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Pyper, George Dollinger, 1860-1943
George Dollinger Pyper papers
1834-1975 (inclusive)
44 linear feet
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The George Dollinger Pyper papers (1834-1975) consist primarily of correspondence, scrapbooks, diaries, news clippings, programs, contracts, scripts, broadsides, and scores documenting George Dollinger Pyper's career as manager of the Salt Lake Theatre. Pyper served as manager of the Salt Lake Theatre from 1898 to 1929. He also served as general superintendent of the Deseret Sunday School Union and as a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Some of the materials have been digitized and are available online.
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George Dollinger Pyper (1860-1943) was manager of the Salt Lake Theater from 1898 until its destruction in 1929. Nicknamed the "Cathedral in the Desert," the Salt Lake Theater became an attraction for Pyper at an early age as he watched performances from the top gallery. He received a formal introduction to the theater with his first operatic role in Patience in 1885 and sang as the leading tenor in the Salt Lake Opera Company for the next twenty-five years. His love for the Salt Lake Theater led him to publish a history called The Romance of an Old Playhouse in 1928. The book describes Utah and Mormon history, the building of the theater, and the events that took place within. After retiring from the theater business, Pyper devoted the rest of his life to working on LDS Church publications and managing the Musical Arts Society.

Pyper was born 21 November 1860, to Alexander C. and Christiana D. Pyper in Salt Lake City, Utah. While growing up there he helped his father raise silkworms, feeding them with food from Brigham Young's mulberry grove, and herded cows in the Sugarhouse area. He attended school in the Sugarhouse and Twelfth Ward schools, and for a short time in Brigham Young's private school. He also attended the University of Deseret and studied law for two years. While attending the university, he met Emmaretta Smith Whitney, the daughter of Horace K. and Mary Cravath Whitney. They were married in the LDS Endowment House on 24 September 1883, and later had two children, Retta and George W. Pyper.

Pyper became a police court clerk in 1875 at the age of fourteen, while his father served as judge, and held that post until 1882, when his father died. Between 1883 and 1890, he was a justice of the peace, performing exactly 100 marriages, and served as an alderman and police judge. Most of his life, however, was devoted to music and the performing arts. In addition to his position in the Salt Lake Opera Company, Pyper was a member of the Tabernacle Choir, touring with them in their 1893 trips to Chicago and San Francisco, as well as managing the 1911 trip to the National Irrigation Congress in New York and the concerts en route. He also sung at hundreds of funerals, was one of early members of the Orpheus Club, belonged to the Philharmonic Society, and was president of the Salt Lake Civic Music Association in the 1930s. His devotion to music and the LDS Church led him to write a book entitled Stories of Latter-day Saint Hymns, Their Authors and Composers (1939) in which he documented the history of many hymns.

In 1890, Pyper became assistant secretary of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society and the secretary of the Utah state fair organization. These two positions helped him organize Utah's agricultural exhibit at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair as well as Utah's exhibit at the Tennessee Centennial in 1897. His activities within his community included being a member of the first Salt Lake Board of Education and the first city library board, a charter member of the Orpheus Club, and a member of the Rotary Club.

Pyper was called to serve an LDS mission--along with Brigham H. Roberts, Melvin J. Ballard, and Edward Midgley--in 1896. The original arrangement was for Roberts to talk and for the others to sing and say the prayers, but before too long they all shared the speaking duties. In 1897 he was appointed to the Descret Sunday School, building up its programs and increasing its membership. In 1918 he became a member of the Sunday School general superintendency, under David O. McKay, and in 1934 he became the general superintendent. While in these offices he helped publish church magazines such as The Instructor. For the LDS Church centennial in 1930, Pyper wrote and produced a pageant called "The Message of the Ages," which was performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The pageant was performed again in 1947 to celebrate the centennial of the first pioneers to settle in the Salt Lake Valley. George D. Pyper died in Salt Lake City on 17 January 1943.

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The George Dollinger Pyper papers (1834-1975) consist of documents relating to the personal and professional life of George Dollinger Pyper (1860-1943), manager of the Salt Lake Theater from 1898 to 1929. Some of the materials have been digitized and are available online.

Section I of the collection contains the personal and family papers of George D. Pyper. They are located in boxes 1-9 and date from 1853 to 1943. Correspondence, condolence letters and tributes to Pyper upon his death, as well as invitations and event programs are located in box 1. This box also houses correspondence and biographical information concerning Pyper's wife, Emmaretta Smith Whitney Pyper. Pyper's involvement in numerous social clubs and events, as well as in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) is reflected in box 2. Included are invitations, correspondence, newsletters, certificates, membership cards, and news clippings concerning the American Land and Irrigation Exposition, the Salt Lake Rotary Club, the Hot Air Club, and the Deseret Sunday School. A record of marriages performed by Pyper as justice of the peace, and later as an alderman and police judge, during the 1880s is also located in box 2. Box 3 houses poetry, articles written by and about Pyper, and other personal materials.

