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Savage, George Milton, 1865-1938
George Milton Savage photograph collection
circa 1886-1926 (inclusive)
.42 cubic feet (1 box)
106 photographs ; various sizes
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Photographs of road and bridge construction done by George Milton Savage, founder of the Savage and Scofield company which focussed on municipal work
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George Milton Savage was born in Minnesota on May 20, 1865 to parents John Nelson Savage and Anna M. (Kilmer) Savage. In 1884 the Savages left Minnesota and traveled by covered wagon to Tacoma. George began working as a contractor in 1889, chiefly doing pile driving and wharf work around Olympia. In 1891 he teamed with George Scofield to create the company Savage & Scofield. The company moved to Tacoma in 1901.

While in Tacoma, George Savage began the George Milton Savage Company in 1903, which concentrated on municipal work, the Independent Asphalt Paving Company, the Savage-Scofield Investment Company and the George Milton Savage Investment Company. In addition, he held high positions in the Northwest Contract Company, the Alaska Barge Company, the Washington Paving Company and the Yakima Paving Company.

On November 7, 1888 George Savage married Annie F. Sibley. They had two children, Ethel Francis and George Milton Savage Jr.. Ethel Francis later married Arthur Lawrence Clarke, who teamed up with his father-in-law to form the A.L. Clark Paving Co. George Milton Savage Jr. became a professor at the University of California and a famous playwright. George Milton Savage Sr. died on Nov. 11, 1938.

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Photographs of the roads, bridges and other public projects constructed by George Milton Savage and his various companies.

