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Eden, Chris
Chris Eden Photographs
circa 1985-2006 (inclusive)
4 x 5 in. color transparencies, CDs, photographs, negatives, and slides (18 boxes)
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Photographs of Seattle and vicinity architecture by Chris Eden
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections
Special Collections
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-543-1929
Fax: 206-543-1931
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Chris Eden is an architectural photographer from Seattle.

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Architectural photographs of buildings in Seattle and vicinity. Also includes portraits of Jacob Lawrence.

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Donor: Chris Eden, February 25, 2017.

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Series 1:  Transparencies and Negatives, 1985-2006Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Transparencies and negatives
ERA Univeristy House (c. '98), Callison Projects (includes Northgate), DPR Santa Monica, ALA Moana, Nordstrom Flagship store, Boeing in Everett, Fashion SQ, APA: Baker House Mercer Island and Alki House, Imax, Singapore (Phases I & II, c. '87), FORMA projects (San Francisco, c. '85-86), Westin Chicago (c. '86), Calgary/Toronto (c. 87), and Discoveries Store in Toronto; also includes misc. negatives and transparencies (c. '99)
circa 1985-1999
Transparencies and negatives
Hunter Douglas, ASICS (c. '97), Dexter/Juanita, MNID: Abella and Shelby, RCI Inc. Design Consultants: Jumby Bay (Walker House, Villas A-D, Outdoors, general, c. '98), RCI Interiors: Capestany ('96), Ventec Corp.: The Retail Group, Larry Rousch (c. '86-88), Pacific Rim Woodmark, PHA: Lighting Design (Hong Kong and Rose Garden. c. '95-97), Palace Hotel in Madrid ('97); also misc. transparencies and negatives (c. '03-04)
circa 1986-2004
Transparencies and negatives
Markie Nelson Interior Design (c. '85-86), Gates Residence Garage, Consolidated Restaurants, Charter Construction (Lakeshore Residence, Seattle Athletic Club, Golf Driving range, AT&T Tacoma), Cornerstone (c. '87), Cutler Architecture, DHR (c. '87), Dworsky & Associates: HBO, Bill Gates Residence (c. '89), Eden Arts - Marketing and Examples, Documentary Book Publishing, Michael Doss, ERA: Lakeshore, Whatcom County Museum: Vietnam Project (c. '88), Six Degrees/Greenlake
circa 1985-1989
Transparencies and negatives
George Suyama Architects (c. '86-87), Woodmark Hotel, ZGF (Zimmer, Gunsal, Fresca): Kirkland Library (c. '95), WM Walker Woodworks, Tim Walker Architecture (c. '86-88), Nowinski projects (Richmond Beach, NYC Trans, and Highlands, c. '89), DHW (Dawson, Hoshide, Willaims) projects (Hellman Residence, Highlands/Richmond Beach, Madrona Residence, Bonsai/Weyerhauser, St. Joseph, c. '89-90), Bill Walker - Evan Photos, Stephen Pemberton, Wyatt/Stapper (David Anthony and Parkerhouse Restaurant, Yakima), KPG: Saratoga Inn, Hoshide/Williams: Bainbridge Island, Lake Washington Rowing Club ('95), Lee/Rovtar Associates: Hyatt Scottsdale (c. '87, Olympic Community College, and Miller/Hall: Seattle City Light and Vashon (c. '97)
circa 1985-1997
Transparencies and negatives
Miller/Hull: Decatur Island House, Lighthouse - Fairmont Hotel, Museum of Flight (c. '87), Hoshide Williams (Bloxom, Bainbridge Island Project, Madrona Residence Kitchen, Beaux Arts, c. '94), Hirsh Bender: Pan Pacific Hotel - Vancouver (c. '86), Nowinski: Richmond Beach (c. '89), Lamar EFAW: Hoeschen-Goldberg Residence, Shawn Hubbard Graphic Design (c. '86), Tim Girvin Design Assoc. (Signage, Red Jag, Decatur Island with Miller/Hull, c. '86), Jerry Fulks (Burke Museum, Group EMP Portraits, Jordan Todd, Morris Residence, Fulks Residence, Williams Residence, Mossley Residence, Seattle Tennis Club, Wright Residence, Finnrow Residence, Chamberlin, Wilkenson Residence, B&W Suite, Brotman, M.K. Fish Building, c. '96), David Fukui Architecture (c. '90), Fong/Miagawa: Sunrider
circa 1986-1996
Transparencies and negatives
Tri Met, Hoshide, Canatsey (Stonehouse, Dacatur Island, Neuschwarger Residence, Rosene Residence, c. '98), Bumgardner (Sound Mind and Body Fremont, Inn at Pt. Gardner, Theater Shoot, Business Space Design mock up, Bumgardner offices, misc., c. 85-86), Boat Boats Boats (c. '90), Bernie Baker - Alki House, Buffalo Design Offices and Outtakes (c. '90), Fred Bassetti (Gateway Tower, Franklin HS and NMRW sea house, The Landing in Ketchikan
circa 1985-2006
Transparencies and negatives
Suncadia, and Hunter Douglas (Best, 2nds, 3rds, Discards, C. '06), Fong/Miagawa - August Moon, Flying Fish (c. '95-96), Walker, Ida Culver Exteriors, Fulks/Neely, Charter Construction - Condos, MNID, Fulks, Forma - Ida Culver (c. '91), Brix Interiors, Trio Condos
circa 1990-2006
Transparencies and negatives
Bernie Baker (Hirst, Personal Residence, c. '96), Arello/Christofides - Fairview, APA (Eden Estates, Eastlake project), Charter Construction (Factoria Church, Spring Hill Residence, Interbay Progress Photos, AT&T Tacoma, c. '97), Alexa Milton Interior Design - Bainbridge Island House. Hoshide Williams (Hellman, Agee, Proctor Landing, unlabeled projects), ENM Architecture (c. '98), Charter Construction (Residential Highlights, Smeraldo Pics, Logo/Tobias Pics, Charter Construction office, Nordstrom Residence, unlabeled projects, '98), E. Cobb Architets - Firmani, Brookwood Residence, Bernie Baker - APA Alki, F. Wilkenson, Horne Remodel, Callison (Space Needle, unidentified project), Waterfront Residence - B. Gehl, WDS/Home Remodel, Trio Condos, Suzanne McGoldrick, Stride Rite - KC,
circa 1996-2006
Transparencies and negatives
AV CDG and All Star, Lemay (c. '03), Clark (DaVinci, Qliance), Charter Construction - V. Condo, Fulks Condo, Hoshide Williams - Proctor Landing, Payless NYC (Harlem, SoHo, 14th), MNID Luxe - Selects and Exp, Space Needle (Best and Day, Twilight, Night), and Med Dental Lobby and WG, Brix - MNID.
circa 1999-2003