Also included in Section I are talks and sermons, diaries, day books, and scrapbooks. The talks and sermons are located in boxes 4-5 and are undated. Included are funeral sermons given by Pyper, as well as talks on pioneers, mothers, teachers, education, child development, the historic aspects of Salt Lake City's State Street, humor, and other subjects. Many of Pyper's talks and sermons were given in behalf of the Deseret Sunday School Board, of which he was a member, and are labeled as such. Stories, correspondence, and poetry that Pyper used in many of his talks are also included in these boxes. Diaries and day books are located in box 6. Two scrapbooks, housed in boxes 7-8, contain information on the Salt Lake Theater, federal and state politics, the LDS Church, crime in Utah, and musical and other events. Correspondence, certificates, patriarchal blessings, bills, receipts, and notes concerning Pyper's father, Alexander Pyper, and mother, Christiana Dollinger Pyper, are housed in box 9.

Section II consists of theater materials, particularly those documenting activities at the Salt Lake Theater. They date from 1849-1975 and are housed in boxes 10-68. The Salt Lake Theater was built in 1862 under the direction of Brigham Young and managed by Pyper from 1898 to 1929. Correspondence, financial information, and account books concerning the Salt Lake Theater are found in boxes 10-12. Programs, play scripts, and prompt books used for Salt Lake Theater productions or by performers of the theater are in boxes 13-58. The theater programs, in boxes 13-16A, are arranged chronologically while the play scripts and prompt books are arranged alphabetically. Additional documents relating to the Salt Lake Theater are housed in boxes 59-61. Historical information, a listing of rules and regulations, building structure documents, deeds, materials on the dedication and memorial ceremonies, as well as publications about the theater are in box 59. Documents, including contracts and agreements, testimonials, biographies, rosters, and news clippings regarding performances and performers of the theater are housed in box 60.

One of the most prominent performers of the Salt Lake Theater was Maude Adams. She debuted there as an infant in The Lost Child and later became famous for her role as Peter Pan on New York's Broadway. Correspondence, publications concerning Adams and her various acting roles, a contract, speeches by Pyper about Adams, and news clippings featuring Adams are found in box 62 and date from 1899 to 1945. Also present is a 1975 invitation concerning Adams's induction into the Pioneer State Theater Hall of Fame.

Section II also consists of documents relating to the Salt Lake Dramatic Association, the Salt Lake Opera Company, and theaters outside of Utah. An index of "players," plays, and play dates for the Deseret Dramatic Association, the Walker Opera House, and the Salt Lake Theater from the 1860s-1890s and 1901-1902 is located in box 63. Salt Lake Dramatic Association meeting minutes, as well as tax, stock, and financial information for this organization can be found in boxes 64-65. Box 65 also contains an undated Salt Lake Opera Company record book. Documents related to theaters outside of Utah are in boxes 67-68. The bulk of these materials consists of theater programs from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and other cities. Some of these theaters include the Lyceum, McVicker's, Proctor's, Colonial, Wilkes, Hooley's, and various New York theaters. Box 68 also includes correspondence and news clippings concerning "The Marcus Show" (an international traveling performance group), newsprint pictures of actors and actresses, a picture booklet depicting the character roles of actor Edward Sothern, and unidentified theater record books.

Music files, dating from 1856 to 1948, constitute Section III of the collection. They are housed in boxes 69-80 and include agreements and contracts between the Salt Lake Theater and performers from the Musical Arts Society; correspondence, news clippings, and other documents relating to music groups and individuals in Utah; information on the LDS Tabernacle Choir's founder and conductor, Evan Stephens; materials for the choir's centennial celebration, and tours; and music scores. Boxes 69-72 contain documents relating to the Musical Arts Society. As manager of the Salt Lake Theater, Pyper was responsible for booking performances for the theater. Boxes 69-71 contain contracts, agreements, notes, and some correspondence regarding performances in the theater. They are listed alphabetically by the performer or performance group and include individuals such as Amelita Galli-Curci, Lucy Gates, Josef Hofmann, Vladimir Horowitz, Ignance Paderekski, Will Rogers, and Sousa's Band. Box 72 houses a scrapbook featuring news clippings and programs for many of the individuals and groups listed in the preceding boxes. Documents concerning music groups and musicians specifically from Utah are located in boxes 73-74. Information on the Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra, George Careless, Emma Lucy Gates, Susa Young Gates, H. E. Giles, and John J. McClellan is present.

