 9: "Thunderbolt" on Salt Flats
1 2
Utah Scenes
Photograph number 10: Capitol in thunderstormPhotograph number 11: Grave of W. J. WenerPhotograph number 12: Salt Lake in WinterPhotograph number 13: Aerial view of Salt Lake City business areaPhotograph number 14: Landscape in Southern UtahPhotograph number 15: Landscape
1 3
Photograph number 16-22: Skiers and ski slopePhotograph number 22a: postcard of Alta
1 4
Great Salt Lake
Photograph number 23: BirdsPhotograph number 24: SunsetPhotograph number 25: Antelope Island, Wasatch Range, Saltair ResortPhotograph number 26: Salt Lake, Wasatch Mountains, SaltairPhotograph number 27: Salt LakePhotograph number 28: Salt Flats, Salt LakePhotograph number 29: Salt Falts, Salt LakePhotograph number 30: Salt Lake/swimmersPhotograph number 31: Spring 1959 Salt LakePhotograph number 32: Brigham City Dock (?)Photograph number 33: Salt LakePhotograph number 34: Lake Park Resort
1 5
Great Salt Lake-Sailboats
Photograph number 35-43: Sailboats
1 6
Great Salt Lake-Islands
Photograph number 44-51: Islands of the Great Salt Lake
1 7
Aerial-Salt Lake City
Photograph number 52-54: Aerial Salt Lake City
1 8
Photograph number 55-58: Lewis Clyde AndersonPhotograph number 58A: Tombstone of U. J. Wenner and Kate Wenner Noble
1 9
Great Salt Lake (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 59-105: Various activities at the Great Salt LakePhotograph number 106-120: SailboatsPhotograph number 121: Clyde Anderson and wife (?)
1 10
Grand Canyon (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 121-132: View of Grand Canyon
1 11
Dude Ranch (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 133: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 134: CreekPhotograph number 135: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 136: Men huntingPhotograph number 137: Chapel of the TransfigurationPhotograph number 138: FishPhotograph number 139: Horse corralPhotograph number 140: Man at pondPhotograph number 141: ArchesPhotograph number 142: Cabin in woodsPhotograph number 143: Unidentified landscape
1 12
Bryce, Zion and Yellowstone (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 144-159: Bryce CanyonPhotograph number 160-162: Zion National ParkPhotograph number 163-165: Yellowstone National ParkPhotograph number 166: unidentified homePhotograph number 167: unidentified landscape (canyon)
1 13
Sailboats (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 168-228: Sailboats
1 14
Great Salt Lake
Photograph number 229: DockPhotograph number 230: The Great Salt LakePhotograph number 231: The Great Salt LakePhotograph number 232: Boat docksPhotograph number 233: The Salt LakePhotograph number 234: Sunset BeachPhotograph number 235: PierPhotograph number 236: SailboatPhotograph number 237: flooding (?)Photograph number 238-249: DocksPhotograph number 250: UnidentifiedPhotograph number 251: The Salt LakePhotograph number 252: DocksPhotograph number 253: Boat ridesPhotograph number 254: DocksPhotograph number 255: Sinking sailboatPhotograph number 256: KDYL and Doc Anderson Announcer Service at the Salt LakePhotograph number 257-267: DocksPhotograph number 268: Boat
1 15
Salt Lake Motor Boat Club (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 269-288: Speedboat and races
1 16
Utah Scenes (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 289: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 290-292: Canyon roadPhotograph number 293: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 294: View of mountainPhotograph number 295: Landscape: haystack, wagon, view of mountainsPhotograph number 296: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 297: Canyon roadPhotograph number 298: Canyon roadPhotograph number 299: Man in clearingPhotograph number 300: Canyon roadPhotograph number 301: DeSmet GravePhotograph number 302: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 303: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 304: Road through woodsPhotograph number 305: Road through woodsPhotograph number 306: Road through canyonPhotograph number 307: Pinckey W. Sublette tombstonePhotograph number 307A: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 308: Pinckey W. Sublette tombstonePhotograph number 309: Canyon roadPhotograph number 310: Canyon road in snowPhotograph number 311: Lake (landscape)Photograph number 312: Mountain creekPhotograph number 313: Mountain roadPhotograph number 314: Tree on hillsidePhotograph number 315: Trees on hillsidePhotograph number 316: DeSmet Grave/Monument