Series 2:  Images and files, 1985-2006Return to Top

Container(s) Description Dates
Images and files
Callison Projects, Singapore (Phases I & II,), FORMA projects, Westin Chicago, Calgary/Toronto, Larry Rousch, PHA: Lighting Design, Pacific Rim Woodmark, Jumby Bay,Ventec Corp, RCI Interiors: Capestany, MNID, Whatcom County Museum: Vietnam Project, Michael Doss.
circa 1985-2004
Images and files
Consolidated Restaurants, Bill Gates Residence, Markie Nelson Interior Design, George Suyama Architects, Nowinski projects, DHW (Dawson, Hoshide, Willaims) projects, Lee/Rovtar Associates, , Tim Walker Architecture, Kirkland Library, Fong/Miagawa, David Fukui Architecture, Fulks, Tim Girvin Design Assoc., Lamar EFAW: Hoeschen-Goldberg ResidenceNowinski,
circa 1985-1998
Images and files
Museum of Flight, Miller/Hall The Landing in Ketchikan, Fulks/Neely - master file (CD-Rs), Forma-Ida Culver, MNID, Fong/Miagawa - August Moon, Bumgardner offices, Boat Boats Boats, Bernie Baker, Buffalo Design Offices and Outtakes, Fred Bassetti, Asix (John Walters, band photos), Ryan Phelps/Heddi Hank Porter (VR discs) Bernie Baker, Arello/Christofides, Charter Construction, Alexa Milton Interior Design, Hoshide Williams.
circa 1985-2006
Image and files
APA, All Star, MNID, Hoshide Williams, Lemay, Clark Design Group, Payless NYC- Digitals (CD-Rs),, Misc. unidentified prints, transparencies, negatives, and CD-Rs

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Subject Terms

  • Buildings--Washington (State)--Seattle--Photographs
  • Dwellings--Washington (State)--Seattle--Photographs

Personal Names

  • Eden, Chris (Photographer)--Archives
  • Gates, Bill 1955---Homes and haunts--Photographs
  • Lawrence, Jacob 1917-2000--Photographs

Corporate Names

  • Museum of Flight (Seattle, Wash.)--Photographs

Form or Genre Terms

  • Negatives (photographs)
  • Photographs
  • Transparencies

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Subject Terms

  • Visual Materials Collections (University of Washington)