Materials concerning the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, dating from 1889 to 1947, are in boxes 75-78. Evan Stephens established and conducted the choir from the 1890s to 1916. Music scores and books by Stephens, as well as news clippings on his death and LDS Church history are housed in box 75. The choir's celebration of the LDS Church's centennial in 1930 resulted in the production, "The Message of the Ages, A Sacred Pageant." Programs, announcements, scripts, music scores, and news clippings concerning this event are in box 76. Also included in this box is a centennial celebration booklet, One Hundred Years, written by Pyper and a 1947 program commemorating the centennial held in 1930. In 1911 the choir took a tour, managed by Pyper, of the United States. Correspondence, expense reports, programs, itineraries, news clippings, and a scrapbook regarding this and future tours in the 1930s are in boxes 77-78. The last two boxes in this section contain musical scores and compilations by various authors that date from the 1880s to 1933.

Section IV of the collection consists of religious, civic, and miscellaneous documents. They are located in boxes 81-84 and date from 1834 to 1940. Materials concerning the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are housed in box 81. Birthday programs, news clippings, writings, patriarchal blessings, pamphlets, and postcards concerning Heber J. Grant, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, Wilford Woodruff, and LDS Church history are included. Box 82 houses documents relating to the Tennessee Centennial Exposition held in 1897. Pyper was a member of the centennial commission representing the state of Utah. Correspondence, a booth register, a list of agricultural entries, Pyper's commission membership certificate, and a ground plan of the exposition's agricultural building are found in this box. Box 83 contains miscellaneous items collected by Pyper such as publications, Salt Lake City election tickets (some listing him as candidate for treasurer and others with Brigham Young for governor), postcards, and guidebooks. Also included is information on sericulture. This section also includes oversize materials, located in box 84. Broadsides, certificates, painting reproductions, and publications are housed in this box. Additional oversize broadsides are located in the Manuscripts Division map case.

Some original documents were taken out of the collection and placed in the Manuscripts Division's Safe and Reserve Collections. These materials may be viewed only with permission from the Manuscripts Division Curator or other authorized persons. Photocopies replaced the originals in Pyper's collection.

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Personal and Family PapersReturn to Top

This section consists of Pyper's personal documents as well as some documents relating to his wife, Emmaretta, and his parents, Alexander and Christiana Pyper. Pyper's personal correspondence is located in box 1, folders 1-9. Biographical information on Pyper and his wife is included in box 2. Other family materials are located in box 9. Of interest are diary entries written by Christiana Pyper concerning the Mormon exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois, located in box 9, folders 13-14. A record of marriages performed by Pyper as a Salt Lake City judge from 1883 to 1887 can be found in box 2, folder 11. Mining deeds, notes on the Lion House (one-time home of Brigham Young), poetry, and news articles collected by Pyper are in boxes 2, folders 16-19 and box 3. Some of the talks and sermons in box 5 were given as radio broadcasts. The scrapbook in box 7 contains news clippings only, many of which concern Pyper as police judge. The scrapbook in box 8 was found in a disassembled state and contains invitations, passes to events, programs, and information on the Panama-Pacific Exposition. Several of these items concern an Ida M. Savage. Her relationship to Pyper, if any, is unknown.

