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Oregon State University. Libraries.
Libraries Moving Images
1960-2012 (inclusive)
1963-2010 (bulk)
1.10 cubic feet, including 28 VHS videotapes; 7 film reels; 5 MiniDV tapes; 5 DVDs; and 1 open-reel tape, (2 boxes)
148 MBytes, (39 files)
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FV 083
The Libraries Moving Images consist of videotapes, DVDs, motion picture films, and other recording formats that document library milestones, events and services, and provide insight into the people, programs and collections that have been crucial to the Kerr and Valley Libraries' missions since the early 1960s. In addition to tutorials produced for the benefit of students and faculty, the collection includes several items created with donor audiences in mind. Much of the collection has been migrated to digital format and a subset of these materials is available online.
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The first "official" college library was likely that of the Adelphian Literary Society, which in 1880 had acquired the Corvallis Library Association's Library. Ten years later, the Adelphians transferred their 605-volume library to the college. By 1899, when the first full-time, nonstudent librarian, Arthur Stimpson, was appointed, the collection had grown to 3000 volumes and 500 pamphlets and bulletins. The first professional librarian, Ida A. Kidder, was appointed in 1908.

Initially housed in the Administration Building (now Benton Hall), a structure for the library was constructed in 1918 with funds appropriated by the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed a year earlier. Named Kidder Hall in honor of Ida Kidder, the library was re-named in 1954 for William Jasper Kerr, president of OSU from 1907-1932 and first chancellor of the State System of Higher Education.

Despite the construction of a west wing to the library building in 1941, space needs continued to become increasingly acute with the expansion of collections and staff. In the late 1950s, planning began for a new structure that was completed in 1963 and expanded in 1971 with the addition of two floors. A branch of the Library at the OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center was completed in 1976 and eventually named for Marilyn Potts Guin, the first librarian there.

Increasing demand for space drove plans for further expansion and renovation of the library building that began in 1988 and gained momentum with the approval of funds from the Legislative Assembly in 1993. Owing to the success of a fundraising campaign to raise private money to match state funds, expansion efforts began in 1996 and were completed in 1999. The Kerr Library was renamed the Valley Library in 1995 in honor of the Wayne and Gladys Valley Family, whose foundation donated $10 million to library expansion efforts.

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The Libraries Moving Images consist of numerous formats including, predominantly, VHS videotapes as well as motion picture films and one 1/2-inch open reel tape. Born digital content captured to DVD is included as well. All of the content originally captured to VHS and DVD has been migrated off of the accessioned storage media and is available upon patron request. Multiple motion picture films have also been migrated to digital format. A subset of the collection's migrated content is available online.

Generally speaking, the items held in this collection were either created to highlight library spaces and services, or to document specific events sponsored by or held within the Kerr and Valley Libraries. One subset of four films described in Series 1 was acquired by the OSU Centennial Committee in 1967-68. These films are thematically dissimilar from the rest of the materials housed in this collection, but remain organized within the collection as a result of head librarian Rodney Waldron's service as chair of the Centennial Committee.

The collection's largest content set is a series of twelve VHS videotapes documenting nineteen lectures organized by the Friends of the Library Public Education program in the 1980s and early 1990s. These lectures were typically delivered by members of the OSU faculty and were meant to contextualize and draw attention to particular resources or services housed within the Kerr Library. Prominent faculty members including artist Nelson Sandgren, art historian Henry Sayre, English professor Michael Oriard and soil scientist Benno Warkentin contributed to the series.

The collection also includes several promotional or instructional items created from 1960 to 2009 and typically produced with a student or faculty audience in mind. In addition to several orientation-style productions that provide a broad survey of library resources and services, the collection also includes specific films that focus more intently on a particular tool such as the LOLITA acquisitions module or the OASIS online catalog. Multiple items created for purposes of donor patronage are held within the collection as well.

Documentation of various library events round out the collection. Of particular interest are recordings of the Valley Library groundbreaking in 1996 and the building's subsequent dedication in 1999. Likewise preserved within the collection are lectures focusing on technical innovation, library assessment, and open access.

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Series 1:  Motion Picture Films, 1960-1968Return to Top

7 film reels

The films held in series 1 include three library orientation shorts produced for students and faculty, and four additional films acquired by the OSU Centennial Committee, which was chaired by OSU's head librarian, Rodney Waldron.