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Container(s) Description Dates
George Milton Savage
Mr. Savage began working as a contractor in 1889. By 1903, he is listed as the George Milton Savage Company
Box/Folder item
1/1 1
 Five men and a young boy clearing trees and brush in Wright Park, Tacoma, Washington
C.E. & Hattie King (photographer)
George Milton Savage is the third man from the right.
circa 1886
1/1 2 circa 1889
1/1 3
 Group of pile drivers on the City Waterway, Tacoma, Washington
J. T. Wagness, Sunbeam Photo Gallery, Tacoma (Photographer)
George Milton Savage is standing third from the right.
circa 1889
1/1 4 circa 1899
1/1 5
 View across bridge near Olympia, Washington
Rogers, Olympia (Photographer)
circa 1899
1/1 6 circa 1899
1/2 7-8
 Drawbridge on the west side of Olympia, Washington
This is the second iteration of this bridge. The first was built in 1869 and the final bridge was built in 1921.
1/2 9 circa 1906
1/2 10
 Two barges being loaded with sandstone from the Waldron Island, Washington
"Barges carried rocks from here to build jetty at Copalis. George Milton Savage owned barges and had contract for building jetty."
circa 1908
1/2 11
 Men standing on jetty in Grays Harbor, Washington
Written on verso: Jetty on Grays Harbor. Built by George M. Savage. Rocks from Waldron Island.
circa 1908
1/2 12
 Truck dumping rocks on jetty, Grays Harbor, Washington
Written on verso: Dumping rocks on jetty.
circa 1908
1/2 13 circa 1908
1/2 14
 Workers and machinery working on rock jetty, Waldron Island, Washington
Written on verso: Waldron Island jetty work.
circa 1908
1/2 15
 Crew on construction site
Gale, Lynden, Washington (Photographer)
"My crew excavating, we will have the roof on in about two weeks have about 300 yards of concrete poured now. Or in luck having fine weather. Business looks quite good in the picture although many men idle at front. George Savage"
circa 1910
1/2 16
 Huber steam road roller
On verso: George Milton Savage owned oneSign in the photograph reads: I'm a Huber steam road roller. See my scarifier attachment!!! I make new roads of old material. I can pull a big road grader too. I weigh 13 tons loaded. Charley Whitley is my engineer. J.D. Caldwell Co., Butte: My Agents.
circa 1910
1/3 17-18 circa 1910
1/4 19
 Men inspecting Nisqually Power Plant area, La Grande, Tacoma, Washington
Written on verso: Preliminary investigation of the Nisqually Power Plant Project at La Grande
circa 1911
1/4 20
 People on cliff looking at water, La Grande, Tacoma, Washington
Written on verso: Citizens committee investigating proposed Nisqually Municipal Power Project.
circa 1911
1/4 21
 Chamber of Commerce standing on train flatbead, Tacoma, Washington
Written on verso: Chamber of Commerce up Canyon drive to investigate Tacoma City Ligt possibilities-Mr. and Mrs. George Milton Savage, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Clark among those on car.
circa 1911
1/4 22
 Crew surfacing road
Written on verso: Putting down crushed rock, covering with oil, running roller over.
circa 1910-1913
1/4 23
 Crew constructing road
Written on verso: Ribbon setting
circa 1912
1/4 24 circa 1910-1913
1/4 25
Street scene with asphalt paving, Lynden, Washington
Written on verso: 19,000 square yards.
1/4 26 circa 1914
1/4 27
 Men around steam roller and a big rock taken from Catch Basin, Anacortes, Washington
Written on verso: Big rock taken from catch Basin-pulled out and hauled away by steam roller. Piling up sand and gravel in background-Anacortes, Washington L.I.D. #104 July, 1914.
July 1914
1/5 28-29
Road with direction sign, Palouse, Washington
Written on verso: Palouse L.I.D. No 3.
June 1916
1/5 30-31
 Downtown street view, Palouse, Washington
Written on verso: Palouse L.I.D. No 3.
June 1916
1/5 32
Paved road with powerlines, Palouse, Washington
June 1916
1/5 33
Paved road, Palouse, Washington
June 1916
1/5 34 1918
1/6 35 September, 1918
1/6 36
 Eight ton tandem roller on Whatcom County road, Washington
Written on verso: 8 ton tandem roller sept 23-1918 Whatcom Co. road NE Diag.
September 23, 1918
1/6 37
 Men paving in Whatcom County, Washington
Written on verso: Whatcom Co-12 1/2 Miles-1C.Con. N.E. Diag Road. Sept 23-1918.
September 23, 1918
1/6 38
 Pipe in trench, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: Looking west from about [ill.] 560, showing pipe in hard oan trench after about two years. Note: Timbers across trench are remains of old platform used for double handling of earth in excavating deep trench. Original cut [ill.] on back was marked out 14.2.
November 19, 1919
1/6 39-40
Pipe in trench, Everett, Washington
Written on verso of 39: Looking east from approx. station 560 showing pipe in hard pan trench.Written on verso of 40: Looking west from approximately station 545.
November 19, 1919
1/6 41-43
 Pipe resting on concrete columns above ground, Everett, Washington
Written on verso of 41: Looking South from about station 3+10 toward worth portal of tunnell #1-showing pipe constructed on concrete piers, station 3+11 to 5+35.Written on verso of 42: Looking north from about station 5+35-showing pipe constructed on concrete piers, and of concrete around pipe at station 3+10, log jamb over pipe at station 2+50 dam and housing over intake in background.Written on verso of 43: East end of steel pipe at the N. Fork of Woods [ill.] showing width of carved in trench where enormous quantities of earth, trees etc. slid into trench. Steel pipe [ill.] under old grade of Wagner and Wilson's logging railroad at this joint.
November 19, 1919
1/6 44-45
Pipes and logs in the forest, Everett, Washington
November 19, 1919
1/7 46-49
Sultan River and riverbank, Everett, Washington
November 18, 1919
1/7 50
Path in forest, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: Showing 17 foot out at about station 479- Note showing and bracing still in place. Original grade shows cut of above 5 feet on this hill.
November 19, 1919
1/7 51
 Workers paving road, Yakima, Washington
Written on verso: 6th Ave North of Yakima Ave.
circa 1919
1/7 52
Dirt road looking east, Yakima, Washington
Written on verso: So. First St. Job-on Adams St. looking east. North Yakima.
circa 1919
1/7 53-54 circa 1921
1/7 55 circa 1922
1/7 56
Construction site
1/8 57
 Street scene, Tenino, Washington