Container(s) Description Dates
Personal Files
Box Folder
1 1-9
1 10-11
Condolence Letters Concerning Pyper's Death
1 12
" How Diamonds are Made," Biography of Pyper
1 13-15
Funeral Services for Pyper
These folders include talks and news clippings.
1 16
Tributes to Pyper
1 17
Emmaretta Smith Whitney Pyper, Correspondence and Biographical Information
1 18
Wedding Invitation and News Clipping
1 19-20
Invitations and Event Programs
2 1
American Land and Irrigation Exposition, Opening Invitation
2 2-4
Salt Lake Rotary Club
Included are correspondence, poetry, editions of, and notes.
1927-1934; 1943
2 5
Hot Air Club, Annual Clam Bake Programs
1923-1924; 1926
2 6
Deseret Sunday School, News Clippings
2 7
Income Tax Return Worksheet
2 8-9
These concern Pyper's activities in the LDS Church and Utah communities. Some correspondence is also included.
2 10
Membership Cards for Salt Lake Clubs and Organizations
2 11
Record of Marriages Performed by Pyper
2 12
2 13
House Mortgage
2 14
Evan Stephen's Estate Agreement
2 15
Trip to Europe
This folder houses correspondence and food menus.
2 16-17
Mining Deeds
1870s; 1915; 1917; 1926
2 18
Lion House History, Notes
2 19
Accounts of Administration to the Sick
1888; 1891
3 1
" India," Draft
3 2-3
Poetry Collected by Pyper
3 4
Articles Written by Pyper
3 5-6
News Articles Concerning Pyper
3 7
Talks and Sermons
Talks and Sermons
6 1-2
6 1
6 3-6
Day Books
1880s-1890s; 1942
This scrapbook contains news clippings concerning performances and performers at the Salt Lake Theater, federal and state politics, the LDS Church, arrests of various individuals in Utah for unlawful or immoral acts, minorities in the United States, and musical events. Many of the articles regarding crime involved Pyper as judge or an interested party. Also included are two posters announcing Utah's Territorial Fair in 1894.
This scrapbook was found in a disassembled state. Because there did not seem to be an original order, like materials have been grouped together.
Event and Membership Passes
Programs and Cast Lists
These materials are for theater, music, and dance in Salt Lake City and other United States cities. Programs for the Barnum & Bailey Circus and other events are also included.
Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Included are invitations, passes, programs, and a " Horticulture Day" ribbon.
News Clippings Concerning Theater and Dance Productions
Pyper Family
Box Folder
9 1-10
1853-1918; 1930
9 11
Alexander Pyper, Certificates
9 12-15
Christina Dollinger Pyper
These folders include a patriarchal blessing, diary entries concerning Nauvoo, and condolence letters concerning Christiana Pyper's death.
1859-1919; 1925
9 16
Bills and Receipts
1882; 1891-1896; 1902
9 17
Patriarchal Blessings
These are for Robert Campbell, Alricous H. Patterson, and Christiana Pyper.
9 18

Theater MaterialsReturn to Top

This section focuses on the Salt Lake Theater but also includes materials pertaining to Maude Adams, the Salt Lake Dramatic Association, the Salt Lake Opera Company, and theaters and performers throughout the United States. Boxes 13-58 contain programs, scripts, or prompt books that are arranged alphabetically. Some are also signed by actress Julia Dean Hayne, including scripts for (1849) located in box 17, folders 5-7. Box 60, folders 3-4 contain testimonials to Pyper by those who attended the first dramatic performance in the theater. Many of these were used in Pyper's book, (1928). Correspondence, notes, and drafts of this book are in box 59, folders 8-12. News clippings concerning the destruction of the Salt Lake Theater are located in box 60, folder 15. Information on Maude Adams's performances is in box 62. Folder 6 of that box contains a publication concerning her role as the first Peter Pan. Programs, news clippings, and pictures of other famous actors, actresses, and theaters in the United States are listed alphabetically in boxes 67-68.