Description Dates
FV083:001: "Oregon State College Library Tour"
An overview of the structure and function of the Kerr Library (housed in present-day Kidder Hall) as presented by Assistant Librarian Rodney Waldron. Produced by KOAC-TV and the Oregon State System of Higher Education.Migrated to digital format and available online.
circa 1960
FV083:002: "First Television Orientation Film"
This silent film depicts the spaces and services available in the newly opened Kerr Library building.Migrated to digital format and available online.
circa 1963
FV083:003: "Orientation Film"
circa 1963
FV083:004: "Registration"
OSU Centennial Committee Film #1.
FV083:005: "OSU/UCLA basketball"
OSU Centennial Committee Film #2. This is likely footage of the OSU home basketball game versus UCLA that was contested on February 9, 1968. Led by junior center Lew Alcindor, second-ranked UCLA won the game by a score of 55-52.
FV083:006: "Choralaires concert and Pharmacy classes in process"
OSU Centennial Committee Film #3.
Spring 1968
FV083:007: "Charter Day"
OSU Centennial Committee Film #4. Includes footage of a lecture being delivered by A.F. Spilhaus. An oceanographer, Spilhaus was also assistant executive director of the American Geophysical Union at the time of this lecture.Migrated to digital format.
October 27, 1968

Series 2:  VHS Videotapes, 1977-2000Return to Top

28 VHS videotapes

Series 2 consists of VHS videotapes that document important events in the history of OSU's Corvallis campus library, provide an overview of its services, and highlight specific components of its collection. Of particular note are twelve tapes generated by the Friends of the Library Public Education series, a program organized by library docents in the 1980s and early 1990s that enlisted faculty and community experts to provide insight on particularly interesting resources or services housed in the Kerr Library. Also included in Series 2 are a video used in the fundraising campaign for the Valley Library as well as videos of the groundbreaking (in 1996) and dedication (in 1999) of the expanded and revamped library building. The full contents of Series 2 have been migrated to digital format and are available upon patron request. Components of the series are also available online.

A folder containing flyers and background materials related to several of the Public Education Series presentations is also included in Series 2.

Container(s) Description Dates
FV083:008: "Using Kerr Library: A Research Strategy"
3 copies
Produced by the Kerr Library at Oregon State University in cooperation with the OSU Classroom Television Center. Written and coordinated by the Library Videotape Committee (Evelyn Lesher, Mary Lewis, and Laurel Maughan), directed by Jon Root, and featuring interviews with Blaik Jensen, Mary Lewis, Laurel Maughan, and Michael Kinch.Migrated to digital format and available online.
circa 1977
FV083:009: "McDonald Room Discussion," Rodney Waldron
An overview of the McDonald Rare Book Room holdings as presented by University Librarian Rodney Waldron.Migrated to digital format.
March 22, 1984
FV083:010: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #1
"Map Room," Joanne Perry, February 17, 1988; "The Statue," Norma Rudinsky, March 8, 1989; "The Banksia Volumes," Anne Merryfield, March 14, 1990.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:011: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #2
"Taysom Fountain," Wayne Taysom. KBVR-TV production, March 16, 1988.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:012: "Introduction to OASIS," Mary Steckel
This film provides an introduction to the OASIS online library catalog.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:013: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #3
"Discovery of North American Trees," Richard Hermann, January 11, 1989; "History of the Book," Michael Kinch, September 12, 1990.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:014: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #4
"Tile Panels," Nelson Sandgren, February 8, 1989.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:015: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #5
"The Encyclopédie (French)," Sarah Maleug, circa 1980s; "OSU Library Geneological Resources," DeMaris Reynolds of the Corvallis Geneological Society, circa 1980s.Migrated to digital format.
circa 1980s
FV083:016: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #6
"Sources of Early Drug Therapy (Pharmacopoeia)," George Constantine, April 19, 1989; "Millionth and Millionth + 1 Volume," Bob Baird, October 10, 1990; "Government Documents," Patrick Grace, December 12, 1990.Migrated to digital format.
Flyers and Background Materials re: Friends of the Library Public Education Series
FV083:017: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #7
"The Gradual and Medieval Music Manuscripts," Thorald Borgir, circa 1990; "Huckleberry Finn, first edition," Michael Oriard, November 14, 1990.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:018: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #8
"U.S. Landscapes," Henry Sayre, January 9, 1991; "Lincoln Volumes," Margaret Meehan, June 12, 1991.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:019: "OSU Library Micro-Computer Lab"
An overview of the personal computing lab located in the basement of the Kerr Library. Includes footage of interviews conducted with John Skelton, director of University Computing Services, and lab manager Doug Berham.Migrated to digital format and available online.
circa 1991
FV083:020: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #9
"Natural History in the McDonald Room," Henrietta Chambers, January 15, 1992; "Von Humboldt's 'Kosmos,'" Benno Warkentin, April 8, 1992.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:021: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #10
"Bernard Malamud," Willard Potts and Cliff Mead, May 1992; "De Re Metallica," Carolyn and William McBee, October 1992; "The Jefferson Volumes, 1857 - Congressional Set," Darold Wax, April 14, 1993.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:022: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #11
"The William Appleman Williams Collection," Don McIlvenna, November 11, 1992.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:023: "Tour of the Kerr Library by 'Chatting' with Staff"
Includes footage of library staff describing the work that they do and the services provided by the library. Specific components of the library that are highlighted include: reference and information; circulation, interlibrary loan; CD center and online databases; microfilm and government documents; map collections; photocopy; stacks maintenance; special collections; cataloging; and administration. Incorporates interviews with the following staff: Robert Baker, Garry Browning, Karyle Butcher, Polli Butzner, John Donel, Janet Galloway, Debbie Hackleman, Neta Howard, Mike Kinch, Clifford Mead, Shiela Osheroff, Claudia Painter, Shirley Scott, Lorretta Shuck, Doris Tilles, and June Wilson.Migrated to digital format and available online.
FV083:024: Friends of the Library Public Education Series Tape #12
"Forests and Families: Our Landscape History, 1750-1994," Bob Zybach, January 26, 1994.Migrated to digital format.
FV083:025: "Friends of OSU Libraries Distinguished Achievement Award Ceremony"
Event honoring Margarita Donnelly, founder of Calyx, an independent feminist press based in Corvallis.Migrated to digital format.
April 8, 1994
FV083:026: "OSU Library Campaign Video"
2 copies
Migrated to digital format.
FV083:027: "Valley Library Groundbreaking"
2 copies
Includes a musical performance by OSU alum Roosevelt Credit and presentations by OSU President Paul Risser, University Librarian Mel George, SRG Partnerships architect Dennis Cusak, president of Hoffman Construction Cecil Drinkward, OSU Provost Roy Arnold, alum and fundraising campaign chair Bob Lundeen, ASOSU President April Waddy, and OSU President Emeritus John Byrne.Migrated to digital format and available online.
May 24, 1996
FV083:028: "Valley Library Dedication"
3 copies
Includes presentations by OSU President Paul Risser, Valley Foundation president Steve Tanner, OSU President Emeritus John Byrne, University Librarian Emeritus Mel George, alum and fundraising campaign chair Bob Lundeen, ASOSU Vice President Joshua Stroud, and University Librarian Karyle Butcher. The film concludes with a Native American blessing and musical performances led by OSU alum Roosevelt Credit.Migrated to digital format and available online.
May 28, 1999
FV083:029: "History of OSU Libraries"
Silent PowerPoint presentation recorded to VHS.Migrated to digital format.
circa 2000