1 17
Portraits (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 317-323: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 324: Photo of unidentified man and womanPhotograph number 325: Photo of unidentified womanPhotograph number 326: Photo of wedding partyPhotograph number 327: Photo of unidentified manPhotograph number 328: Group Photo "Congratulations Elise and Lorin"Photograph number 329: Article: A Badge for BogartePhotograph number 330: Portrait of Clyde AndersonPhotograph number 331: Portrait of Howard Bogarte (?)Photograph number 332: Portrait of unidentified childPhotograph number 333: Portrait of unidentified childPhotograph number 334: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 335: Portrait of unidentified childPhotograph number 336: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 337: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 338: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 339: Photo of Western Airlines StewardessPhotograph number 340: Photo of Western Airlines StewardessPhotograph number 341: Portrait of unidentified womanPhotograph number 342: Portrait of unidentified woman
1 18
National Filter Media Corporation (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 343: The National Filter Media CorporationPhotograph number 344-351: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 352: The National Filter Media CorporationPhotograph number 353: Man working with film equipmentPhotograph number 354: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 355: Man working with cloth roller (?)Photograph number 356: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 357: Man working with weaving machine?Photograph number 358-362: The National Filter Media CorporationPhotograph number 363: Visual Aid: Quality Control...Photograph number 364: Visual Aid: National Filter Media Corporation...Photograph number 365: Visual Aid: National Filter Media Corporation...Photograph number 366: Visual Aid: New Haven, Connecticut...Photograph number 367: Visual Aid: Moorestown, New Jersey...Photograph number 368: Visual Aid: Weaving...Photograph number 369: Visual Aid: Salt Lake City, Utah...Photograph number 370: Visual Aid: Converting...Photograph number 371: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 373: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 374: The National Filter Media CorporationPhotograph number 375: The National Filter Media CorporationPhotograph number 376: People working in industrial sewing roomPhotograph number 377: The National Filter Media Corporation
1 19
Fort Douglas Country Club (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 378: People drinking at Ft. Douglas Country ClubPhotograph number 379: Man playing piano and people singingPhotograph number 380: Ft. Douglas Country ClubPhotograph number 381: Dining roomPhotograph number 382: Dining roomPhotograph number 383: Barmaids and BartendersPhotograph number 384: Chef and table of foodPhotograph number 385: Golf coursePhotograph number 386: Golf lodge (?)/dining roomPhotograph number 387: Entertainment trio/juice barPhotograph number 388: Entertainment trio/dining roomPhotograph number 389: Golf lodge?Photograph number 390: Golf coursePhotograph number 391: View of Salt Lake City/country roadPhotograph number 392: Golf lodge (?)Photograph number 393: Ballroom-people dancingPhotograph number 394: Dining roomPhotograph number 395: Chef and banquetPhotograph number 396: Chef and banquetPhotograph number 397-401: Dining room tablePhotograph number 402: Ballroom-people dancingPhotograph number 403: Ballroom-people dancingPhotograph number 404: People drinking at tablePhotograph number 405: Dining roomPhotograph number 406: Ballroom-people dancingPhotograph number 407: Ballroom-people dancing
February 1961
1 20