Container(s) Description Dates
Salt Lake Theater
Financial Information
circa 1867-1928
Box Folder
11 1
Receipt for " Special Tax"
circa 1867
11 2
Checks and Check Stubs
1928 June-September
11 3-6
Bills and Statements
1875; 1891; 1912-1913
11 7-15
Record Books
1901-1905; 1920-1928
Box Folder
12 1-2
Account Books
12 3
Record of Engagements
Box Folder
15 1-7
15 8-11
Motion Picture Programs
1900-1901; 1926
15 12
German Grand Opera Company Program
15 13-17
Dance Programs
1865; 1877; 1888-1890; 1908
Play Scripts
1849; 1899; 1902
Box Folder
17 1
17 2
17 3
The Black Tulip
17 4
Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines
17 5-7
Lucretia Borgia
17 8
Madam Butterfly
17 9
Ought We to Tell Him?
17 10
An Unequal Match
Prompt Books, A-Bia
Prompt Books, Bia-Cas
Prompt Books, Cha-Cin
Prompt Books, Civ-Cou
Prompt Books, Cri-Dec
Prompt Books, Dec-Eas
Prompt Books, Eas-Ern
Prompt Books, Eus-Fet
Prompt Books, Fet-Fro
Prompt Books, Fro-Gre
Prompt Books, Gre-Ham
Prompt Books, Han-Hem
Prompt Books, Hen-Hon
Prompt Books, Hop-Hun
Prompt Books, Hun-Ion
Prompt Books, Ion-Jac
Prompt Books, Jac-Lau
Prompt Books, Lav-Lon
Prompt Books, Lon-Luc
Prompt Books, Luc-Mar
Prompt Books, Mar-Mas
Prompt Books, Mer-Mol
Prompt Books, Mol-My
Prompt Books, My
Prompt Books, Nai-Not
Prompt Books, Not-Nym
Prompt Books, O
Prompt Books, P-Pho
Prompt Books, Pil-Pri
Prompt Books, Pri-Q
Prompt Books, Raf-Ric
Prompt Books, Ric-Ros
Prompt Books, Ros-Shi
Prompt Books, Shi-Sta
Prompt Books, Ste-Syb
Prompt Books, Ted-Tim
Prompt Books, Tim-Und
Prompt Books, Une-Wai
Prompt Books, Wai-Whi
Prompt Books, Whi-Wom
Prompt Books, Wom-Wy
59 1
Salt Lake Theater History
circa 1915
59 2
Rules and Regulations
59 3
Building Structure
Included are correspondence and a certificate of survey.
1902; 1912; 1927
59 4
Theater Memorial Tablet, Correspondence
59 5
Plaque Dedication
Correspondence and a program commemorating the building of the SaltLake Theater are housed in this folder.
59 6
Salt Lake Theater Corporation Deeds
59 7
Festival at Brigham Young University, Program Script and Correspondence
59 8-12
Romance of an Old Playhouse, by George D. Pyper
Included are correspondence, notes, and drafts.
1905; 1927-1942
59 13
The Drama in Utah, The Story of the Salt Lake Theater, by Horace G. Whitney
59 14-16
The Theater
Select volumes from 1907-1909 and 1912 are contained in these folders.
60 1-2
Contracts and Agreements
These are mainly between the Salt Lake Theater and the Salt Lake Dramatic Association.
60 3-4
Brief histories, written in response to an advertisement Pyper placed in the Deseret News, by those who attended the first dramatic performance in the Salt Lake Theater are in these folders.
60 5
Viola Prall Gillette, Magazine Articles
1902; 1905
60 6
Harry Horsley, Biography
60 7
Lists of Actors/Actresses, Guarantors, and Managers
60 8-9
Lists of Plays Performed in the Salt Lake Theater
60 10
Record of Performances from 1862 to 1902 Compiled by H.L.A. Culmer
1862; 1902
60 11
Dates of Performances from 1863-1900
1863; 1900
60 12
Stationery Samples
60 13-19
News Clippings
Included is information on the Salt Lake Theater's history; its managers and actors/actresses; its destruction; and its affiliation with the Salt Lake Opera Company.
60 20
Maude Adams
Box Folder
62 1
1928; 1930; 1945
62 2
The Maude Adams Book
62 3
Maude Adams Acting Edition of Romeo and Juliet
62 4
Maude Adams in L'Aiglon
62 5
Maude Adams in the Little Minister
62 6
Maude Adams in Peter Pan
62 7
Maude Adams in Chantecler
62 8
Contract between Adams and the Salt Lake Theater
1904 May
62 9
This invitation concerns Adams's induction into the Pioneer State Theater Hall of Fame.
62 10
Speeches by Pyper about Maude Adams.
62 11-12
News Clippings
The clippings focus on Adams's acting career and her association with the Salt Lake Theater. Also included is information on Julia Dean Hayne's acting career.
Index of Players, Plays, and Play Dates for the Deseret Dramatic Association, the Walker Opera House, and the Salt Lake Theater
1860s-1890s; 1901-1902
Salt Lake Dramatic Association
Box Folder
64 1
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
64 2
Capital Stock Tax Return
64 3
Included are lists of stockholders and shares.
64 4
Checks and Checkbook
64 5
Financial Reports
1917; 1926-1928
64 6-11
Account Book
1899-1910; 1912
Salt Lake Dramatic Association and Salt Lake Opera Company
Box Volume
65 1-2
Salt Lake Dramatic Association Cash Book and Engagement Record
1889-1904; 1924-1929
65 3
Salt Lake Opera Company Record Book
Salt Lake Opera Company
Salt Lake Dramatic Association Cash Book and Engagement Record
1889-1904; 1924-1929
Salt Lake Opera Company Record Book
Box Folder
66 1-3
Robin Hood
These folders hold a record book, financial information, and a news clipping concerning this production.
66 4
List of Members
66 5
News Clippings
1907; 1912
General Theater File, Programs
Box Folder
67 1
Amphi Theater
67 2
Casino Theater
67 3
Central Theater
67 4
Chicago Opera House
67 5
Colonial Theater
67 6
Empress Theater
67 7
Hippodrome Theater
1920 and 1922
67 8
Hooley's Theater
67 9
Loew's Theater
67 10
Lyceum Theater
This folder also includes a history of the theater and a poem written for the final performance at the theater.
67 11
McVicker's Theater
67 12-13
New York Theater
This folder also includes a souvenir program for the second annual Festival of the Friars.
1873-1890s; 1909
67 14
Orpheum Theater
1913; 1917
67 15
Pantages Theater
1912; 1921
67 16
Philadelphia Theaters
1850-1851; 1887-1888
67 17
Proctor's Theater
67 18
Utah Theater
67 19-20
Wilkes Theater
67 21
The Diamond Master, by Jacques Futrelle, Adapted by Robert F. Roden
circa 1915
67 22
Madam Butterfly
67 23
The Mikado
67 24
The Spectre Bridegroom
67 25
1869-1913; 1931
General Theater File
Box Folder
68 1-3
The Marcus Show, Correspondence and News Clippings
68 4
Julia Marlowe, News Clipping
68 5
Edward Sothern, Picture Booklet of Role Plays
68 6-7
Newsprint Pictures of Actors and Actresses
68 8
The Marie Burrough's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities
68 9
Complete Catalog of Royalty and Non-Royalty Productions
This publication includes an index to casts of royalty productions as well as a listing of operas, operettas, and musical comedies.
68 10
The Moving Picture Weekly, Volume 12, Number 20
68 11
The American Dramatists Club List, Number 5
68 12
Actor's Fund of America, By-law Extracts
68 13
Discourse on Morals and the Theatrical Institution by J. F. W. Ware
68 14-15
Record Books
These are undated, unidentified, handwritten books containing theater addresses, production dates, and actor/actress names from various areas around the western United States.