Series 3:  DVDs, MiniDV Tapes and Open Reel Tape, 1973-2012Return to Top

Series 3 is comprised primarily of recordings of events that have occurred within the Valley Library, including scholarly presentations and a retirement reception. The series also holds a tutorial film documenting an automated acquisitions tool, and a promotional DVD created for past and potential library donors.

All accessioned DVD content has been migrated off of the original storage media and is available upon patron request.

Description Dates
FV083:030: "LOLITA"
An overview of the LOLITA online acquisitions system, developed at Oregon State University. 1/2-inch open reel tape.
May 22, 1973
FV083:031: "Open Access to Knowledge and the Intellectual Properties of Learning," lecture by John Willinksy
MiniDV tape.
December 3, 2009
FV083:032: "OSU Libraries: You Make It Happen"
DVD prepared for previous and potential donors to the library.
FV083:033: "Assessment Series Workshop #2 with Deb Gilchrist from Pearce College"
MiniDV tape 1 of 2.
February 12, 2010
FV083:034: "Assessment Series Workshop #2 with Deb Gilchrist of Pearce College"
MiniDV tape 2 of 2.
February 12, 2010
FV083:035: "Assessment Workshop #3, LibQual Survey Tool"
MiniDV tape 1 of 2.
April 23, 2010
FV083:036: "Assessment Workshop #3, LibQual Survey Tool"
MiniDV tape 2 of 2.
April 23, 2010
FV083:037: "A Conversation with the Gray Family Chair -- Terry Reese Presentation to Library Faculty Association"
February 25, 2011
FV083:038: "Cliff Mead Retirement Reception"
DVD containing a .WMV recording of the retirement celebration as well as 39 born digital .JPG images documenting the evening.
January 25, 2011
FV083:039: "Expanding the Open Agenda: From Open Access to Open Agenda," lecture by Cable Green
2 copies
October 26, 2012

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  • Butcher, Karyle S.
  • Byrne, John Vincent, 1928-
  • Risser, Paul G.
  • Waldron, Rodney K.
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