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UW Ethnomusicology Archives recordings: Film Session: Anzonini del Puerto
2 items  :  OT - 2 reels (7.5 ips, 2 tr. stereo, 7"); 2 wav files (48 kHz, 24-bit); Duration: 00:55:30
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Soundtrack for film session in the University of Washington Meany orchestral practice studio, July 13, 1979.
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Manuel Bermunez Junquera, cantaor and gypsy dancer, better known internationally in the world of flamenco art with the stage name of ANZONINI DEL PUERTO, was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) in the year of 1917, and died in Seville in 1983, Ansonini Although he was born in Jerez, he lived in El Puerto (where he had a butcher's shop for many years), in Morón, Madrid and Seville, and he spent long periods on the Californian coast, because of that enormous link he had with the moronense flamenco. In fact, circulates a video on iternet that presents him as "gypsy and meat butcher of bull." In all these places he left his mark, and of all of them he fed his cantaor and bailaor style. It also happened in the 60s for the tablaos of Madrid and the Costa del Sol, as well as for the Andalusian bass festivals of the early 70s. In fact, the cantaor and bailaor did not start professionally until he was 60.

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Flamenco music and dance: Anzonini del Puerto (Manuel Bermudez)/voice, "tabla," palmas, dance; accompanied by Gary Hayes/guitar (info from original archive sheet)

Contents: "bulerias & solea por buleria"; conversation in English and Spanish (seating, mic, and lighting arrangements as well as general conversation)

Film and soundtrack recorded by Gary Margason, John Ricker and Lucy Dunsmoor.

Equipment: (sound) Nagra IV-S, 2 Neumann KM 83 mics (omni, battery operated), Ampex 407 analog tape; (film) Arriflex camera, 16mm, with Angeneux 120 lens, zoom 12 to 120mm (battery operated); universal sync motor control; film - 7247, color negative 2, Eastman.

Transmission Data: Digital files created 4/2013 - 79-33.1.wav (37:39), 79-33.2.wav (18:07) (48 kHz, 24-bit)

For VHS and Betacam SP videocassette and DVD copies of film, see collection 2001-27.

Documentation: Original archive sheet (includes staging diagram)

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