Salt Lake City (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 408: Aerial view of downtown Salt Lake CityPhotograph number 409: Main Street, 1946 (without tracks)Photograph number 410: Main Street, 1946 (with tracks)Photograph number 411: Main StreetPhotograph number 412: Mainstreet, 1946Photograph number 413: Mainstreet, 1946Photograph number 414: View of valleyPhotograph number 415: Capitol buildingPhotograph number 416: Letter from F. S. MulockPhotograph number 417: Capitol buildingPhotograph number 418: Inside the Mormon TabranaclePhotograph number 419: Art BarnPhotograph number 420: Inside Hotel UtahPhotograph number 421: Unidentified streetPhotograph number 422-427: Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 428: City County BuildingPhotograph number 429: Neighborhood housesPhotograph number 430: City County BuildingPhotograph number 431: Temple SquarePhotograph number 432: City County BuildingPhotograph number 433: Main StreetPhotograph number 434: Neighborhood housesPhotograph number 435: Aerial view of Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 436: City County BuildingPhotograph number 437: View of valley (?)Photograph number 438: Main StreetPhotograph number 439: City County BuildingPhotograph number 440: State Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 441: ChurchPhotograph number 442: Man and wagonPhotograph number 443: Unidentified street scenePhotograph number 444: Unidentified monumentPhotograph number 445: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 446: Unidentified monumentPhotograph number 447: Unidentified monumentPhotograph number 448: Seagull monument on temple squarePhotograph number 449: Brigham Young's gravePhotograph number 450: Unidentified housePhotograph number 451: Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 452: Temple SquarePhotograph number 453: State CapitolPhotograph number 454: Unidentified monumentPhotograph number 455: unidentified streetPhotograph number 456: Unidentified landscapePhotograph number 457: Supreme Court (interior)Photograph number 458: Unidentified streetPhotograph number 459: Unidentified roomPhotograph number 460: Unidentified housePhotograph number 461: State CapitolPhotograph number 462: City County BuildingPhotograph number 463: Garage
1 21
Skiing (Alta) 1942 (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 464-520: Man skiing/slalom
1 22
Utah Motor Lodge (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 521: Dean's Motor LodgePhotograph number 522: O. P. SkaggsPhotograph number 523: State Noodle House/Jones BrothersPhotograph number 524: Easton's/Sherman WilliamsPhotograph number 525: Hoffman HardwarePhotograph number 526: O. P. SkaggsPhotograph number 527: W. P. Fuller and Co./Bratten'sPhotograph number 528: O. P. SkaggsPhotograph number 529: Tourist CottagesPhotograph number 530: Utah MotelPhotograph number 531: American AutelPhotograph number 532: American AutelPhotograph number 533: Snow coming off roof (?)Photograph number 534: Bradfield Motor LodgePhotograph number 535: Bradfield Motor Lodge (rear view)Photograph number 536: Sunset LawnPhotograph number 537: Tourist ApartmentsPhotograph number 538: Tourist CourtPhotograph number 539: Travelers Motor LodgePhotograph number 540: Ken Ray Tourist Lodge
1 23
Miscellaneous (Negatives Only)
Photograph number 541-546: Wilson's transport SupplyPhotograph number 547: Boat showroomPhotograph number 548: Motor repair roomPhotograph number 549: Motor repair roomPhotograph number 550: Motor repair roomPhotograph number 551-560: Unidentified landscape and buildingsPhotograph number 561: Bolts (?)Photograph number 562: Men working in industrial workroomPhotograph number 563: Men working in industrial workroomPhotograph number 564: Bolts?Photograph number 565: Men working in industrial workroomPhotograph number 566: MachineryPhotograph number 567: Edsel FordPhotograph number 568: Edsel FordPhotograph number 569: Unidentified group photoPhotograph number 570: Edsel FordPhotograph number 571: Flower bouquetPhotograph number 572: MinersPhotograph number 573-575: Unidentified housePhotograph number 576: FlowersPhotograph number 577-578: Backyard (?)Photograph number 579-580: Men observing rocksPhotograph number 581: "Holiness to the Lord" group photoPhotograph number 582-583: unidentified group photoPhotograph number 584: Murdock Dam Spillway AlterationPhotograph number 585: Mill Creek Station No.1 Intake
1 24
Dude Ranch-Fishing (Addendum)
Photograph number 586: Man standing next to lakePhotograph number 587-592: Unidentified men and women fishing
1 25
Dude Ranch-Log Houses (Addendum)
Photograph number 593-602: Unidentified houses
1 26
Dude Ranch-Mountain Scenes (Addendum)
Photograph number 603-604: MoosePhotograph number 605-606: Women standing on rocksPhotograph number 607-608: Mountain pass with dirt road
1 27
Dude Ranch-Timberline Guest Ranches (Addendum)