A. M. Hawley, Tacoma (Photographer)
1/8 58
 Road crew paving
On verso: Roller of George M. Savage.
OS1 59
 Road crew paving with George Savage on steamroller
The White Studio,Yakima (photographer)
Written on verso: Herman with George Milton Savage.
1/8 60
 Men paving street
On verso: Paving for George M. Savage Co.
1/8 61
 South Union Street in south Tacoma, Washington
Written on verso: Mr. Savage paved most of Tacoma.
1/8 62
Building Tacoma Power Plant, Tacoma, Washington
1/8 63 undated
1/8 64
Paved road in front of Lincoln High School, Tacoma, Washington
1/8 65
Bridge over river on the Westport Road from Aberdeen to Bay City, in Gray's Harbor County, Washington
Hegg (Photographer)
1/9 66-68 undated
1/9 69-70
Bridge over unknown river
G.W. Gordon, Montesano, Washington (Photographer)
1/10 71
Men and women standing on a bridge
Hegg (Photographer)
1/10 72 undated
1/10 73 undated
1/11 74
Dump truck
1/11 75
Carts loaded with sandbags
1/11 76-77
Donkey engine
Savage & Scofield (1891-1902)
Located in Olympia until 1900. Primarily did pile driving and bridge building until they enlarged the business with a significant contract with Northern Pacific in 1901. Following that contract, Savage & Scofield enlarged their scope by purchasing a tug boat, rock quarry and scows. Following a short retirement, the company became Savage, Scofield & Co in 1905.
Box/Folder item
1/12 78 circa 1895
1/12 79-80 1897
Independent Asphalt Paving Co. (1906-1911)
Formed to compete with the Barber asphalt trust.
Box/Folder item
1/13 81 circa 1906
1/13 82 circa 1906
1/13 83 July 8, 1906
1/13 84 circa 1908
Washington Paving Co. (1911-post 1917)
Partners: Cornell Brothers, George Milton Savage, Schofield. Begun in 1911
Box/Folder item
1/14 85
Steam shovel dumping dirt into a wagon
On verso: Mixing sand and gravel. Tacoma
circa 1911
1/14 86 circa 1912
1/14 87
 Road crew constructing the highway between North Puyallup and Sumner, Washington
A.L. Clark stands to the left of the cement mixer.
1/15 88
 Road crew grading on Soos Creek--above Auburn, Washington
Written on verso: Grading on Soos Creek above Auburn. Between Auburn-Black Diamond. Partners Cornell, Savag, Schofield.
1/15 89-90
 Gravel road leading from Auburn to Enumclaw
Written on verson of 87: Auburn, Enumclaw road. Washington Paving Co. George Milton Savage one of partners.Written on verso of 88: Auburn Enumclaw road- Clearing Grubbing Grading Graveling-8 miles-Washington paving Co.
1/15 91-92 August 4, 1916
1/16 93
Gravel bar on Nooksack River, Washington
From accompanying material: Later developed by Washington Paving Co. to supply material for paving 12 miles of concrete highway between Bellingham city limits and Deming, Washington.
1/16 94
Pipe near railroad track, Everett Water System, Washington
Written on verso: 30" steel pipe line laid under Sultan R.R. Co. tracks in the Philchuck Creek Valley. This job was a $600.000.00 job and was built under very severe conditions-shortage of labor-inflated prices of materilas and labor. Similar conditions that private work has had to contend with during this war. It took characters such as Mr. Savage had to compete a lot under such conditions and at a loss of $2000.000.00.
1/16 95
 Railroad tracks falling into river, damage caused from a flood of the Snohomish River, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: This picture is a view of the damage caused by flood water of the Snohomish River to CM & St. Paul R.R. Tracks between Everett and Snohomish. This photo was taken as evidence to protect our company from damage suits wehich we were afraid would be brought against us for damages caused to farms and other property on Eve Island which was covered by water 12 ft. deep for 90 days...
1/16 96
 Railroad track damage casue by a flood, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: Dykes and RR were washed out causing serious damage to Ebe Island Wash. paving Co. held this contract with the City of Everett to lay 25 miles of pipeline and build the dam in the Sultan River Canyon- a $600,000.00 job.
1/16 97
Flooded river with Dam underwater, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: Dam underwater during construction of Everett Water Supply System. Note water washing back of diversion wall-also note log left on top of diversion wall as the flood receeded. You can see the break in trhe flow of the water at the top of the dam. Built by Washington Paving Co.
1/16 98
Snohomish River flood covering Ebe Island, Everett, Washington
Written on verso: Everett watersystem job by Wash. Paving Co. Flood water from Snohomish River covering Ebe Island-which damaged our company to the extent of approximately $20,000.00. Steel pipe line runs approximately thru the center of this photo.
1/16 99
Snohomish River flood covering Ebe Island, Everett, Washington
1/16 100
Building and road, Whatcom County, Washington
Written on verso: Paving by Washington Paving Co. Geo Milton Savage pres. about 1918-I think this was Demming or Wash or Anacortes Wash.
A.L. Clark Paving Co.
George Milton Savage formed the A.L. Clark Paving Co. with his son-in-law, Arthur Lawrence Clark.
Box/Folder item
1/17 101 undated
1/17 102
Paved road through woods
Written on verso: Part built by A. L. Clark, and part by George Milton Savage
Savage & Bonnell
Box/Folder item
1/17 103 1926
Container(s) Description Dates
Box/Folder item
1/18 104 circa 1893
1/18 105
 Savage residence on Franklin Street in Olympia, Washington
"Roy Savage, Ethel Savage, Annie Francis Savage"
circa 1899
1/18 106
 George M. Savage residence in Tacoma, Washington
Written on verso: Bought by George M. Savage. Family refused to live in such a big house.The William Ross Rust House is a house in Tacoma, Washington built in 1905 for William Ross Rust, then President of the Tacoma Smelter and Refining Company. The house was designed by Ambrose J. Russell, who worked for Russell & Babcock, and built by Charles Miller. It was built of Wilkeson sandstone, with a green, glazed terracotta tile roof, 18 rooms, 4 baths, and 8 fireplaces. It was modeled after the John A. McCall Mansion in Monmouth County, New Jersey. In October of 1910, Mr. Rust sold the house to George M. Savage and moved to a more "modest" mansion on Yakima Avenue, Tacoma.
circa 1910

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