Music FilesReturn to Top

These files reflect Pyper's interest in music and involvement in several music groups. Materials concerning the Salt Lake Musical Arts Society, located in boxes 69-72, are arranged alphabetically by the individual or group contracted to perform. A scrapbook in box 72 contains news clippings and programs concerning those performances. Box 73, folder 5, includes sketches of various music organizations. Folders 8-12 of the same box contain information on individual musicians such as Emma Lucy Gates, Susa Young Gates, H. E. Giles, and John J. McClellan. Speeches by Pyper on music are in box 74, folders 1-3. Music scores by Evan Stephens, a conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, are in box 75, folders 1-6. Music scores and a director's script for Pyper's production, "The Message of the Ages" are located in box 76, folders 3-5. Some writings on Hindu music appreciation are located in folder 5 of box 79. Music speeches and scores by Pyper are found in box 80, folders 1-3.

Container(s) Description Dates
Salt Lake Musical Arts Society
Box Folder
69 1
Frances Alda
69 2-3
Barrere's Little Symphony
69 4
Edwin Booth
1881; 1887
69 5
Emma Calve
69 6
Pablo Cassals
69 7
Mario Chanilee
69 8
Mischa Ellman
69 9
The English Singers
69 10
Florentine Choir
69 11
Ignaz Friedman
69 12
69 13-15
1922; 1926; 1929
69 16
Mary Garden
69 17
Lucy Gates and the Trio de Lutece
69 18
Percy Grainger
69 19
Louis Graveure
69 20
Charles Hackett
69 21
Roland Hayes
69 22
Jascha Heifetz
69 23
Shuman Heinke
69 24
Josef Hofmann
69 25
Vladimir Horowitz
69 26
Hans Kindler
69 27
69 28-29
Fritz Kreisler
1917; 1922
69 30
Harry Lauder
69 31
Liebeslieder Ensemble
69 32
London String Quartet
69 33
Guy Maier and Lee Pattison
69 34
Richard Mansfield
69 35
Margaret Matzenauer
70 1
John McCormack
70 2
Melba Concert Co.
70 3
New York String Quartet
70 4-5
Ignance Paderekski
1925-1926; 1931
70 6
Kathleen Parlow
70 7
May Peterson
70 8
Rosa Ponselle
70 9
70 10-13
Will Rogers
Correspondence is also included.
70 14
Roth Quartet
70 15
Russian Symphonic Choir
70 16
Alberto Salvi
70 17
Tito Schipa
70 18
Ernestine Schumann-Heink
70 19
Henri Scott
70 20
Albert Shepherd
70 21-26
Sousa's Band
1904; 1921; 1923; 1926-1927
71 1
Lawrence Strauss
71 2
Marie Sundelius
71 3
Marion Talley
71 4-5
Lawrence Tibbett
1927; 1930
71 6
John Charles Thomas
71 7
71 8-9
Alma Gluck and Efrem Zimbalist
1921-1922; 1925
71 10
Musical Arts Society, Scrapbook
Music and Musicians in Utah
Box Folder
73 1-4
Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra
Correspondence, notes, meeting minutes, donations, and news clippings are in these folders.
1904-1911; 1940s
73 5
Salt Lake Musical Organizations
Included are notes, correspondence, financial information, and sketches about organizations such as the Salt Lake Philharmonic Orchestra, the Olsen Orchestra, the Salt Lake Theater Orchestra, the Hauerbach Band and others.
73 6
George Careless, Letter and Program
1907; 1921
73 7
Emma Lucy Gates
News clippings, broadsides, and programs are in this folder.
1925-1926; 1948
73 8
Susa Young Gates
Included is a small card with a picture of Gates on one side and the Lion House as it appeared in 1856 on the other. There is also a typescript, supposedly by Gates, on the nature and origin of LDS hymns.
73 9
H. E. Giles
This folder contains a letter and a collection of eight anthems from the oratorio "The Plan of Salvation," composed and arranged by Giles.
73 10-12
John J. McClellan
Correspondence, testimonial receipts, concert programs and newsletters are included.
1893; 1904; 1923-1925; 1930
73 13
"Utah Music and Musicians," Salt Lake Tribune
1938 January 23
73 14-20
Salt Lake City Music Programs and Broadsides
74 1-3
Music Speeches by George D. Pyper
74 4
Sheet Music Written by Pyper and Hugh Dougall
Music for " My Prayer," " I Think of Thee," and " Sweetheart, I'm Waiting" are included.
74 5
Salt Lake Tabernacle Book of Prices and Musical Performances
This does not include performances by the Tabernacle Choir.
74 6
Notebook Containing Names of Individual and Company Performers
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Evan Stephens