Photograph number 609: Two men with horsesPhotograph number 610: Man and woman standing at corralPhotograph number 611: Men gathered around firePhotograph number 612: Horse with dead deer slung over its' backPhotograph number 613-614: Men with pack horsesPhotograph number 615: Two men and a woman with their kill and racksPhotograph number 616: Man with pack horsesPhotograph number 617: Man and woman saddling a horsePhotograph number 618: Men with rifles lined up next to vehiclePhotograph number 619: Two men overlooking a mountain valleyPhotograph number 620-621: Man and woman with horses
1 28
Dude Ranch-Miscellaneous (Addendum)
Photograph number 622: Man standing beneath a mounted deer headPhotograph number 623-624: Men cooking over wood burning stovePhotograph number 625: Pack horsesPhotograph number 626: Man riding a bucking horsePhotograph number 627-628: Pack horsesPhotograph number 629: Unidentified couplePhotograph number 630: Unidentified monumnet
1 29
Great Salt Lake-Aerial Views (Addendum)
Photograph number 631-638: Aerial views
1 30
Great Salt Lake-General Scenes (Addendum)
Photograph number 639-640: HarborPhotograph number 641-642: SeagullsPhotograph number 643-647: Harbor and dockPhotograph number 648-649: Railroad carsPhotograph number 650-651: Salt depsoitsPhotograph number 652-654: Harbor and dockPhotograph number 655: Sailor sitting on old anchorPhotograph number 656: Dock filled with people
1 31
Great Salt Lake-Motor Boating (Addendum)
Photograph number 657-662: Motor boatsPhotograph number 663: RacingPhotograph number 664: Looking east. The Oquirrh mountains and Kennecott smelter is in the foreground and the Wasatch mountains in the background.Photograph number 665: Launching boatsPhotograph number 666: "Applesauce"
1 32-33
Great Salt Lake-Sailing (Addendum)
Photograph number 667-708: Sail boats
1 34
Great Salt Lake-Sunsets (Addendum)
Photograph number 709-712: Sunsets

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Container(s): Box 1A

Container(s) Description
Box Folder
1 35
Racing on the Salt Flats-John Cobb (Addendum)
Photograph number 713-714: Early racing car of John CobbPhotograph number 715-721: Car with which John Cobb set the world record
1 36
Racing on the Salt Flats-George Eyston (Addendum)
Photograph number 722-731: George Eyston and his London Furrier, "Thunderbolt." This car was later painted black.
1 37
Racing on the Salt Flats-Miscellaneous (Addendum)
Photograph number 732: Sir Malcolm Campbell's "Bluebird," 1935 (Photograph printed backwards)Photograph number 733: Ab Jenkins in his "Mormon Meteor" racing past the "pit stop" tent on the "Endurance Run" on 10 mile circle.Photograph number 734-735: Newsmen at the Salt FlatsPhotograph number 736: Racing stripe on the Salt Flats
1 38
Filming (Addendum)
Photograph number 737: Unidentified man filming, photograph taken by D.F. Davis.Photograph number 738: Unidentified man filming in Southern UtahPhotograph number 739: Left To Right: Lee Orr, Fox morritone; George Lyng, News of the Day, MGM; Cunning Kaus, Pathe News; Freeman, Pathe News
1 39
Salt Lake City (Addendum)
Photograph number 740: Aerial viewPhotograph number 741: Looking north down Main StreetPhotograph number 742: Salt Lake City, UtahPhotograph number 743-744: Mormon Tabernacle ChoirPhotograph number 745: Renovation of the Mormon Tabernacle?Photograph number 746: L.D.S. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) TemplePhotograph number 747: Seagull Monument on Temple SquarePhotograph number 748: Temple SquarePhotograph number 749: Interior of the Utah State Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 750-752: Utah State Capitol BuildingPhotograph number 753: Cathedral of the MadelinePhotograph number 754-755: City and County BuildingPhotograph number 756-757: Salt Lake City, UtahPhotograph number 758-759: Main Street before the track removal by Salt Lake City Lines, June 21, 1946
1 40
Utah Scenery (Addendum)
Photograph number 760-761: Southern UtahPhotograph number 762: Log cabinPhotograph number 763: Setting sun and treePhotograph number 764: Old log cabinPhotograph number 765: Tree scenePhotograph number 766-768: Men with wagons

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Container(s) Description
Box Folder
2 1
  • 430 and 436: Salt Lake City and County Building

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  • Geographical Names :
  • Great Salt Lake Region (Utah)--Photographs
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Buildings, structures, etc.---Photographs
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)--Photographs
  • Utah--Photographs
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  • Aerial photographs
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