Box Folder
75 1
The Song Garland, A Second Reader of Vocal Music, by Evan Stephens
circa 1897
75 2
The School and Primary Songster, by Evan Stephens
75 3
The Vision, by Evan Stephens
75 4
The Martyrs, by Evan Stephens
75 5
The Vision and The Martyrs, Compiled Edition
75 6
Brief Compositions by Evan Stephens
75 7
News Clippings
These concern Stephens's death and the history of the LDS Church, with the focus being on Joseph Smith.
1898; 1933; 1939
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Centennial Celebration
Box Folder
76 1-6
" The Message of the Ages, A Sacred Pageant"
These folders contain a program, announcements to pageant members, a director's script and conductor's score, and a news clipping.
76 7
One Hundred Years, Centennial Celebration Booklet
76 8
" The Message of the Ages, A Sacred Pageant," Program
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Tours
Box Folder
77 1-10
1911 March-November
77 11
Expenses of George E. Carpenter
77 12
Expense Report to Executive Committee
77 13
Guide to Harmanus Bleecker Hall for 1910-1911 Season
77 14-15
77 16-17
Itineraries and Train Schedules
77 18
Address Book
77 19
News Clippings
77 20
" Six Thousand Miles with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir"
77 21
California Tour, Itinerary
77 22
News Clippings
77 23
Tour Scrapbook
Musical Scores and Compilations
Box Folder
79 1
El Capitan, Book by Charles Klein, Music by John Philip Sousa
79 2
Four-part Songs for Women's Voices, List
79 3
Frederick Chopin Works for the Pianoforte, Ballades Revised and Fingered by Raphael Joseffy
79 4
Galaxy of Song
79 5
Hindu Music Appreciation
This folder includes writings on the background of Hindu music and Hinduism, as well as information on Hindu music groups, such as Shankar and his company of dancers.
79 6
How to Compose Music, by Julius Vogler
79 7
" Maid of the West"
79 8
" O'er Hill and Dale," by Ethelbert Nevin
79 9
" Old Vienna" Musical Program
79 10
" Poetic Tone-Pictures for Pianoforte," by Grieg
79 11
Rubenstein Pianoforte Album, Volume 1
79 12
Said Pasha, Music by Richard Stahl
79 13
Twelve Brilliant and Melodious Studies for the Piano, by Fr. Burgmuler
79 14
" Victor Herbert and his Orchestra, A Brief Summary of His Career as Composer and Conductor"
79 15
" The Waiting Time"
80 1
Chauncey Olcott's Song Successes in His New Production,The Isle of Dreams
80 2
Compositions for Pianoforte by Edvard Grieg
80 3
" Deep in My Beloved Heart, Beloved," Poem by Addison Madeira, Music by Chas. L. Johnson
80 4
" A Dream," by J. C. Bartlett
80 5
" Gavotte von Gluck," by Johannes Brahms
80 6
" I Remember You," Words by Vincent Bryan, Music by Harry von-Tilzer
80 7
" Madcap Marjorie," by Frederick Norton
80 8
Modern Classic Composers
80 9
Selected Compositions for the Piano by Modern Masters
80 10
" Some Day When You Are Mine," Words by Fred G. Rover, Music by Geoffrey O'Hara
80 11
" That's What the Rose Said to Me," Music by Leo Edwards, Lyric by B. F. Barnett
80 12
" Walzer-Intermezzo," Text by Victor Leon and Leo Stein, Music by Franz Lehar
80 13
" What's the Use of Dreaming," by Joseph E. Howard

Religious, Civic, and General DocumentsReturn to Top

This section consists of documents relating to the LDS Church, Pyper's involvement in the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and his collection of miscellaneous items. Many of the LDS materials concern past prophets or prominent members, including Heber J. Grant, Brigham Young, Orson Pratt, Wilford Woodruff, and Joseph Smith, Jr. These materials are in box 81, folders 1-13. Folder 11 includes information concerning the motion picture, News clippings and postcards regarding Joseph Smith's history are in folders 15-16 and 19. Pyper's commission certificate, as well as correspondence, a booth register, and other documents for the Tennessee Exposition are in box 82. Miscellaneous items, including King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's coronation program and news clippings in folders 6-7, some 1895 Salt Lake election tickets listing Brigham Young as candidate for governor in folder 16, and writings on sericulture in folders 24-28, are included in box 83.

Container(s) Description Dates
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Box Folder
81 1-9
Heber J. Grant
Included are birthday programs, " Treasures I Would Share" by Heber J. Grant, a Christmas card, Arizona Temple dedication passes, and booklets signed by Grant and given to Pyper and others as gifts.
81 10-11
Brigham Young
Included is a newsprint picture of Brigham Young, " said to be the earliest picture of the President," as well as news clippings and a program concerning a motion picture.
81 12
Orson Pratt
Patriarchal blessings for Sarah M. and Orson Pratt, as well as Orson Pratt's genealogical information, are included.
1834; 1843
81 13
Wilford Woodruff, Transcript of a Vision Received by Woodruff
81 14
Marriage Ceremony Instruction Form
81 15-16
Church Centennial Anniversary, News Clippings
The majority of the articles focus on the LDS Church's history, including Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon; Brigham Young and the settling of Salt Lake City; and the organization of the Relief Society, Mutual Improvement Association, and other programs. Also included are articles on LDS temples (notably the Hawaii temple) and membership growth.
81 17
These discuss temples, hymns, and Mormon beliefs.
81 18
News Clippings
Most of these concern the exodus of Mormons to the Salt Lake Valley.
1882; 1897; 1935
81 19
Postcards of Nauvoo, Illinois, and Sharon, Vermont
Tennessee Centennial Exposition
Box Folder
82 1-9
82 10
Utah Booth Register
This is a record of those who visited the Utah booth at the exposition.
82 11
Premium List of the Agricultural Department
82 12
Commission Membership Certificate
This was Pyper's official appointment to the centennial commission.
82 13
Included are stationery for various companies, notes, and a ground plan for the agricultural building at the exposition.
Subject Files
Box Folder
83 1-2
World's Columbian Exposition Programs and Official Catalog
83 3
Manhattan Beach Programme
83 4
Evans Evans Conducted Tours Programme
83 5
Description of the Regalia of Scotland, by Sir Walter Scott
circa 1909
83 6-7
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Coronation Program and News Clippings
83 8
The Instructor, Volume 69, Number 2
83 9
" Singing Tree," by Kathleen Bagley Nelson
83 10
Paradise of the Pacific
1931 December
83 11
" Robert Heller in Great Salt Lake City, Utah"
83 12
The Beacon, Volume 1, Number 3
83 13
Salt Lake City Parade Program, Photocopy
1869 July 24
83 14
Deseret Territorial Currency, Photocopy
83 15
Salt Lake City Municipal Government Roster, Rules, and Minutes
1869; 1884-1885
83 16
Salt Lake City Municipal Election Tickets
These list Brigham Young as candidate for governor circa 1865 and George D. Pyper as candidate for treasurer in 1895.
1865; 1895
83 17
Salt Lake City Official Amusement Guide
83 18
Open House Reception Program for the Board of Education's New Administration Building
83 19
Postcards Depicting Early Salt Lake City Buildings
83 20
Souvenir Album of Lookout Mountain Chickamuga and Chattanooga National Military Park
83 21
Handbook of Rochester, New York
83 22
Albany, New York, Pocket Map
83 23
Des Moines Map and Guide Book
83 24
" The Story of a Silkworm," Improvement Era, Volume 38, Number 11
83 25
Silk Culture, A Treatise on the Silkworm and its Habits, Edited by S. Katogi
83 26
Utah Silk Association Certificate
83 27
Sericulture: Instruction in the Art of Producing Silk
83 28
News Clipping on Sericulture
83 29
Event Passes
Included are photocopies of passes for the LDS Salt Lake Temple dedication, the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, and Woodrow Wilson's presidential reception.
1893; 1909; 1919
Box Folder
84 1
These announce Gregor Piatigorsky's concert at Kingsbury Hall and the motion picture release of Beau Geste.
circa 1930
84 2
1901; 1909; 1926
84 3
Painting Reproductions
84 4
New York Dramatic News, and New York Dramatic Mirror
1899; 1907
84 5
The Herald-Republican

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